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Sitra and Mohan stood side-by-side with arms around each other as they waited that morning for their school bus to arrive. Sitra was 14-years old while Mohan was 2 years older. They looked like school kids going steady but they weren't. They were siblings.

They looked almost alike, in fact, except that Sitra's skin was fairer, owing to the fact that somewhere along their family heritage was a British soldier. Mohan, on the other hand, retained the dark, Indian color common in New Delhi.

Both kids lived with their parents in the dusty outskirts of New Delhi. They were good-looking kids and both had their share of admirers in their school.

Sitra stood at 5'4. She had long, flowing jet-black hair that cascaded down to her shoulders. She had a heart-shaped face accented by a small but sharp nose, thick lusciously pouting lips and large brown eyes (that British soldier again) that made her look ravishing. A runner, her body was athletically slim that made her round, firm breasts look bigger than they actually were, with a flat stomach, tight, round ass and a pair of perfectly tapered legs.

Mohan was 5'8, also with wavy hair cropped short, and he shared with his sister the same heart-shaped face, sharp nose and round eyes, but they were black instead of Sitra's brown. A cricket star in his school, he had an athletic build that wasn't quite muscular, but firm in the right places.

Being the only two kids in the family, Sitra and Mohan were close but not as close as they were now after discovering sex with one another. Actually they had already been avid masturbators individually and that's how they drifted towards each other sexually.

It happened one morning during their last vacation. Since they still lived in a rural area outside of the big city, the family shared an outhouse where they relieved themselves and took baths.

Mohan was taking one of those baths. In lathering himself, he felt that familiar tingle as he soaped his balls and penis. Stopping momentarily to listen if anyone was nearing the outhouse and hearing nothing, Mohan began to stroke his manhood into hardness. Little did he know there was someone already beside the outhouse listening in. It was Sitra.

She crept up just when Mohan began throwing water at himself to start his bath. Sitra's cunt was already on fire and she wanted to fantasize her brother masturbating as she fingered herself to climax. She heard a low moan from her brother and was surprised he was actually doing it.

Sitra was wearing one of those wrap-around cloths, called a sarong, common in her country with nothing underneath. She lifted it now to reach her pussy which by now was soaking wet as she had began frigging herself in her bedroom. "Ohhhhhh," she heard her brother moan louder now. She stifled her own moan and rubbed her nub faster. Feeling her knees weaken she leaned on the door post of the outhouse for support and it creaked!

Sitra froze. She wondered if her brother heard it. Then she heard him moan again and felt it was alright to continue. Besides, she was on edge and wouldn't be able to stop even if brahma bulls came charging at her. With one hand she opened the lips of her pussy and with the other she started rubbing her clit again, only this time more frenzied. She was desperate to cum.

As she was reaching the point of no return, imagining her brother stroking his cock faster, the outhouse door suddenly opened causing her to almost fall in. There stood her brother all lathered in soap with his hard cock pointing straight at her. He smiled when he saw her leaning on the door post, legs wide apart, with both hands on her pussy.

Mohan grabbed her arm, pulled her into the outhouse roughly and closed the door. He held her tightly by her waist and suddenly mashed his lips upon her. Both their mouths naturally opened and their tongues touched, twirled and sucked each other. They both moaned at the sexual electricity their kiss was generating.

After a few moments Mohan withdrew and gently pushed his sister to arm's length. He then tugged at her cloth, removed it and hung it at the clothes hook behind the door. She was now as naked as he was and he audibly sucked in his breath at the beauty of his sister. Her breasts were round and firm, her nipples sticking out in arousal. Her 14-year old pubic hair was still sparse and made her pussy look more inviting. Mohan felt his cock harden some more.

He drew her to him again until her hard nipples grazed his chest and they french-kissed. Their lust boiled over. Mohan suddenly withdrew and again gently pushed his sister away.

"Sit on the toilet, sis," he ordered. She did as she was told. "Now spread your legs," he said but now his voice was hoarse with lust. His cock seemed to get bigger as he eyed his sexy sister. "Go ahead," he urged her, "play with yourself."

Sitra looked at her brother with eyes slit with lust and reached down to her pussy.

"Let me see you put 2 fingers in, baby," Mohan groaned to his sister. Sitra spread her pussy lips with her left hand, and with her right inserted 2 fingers. She leaned back and moaned.

