Confessions of a

Naughty Wife

When I was growing up, sex was a very secret, private
 thing. Something spoken of only in a joking manner and 
even then, only among certain people. I watched the 
women in my family as they approached their 3rd and 
4th decade of life, they suddenly and drastically changed.
 Usually they left behind the proper up-bringing we all 
had, to discover their own sexuality. Often times 
forsaking husbands and families in the process. 

Now, I find myself staring at one of those 
big milestone decades,  feeling the hormones 
raging within me, and the need to discover what it is
 that may I have missed in my conservative life. Having no
 real desire to leave my wonderful husband, I needed to 
find another, safer outlet for my sexual exploration.

Contained within these pages are stories, born of 
the  passions, desires and fantasies of a woman 
discovering her raw sexuality. Whether you 
are seeking to read and fill the void found 
after many years, or just looking to fill an urge 
for a few minutes, I think you will find what you
 are looking for here. What ever the reasons be that 
brought you here in the first place, 

I hope you leave satisfied!


The following pages contain sexually explicit material.
If you are offended by such material, Are under the
age of 18, or it is illegal for you to view / read such,
Please leave now!

If none of this applies to you, you may