A Story Janice Promised Me

Hi, This is Jan again.

You said to give lots of details. But quite a bit has happened so I better try to keep it fairly short. As I mentioned in my first email to you, I was lying on my bed, on my front, naked, and my brother came in naked and sat on my thighs. I could feel his willy between my legs.

He was rapidly become erect. I turned my head to look at him and smiled. He said "You don't mind this? I thought you'd yell at me to get off!"

I said "No, I like it!"

He leaned closer, so that his willy slid even further up the inside of my thighs and actually touched my fanny. He was oozing pre-cum, and my slit got wet and slippery from it. When his willy touched my slit, it made me feel as horny as hell. He said "How about this?"

I looked at him with a serious look on my face, so he would know I was telling the truth, and said "It's nice. It's so nice. Keep going, if you like!"

He pushed his hard willy between the lips of my vagina. I felt so sexual! He said "Is this far alright?" I reached behind me and grabbed his thighs and pulled them gently towards me, which made his willy slide right into my slit! I just said "Oooohhh!"

Then he started sliding his long hard willy in and out of me. I rocked a bit from side to side, just enjoying it. He said "Do you like this?"

I said "Oooohhh, it's wonderful!"

He began to moan too. I heard his breathing get heavy and so did mine. I thought, "Wow, if he's this attracted to me now, how is he going to feel about me when I grow boobs and pubic hair!"

In a few minutes, he started to pump me more and more quickly, and I could feel his willy getting ready to flood me with his sperm. And I thought "My brother could get me pregnant! This might give me a baby!" I got really excited then and in a few more strokes I was climaxing!

In my mind, I kept seeing me with a swollen tummy and a baby inside, and just kept climaxing every moment I thought of it! It wouldn't be the first time a pre-pubescent got pregnant.

We both started screaming then, and I felt hit by a tsunami of heavenly erotic energies. I thought "Wow! So this is sex! No wonder everyone wants it!"

Our climaxing gradually slowed and I could feel my brother's jerking get smaller and slowly stop.

I turned over and curled up in his arms. I began drifting off to sleep lying on my side in my brother's arms. My fanny was facing the doorway, and Dad came past and stood at the door. He said "Just came to see what the yelling was about".

I was too sleepy to answer, but he was busy staring at my fanny anyway. Then I could feel a large thick trickle of my brother's white sperm leak out of my fanny and run down my leg to the bedsheet. Dad watched it and muttered "Jesus!"

Then he left and went to his room. My brother and I got into bed, and went off to sleep together. My brother didn't know that our Dad had seen the sperm, and I didn't tell him. But the next day Dad said to come into his room.

I said "What's up, Daddy?"

He said "So you and your brother are having an affair, are you?"

Knowing he'd seen the sperm, I said "I hope so, that was the first time."

"Do you love your brother?"

"Of course, Dad!"

"You love your whole family?"

"Yes I do", I said, looking deep in his eyes.

"And it's alright with you to have sex with him because you love him?"

I thought I could see what he was driving at. "Yes, it is, Daddy! I love you too, very much."

"Oh I see, so you're saying you would have sex with me too!"

"Oh yes, Daddy! I would be honoured! That would be wonderful! I often dream about you making love to me!"

He said "We'd have to keep it secret, even from your brother!"

I said "Certainly Daddy. Whatever you think is best."

Then I added "Should we do it now?"

Daddy said "Do you want to?"

I said "Oh yes please Daddy. I'd like to very much!"

Then we took off our clothes and got into bed. I lay on my back and Daddy slid his tongue along my clitoris. It was amazing seeing and feeling my father down there, sliding his long tongue down my slit. I'm sure this must be beginning to sound like a fantasy to some people, but it was my wildest fantasy come true.

I was spreading my legs wide, and then Daddy got on top of me, and slid his willy inside me. I thought "I'm such a lucky girl, having my brother yesterday, and my father today! I feel so loved!"

I was kissing my father's tummy as it went up and down over my face, and I felt Daddy's big thick hard penis like a magic erotic wand inside of me, bringing its own special magic. Then my Dad starting to grunt loudly and I felt my climax about to happen then Daddy went in and out, in and out and whammo! I went off, clamping down on my Daddy's long hard willy, feeling a treasure of beauty washing over me, similar but a bit different from what I felt from my brother giving to me.

Dad yelled "OAH!" and began to jerk about, pushing into me so hard I thought he might split me open. I knew his sperm was flooding me deep inside, rushing into my womb. I lifted my head to watch Daddy plunging his willy into me, and it was very exciting, and I was still climaxing too. Then I saw a movement just past Daddy. It was my brother, standing in the doorway, watching us.

Well, they both knew about it so there was no point not talking about it, was there. The three of us have spoken about it together, and I'm sleeping two nights with my brother and two nights with my father. They're having turns.

As I mentioned in my email to you, Nikki, I'm pregnant and the three of us don't know which of them the father is. It could be my father or my brother, but I think it's my father's baby. It's very rare for an eleven year old to get pregnant, I know, especially if her boobs haven't developed yet. They're swelling up now though!

I want to keep sleeping with them both for the rest of my life, and it looks like they agree. It's quite amazing how my life has changed so suddenly. I hope no-one who reads this thinks I'm a slut. I love them both, and they love me, so it was bound to happen sooner or later.

You can see why I wanted to keep it short. There's so much to tell, I hope this post isn't too long. I've got something more to say to the readers. If you really love a member of your family, it's not wrong. If it's illegal in your country, get the law changed. And change the attitudes of people, like the gays did.

Good luck to you all

Love from Janice

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