The Huge Profit I Made


When I took over my father's business, and he retired, I thought I was in for a carefree, glamorous lifestyle. It did happen but it's amazing how quickly you can get tired of it. The business was thriving under my directorship, but I wasn't happy.

I had to travel by plane to other countries far too often, I ate rich food when all I wanted was a simple home-cooked meal. I had to drink with clients when I was tired of alcohol and preferred freshly-squeezed fruit juice.

After twelve months of that, the only thing I liked about the job was the new young "cleaning-lady", a pretty little sixteen year-old that had taken over from her mother, the previous cleaning-lady, who was in hospital having a long recovery after a serious operation.

She was so pretty, with a lovely personality and such a sweet smile! At the end of her first fortnight there, she came into my office suite to empty the bins, wearing a tiny miniskirt that only just barely covered her cheeks, and as she bent over each bin, her skirt raised halfway up her bum, exposing the sexiest bum I'd ever seen. I got an erection straight away!

She was so casual about it, I didn't even suspect that she was doing it on purpose. I seriously thought she was doing it accidentally. I don't know why I was so naive!

She wore a thong underneath, so there was a tiny red string visible between her cheeks, and her anus hole as she bent over was virtually saying "Pleased to meet you!" because the tiny thin red string wasn't covering it at all!

Should the young boss of a huge international company have an affair with his cleaning-girl? Sounds crazy, but I wanted to very much! It was a bit of a Monica Lewinsky situation though!

I said to her "I might have to send you to another department. I'm feeling very attracted to you, and it's disturbing me quite a lot!"

She said that she felt attracted to me too, very deeply. I thought "Of course. I have money and power, so why wouldn't you be attracted to me?" But in that thought I was severely underestimating the love and devotion that was quickly growing between us.

After another day or two we began to kiss, just a quick peck at first, but it broke the unspoken barrier of both of us being in very different positions in the company. The thong she was wearing by then had two strings at the back, and all the way underneath, so that each string was on either side of her anus and her vagina, which was fully exposed to my view.

I gave a soft moan of pleasure as she bent over, revealing all, and she turned her head around with a cheeky smile, making me realise she had been exposing herself to me purposely the whole time! She was so pretty.

She came over to me, saying "Sir?" then pulled her thong off altogether and sat on the edge of my desk, expectantly. I undid my fly, and we had passionate sex on my desk, and some of the papers went flying onto the floor.

We were moaning and grunting as I slid inside her beautiful soft vagina, sending waves of sexual pleasure through me. She was climaxing practically all the time. "Oh Sir! Oh Sir!" she would scream, as I felt her vagina sending soft ripples of intense pleasure through my penis until I climaxed.

We began to have sex every day, on my desk. After several weeks of that, I began to realise that I wanted to know everything about her. We went to a restaurant that she had worked in for a while. The head waiter remembered her, and was amazed to see her as a customer, as they had expensive prices.

We had sex on a deserted beach, feeling the glow of the sun on our skins and the glow of love in our hearts. We chatted together for hours. I loved the way she would say "Oh, yes, Sir!" with a sparkle of joyful enthusiasm in her eye, whenever I mentioned something on a topic she was interested in.

We went off to her home, which was mother's place, once or twice, and I stayed the night, since her mother wasn't there. Her sixteen year old body with beautiful curves would wrap itself around me as she said "Oh, thank you Sir!" for the sex we had.

I took her into the countryside, and we swam naked under a waterfall, and romped through a meadow. She spread her legs in the tall grass, and I climbed on top again. Our love was getting rapidly deeper. We'd spend time together on the weekends, me on her computer, writing or playing video games, and her reading her library books.

Then we'd look up at each other, catch each other's glance of sexual desire, and dive into her bed, having vigorous sex in all sorts of positions. Her fresh vitality was boosting my energy, making me feel alive again, after all the international travel had depleted me. I was feeling love and joy just from being in her presence.

At a family gathering on the weekend I asked Dad if he was enjoying his retirement, or if he missed working for the company. Then I told him that I felt I was falling in love with someone, and that I had been thinking serious thoughts about marriage. He was delighted! He said "Who's the lucky girl?"

I said "She's the daughter of your old cleaning-lady!" Dad nearly choked on the olive in his martini!

He said "Get rid of her! Sack her! Get right away from that girl! Tell her to pack her bags! And never go near her again!"

I interrupted him by saying "Dad! Don't be such a snob! Position may have counted for something when you were young, but there's no reason these days why Prince Charming shouldn't marry his Cinderella!"

