Strange Girl!

I was re-tiling my roof, when I saw a young girl walking up the street, looking at each house on the way. She was a pretty young girl, about 16 years old, with a plain cream shirt and a plain green skirt, clean and neat, and it really suited her reddish auburn hair.

I was surprised when she entered my front gate, and wondered what she wanted. As she entered she noticed me on the roof and said "Hi!" with a friendly wave.

I said "Hi!" and said I'd come down. When I reached the bottom of the ladder, she was standing there, holding the ladder steady. She had the sweetest smile. Then I said "What do you want?"

She paused, looking at me. Then she said "I've just moved into the neighbourhood."

I waited for her to say more, and she said "Thought it would be nice to get to know you."

I looked at her, slightly puzzled, and she quickly added "Get to know the neighbours, I mean."

Strange girl. Very pretty, though. I nodded, and said "Well, would you like a cup of tea?"

"I'll make it, said the girl.

A thought ticked over at the back of my mind. "Could this be one of those burglars who distract the homeowner while her accomplice goes in the back way and robs him?"

I said "I'll just pay a visit to the bathroom" and proceeded to quickly look in all the other rooms. No, no trace of anyone else in the house.

I looked in the bathroom mirror. Beard just beginning to turn grey. I didn't mind. Some of the women who knew me said it looked distinguished.

When I got back to the kitchen, the girl had the coffee and tea on, and was doing my washing-up! Good heavens! It's not like a stranger to waltz into your home and do the housework! It was welcome, of course, as I had let it get ahead of me while I was tiling the roof, but just the same, it wasn't really appropriate. Strange girl. Very pretty, though, so I let her go ahead.

The thought occurred to me "Could she be setting me up for some sort of sting? Could she be gaining my confidence, as a prelude to talking me out of my hard-earned cash?" I didn't really have much money. She'd better off working on someone wealthy, if that's what she was after.

After the washing-up, we had a very nice chat over coffee. Her face was animated, full of life and joy. I found myself deeply attracted to her. What a pity I was so old. As she spoke, I became intensely interested in her. And as I spoke, she was intensely interested in me. Why was she so interested? I had no idea.

Not once did the topic of money come up. So what else could she be after? I stayed alert, waiting for her to make some sort of suspicious move. It never came. I said I'd better be getting back to work, tiling the roof. She offered to help!

That was too much! What did she think I was, a fool? Strangers don't walk in to someone's home and start tiling their roofs for them! I said no, I didn't think it was appropriate, and offered to drive her home. I wondered if her mother knew she was out, offering to tile people's roofs. I wondered if she had escaped from some mental asylum across the other side of town.

To see where she lived, I offered to drive her home. Perhaps I could chat with her mother. At first she said no, and that made me more suspicious. I kept offering, and she finally said yes.

We got in the car, and she gave me directions. We stopped in front of a luxury high-class hotel! She started getting out, and I said "You live... here?

She smiled and nodded. "It's only temporary".

I said "I thought you said you just moved in."

She said "Yes. I've arrived here from the country, and I'll be staying in this town permanently. I've moved here with all my belongings. I've just got to stay here in this hotel until I find a permanent place."

I drove home again, puzzled. No doubt she'd go and meet other neighbours tomorrow. I might see her around, or I might never see her again. Strange girl! Very pretty, though!

When I went to bed that night I thought of nothing but that strange girl. Her voice, her looks, her sweetness, her happy, friendly manner had captured me. I hoped I would see her again, even though there was no reason to.

The next day, the strange girl was back, knocking on my door! Why? What did she want with a boring old codger like me? Shouldn't she be out with some nice boy her own age?

I let her in. I had to admit to myself, that I was elated that she was back. But why me? Why had she wandered into my life, and not someone else's?

We had a coffee. This time she sat next to me on the lounge. It was not just her prettiness, but her personality that was enchanting me. And once, when she was emphasizing a point, she took my hand in hers, and didn't let it go again. She didn't seem so strange this time, but the situation was awfully strange. Why was she spending time with me?

She suggested that I drive her to all my favourite places. That puzzled me. I had to ask her why she was so interested in me. She simply said "I like you - And I think I can sense that you like me too?" she added, touching my chin.

"Yes, of course I do!" I said. "But there must be a lot of young men around here who you would find attractive."

"Oh, no, pops! I like you more. Much more"

"But surely..."

"Don't worry about it. People find love in the oddest of places, sometimes."

"Love"! She had used the word "love"! I felt a stirring in my loins, and my penis growing hard. Why was this happening to me? I was old and lonely, and I had accepted that I would remain old and lonely for the rest of my life. Now here was a really lovely 16-year-old girl sitting next to me and holding my hand, and talking about love. For no apparent reason!

I drove her to all my favourite places nearby. I showed her the way the vines grew along an old fence next to the woods. I showed her the little brook where I often went fishing. I showed her the colors of the beautiful flowers in Mrs Pentonbrook's front yard. They would have seemed silly to many people, but she seemed to enjoy them all as much as I did.

