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"Thirty-one flavors"
--Terri discovers that owning and operating an ice cream parlor can be a very *hot* experience! (M/F, M+/F, F/F)

I jerked his shorts down.  Turned out I wasn't the only one without underwear.  His cock sprang out at me... telling him to wait there, I retrieved a few items from the ice cream counter. Scooping out three scoops of vanilla ice cream into a sundae tray, I put it on the table in front of him, then plopped his cock down atop the ice cream.  Then a generous helping of whipped cream....chopped nuts....some hot fudge over the top, and finally a cherry on top, and I had myself a throbbing, pulsing banana split.  Which I wasted no time devouring... whipped cream, ice cream, and fudge flew everywhere... my customer could only stand there and gasp in surprise at having been turned into a human dessert...

--Jilted wife exacts revenge on hubby's mistress.... (nc, torture)

...the "other woman" stands, surveying the scene and smiling down on the woman who dared to fuck her husband... It is time.  As if cued, the woman on the table begins begging for mercy.  There is none to be found.

"Birthday Fantasy"
--Birthday girl gets tied to her bed and blindfolded, then proceeds to get pleasured and tormented by a multitude of unseen people... (M+ F+/F, lite bondage)

Then that girl's mouth descended on my bared breasts, sucking and teasing my nipples one after the other.  She squeezed each of them lovingly."Mmmmmm Terri...what lovely tits you have.  So firm...so huge..."  She moved away.  "So untouched by this whip...."
"No....please don't...anything else but that..."  A cloth was roughly shoved in my mouth... I recognized the taste of cunt juices, and realized that a pair of panties had been used to gag me.... I continued to beg for mercy...

"Don't worry, Terri.  The whip won't leave any marks..."  Being intimately familiar with the cat o' nine tails, I was well aware of this.  WHAP!!!! the first lash connected squarely across my right breast.  I screamed into the panty gag.  The second swipe of the whip went to my left tit, as did the third.  Excruciating pain from my extremely sensitive nipples brought more tears to my covered eyes.  Then, back to my neglected right breast, this time on the underside of my tit.  The fifth stroke landed neatly in the valley between my breasts... then the whipping mercifully stopped.  Although I couldn't see, I sensed that the whip was being passed to another of my unseen assailants....

"Brad's Birthday Surprise"
--Brad's wife is getting him a very special present for his 30th birthday--their sexy young neighbor! (FF/M)

Terri stood up and walked over to Brad.  "Happy birthday, Brad...." She eagerly french kissed him while unbuttoning his shirt.  "Mmmmmmm.  I can't wait to suck you and fuck you.  But first....I've been eating your wife for the past hour, and she promised to return the favor."  Terri led Brad to a chair, sat him down, then peeled off her g-string in front of him, tossing it in his lap.  Slapping one of her perfectly rounded asscheeks, she returned to the bed, laid down, and spread her legs.  "Eat me, Donna!"

"Curing a Cheater"
--Carla's husband has been a naughty boy, and Carla's best friend is determined to correct the situation... (fdom)

...get down here. That's it. Get your head down there. Carla tells me you don't eat pussy. But from now on, you do.  Starting with mine. Get your tongue in there. Now. Lick. While you eat me, I'm going to explain the rest of the rules...

--Jessica and Jennifer's car breaks down on an extremely cold night. They accept a ride with two men who tell them to "put out or get out".... (nc, FF, MF)

Mercilessly, Jennifer assaulted her sister's clit.  Shrieking, the blonde threw her head back as wave after wave of pleasure swept through her. Jennifer didn't let up, instead opting to continue eating her sister for all she was worth.... Jessica's bald pussy looked so damn GOOD... and tasted good too.  The older girl forgot all about the fact that this was her little sister.  Forgot all about the fact that the two of them were being forced to put on a show for these two tormentors.  Her only focus was to bury her face in Jessica's cunt, and make the little wench scream....and then to make her scream harder.  She quickly succeeded...
"Miss Daphne Makes a Deal"
--Daphne the office bimbo is called in to seal an important business deal.... using whatever assets necessary.... (MF/F semi-nc)

"Dumb Blonde Bimbo"
--The adventures of Terri the office bimbo. (FF)

Veronica began playing with her tits thru the fabric of her blouse.  Then she pulled the blouse over her head and cast it aside.  Her bra followed, and she now had uninterrupted access to knead her breasts and play with her hard nipples. Meanwhile, the tounge below had made it all the way up her thigh and her lover was now busy under her skirt.  Veronica licked her lips as her pussy was serviced.  Now panting and moaning, she humped her snatch against her lovers tounge.  She couldn't wait to be fucked on the conference room table...
--Part of "The Ex-Files" collection. Erica seeks revenge on
the ex-boyfriend who raped her many years ago...

good3.txt "It's a *GOOD* life"
--The residents of Prattville--er, make that BRIANVILLE--come to terms with the new kid on the block. (FF, MF, group, nc)

"The Houseguest"
--Melissa is staying with friends for a while.  Her room and board isn't exactly free, though. (M(F)/F spank)

"Getting Ready for Mr. J"
--Seventeen-year old Katie and her friend Shyla prepare to seduce Katie's married lover. (ff, teen)

Shyla opened Mrs. J's nightstand drawer and began fumbling inside.  Finally she found what she was looking for.  "Wow," Shyla murmured as she rested the huge red dildo on Katie's chest, lustfully surveying it as she continued kissing her friend's pussy.  "Tell me something, does Mrs. J know that her sweet, innocent babysitter likes to borrow her toys?"

