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Why 8yo is better than 18yo
20 reasons why an 8yo girlfriend is better and much wiser choice than an 18yo
M/g - ped - humor

  1. Whatever you do - the 8 yo won't get pregnant.

  2. The 8yo never has her periods and never suffers from PMS.

  3. The 18yo's pussy has to be shaven daily, and still those darn sticks keep bugging you. The 8yo's pussy is perfecly smooth by nature all the time and this little girl is also free from all the other disgusting body hairs you can find on the 18 yo whore.

  4. The 8yo will not infect you with sexually transmitted diseases.

  5. The guy who took the 8yo's cherry will be you. The 18yo twat was popped by some stinking idiot years ago. You don't want to put your dick in his wastebasket (not mentioning all the other losers who have dumped their sperm in her).

  6. Fresh meat tastes a lot better than old meat. The taste of the 8yo's mouth, pussy is so much more young and fresh than of the 18yo bitch who smells like dead fish.

  7. The 8yo doesn't expect you to buy her clothes, jewlery or dinners at expensive restaurants - she is more than happy with an ice cream now and then.

  8. The 8yo doesn't compare you with her old boyfriends and insist on better performace.

  9. Your erect dick is the by far biggest piece of man equipment the 8yo has ever seen.

  10. The 8yo thinks you're cool if you cum early.

  11. The 18yo is likely to object to things you want her to do like swallowing, having anal sex, watching porn with you etc., but the 8yo thinks its obligatory if you tell her so.

  12. The 8yo's vagina is much tighter than the 18yo's.

  13. The 8yo's vagina is even tighter then the 18yo's anal canal.

  14. The 8yo's anal canal is so tight that is't beond comparision.

  15. The moans of the 8yo are much more a turn-on than the 18yo's.

  16. The screams of the 8yo are a whole lot more a turn-on than the 18 yo's.

  17. You can easily fuck the 8yo her in a standing position holding her in your arms without overdoing your muscles.

  18. The 8yo doesn't object to being photographed or vidoetaped in the nude or having sex as she doesn't realize that you are going to post the lot on the internet.

  19. The 8yo will not bother you with shit like getting married and so on.

  20. You don't have to be introduced to the parent's of the 8yo (which would anyway in most cases be an introduction to yourself).

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what a sick story..ypur a sick'o....

You forgot to say that an 8 year olds ass is better for spanking!

This is SICK!

great list !!!

Beautifully dirty!

wow bra your fucked up. thats just wrong.

somehow sad, but it's all true!

all so true

absolutltly right in every way.

This was amazing. You've definatly showed me a lot.

Very funny, do you permit me to translate in french and post?

Great. Wanna stories.

sooo fucking funny...... pretty good stuff..... 8yo rules.... and 6 better.......

sooo fucking funny...... pretty good stuff..... 8yo rules.... and 6 better.......


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