I stopped once to look at her, a sidelong glance. The question in my mind was still there - "Why me?" She saw me looking at her, and took my arm with a smile, leaning on me a little. That movement told me she was interested in me, an old man, romantically! For heaven's sake!

We saw each other every day. She watched carefully as I tiled the roof, and copied everything I did. She was a fast learner and did a very good job, as good as I could do.

Every day my life was filled with her pretty sweetness, and every night my thoughts were filled with the beautiful memories of everything that had happened that day.

Every day I was filled with love for this strange girl. She was making me feel young again. I no longer cared if she wanted to deceive me, or if she wanted to take advantage of me, because of all the happiness her presence in my life was giving me.

One day I was stepping out of the shower, and she was there again. She had let herself in. She reached out to me and hugged me, holding me close. I became erect, of course. "I'm beginning to have a conflict about this" she said. "I really don't know if we should continue seeing each other or not."

I said "Well, I am quite old. So I suppose you may be right. But I want you to know how much happiness..."

"Oh it's not that you're old, pops!" she interrupted. "I don't mind that at all. It's that... I'm... I'm in love with you, really in love with you. I didn't think that... I mean... This wasn't supposed to happen. I just wanted to get to know you, that's all! And I wanted you to get to know me. To know me as a person."

Her bottom lip was trembling, and her eyes were filled with tears. I said "Would it help if I let you know I'm in love with you too?"

"Oh no! That just makes it worse! It's wonderful, but... but... it isn't supposed to happen!"

"Perhaps you should explain what's going on. You said you wanted to get to know me. Why me?"

"Oh I can't tell you right now, pops" she sobbed. "Not now. Not like this. I'm too upset."

I took her in my arms. She pushed me away and ran out the door, sobbing "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

I wondered if I would ever see her again.

The next morning she was back. Her eyes looked as though she'd been crying. "I'm sorry, pops! I'm sorry I got so upset. We've got to talk about this. We've got to work out what to do. As long as you're not doing anything important, that is."

"No. I'm not doing anything."

"Let's make a cup of coffee" she said, and went to put it on.

I sat on the lounge, waiting for the coffee to brew. "I'm going to tell you everything, today" the strange girl said.

She came over and sat on my lap, then leaned into my chest. We were both silent for a few minutes.

I softly stroked her hair. She reached up and kissed me tenderly on the lips. The feeling of her lips on mine spread erotic feelings of love and sex throughout me. Not just physically, but deeper than the physical level, spreading throughout my entire being.

She said "I can tell you love me as much as I love you."

I said "Yes" patiently waiting for her to tell me her secret.

She said "I've only really known you for just over two weeks, and already I love you far more than anyone else in the world."

"I feel the same way" I said.

She said "I feel it so deeply! It's such a short time since I met you but I feel so committed to you, inside, that I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

I didn't even need to think about it. "So do I" I said.

"Oh darling!" she said, kissing me again. She parted her lips and our tongues softly met. My erection was prodding her thigh. My heart was singing for joy. She put her hand into my shirt, and caressed my chest and side. Then she buried her head in my neck. I felt overwhelmed with

"I've got to tell you something, pops. I hope it won't spoil what's happening between us, but I think it will. It must."

She got off my lap and poured the coffees. Then she sat by my side as we sipped. "Put your coffee down for a moment, pops. What I'm about to tell may make you spill it."

I put it down. What on Earth could she be about to tell me? Would this explain her strange behavior? How could anything stop me wanting her? Had she been in jail? That seemed a ridiculous idea. Had she been in a mental asylum? No, she seemed so normal, so full of life. She was so beautiful that none of those things mattered. Nothing I could think of would get in the way of our love.

She seemed ready to tell me at last. She put her hand in mine, and was looking into my eyes. Would her mystery be solved?

She said "Do you remember having a girlfriend about 16 or 17 years ago?"

I cast my mind back.

"Do you remember Leonie Whitnall?"

I certainly did. I said "Yes, I remember her."

"Do you mind telling me exactly what happened?"

I said "Well, she and I used to kiss and hug, then she lost interest. I never heard from her again."

"You never heard from her again because her parents moved, and she didn't have your address. You hadn't given it to her."

"Really? Anyway what's that got to do with us?"

"She never married because she's still in love with you. She keeps her picture of you by her bedside and kisses it every night."

"Good heavens!" No wonder she warned me I might spill my drink! And I had solved the mystery, too. The strange girl was obviously a young trainee detective, hired by Leonie to track me down!

I said "Come into my bedroom for a moment!"

She brightly smiled "Sure!" and started removing her blouse.

I said "Hang on. There's something I want to show you in there."

We walked into my bedroom and I pointed to the photo I had kept by my bedside for the last decade and a half.

"Oh my god" she gasped, her hand covering her mouth. "It's Mum!"

