Coming Home

As soon as as Mike turned off the engine, Julie unbuckled and turned to face him. Her left hand, which had been lightly scratching his thigh as he drove, went behind his head, and her right hand began to tease his erection through his pants. She pulled his head toward hers and thrust her tongue into his mouth.

"Happy Birthday Honey" she said when he finally managed to pull away. "You look kind of dazed and you shouldn't have to drive anymore. I'll go get Nicole. You come in when you're ready." And she was out the car door and half way down the walk before he could answer, which was the whole idea. She had the distinct impression that he was expecting a birthday present from the babysitter, and she wanted to make sure he didn't have a chance to collect. If he had gone in to get her they could have been screwing inside while she waited in the car, and if she let the two of them drive home...

She expected to find Nicole on the couch, pretending to study, acting as though she hadn't been checking out the window to see which one of them was coming up the walk, trying to straighten out her clothes so her lack of underwear wouldn't be obvious. But the living room was empty. "She's probably waiting in our bed" thought Julie as she slipped off her heels and started to tiptoe up the stairs. The gall of the girl was incredible, working in the house next door to her boyfriend Rick, flirting with Mike when she thought Julie wasn't looking, chewing on her blond pony-tail, flashing him breast, bending over in those tight skirts.

The bedroom door was partially open, and Nicole was definitely in there. Rick was lying on the bed with his shirt off, and Nicole was kneeling astride him, her tank top rolled up to expose her bare breasts, licking and kneading Rick's chest while he played with her nipples, the other hand up under her skirt.

Julie stared at Rick's chest and his handsome young face. She had watched Rick before, working in his yard, while she thought about doing what Nicole was doing now. But the obvious occasion had never arisen. Now she watched as Nicole squirmed backwards, trailing kisses down his stomach, until she reached his belt and began to unbuckle it.

Julie knocked. They both jumped; Nicole rolling off Rick onto the floor while rolling down her top, Rick trying to buckle his belt and find his shirt at the same time. "Nicole," said Julie sweetly, "Can I see you out here for a minute?"

Nicole tried to look nonchalant as she hurried to the bedroom door. Rick was still frantically searching in the sheets. "I'm sorry" whispered Nicole, when they were both back in the hall, "I didn't know you'd be home early and...".

"I understand. But I don't think my husband would, especially since you seem to have given him the wrong idea. It is the wrong idea, isn't it Nicole? And if it isn't the wrong idea, I especially don't think Rick would understand, would he?"


"No buts. You go down and tell my husband he's driving you home after all. Then Rick can go home after you're gone and it'll just be our little secret. Don't give me a reason to tell either of them. I'll know. Now go."

She watched Nicole flounce down the hall, noting with some satisfaction that she had magically appeared a sweater from somewhere and was pulling it over her tanktop. Now that that situation was under control, Julie loosened the buttons on her own blouse and stepped into the bedroom...

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