Dad sat down at the table and put his head in his hands. "You don't know what you're doing, son! It's nothing to do with position! That girl is your sister!"

My jaw dropped open and I yelled "She's wh-a-a-at!?!"

"SH! Not so loud! I don't want your mother to know! I had an affair with my cleaning-lady sixteen years ago. She is my daughter!"

"Does she know?" I said, still reeling from the shock.

"No! She doesn't know who her father is."

"Are you helping her?"

"Her mother gets a payment from the company every week, on top of her cleaning wages. Our treasurer takes care of it. He doesn't know the real reason why she's getting the extra money, though."

"Are you listed as the father on her Birth Certificate?"

"No. I paid her a small amount of money to keep me off it."

"A small amount? How small?"

"It was small to me, but it was more money she had ever seen in her life before. I had to avoid a scandal which could ruin me and tear my family apart."

My mind was in a turmoil. I had to get away and think, so I drove into the country. I stood on a cliff-top overlooking the meadows in the valley below. Brightly-coloured flowers were blooming everywhere.

Then I drove further and sat by a brook, gurgling as it cascaded over the stones. I was beginning to become calm again.

As day grew into night I walked along a long country lane in the moonlight, feeling more and more tired with every step. Finally I sat in the car, recognising that I should sleep in the car because I was
too tired to drive home.

I still had no idea what I should do. My thoughts were filled with conflict, guilt and doubts. I had fallen in love with my sister. Worse, I had been having sex with my sister! Neither of us had suspected that we were related, but we were. I would have to give her up.

I was exhausted. I decided to put her out of my mind, and get some sleep. I put the seat back and stretched out. As I began to sink towards sleep, I noticed a door appear in my mind with a spotlight shining a light on it. The door began to open, and my cleaning-lady, who I now knew was my sister, poked her head out of it, giving one of her beautiful smiles. I jerked awake again.

Within twenty seconds I began to succumb to sleep again. This time I saw us getting married, her in a white wedding dress, standing on a red carpet over white steps, with flowers in her hand. I jerked awake again.

The more I thought about us getting married, the more thrilled and happy I became. It felt right. So right. It even felt beautiful because she was my sister!

I drove all night to her home, arriving at 3am. I picked up some pebbles and tossed them at her window. After a while a soft light came on and she opened the window and looked down at me.

She said "Sir, what the fuck are you doing here?"

I said "Honey, I know I've only known you a short time, but if you had known me for a long time, do you think I might be the sort of guy you would marry?"

"What sort of question is that?"

"I have to know, and I have to know now" I said seriously. "I haven't got time. Something important has come up and I have to make a big decision about us. If you had known me all your life..."

"I don't have to know you for a long time. I know now. Of course I want to marry you!"

"What if I gave away my position and my money, and got a job as a cleaner? Would you still marry me then?"

"That would make everything a lot easier. I couldn't fit into your wealthy world very well, but you could fit into mine, I think."

"Okay then! I'll do it." I wasn't looking forward to any more trips overseas, drinking with clients, or any of the trappings of wealth. I wanted a simple life, with a simple honest job.

"You'd better come inside. I'll make us a coffee or something."

Over coffee I told her everything. She was stunned when I told her I was her brother. When she recovered I explained that because Dad wasn't listed on her Birth Certificate, we'd still be able to get married as long as we didn't tell anyone. The only ones who knew were my Dad and her Mum, and there were no legal papers identifying him as her father.

She was already excited by the prospect of marrying me, and even more excited by the knowledge that she would be marrying her brother! But I thought we might be better off getting married straight away, before Dad knew, so that we could talk it over with him after our marriage.

I showered at her place, and we got some sleep. In the morning we made all the arrangements. I offered to buy her a white wedding dress and she chose one that looked just like the one I saw in my semi-awake dream. She said not to spend any more money, though, because the more money I spent on her, the more uncomfortable she felt. We drove to Las Vegas and got married.

Dad was furious, until my bride, my sister, reminded him that it was in his own best interests to keep our siblinghood a secret. That made him suddenly change his tune, and he offered us lots of financial support.

My bride refused his help, saying that the closeness we would develop by struggling side by side to help each other to make ends meet, would be far more valuable than all the loveless comfort that money could buy us.

I resigned, and the board of directors found some other poor shmoe to be the figurehead of the company. We found a small cottage in a country town, and raised a very happy loving family.

I had made a lot of financial profit for Dad's company, but it was nothing compared to the huge profit I made the day I gave up financial wealth altogether and traded it for my sister's love.

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