That Reminds Me of Shauna

Hearing the description by the other guy about his sister's figure, in "My Drunk Sister" reminded me of Shauna, a girl I was attracted to. She actually had smallish hips and smallish boobs when I knew her because she was 13 and I was 15. But the way her curves flowed was remarkable.

I first saw her with her back to me, leaning on a park bench overlooking the beach. She was wearing a little white backless thong swimsuit with lace around the edges. And no top. I'd never seen anything so beautiful.

I had become friends with her brother at school, and he had invited me to meet her. She turned to him and I saw her face. She was so pretty with her jet black hair, black eyebrows and lashes, with greenish eyes that looked straight into me and saw that I was awestruck by her beauty.

Peter, her brother, was hoping she would like me enough to become her boyfriend, because that's the sort of guy he was. Always supportive of other people's feelings, and he was aware of her need for a boyfriend. She had said something to him about it and he had thought of me as a suitable match.
Well there was sure no trouble about whether I liked her. Peter and Shauna were both the nicest people I ever met.

Shauna and I saw quite a bit of each other, and she really liked me a lot. But she still wouldn't kiss me, let alone let me fondle her. My initial attraction, which was purely physical, quickly blossomed into love, but she was still trying to make up her mind.

I even lent her my most valuable thing in the world - my record collection of early American Blues singers. I was hoping she'd be just as impressed as I was with Ma Rainey, Huddie Ledbetter, and of course the Empress herself, Bessie Smith.

Finally I asked her directly how she felt about me. She said she loved me a lot, but that all this time there was someone she loved far more, and even though he seemed unattainable, still she was hoping she could win his heart one day. I was devastated. She explained that she had allowed me to keep seeing her because she felt love for me, and the other boy was completely unaware of her love for him.

Although I was very upset, I still managed to say "Why don't you simply tell him how you feel?"
She said "I can't. I can't" with a look of such grief in her eyes, I instantly knew she was utterly in love with him. I thought, if he's unattainable, maybe he's a rock star. But then I thought, no, Shauna would never be so shallow as to fall in love with a rock star.

The next day I called by to see how she was doing. She came to the door, smiling with her lipstick smeared, pulling down her skirt from up around her hips, and trying to hold her unbuttoned blouse together. Her cheeks were flushed with sexual excitement and her breathing was heavy - she was practically panting. She had obviously been making out with someone when I knocked.

I said "You've attained the unattainable, haven't you!"

She said "YES! Oh, yes! I did as you suggested and told him how I feel! And he loves me too, just as much, but he had thought it was impossible too! Oh thank you so much for helping to win him!"

I felt a lot of pain inside. She had found her true love, and it was because of a suggestion from me. I said "So, he's obviously there now, right?"

She said "Yes, oh yes!" Her voice was full of excitement.

I said "I'll go then", to which she replied "Oh, yes!"

I turned and took a few steps down the stairs. I knew I wouldn't be back. Ever. As I hit the bottom stair, I thought "My record collection!" It was too valuable to leave. I turned around and went back up the stairs to her door, which she had left open.

I knocked and looked in. The guy she was with had his head buried in her bosom and one hand on her crutch under her dress, and she had her arms around him, and her head tilted back in ecstasy. On hearing my knock, the guy looked up. He was her brother Peter, the very guy who had introduced us.

My head was spinning. No wonder she had thought he was unattainable. No wonder he had thought it was impossible. They had both been in love with each other for years but due to society's attitude towards incest, they had both thought the one they loved would be against the idea.

I saw him again at school, though I didn't feel as fond of him as I did before. I was still jealous. He said to me "You won't tell, will you?"

I said "No, of course not. You don't deserve the dreadful things they would do to you if they found out. You haven't done anything except love someone." He's been grateful and nice to me ever since, but I'm still jealous of him.

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