The Business Executive

My name is Margaret, and I'm a business executive on the east coast. We've plans of expanding to the west coast in the next six months, and my company has appointed me to head the project. There is a strong need for the services of our company, amongst the already-established businesses there. Because of my past record with the company, once our new branches have been set up, the company has arranged for me to be appointed Executive Director of the entire west coast. Needless to say, I will be moving to the west coast soon, to organise the project.

I have been living in a large, comfortable apartment with an excellent view, which most people would call a "luxury" apartment, and I have no doubt I'll find a similar one or better on the west coast. I have a lover, two years older than myself, and he has no hesitation about coming with me, for we are utterly devoted to each other. It is rare, I know, but since the day we met, neither of us has even considered being with anyone else.

To look at me striding forth in the street or taking command in board meetings, in a very dignified business dress suit, being sharp, efficient, and effective, you probably wouldn't dream of what I was like in my youth.

When I began to go through puberty, my burgeoning sexuality was a bit extreme, to say the least. I got horny just from seeing my brother David's shoulder as he pushed his shirt aside to scratch his back. So I often pretended I needed to pee, so I could watch him in the shower.

Each time I saw him in the shower, I had to go back to my bedroom and masturbate. At school, on several different committees, I was bossy and was used to getting my way, and getting the job done. Crisp and efficient. But when I saw my brother in the shower, or even in his gym shorts, I went completely gaga. I went weak at the knees, wobbly in the tummy, and I would ooze with desire so much the juices would run down my legs and wet my socks. I'm not kidding!

I was practically on fire with hot pubescent lust. The brother I had loved all my life began to look like a sex god to me. After several weeks of seeing David's gorgeous body in the shower, and getting turned on by it, masturbation wasn't enough - I was getting frustrated! "I've got to get myself a boyfriend" I thought. "Otherwise I'll go nuts!"

Then one evening I was doing my homework, and I went into his room to borrow a pencil.....and there he was, stark naked on his bed, staring at a photo of me, and gently stroking his erect penis! He was just as horny about me as I was about him! Tears of joy welled in my eyes. It was a photo of me that he was looking at! He wanted me as much as I wanted him!

Instantly, all the desire I felt for him that had been building up throughout my life and especially over the last few months engulfed me, filling my heart with love, and my loins with the most erotic feelings I had ever had so far. Just standing there in the doorway of his bedroom, I realised I was about to come.

He looked at me and gasped, because he hadn't seen me enter. I stepped briskly towards him, the tears of joy now streaming down my cheeks. "David! Oh David! My darling. I need you! I love you! Please...let me!" I said. I tore off my clothes one by one, and climbed onto the bed.

Then without hesitation I straddled him and guided his erect penis into my hole, then pushed myself down on it. I said "Oh David!" Then I burst into tears with relief and joy and my body went into the best climax I ever had. My vagina rhythmically gripping his penis set him off too, and he shot load after load of his sperm into me.

My whole body was shuddering with every spasm of heavenly climaxing. Then I collapsed on my amazed yet delighted brother's tummy, and planted kisses all over the most erotic shoulder I had ever seen, thoroughly wetting it with my tears. I was completely, totally and hopelessly in love, not with anyone at school, not with anyone in my neighbourhood, but with my own brother.

After that we made love often. We made love when Mum went out, when we were away on holiday, up in the attic, in the bushes behind the local church, in a rowboat just off the shore of the lake, in our own beds, in our parents beds, in the aviary at the zoo, in the back of a bus, in the front of a bus, in our neighbour's backyard, on the swing at the local park, (that was difficult; the see-saw would have been better!) - anywhere where we were out of the public eye for the time being.

One day when David was sick in bed with the flu, and I was getting him hot lemon drinks, plumping up his pillows, taking his temperature and wrapping a warm scarf round his neck, Mum said "You really love your brother, don't you!" I said "You don't know the half of it, Mum!"

All the way through high school we looked forward to the day we could get our own place. And on the day after my graduation, we did! It wasn't the luxury apartment we have now, but it enabled us to live together while I went through business college. Remember I said that from the day we met, neither of us has even considered being with anyone else? The day we met was of course the day I was born!

On the day David and I moved out of our humble dwellings into the new luxury apartment, with the magnificent view, I invited Mum over for drinks, to celebrate. When Mum went to "powder her nose" as we say, she took a good look around. She saw the whole apartment, including the huge luxury bed. When Mum and I were both in the kitchen alone, she said to me privately, "There's only one bedroom!"

I said "Yes, Mum, that's right."

"But surely you and David..."

"We love each other Mum!"

"But...there's only one bed in the bedroom."

I smiled. "Yes, Mum. Times are tough. We can only afford one bed!" I joked.

"But...I and David...You wouldn'"

"Yes, Mum?"

"What is er...going on, exactly?"

I said "Well, I've received another big promotion at work, so David thought we could move in to a bigger space. Isn't it nice!"

"You know what I mean!"

"Yes, of course, Mum! I was just teasing you! You know how David and I always did everything together, throughout our lives?"


"Yeah, we used to do everything together. We'd row like crazy around the lake together, and we'd go on camping trips together, and we'd root like two hysterical rabbits on speed, and we'd..."

"Wha-a-a-at?" said Mum, so loudly David came in. He saw immediately what was happening, and came up behind me and put his arms around me, and looked straight at Mum with a soft smile, as if to confirm what I was telling Mum. He had guessed from Mum's reaction, what I had just told her.

"Well I never!"

I said "Mum, you're the most loving mother in the world. David and I both inherited an overdose of your lovingness, that's all!"

"Well, I don't know what to say!" said Mum.

"You could give us your blessing, Mum!" I said.

"Oh, yes, I could. Forgive me, Margaret, I'm just completely flabbergasted!"

"Would you like a good stiff brandy, Mum?"

"Oh yes, I would indeed, thank you Margaret!"

And that's how we told Mum. We hadn't planned on telling her, ever, but it's nice that she knows, and she's fully adjusted to it now, and even said she's proud of us. She's not looking forward to her precious children moving to the west coast, so I've offered to buy her a condominium when we get there, and she's thinking about it.

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