Testing the Bed

In our house the tradition has been that men do all the hard work, like putting up scaffolding for painting the house, fixing the car, repairing the roof and so on. So when my sister got a new bed, she expected that I would set it up for her.

It was easy, I had it up in no time at all. I said "Try it out". I wanted to make sure there was no squeaking or imbalance. She lay on it, on her back, and said "It's really comfortable - check it out, Timmy!"

I lay on it next to her, there was room enough for two, although it wasn't as wide as a double bed. She thrust her hips up and down on it, and said "You did a good job, it doesn't squeak!"

I said "Do that again!"

She said "Why?"

I said "You looked like you were having sex, just then."

She did it a few more times, a little more slowly, making it look even more like she was having sex. I said "Wo! You're turning me on!"

She said "Am I really? How about this?"

Then she did a slow pelvis thrust, as though there was a guy above her and a penis inside her, then did pelvic circles, and pretended to moan with sexual delight.

I said "Oh dear, you're giving me an erection!"

She looked down at my bulge and gasped "Oh my god, I did, too! Wow!"

She reached out and touched it lightly. "That's so big!"

It was making my pants look like a tent. The waist was elastic, and my erection had lifted up the elastic off my lower waist. She said "Can I have a look? I've never seen one erect before!"

I said "I don't know, you might make it worse. It makes me feel so beautiful!"

She reached down and lifted up the elastic even more, and looked in. "Oh Timmy! Oh, it's making me feel beautiful too."


"Yes, I'm feeling so nice. And I'm getting really wet in my vagina."

"We're both feeling sexy, aren't we!" I said.

"Yes, we're making each other feel sexy, I think!" said my sister.

She lowered her face towards me. We softly kissed on the lips. Then she said "That's making me feel sexy too!"

My sister reached down into my pants and felt my penis. "This feels lovely" she said.

My cheeks flushed and my heart was pounding. My sister lowered my pants to the knees to get a better look. Then she reached down with her lips and kissed my penis. "Oh, you better not do that. I might come."

My sister said "Should we do it properly? I really feel like it."

I said "So do I".

So my sister raised her dress and lowered her pants. She started to lie down, then changed her mind and took off her dress as well. She was naked.

She lay on her back and reached for me and guided me on top of her. My pants were down around my ankles by now, so I kicked them off. Then I quickly took my T-shirt off.

She spread her thighs apart and I held my penis and guided it inside my sister. "Oh it feels wonderful!" I said.

"Oh yes! I feel so beautiful, Timmy."

"Me too! Ohhhh!" I said as I slid deeper inside her. She felt so soft and sensual around my penis.

"You're so big, Timmy!"

After that neither of us talked for a while. We were just making animal noises and feeling intense
pleasure. I slowly went deeper, as deep as I could go, pulled back and went deep again. My sister thrust her hips onto my penis in the same rhythm.

Then she said "Ohhhh, this is wonderful!" Then she said "OH!" and began to climax, calling out again and again from pleasure. As she was climaxing I felt a wave of sheer pleasure overcome me, and my penis gave a massive throb. There was a pause, then another throb of pleasure, this time shooting sperm into my sister's vagina.

I thought of her womb receiving my sperm, and was showered with pleasure. I thought of us making a baby in her womb, and was overcome with more sexual pleasure. Over and over I sprayed my virile sperm into my sister's vagina, while her vagina contracted, erotically caressing my penis with her love.

Soon we relaxed. "Oh Timmy, I love you. I love you so!" she said, kissing my shoulder again and again.

"I love you too. I was thinking just then that we might make a baby."

"Oh yes!" said my sister, excitedly. "I was thinking that too! That made me begin to climax! I felt as if there was another person here, not just us. I hope it's not just my imagination!"

Six weeks later, my sister came to me excitedly and whispered "I've just been sick in the bathroom!"

I said "Is that good?"

"You bet, Timmy! It means I'm probably pregnant!"

"Wow!" I said, stunned. "Wow!" I sat down, too amazed to stand.

"It must have happened when we tested the bed", my sister said.

"Wow! I said "Well the bed certainly works!" I joked.

"Beautifully, darling, beautifully!" my sister said, pulling my head closer for a kiss.

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