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The first man-girl wedding
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Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join together this man and this little girl in holy matrimony which is an honorable estate.

Before proceeding the ceremony I must state how honoured I am to be the priest selected to perform the first wedding between a man and a child after the revolutionary Church Reformation act of this very year, anno domine 2009.

Willam Johnson, architect, 34 years old, and Sandra Taylor, schoolgirl, 7 years old are going to be man an wife graced by the blessing fo our lord Jesus Christ.

For centuries, our western society has been blind. Instead of blessing the true love of prue, delicate people like Bill and Sandra, instead of learning from their beautiful example, instead of blessing the holy loving unity of experience and youth, society has condemned those beutiful, natural feelings. Lovers have been torn apart, men have been imprisoned, even for life, and innocent children have been left alone in their deep grief.

Doesn't this remind us of the dark era of the middle ages? We read about the Spanish Inquisition and the burning of so-called whitches and we thank god not for living in that age of tyranny. However, we have in fact been no better ourselves. But this has come to an end, thanks to the Church Reformation of 2009.

As believers in Jesus Christ, we recognize that it was God who instituted marriage, and who said, "It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him." The God who made and redeemed them also instituted this relationship they are about to enter. God himself had no doubt when he chose his own bride, little virgin Mary, who at the age of 14 gave birth to their blessed son, Jesus Christ.

Neither had Jesus himself any doubt about relationship with children. "Forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven." That is indeed what He said.

Blessed be the Reform that marks the end of our old system of tyranny and marks the dawn of freedom and love in the name of our Lord, and redeemer, Jesus Christ. In the past century we have witnessed revolutoinary changes of our world. Women have fought for equal rights and by that they have changed the world. We have seen racism and apartheid defeated by human rights. We have wathced gays and lesbians gain their rightful status as respected citizens in society, but not until as late as last year they have been allowed to confirm their love by marrying in our churches. And today, we watch the last walls of Jericho fall, the wall of age discrimination being torn down, as children at last gain human rights, the right to love, now, as Bill marries his beautiul little bride, Sandra.

I am proud to be able to say that the priests and bishops of the Catholic church have driven this exodus from tyranny to freedom by risking their own status and freedom in passionate relationships with loving children. I am still prouder to annonce that last night I proposed to my darling little altar boy, David, who has agreed to become my wife in sickness and in health. I sincerly look forward to our wedding day, not to mention our wedding night, so therefore I must use all my strength to focus on the historical ceremony of today. Today is the day of this beautiful, beautiful little girl and this handsome man, standing in front of me.

William and Sandra, the vows you are about to take are not to be taken without careful thought and prayer. For in them you are committing yourselves exclusively the one to the other and this love is not to be diminished by difficult circumstances. You must never forget that you age diffedence is a blessing. You must never forget this because difficultis will arise. Individuals and groups within our society will loudly condemn your love and they will try to hurt you with their words and their actions. That's why you must never forget that when you make love and sheare your lives, you are committing god's will.

As God's children by faith in Jesus Christ, the relationship of marriage is especially meaningful. Certainly it is possible for non-believers to marry, but only members of God's family by faith in Jesus Christ can ever experience the joy and fulfillment and the physical, emotional and spititual orgasm which God intends for married couples to have.

Dear Sandra, this is a glorious day for you to remember all your life. Not only is this a bright, beautiful, sunny day and not only is this your seventh birthday. This is no less than your wedding day. This makes you the first legal child-bride in our Cristian society. You have a reason to be proud of that and I'm sure that you will remember this day as the happiest day of your life. Right now you enjoy this beautiful ceremony in the company of your family, friends and of God.

In a few hours your friends and family will be trowing you and your husband the party of your life and the both of you will receive gifts beyond your dreams. And at the end of the day you will share one bed as husband and wife.

Sandra, as a wife you have a lot of privilidges, but as well duties. The primary duties of any wife are the sexual ones. You and Bill are to sleep naked in your shared bed and your are to explore and worship each other's bodies. Thats what lovers do. You have already experienced the wonders of kisssing your lover, where your tounges meet and explore each others mouth. And you have experienced the heavenly feeling of resting in the arms of your lover, stroking his hair and all his body, whispering words of love and feeling his hard-on trough his pants.

From now on Sandra, you are not only allowed, but expected to do these wonderful things without any clothes on. As from tonight you are going to hold Bill's erect penis, and feel how hard and solid, yet warm and soft it is to touch. Sandra, you are going to take Bill's penis into your mouth tonight and express your love towards him by licking it and sucking it and if you do it right - which we all are sure you will - he will ejaculate his semen in your little mouth and you are going to swallow every drop of it. That is by no means naughty or wrong, that is what a wife is expected to do for her husband. Sandra, Jesus will be proud of you. So will your family and friendes.

Just look at your folks, Sandra, see the tears of happiness running down your mother's cheek. That's because she is so happy for you. See the dreaming expression in the faces of your grandmother and your aunts. They are happy for you and today, they all wish they were you. And take a good look at your father, your grandfather and actually all the men in the audience today. They might be trying to hide their feelings, as men usually do, and surely they hold back their tears. But if you look closely then you can see that each and everyone of them sports a generous bulge in his pants whatching you in that little wedding dress, knowing what is going to happen. That proves how happy they are for you and I can assure you that they all wish that they were Bill today. The best news though, is that all these people, who love you, approve to you getting married at this young age despite the big controversy out in society. Beond doubt, this appreciation and understanding will spread out all over the world in the matter of a few years.

