Sharon's First Time

This morning, while having sex with my sister Lenava, on top of the bedcovers, I noticed our daughter Sharon standing next to the bed. She had been watching the whole thing, in a state of awe! From her angle, she could see, and was fascinated by, my penis in her Mummy's vagina.

She said "What are you doing to Mummy, Daddy?"

I said "We're making love, darling."

She climbed up on the bed. "Can I see?" Her mother obligingly opened her legs wider for our little angel.

Sharon inquisitively reached her hand out to my penis and held it, then pushed it into her mother's vagina, and brought it out again, copying the movement she had seen me doing. I co-operated with her movements, of course. She did it several times, and I found that Sharon doing it, rather than just myself doing it, as well as having her hand around my penis, added enormously to the erotic sensation. I was nearing climax, after only a few more of my little girl's manipulations, when she stopped and said "Daddy, could you make love with me?"

I said, trying to sound calm in spite of being near climax, "Well darling, you're a little too small just yet. My penis will be too big to fit inside you."

Lenava said "Oh darling, couldn't you at least try? Even if it doesn't fit inside, you could still move it a little on the outside, and that would such a nice experience for her. There would still be a lot of pleasant sensation."

I said "Yes, I guess you're right darling. We'll try!"

Lenava helped undress her daughter, laid her gently back, and said "Now open your legs wide, darling. Daddy's going to kneel between your legs. You can rest your legs on Daddy's thighs, that's right."

I said to my little girl "You must only ever do this with someone you love, darling."

She said "I love you, Daddy!"

I said "I love you too, sweetheart!"

Then Lenava held my erect penis, kissed it for luck, and held it against our little girl's vagina, and gently tried to push it in. Only the tip and about a third of the head went in, but then Lenava made small circular movements with the end of my penis, massaging the tip into the entrance to Sharon's little vagina. She would gently push, then small circles, then a little more pushing, and so on. My penis was still moist from Lenava's vaginal juices so the penis went in a little further.

"That's as far in as it will go now, darling", said Lenava to our daughter, but as you grow, you'll be able to have more and more of Daddy's penis inside you. But never allow anyone else to do this unless you love them as much as Daddy, okay?"

Sharon said "It feels nice!"

"Yes darling" said Lenava. "It's a very loving thing to do, and it increases the love you feel. And that's why they call it "making love".

"Making love" repeated little Sharon. "How special!"

Then because I had been near to climax before, the combined feelings of my sister's hand around my penis, and my little girl's vagina rotating around the end of my penis, and my feelings of love for them both, made me begin to climax.

When my sister saw that I was about to climax she gently pushed the end of my penis as far into Sharon's little vagina as far as it would go, which was about half the head now, for each spurt, then made more little circles in between each spurt. Her timing and her aim were perfect. At the last full spurt, the head went in about three quarters of the way.

My little girl's vagina was filled with my sperm. A complete success! Sharon said "It feels warm".

"Is it nice?" Lenava asked.

"It's lovely!" Sharon said.

We stayed in that position briefly, until my penis began to rest, then Lenava wiped around the outside of Sharon's vagina with a tissue, wiped my penis too, then we got dressed and Lenava took a picture of me and Sharon (above), to celebrate and always remember our sweet little angel's first introduction to sex.

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