There's No Place Like Home

I first thought seriously about, you know, having a relationship with my father, after reading the stories in this group. The stories got me excited and the thought of actually being with my father got me excited too.

Did the stories make me fall in love with my father? Not really. I think I've been in love with my father all my life, and the stories just made me face it.

We belong to our fathers and our brothers, and they belong to us. By banning incest, society is trying to force us to make do with a cheap imitation of love. And most of society goes along with the farce like a herd of sheep, until a bitter divorce tries to rescue them from the wishful thinking they have been indulging in.

There is one way to bring down the rate of divorce to practically zero and that is for society to accept the pure unconditional love that is already there, our families, rather than keep trying to bond us with someone we don't really know or love as deeply.

But I'm not blaming society as much as I'm blaming ourselves for going along with it. I had two divorces by the time I reached 26, so I know what I'm talking about.

And who was there to comfort me when each of them got difficult and broke up? My Dad, that's who! I am angry at society for not letting me think of having a relationship with him years ago!

The sexy stories in this group made me realise it was possible. I went round to his place, which was the home I grew up in, and went fishing with him down at the old creek, where he used to take me
fishing when I was a little girl. Ah, if only I had followed my heart way back then! It would have saved me years of savage difficulties and bitter tears.

I had no idea how I was going to bring up the subject of incest. It's a pretty hot subject, you know? We sat on the end of the little jetty with our fishing-poles pointing out over the water, and I found myself saying "Dad, I didn't know, when I was last here with you, that I was heading for two disastrous marriages. I wish I'd known someone like you, Dad! I would have had a much happier marriage."

"I don't know about that, sweetie," Dad said. "I wasn't able to make your Mum happy!"

"Of course not Dad! She wasn't a blood relative. But we are! You and I are blood relatives! If it wasn't a bad thing to marry your father, you and I would have had a really happy marriage."

I had no idea whether I was saying too much too soon. I wanted to give him time to get used to the idea, but I also felt urgent to get something started with him.

He laughed, as though the idea was ridiculous. So I said "I mean it. All my life I've felt deep love for you. And I know that you love me too."

"Well of course, honey. But that's different!"

I smiled. "No it isn't Dad! I noticed the way you used to look at me in the shower. Don't be embarrassed. It's normal. I used to have similar thoughts about you, in the back of my mind, but I never took them seriously enough, because society says it's wrong."

"Are you saying that we, you and I, should have got married if the law allowed it?"

"Well, look at the way we love each other Dad. Isn't it obvious? Of course we would have had a happy life together."

"Hmmm. Perhaps you're right. I've never thought about it before."

The next day at breakfast, I was making Dad some ham and eggs. Dad said "I've been thinking more about what you said yesterday."


"Yeah. You're right. If it wasn't bad for fathers and daughters to be together, the love we have for each other would be enough for a lifetime."

"Not all people think it's bad, Dad! Not these days!"


"Yeah. There's a lot of people who think that consensual incest between adults is very very good."

"Really! They don't think it's sexual self-indulgence? Perversion? Abuse?"

I laughed. "No, Dad, nothing like that! They think of it as perfectly normal love. The same as any other love, except of course it's deeper. More permanent. More unconditional."

"Well that's a surprise!" laughed Dad.

Dad was surprised that there were a growing number of people who believed that incest is not the big bad wolf that society so often makes it out to be, and who believe that it is a perfectly normal love, innocent and natural, that close family members have for each other.

At sunset that day, I stood at the window watching the sun provide a deep orange glow to the world as it kissed the sky goodnight. I had often watched the sunset from that window when I was a little girl. And Dad came up behind me as he had so often done when I was little. And I instinctively half-turned to him, putting my head on his chest and my arm around his waist, just as I had so often done when I was little.

This time, however, there was just one important difference. I noticed his erection. "Wo, Dad!" I said. "You do love me don't you!"

I giggled, and gently put my hand on it. "Is that the first time you've noticed?" Dad asked.

"Yes! Has it happened before?" I asked.

"How many hundreds of times have we watched the sunset together? I can't remember even a single time when I didn't get an erection cuddling you!"

"Oh Dad!" I said with emotion. "Why didn't you just stick it in me?"

"I never dared. I felt sure you'd reject me in horror. You don't think you would have?"

"I honestly don't know. You know, I don't think I would have, actually. I think I would have enjoyed it. It certainly would have saved me from going through the difficult marriages I've had."