"Fuck!", Mohan said as he grabbed his hard pole and began stroking it again. With the other hand he reached towards Sitra and tweaked her nipple.

"Yeahhhh," Sitra moaned. "Your cock's so hot. It's so big. I want to see you cum." Until this day, she only saw pictures of cock in magazines she and her friends passed around. Her brother's was the first one she saw live.

Mohan quickened his strokes. He was nearing the edge. Sitra, too, started frigging her clit faster. She lifted both knees off the ground to give her brother a better look at her swollen pussy.

"I'm .. about ... to ... come ... big ... brother," Sitra said in between pants.

"Me too, baby," Mohan groaned out. "Here it comes ... ahhhh ... ahhh ... I'm cumming!" Mohan's cock began spurting hot thick strands of sperm.

Seeing her brother cum triggered Sitra's lust. "Ohhhhh," Sitra moaned, I'm cumming with you, baby ... aaahhhh!" Sitra's finger was a blur as she brought herself to climax.

Mohan's cock kept spurting, his sperm landing on his sister's hair, face, breasts and tummy until it came to a drool over his hand. When their orgasms died down. Mohan rinsed himself. He wrapped himself with a towel and bent down to give his sister a lingering kiss.


It had been like that as summer came to an end. They would masturbate together when their parents left for work. At times they would watch each other as each came. At times they would masturbate each other. But they never went further than that, too scared to be caught.

Even as school started they continued their masturbating trysts, but not as often as they could. So they pleasured themselves every chance they got, which was usually within the hour they got home from school before their parents arrived from work.

Then they discovered that they were the first to be fetched by their school bus and it was a good 10 minutes before they got to the stop of the next student. So they would seat themselves at the middle of the bus. Sitra would roll down her panties to her thighs while Mohan would unzip his Bermuda shorts and they would masturbate each other.

After they came, they didn't wipe themselves off so they could feel their wetness beneath their underwear all day and remain in a state of arousal until the afternoon when they'd do it again as they were the last ones to be dropped from the bus. The thrill of masturbating in a public place added to the sexual heat.

Now Mohan and Sitra stood together waiting for their bus to arrive. As they saw a cloud of dust in the distance, Mohan brought his sister's lips to his and they french-kissed. They quickly withdrew and disengaged as they didn't want anyone to suspect they were more than just loving siblings.

In the bus, Chako the driver already suspected. A short, plump man in his early 30's, Chako kept to himself as he drove the kids to and fro school. As they filed in the bus he would smile and nod his head at them. Then he would just whistle long forgotten Indian folk songs as he drove.

He began to suspect what Mohan and his sister were doing in the bus when they were alone as he saw them through his rear-view mirror. He couldn't see everything, but he could sense the extra movements they were making and once thought he had a heard a moan escape from the girl. Like many of the males, young and old, who saw Sitra, Chako was mesmerized by her beauty and would give anything to see her naked.

He stopped the bus by the siblings, opened the door and smiled and nodded his head as they entered. As he put the bus in gear, he glanced furtively at his rear-view mirror and noticed immediately those little movements that suggested more than just two kids riding to school.

Indeed, as soon as Sitra sat by the window and Mohan beside her, she lifted her ass a few inches from the seat to roll down her panties and hike her skirt to her waist. Her brother, in turn unzipped his pants and his already hardened cock stood out. Sitra grasped her brother's pole and began stroking it, while he slipped his hand to her pussy. As usual Sitra's pussy was already wet and Mohan had no difficulty inserting a finger inside. Sitra closed her eyes and sucked in her breath.

Mohan found his sister's clit and tapped his finger on it. Sitra gave out a low moan and moved her ass to the edge of the seat to give her brother better leverage. At the same time she quickened her strokes of his prick, alternating with swathing his precum all over the head to make her hand slippery. Mohan gritted his teeth to suppress a moan.

While Sitra jacked off her brother with one hand, she reached to her pussy with her other hand to help her brother make her cum as they were nearing the next stop. She inserted 2 fingers in her hot cunt and began sliding them in and out of her tight wetness. Mohan watched as she did this and it triggered his lust.

"I'm cumming, sis," he whispered hoarsely as he felt his balls churn and his sperm pass through the veins of cock. Sitra bit her lower lip and looked into her brother's eyes lustfully to let him know that she too was cumming. She squirmed on the seat as her brother continued to frig her clit while she fucked herself with her fingers, her cunt juices copiously oozing out.

