Global Village Erotica
I am not a number!

This site is not for everybody. Indeed, this site is not suitable reading for most people, and in some locations, possibly depending on your age, it may not even be legal for you to look at it. Clicking on the word Enter below signifies that you have read the ASSTR terms of use and you believe you are qualified to read this material.

This site contains a collection of short stories about citizens of a sex-obsessed yet sexually ambivalent global village reacting to the attractions, relationships, social taboos, power struggles, lusts and fears that complicate their otherwise mundane lives and interrupt their endless and largely unsuccessful search for self-identity. This site also contains artwork, other text, and links that reflect the subject matter of the stories. Clicking on the word Enter below signifies that you understand this description and are still interested in reading the material.

Clicking on the word Enter also signifies that you understand that the works on this site are works of fiction, and any resemblance between people mentioned here and any real person you either know, or know of, is all in your head where it belongs.

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