"Really? All I ever thought about it was that it was wrong so I mustn't do it."

"I don't believe that any more, Dad! I believe that sex is a perfectly normal way of expressing love,
whether your loved one happens to be related to you or not!"

I began to fondle his erection. "Better late than never, eh?"

"Oh honey, are you sure you want to?"

"Yes, Dad. I love you. I always have. I know I always will. I think I've been stupid to not have been having sex with you throughout my life".

I began tugging at my father's shirt, lifting it up. Then I stopped, looking up at him with a grin. "Race
you into the bedroom!" I said, and ran.

Dad came after me, finishing off the removal of his shirt. I tugged off my clothes so I was completely naked.

"You're not going to regret this later, are you?" asked Dad.

"No Dad! Are you?"

"No. In a way, I think I've wanted this with you all my life."

"I have too, Dad! Bugger society for telling us it's wrong!"

Dad removed his pants. He was still semi-erect, and as we moved closer together, his penis shot up to full strength again.

"Wow, it's so big", I said.

I took Dad's dick in my hand, and slid it between my legs, so that it's hardness was softly rubbing my clitoris. Then I widened my legs and slid his head all the way along my groove to my entrance, feeling the excitement building quickly.

My voice came out thick with emotion and trembling hesitancy. "We'd better get into bed" I said.

I stepped towards the bed and climbed into it, pulling the top sheet and blanket down. Dad climbed in behind me. I slid down and turned towards Dad. "I feel so excited!"

"So do I, angel!"

I hugged Dad and kissed him. Throughout my life he has always been there for me, through thick and thin. We both lay on our sides facing each other. I held his penis against my groove once again, moving slowly back and forth, savoring the rich pleasure it was giving me.

My father! I was actually about to have sex with my father! Why did it give me such a thrill right through every part of me to even think about what I was doing? Why was my Daddy's penis so terribly exciting, when my husbands' penises had been so tiresome sometimes and only mildly pleasurable at others?

I was already glowing with sexual pleasure over my entire body, and I had only just begun! I rolled over onto my back and whispered "Get on top of me Daddy!"

I opened my legs as he went above me on his hands and knees. "Oh Daddy!" I said.

I couldn't help feeling like a little girl in his arms once again, even though I was in my late twenties now. Surely if we had done this when I was little, I wouldn't have rejected it. It was much too beautiful to reject, because I loved my Daddy so!

Daddy's penis began to enter me. Already I felt so close to climaxing. I felt intense erotic pleasure
from my Daddy's penis flooding through me and over me. I was wet enough to feel the exciting slippery friction of my Dad's penis inside me.

Daddy! My Daddy! My Daddy was making love to me! It was so incredibly beautiful. I wanted it to last, but I thought about us spending the rest of our lives together, and I began to climax!

I called out "Oh Dad! Oh Dad! Aaaaaaaaooooooohhhhhhh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh Daddy!" as a huge tidal wave of sexual pleasure engulfed me and intensified again and again.

Dad kept rooting me, at the same steady pace. My Daddy was rooting his daughter! I could feel the sexual power of his magnificent penis carrying me towards another climax. I began to call out from the sheer sexual pleasure of each of his movements deep inside me. Why oh why hadn't we done this years ago!

Then my Dad began to withdraw from me! I said "Where are you going?"

He looked up at me with a smile, and put his face down towards my clitoris, his mouth opening. "Oh Dad! Oh!"

Daddy's lips slid around and around my clitoris and his tongue slid up my crack from my vagina towards my clit. Oh, I was in heaven! Just the thought of Daddy doing that would have sent me into ecstasy, but to experience him actually doing it was overwhelming me with bliss. Dad's tongue hit my clit, and I began to climax again, as wave after wave after wave carried me higher and higher into uncontrolled sexual delight.

I gradually came back to Earth feeling one with my Dad. My love for my Dad was now overwhelming me and I was letting it. Marriage was never like this, or even a tiny part of it. Dad was still fully erect, as he had not climaxed yet. What a man!

Chatting with him, I found that his idea was to save up his climax, as often as he could, so I could have him again as soon as I wanted him. I knew I was going to want him again very soon.

That's all I have to report so far. Our plans for the future are still a bit vague. I'm moving back home, of course, and we're going to sleep together from now on. Ah! My Daddy and me, together forever! I think I'm the luckiest woman alive! Well, maybe not quite as lucky as girls who start having sex with their fathers at a younger age, but very, very lucky indeed, just the same!

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