Never letting go of her brother's cock, she slightly pointed it towards her direction as thick ropes of his juice spat out and landed on top of her pubic hair and legs. He was still cumming when the bus stopped and 3 other kids boarded. He quickly covered his exposed groin with his books as his sister rolled down her skirt, her panties still on her thighs. They smiled as the kids passed them to sit at the back of the bus and they giggled to themselves as they righted their clothes.

Chako again saw the movements and thought to himself, "I'll catch them later on the drive back and we'll see what games we can play." He chuckled and he felt his cock twitch at the thought.


Later that afternoon, while the last kids were still going down the steps of the bus, Sitra already had her skirt up and panties down. As the bus rolled off she waved at them with one hand while she was starting to rub her pussy with the other.

"You're wild," Mohan whispered to her as he unzipped his pants. Sitra smiled at him seductively as she wrapped her fingers around his growing member. Just then they felt the bus swerve suddenly as Chako turned into a deserted dirt road that led into a clearing surrounded by tall trees and brushes.

Both siblings lurched forward almost banging their heads on the wooden backrest in front of them as Chako slammed on the brakes and brought the bus to a full stop. Standing up quickly, he rushed to where the siblings were seated. They tried to cover themselves as they saw Chako hurrying towards them but it was too late.

Chako sucked in his breath as he saw Sitra with her panties rolled to her thighs, her mound exposed. She tried to cover her pussy with her hands, but knew it was futile. Mohan also tried to cover himself with the books and was surprised his hard-on wasn't going down.

"I bet you two thought I didn't know what was going on, huh," Chako growled. "Suppose I tell your parents and the school principal what you two have been up to," he continued. "What now?"

It was Sitra who gathered enough nerve to answer. "Please, don't tell anyone. We'll do anything. And please don't harm us," she pleaded. Mohan sized Chako up but knew he would be no match for this short but hefty man. Besides, he wasn't exactly in a position to fight.

"You'll do anything, huh?", Chako asked, but already knew the answer. "Well, take off your clothes and go to the back," he ordered. The siblings did as they were told. Sitra stood naked and began to remove her knee-high stockings but the older man stopped her. "Leave your stockings on," he commanded.

The three of them walked to the back of the bus. "Sit down," Chako ordered, indicating the long seat at the last row. Mohan sat with his sister at his right. "Now put your heels at the edge of the seat and spread your legs," he told Sitra.

Sitra planted her heels on the edge of the seat, her knees almost touching her breasts. As she did her pussy lips opened slightly. Chako audibly sucked in his breath as he saw this girl-woman's cunt glistening with her juices.

"I want to see you put a finger in your cunt," Chako said as he unbuttoned his shirt leaving it open and exposing a hairy chest and bulging stomach. Sitra inserted a finger in her wet pussy and gasped. Somehow she felt more excited than scared at this turn of events. Mohan felt the same way and his cock continued to stand straight up.

"God, that's beautiful," Chako groaned. He undid the clasps of his pants and let them fall to his ankles revealing his engorged fuck meat. Both siblings' eyes opened wide as they saw how big his cock was. It was around 8 inches long! He chuckled at their surprise. "Never seen it this big, huh?", he taunted them.

"Now take your brother's cock into your mouth," he ordered Sitra as he began stroking his own monster prick.

"I've ne..never done that be..before," Sitra stammered.

"Well, there's always a first time, girlie," Chako chided, "unless of course you want me to pay your parents a visit."

Sitra shook her head. She then bent down towards her brother, gingerly grasped his prick and slowly put his cock head in her mouth. Mohan couldn't suppress a low "ooohhhh" as he felt the contact of warm wetness on his hard-on. He's had blowjobs before but this was different. It was his sister and sparks of ecstasy began exploding in his tummy.

"You like that, don't you," Chako said not expecting an answer. "Move your head up and down and suck it," he directed the 14-year old. Sitra started bobbing her head up and down as she involuntarily began fucking her cunt with her fingers, surprised that she was enjoying this.

"You two are hot," Chako groaned out as he fisted his cock in slow, sure strokes.

After a few moments he placed his big hand on Sitra's shoulder and pulled her away. "Now I want to see both of you fuck," his voice rasped.

Sitra looked at him with wide eyes and said, "We..we've never done that either. I'm still a virgin."

"Well, big brother here is about to bust your cherry," Chako chuckled. "Lie down and spread your legs," he ordered the teenaged girl.