William, lust like Sandra you will be met by privilidges and duties. Marrying a 7 year old girl is not like marrying a grown up woman. She has different needs and you will have to meet them. She is not yet fully skilled to make food, to keep the house tidy and so on. You will have to e very helpful and a loving tutor to her in these and other matters. She, of course, will not be holding a job for the next decade or so. You will have to earn the income for both of you and you will have to help her with her homework. I'm sure that you will do this as a plesure driven by love rather than duty.

You also have the privilidge of introducing Sandra to the joy of sex. You must not - and this is very important - you must not expect her to be ready yet for everything you you would expect a grown up bride to be. You just heard how I described her duties for tonight to her. That's all you can expect her to do tonight. Of course we all expect you to return the favour and bring her to orgasm orally.

However you should not go any further for the time being. Even though a seven year old girl is capable of physical sex and capable as well as craving for having orgasms, her anatomy is not ready for penetration yet. You must not think of your desiires only, you must always remember not to hurt your little wife. If you do that you might turn her away from sex for life.

In the past, this would have been a trivial problem. But as the new Church Act makes your marriage as well as your sex life perfectly legal. The taboo has turned to deed. Therefore, don't hesite to see your family doctor and let him decide when she is ready, you can talk openly about things as he is no longer obliged to press charges, on the contrary, he is obliged to help you in every way to enjoy a healthy sex life.

Luckily you won't have to wait long. Research shows that the average child is phisycally ready for anal sex at the age of eight and girls are ready for full vaginal sex a year or two later, provided their lover is gentle and does things the right way. This we have to respect, even though children are emotionally ready for sex much younger.

Bill, of course we have seen the glimpse in your eyes when you look at the small, perky, soft, round, inviting ass of your sexy little bride. That is perfectly normal. Waiting a whole year before you can savely let your throbbing erection enter the gate of her rectal paradise can seem like an eternity. But time flies and you have a lot to explore in the meantime.

Together you can find your ways to maximum pleasure during oral sex. You should master the techniques of deep-troating. You should learn to finger each other's holes. You should grease her inner thighs up with KY or vaseline and enjoy some slippery thigh-fucking. You should buy whips and handcuffs such toys in order to experiment with bondage and wipping. You should both learn to enjoy being the master as well as the slave. Follow thy master who suffered on the cross.

You should also play sex games in the bathroom and try the wonders of watersports. You can set upp circumstances so that someone will "accidentally" walk in on you in your private moments and you can enjoy talking about your sex life when other people hear you, especially be it old people or kids. All this enhances your sexlife and makes you happier than ever. That is exactly what Jesus wants you to, he wants us to be happy.

Sandra, whenever you lose a baby tooth, your kisses with Bill become more exiting than ever as he can let his tounge dart through the new gap and play all around it. And the next time the fills your little mouth with his warm semen, try to squeeze as much of it as possible in the tooth-gap.

You may wonder why I talk so much about sexually related things, but that is what marriage is all about and that is what God wants married couples to do. After the Reform the church at last acknowledges that sex is the most vital proof for the glory of Jesus Christ. Hundred of priests and bishops who had lost their faith regained it with their love organ buried deep in the rectum of a prepubecent altarboy. Anyone who has made passionate love to such an angel and felt the sheer ecstacy of ejaculating his sperm into his bowels realizes, that there IS a God.

If anyone should show just cause why this man and this extremely sexy little girl cannot be joined together in holy martimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Sandra Tayor, will you take Willam Johnson, to your wedded husband? Will you love him, comfort him, honor him and keep him in sickness and in health until death do you part?

"I do"

Willam Johnson, will you take Sandra Tayor to your wedded wife? Will you love her, comfort him, honor her and keep her in sickness and in health until death do you part?

"I do"

Eternal Father, creator, redeemer, lover of our souls. We ask you to protect these children of yours and their home. May they always turn to you for guidance, for strength, for provision, for direction. May they glorify you in the choices they make, in the ministries they involve themselves in, in their intergenerational sexlife, in all that they do. Use them to draw others to yourself, and let them stand as a testimony to the glory of child's rights to love, happiness and fulfilling sexlife. We ask this in Jesus name, Amen.

By the power vested in me I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss.

And the newly wedded couple kissed passionately for a long time before their friends and families. Then they walked out the church with smiles on their faces.

Outside the church, young women, teenage girls and little girls down to the age of four reached out their hands as Sandra threw her wedding bouquet to the cheering crowd. But the one to catch it was an 8 year old little altar boy.

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lol very funny

holy shit! doesn't you comp have spell check? [Taboo's remark: nope, and English is only my third language. But you're welcome to proofread for me. B.t.w., your comment seems to be somewhat misspelled too :)]

one of the worst stories i have ever read, what a waste of paper. [Taboo's remark: wonder why he printed the story on paper then....]

somehow sad, but it's all true!

yuch,!! yet somwhat titilating... p.s. can I watch?

omg you are one sick dude!

great story , all you need is some more continuation of their marriage and others they learn to share their love with. good luck and keep them cumming

Your stories are mind blowing. They are the very truth. I just couldn't stop wanking when I went through your 3 stories.

Un believeable.It is such a well written story. I may not agree with the ages involved here but I give full credit to the writer about the concept and description of the story. Again it is nothing to do with the writer's right to express but 7 year old is a very very young age. If it is 12 it make sense but 7 years old intellect and awareness about sexual desire etc is a bit un real. My compliments to the writer for his/her good writing despite my disagreement on the age of the bride.

Looks damn gooood to me. I can't wait to read more.

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