"Your mother!?!? Leonie Whitnall is your mother?!?!?" I reacted in shock.

"Yes, she is - You two have been still in love all these years, even though you've been apart?!?!" said the young girl, also in surprise.

"B-but I thought you said she'd had no-one else since then!"

"She hasn't!" exclaimed the girl. "She's had no other lovers before or since you! And she's rejected them all because she's still in love with you!"

"But that means you're my... I'm your..."

"Yes, Pops! It does mean that! I haven't been calling you 'Pops' just because you're older than me. I didn't mean to fall in love with you, though."

"Holy smoke! We were about to..."

"I still want to, Pops!"

"Oh darling! But you're my..." I gasped.

"I'm your daughter, Pops!" she said. "That's what I've been trying to explain to you! The problem is that Mum and I are both in love with you. That's what was upsetting me."

I sat down on the bed. I felt dizzy from the shock of it all.

"Pops, you love me and I'm in love with you. That's the reality. You and I both want to spend the rest of our lives together, don't we!"

"Yes, oh yes! What are we going to do? Until now I had no idea I had a daughter! No wonder we love each other so deeply!"

"And you've been in love with Mum all this time, and she's been in love with you, even though you've been apart, with no hope of ever seeing each other again. That's right, isn't it?"

"Yes, absolutely!"

"You love us both, and both of us love you."

"What a mess!"

"Oh Pops! I love you so much!" My daughter burst into tears, flung her arms around me, buried her face into my neck, and sobbed loudly, her chest heaving.

As her crying subsided, she began to undo the buttons on my shirt. I said "Darling, what are you doing?"

"I need you, Pops, I need you more than ever. I can't... I can't bear the thought of spending the rest of my life without you, without ever having sex with you, I mean. We love each other, and we always will. It may be wrong, I really don't know, but I know it would be far more wrong not to!"

My 16 year old daughter was offering herself to me, in a gift of love. I felt overwhelmed with erotic beauty. I could not refuse. I let her continue to undo my buttons. Then I leaned forward and undid hers, though my hands were trembling.

She took off her shirt, exposing the most beautiful full young breasts I had ever seen. As I was sitting on the bed, she gently took my head in her hands and pressed it against her breasts. It felt like we were both young lovers, it felt as though we were both young innocent children playing together, and it felt like we had loved each other all our lives, even though we'd only known each other for two short weeks.

At the same time I felt her soft femininity surrounding me, enveloping me, and healing me. I had felt so much pain throughout so much of my life at being unloved that I had become used to it. I had no longer been recognising how much pain I had been in. And now that love was pouring through both of us, I could feel every inch of the pain I had been through, and I began to cry like a baby.

We took off our clothes, both crying together, comforting each other, and both of us feeling the joy of being together like the dawn breaking after a long cold night. She had a slender waist and outrageously curvy hips. My daughter! My beloved daughter! I had real love in my life at last. I had fallen totally under her spell before I knew she was my daughter, and now that I knew, I loved her even more.

A soft breeze gently blew the curtains, bringing in a scent of new-mown hay, and the leafy forest which was almost a mile away. My daughter's lips covered my face with soft kisses and the pretty scent of her fresh young female skin. My daughter's shapely young naked body moved softly against mine, making my penis erect and aching for her.

She softly caressed my penis with her hand, admiring it, with her bottom lip quivering with excitement, then she lay on her back, placed her hands on the sides of my waist, and gently guided me over her. All of my thoughts about the possible wrongness of what we were doing had vanished without a trace, and I felt only the urgency of entering her, being with her, uniting with her in love. I was yearning for her.

She reached down and held my penis, opened her thighs, and tenderly guided me into her deepest inner beauty. I felt her soft wet satin-like vagina flow over my penis, surrounding it with its moist softness and amazing intense erotic beauty. I tried to put out of my mind the fact that I was making love to my daughter, because I could sense that that knowledge would make me climax straight away, and I wanted to last longer, for the sake of her enjoyment. I pressed forward, removing her virginity.

She gave a small gasp in reaction, then her lips and tongue caressed mine, just as her vagina was caressing my entire penis. Waves of erotic pleasure were pouring through me as she began to climax. The waves grew more intense, and a huge series of them engulfed me altogether. I lost all sense of my surroundings, and felt only her, only my oneness with her. I sprayed again and again into my precious daughter's womb, both of us moaning loudly, a soprano and a baritone calling out involuntarily together.

As our climaxing subsided she whispered "I love you Dad!"

It was the first time she had called me "Dad" instead of "Pops". I collapsed on top of her, kissing her again and again on the lips. Then my daughter lightly touched my cheek with her fingers, saying "Should I move in?"

"Oh yes, darling. Move in as soon as you like. Today."

"We've got to talk this over with Mum, first, though, Pops. She's as deeply in love with you as I am. And you still love her too, don't you?"

The next day Leonie arrived.

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