The Exploration of Roxy's Sister

All my friends talked about boys, so that's what I talked about too. Each of them was thrilled when they scored a date with one, so I was thrilled when Jeremy asked me out.

I was eagerly looking forward to going out with him. The date itself was a bit boring, because he was only capable of bragging about himself, and he kept trying to put his hands all over places that I didn't want him to touch. My sister Roxanne told me "Don't worry, there'll be nicer boys. One will come along."

One did come along. He was nice, and pleasant, and seemed interested in me....but he was boring too. Later I realised that I just didn't feel comfortable with any boy I had met. Some of them were very nice indeed but I just wasn't interested.

I loved art. I would go to the art gallery, and gaze enraptured at most of the paintings of clothed or nude women. I especially liked the styles of Bouguereau and Titian and other artists like them. At least I thought it was the art that I loved, which kept me going back to the gallery.

One evening, Roxanne said "You don't like boys, but you do like paintings of beautiful women. Do you think you might be a lesbian?"

I exploded into uproarious laughter! What a ridiculous idea! I had never even thought about that possibility! That was completely out of the question!

But Roxanne was still looking serious. When my laughter had subsided, she said "Would you be willing to do an experiment with me?"

I said "Sure, what?"

"I just want to try something. I want to see how you react."

I said "Okay, as long as it isn't frightening or painful".

She said "Sit down on my bed. Now, how does this feel?"

She took my arm and slid her tongue along it.

"Nothing" I said "I just feel your tongue sliding along my arm."

"I'm just getting you used to it, so you won't feel invaded when I do more. Now, how does this feel?"

She slid her tongue down the side of my neck.

"Eeew! Goose bumps!" I said. "Does that mean I'm a lesbian?"

"No, of course not!" she said. "Now how about this?"

She slid her tongue down the other side of my neck. When she got down to where the neck meets the shoulder she opened her mouth and placed her teeth on my skin, but without biting. It sent a sudden tremor of excitement through me.

I said "That excited me. Does that mean I'm a lesbian?"

She said "No, none of this experimenting will tell you if you are a lesbian".

I said "No? Then what's it for?"

She said "Just so we can both begin to observe your reactions. And it won't be the experiments or me that tell you you're a lesbian."


"No. It will come from yourself. Only you will know. Now take off your clothes."

I took them off and folded them neatly on the chair. Roxanne took hers off too, and threw them on the floor.

She said "Now stand back to back. That's right. Now we move our bottoms side to side, so that they rub against each other."

I said "That feels sexy!"

"Good" she said. "Now turn and face me. No, we're the wrong height. Stand on these two big books. Now gently rub our breasts together. Feel anything?"

"Yes, that's sexy too. Very sexy!"

"Good" said Roxanne. "Now take off one book and stand on the remaining book. Now push your hips forward against mine, so that our genitals are touching. Put your hands on my hips, I'll put my hands on yours, and we'll move from side to side just like we did with our bottoms."

"Woof! If we keep this up I think I might climax."

"Okay now sit on the bed and close your eyes. Right. I'm going to say a sentence to you, and I don't want you to be distracted by the sentence, I want you to notice your reaction in your body. Are you watching your body and its reactions?"

"Yes" I said.

"Here's the sentence: "Have sex with me!"

"Oh my god! My body just lit up like a Christmas tree! My god! I'm excited all over!" I said.

"Good observing. Now I'll lie down on my front, and I want you to sit astride my legs and press your clitoris into my bum."

"Not a lot of reaction."

"Now slide your clitoris up the middle, right up to the spine," said Roxy.

"Now that's erotic. That's going to lead to a climax" I said.

"Now you lie down on your back and I'll massage your breasts, in circular movements, plucking your nipples softly between my forefingers and thumb."

"Ooh, that's so sexy! I'm getting really wet and horny!"

"Kissing and sucking lightly on your nipples is good too, but we'd better not do that in case you begin to climax! Now I'll kneel on all fours, then lower my shoulders onto the bed, so that my behind is sticking up into the air, and I'll spread my legs apart and you kneel behind me press your clitoris into my vagina if you can."


"Hold on, sis, we've still got more positions to try."

"Ooooooh, can't we keep trying this one?"

"Don't worry, we can do it any time we like, later" said Roxy. "But for now be patient for just a little longer."

"Oh but I'm feeling so beautiful! It's so sexy and so holy at the same time!"

"Don't worry, you'll keep feeling that for quite a while yet. It's what all women feel when they make love to another woman. Men can only get that feeling if they watch, or if they make love to the women while the women are making love with each other. Now lie on your back with your legs apart. Good. Now I'm going to bring my face closer and closer to your clitoris and vagina, and I want you to observe your body's reactions, at each distance, okay?"

"Do all lesbians feel as beautiful as this?"

"All women feel it when they're with women. You don't have to be a lesbian to make love to another woman, and making love with another woman doesn't turn you into one. As I said before, you're only a lesbian if you decide you are. Almost all women have made love with at least one other woman but they don't all think of themselves as lesbians. Are you observing your body's reactions as I bring my face closer to your clitoris?"

"Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! As you get closer, I... I... Oh Roxy I'm going to cum!"

"Just one more position, sis."

"Oh NO! Don't do this to me Roxy! Take me now! Slide your tongue all over my clitoris! Please! Please! Now!"

"Okay sis!"


"Oh my God, Roxy! If I'm not a lesbian, I... Oh I hope I am! Please God, let me be a lesbian!" I said fervently.

Roxy and I fell about laughing. Even though I meant it, it was still funny. I said "What was the other position you were going to show me?"

Roxy said "It's a bit like putting two clothes-pegs together, you both put one leg on either side of your partner's trunk, so that your vaginas can be put together. Then when your vaginas are together, you move them around a little and squeeze your thighs together, gripping your partner's upper thigh or whatever. Many lesbians find it the most satisfying position of all. There's lots of other good positions too."

"How do you know all this stuff Roxy? Are you a lesbian?"

"Yep, a hundred percent lesbian. No, one hundred and ten percent!" said Roxy "You know when I go out with Sally every week?"


"We don't go out. We stay in. We make love. Sometimes I come home exhausted". We both giggled.

After Mum and Dad came home, I went back to my bedroom, but not for long. I sat up in a chair to make sure I didn't fall asleep, then half-an-hour after their lights went out I sneaked back into Roxanne's room and got into bed with her. We fell asleep together, naked, in each other's arms.

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