She did as she was told and precum oozed out of her brother's cock as he saw her splayed before him naked except for a pair of knee-high stockings. The thought of fucking her sent tingles of lust up his spine.

"Go between her legs, boy," he ordered. Mahon positioned himself. "Now put it in her!" Chako's voice was now coming in gasps. Mahon held his cock and pushed the head slowly into his sister's vulva. The head popped in and they both moaned.

"Are you okay, sis?," he asked. Sitra nodded as she held on to her brother's arms. "Go ahead, push it in some more," she whispered. Mahon pushed and his cock slid in a few inches more.

"Unghhhhhh," Mahon groaned, "you're tight baby." Sitra spread her legs wider. Chako meanwhile knelt where he could see their crotches up close. He was steadily beating his cock.

Sitra gurgled in her throat as her brother pushed in another inch, then his cock would go no further.

"This is going to hurt a bit, sis," he cautioned. Sitra closed her eyes and nodded. Mahon then pushed suddenly and Sitra yelped as her hymen broke.

"Yeah!," Chako cheered as he saw blood trickle out of Sitra's cock-wedged pussy. "Now fuck her, boy, fuck her!," he sounded like he was pleading more than commanding.

"Are you okay?", Mohan asked his sister again.

"I'm okay, big brother," Sitra answered softly. "Go ahead and fuck me."

Mahon pulled his cock out slowly until only the head remained in his sister's pussy and then pushed gently down again. When he pushed down, his sister raised her hips to meet his thrust.

"Faster, baby," Sitra cooed. "Fuck me faster! Gooodddd, this ... is ... so good ... aaaahhhhh!"

"Ungh ... ungh ... ungh ... I ... can't ... believe ... I'm ... fucking ... you ... sis ... oooohhhhh!" Mahon was getting close, pleasure sparks now threatening to short-circuit his brain.

"I'm ... almost ... there ... baby," Sitra panted. "Fuck ... fuck ... fuck ... faster ... oooohhhh!"

"Yeah fuck her," Chako chimed in, his hand now a piston on his cock. Chako stood up and brought his massive cock to Sitra's face. "I'm cumming!", he cried out, aaaahhhh!", as he began spurting hot gobs of sperm that landed on the 14-year-old girl's face.

Seeing the man's sperm erupt into his sister's face triggered Mahon's lust as he was now slamming his cock into her with a frenzy. He buried his fuck tool deep in his sister's cunt as he felt his juice shoot out from his cock.

"Fuck ... I'm ... cumming, baby!", he growled, as his sperm kept shooting into his sister's cunt walls. Feeling her brother cum in her, Sitra locked her stockinged legs around his waist and orgasmed.

"Aaaahhhh," she moaned loudly. "I'm cumming with you ... fuuuccckkk ... baby ... I'm cumming so hard ... aaaahhhh ... unggghhhhhh!" Sitra bucked her hips wildly as she expended her climax.

Chako knelt again to inspect her cunt. "Pull your pecker out, boy, and lick her!", he commanded Mahon.

Mahon pulled his cock off and a mixed juice of boy and girl cum and blood gushed out.

"Fuuuccckkkk!", Chako groaned out as he saw the liquid come out of the young cunt. "Go ahead, lick her," he commanded once again.

Mahon knelt before his sister, bent down and began to lick her pussy. He lapped up the flowing juices and immediately became intoxicated with the aroma of his sister's cunt and the taste of his own semen. He then found her clit and began flicking his tongue over the sensitive bud. This sent Sitra off again and she raised her hips in total ecstasy as she screamed incoherent words.

"Fuuuccckkk ... ohhhhh ... suck ... pussy ... burning ... cumming ... again ... lick ... me ... unnnggghhhh ... shiiiitttt ... ohhhhh ... !"

Mahon continued to lick his sister until her orgasm died down. Then he lay his head on her pussy mound exhausted. All three of them were breathing heavily.

Finally Chako stood up and pulled up his pants. "That was great, kids," he exclaimed. "One day I'm going to let you meet my sister and then we can all have a great time together."

Mahon and Sitra looked at each other and both understood Chako was fucking his sister. Chako chuckled at their realization and winked at them. He then turned to walk back to the driver's seat. As the siblings began putting their clothes back on, they heard him whistling an unfamiliar tune.

He started the bus to bring them home.

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