"Mmmmmmmmm... Mrs. J doesn't even know that her sweet, innocent babysitter likes to borrow her husband...."

"Dumb Blonde Hitchhiker"
--Terri hitches a ride with two men. And repays them thoroughly. (MM/F)
...I still was managing to give Mark a nice blowjob at the same time.  I was now just  sucking the tip, and rolling my tongue all around the tip of his dick.  I know this drives a guy crazy, and I am very good at it.  All this time Steve was fucking me harder and harder.  I was about to have a cum of galactic proportions, as were both studs.  I was rubbing my clit furiously as a 9 inch cock ravaged my cunt, with my mouth full of prick as well.  I was going over the edge and this time there was no turning back!  My pussy gushed...
"Mrs. J"
--Jilted wife seeks revenge on the teen cheerleader who is trying to wreck her marriage. (mast, nc themes)

--Part of "The Ex-Files" collection. Even though Jason and Allison are divorced, she isn't quite through fucking him! (F/M nc fdom)

--Part of "The Ex-Files" collection  Angie, a 911 operator,
takes a call from Karla, who says she's just been gang raped....

"Motel Slut"
--A clerk at a seedy motel observes the trysts of an adulterous couple. (M/F, mast, voy)

Gina yelped as Dan suddenly buried his prick to the hilt in her pussy. Then the shower was filled with Gina screaming her fucking head off as her lover gave her the screwing of her life. And I matched their fuck-fest, stroke for stroke, with that shiny silver vibrator which was pleasuring my cunt soooooo well....

"Coming of age"
--The girls in the Martin family undergo a very special ritual when they reach womanhood... (M+/F nc)

..."Word is that our new slave is purty lousy when it comes to blowjobs. ...so...we're gonna have a little gauntlet.  Michelle, you'll stay in the middle of that circle and suck EVER' ONE of those hard dicks till they're completely satisfied...."

--Two gals, and two guys to provide the cum.... (MFMF, snowball)

"Terri's Close Shave"
--Terri shaves her pussy bare, with a little "help".... (narrative, slut)

...what a fine job you did.  So smooth!  Now, just like I promised, I'm going to get on my knees.  Let's get these shorts out of the way.  Sure, honey, you can go ahead and take your shirt off.  We're going to be in my bedoom for the next several hours.  Oh, look at this hard cock... I'll start at the base, licking your nuts.  I'm getting turned on just thinking of all the cum in your balls... Oh, yeah.  Look at that purple cockhead.  There's a drop of your pre-cum already glistening at the tip.   Mmmmmm delicious.  Can't wait to get the rest of it...  I suppose you want me to put it in my mouth now.  Do you mind if I play with my bare pussy while I blow you?

"The Bet"
--Bet you can't resist Terri's charms... (MF slut)

Hey....relax!  I'm just looking.  Since you're not going to let me pop it in my hot, wet mouth and slurp on it, I can at least admire, can't I? Don't worry....I won't even lick the swollen purple head.  I'm not going to do anything unless you agree to it.  I'm sorry, but if you want release, you'll just have to concede defeat and pay up the $50, and I'll have this gorgeous cock spurting your cum in my mouth before you know what hit you.  Let me help you out with this...just put your hand on  the back of my head...

"Fucking the Rain"
--Terri loves the feel of cool rain on her body. It helps her masturbate more clearly.... (f/mast, F/F)

...I made it to my little secluded area.  I wasted no time getting rid of my raincoat.  Now completely nude except for my sandals, I began
running, streaking through the field.  I yelped as the wet, waist high grass tickled my thighs and legs, and as the rain thoroughly soaked me...  Now thorougly drenched (and my cunt sopping wet and on fire as well) I knew it was time to roll around in the wet grass for some serious finger action.  Stopping twice to lick and bite at my hard nipples, I made my way back to the little clearing... When I got there, my raincoat was nowhere to be found.  In a panic, my heart pounding, I searched through the tall grass, but no raincoat.

Then I heard a voice, "Looking for this?"

"Vickie's Torment"
--Vickie has been a real bitch lately, and her best friend has just the cure... seducing and fucking Vickie's boyfriend while Vickie watches helplessly! (F/M torment)

I ceased my blowing of Jeremy and sat up, unfastening my bra.  "Vickie dear, now I'm gonna give your man something else you can't give him." Lying on my back, I directed Jeremy to straddle my chest, his enormous cock between my boobs.  I pushed them tightly together around him.  "Fuck 'em, Jeremy.  That's right.  Pump your dick between them.  Enjoy a real woman instead of a flat-chested little girl..."

"The Wedding"
--Laurie is about to have the storybook wedding she's always dreamed of. Her groom-to-be's psychotic ex-girlfriend has other ideas, however.... (F/F M+/F oral anal nc)

Laurie had had all five men in all three holes...with the exception of one of the younger guys, who was squeamish about fucking the bride in the ass.   Laurie turned to the young man and appealed to him. "Please...please this slut bride wants y-your cock....in her a-ass...OH PLEASE...PLEASE, MY WEDDING STARTS IN FIVE MINUTES, PLEASE FUCK MY ASS!!!!!"
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