Our Photography Session

I recently graduated as a professional photographer. During my photography course, I had to take some head-and-shoulder portraits, as a project, using various lighting arrangements. My daughter Susie was an excellent subject - she had the patience to sit while I fussed about with cameras and lighting, getting the shot just right. She has the prettiest face in town, too, which naturally radiates anything she's feeling, and her facial expressions added a great deal to the shots.

Later I needed some female full nude shots, as another exercise in lighting. After seeing her face portrayed so beautifully, my daughter offered to pose for the nude shots. At the end of an hour I had all the shots I needed for my photography class, to show I had mastered the art of lighting the body, but my daughter suggested continuing to pose, so that we had our own sets of photos to admire.

I thought we could just keep copies of the artistic ones I had, but she was enjoying the feeling of posing naked for my camera and she suggested I could take cute sexy nude shots of her. We took some shots of her in all sorts of positions, and she was enjoying the erotic feeling of the sexy poses. Soon she spread her legs, showed the camera her wet vagina, and opened it slightly with her hands, saying "How about this pose, Dad?" with a cheeky smile.

As a photographer I could see that it would make a great sexy shot, but as her father I wasn't supposed to let her pose like that, let alone take the picture myself. I had an instant conflict about it. Should I? Shouldn't I? Will I? Won't I? Like most men's conflicts of this type, between fatherly responsibility and male sexual attraction, my erection won, and I took the shot.

But my daughter Susie wasn't done yet! She bent over on all fours, pointing her vagina and bum at the camera and looked over her shoulder. Click! Then she began to do various other sexy poses, such as leaning back on some pillows with her legs slightly apart. I asked her how she knew all these poses, and she said she'd seen all my magazines.

The area around her vagina was thoroughly wet from erotic feelings of posing so sexily, and I had an full erection myself. After a few more, she stopped posing so I started to put the camera away.

Susie walked over to me naked and put her hand on my arm, stopping me from putting it away, and said "Dad?"

I said "Yes?"

She said nervously "I-I've seen all your magazines, Dad! We could do other poses, c-couldn't we Dad?"

"Which ones do you mean sweetie?"

"Well, I was thinking... I could pose with my vagina open like before..."

"Yes?" I replied.

"And if your p-penis was just a little bit inside, b-being very still, of course, it would make a really great s-sex shot, wouldn't it Dad?"

A tidal wave of love and erotic bliss swept through me! My daughter, my sweet, sexy, precious, beautiful young daughter, was inviting me inside herself.

My intention to be a responsible father was swept aside by the sheer beauty of the majestic feeling of erotic love. I couldn't say no. It was impossible to say no. If you had offered me ten billion dollars for saying no and being burnt alive for saying yes, I'd be flat broke and nicely done by now.

I took my clothes off and set the camera position. My beloved angel laid back on the pillows and spread her legs wide for the camera. I slowly inserted the tip of my penis. My daughter said "O-o-o-ohhhhhh Da-a-a-a-d!" and pulled me closer, pushing her vagina over my penis until it was right inside. I said "O-o-o-ohhh Susie darling!" as beautiful sexual feelings enveloped me.

"Oh Dad!" Susie said, kissing me. "Oh Dad! I love you!"

We moved together in slow sex. I hesitated. "Forget the camera, Dad! Forget all about it. I love you, Dad!"

After a few more slow movements we began to get faster. "Ohhh, you're wonderful Dad! Ohhh!"

Her hips went right off the floor, burying my penis inside her, in and out, in and out. She had her arms wrapped around me, thrusting her hips in time to my thrusts down inside her, her vagina sliding onto my penis. "Oh god!" I thought to myself. "I'm having sex with my daughter!"

Quickly my mind flashed back to the past when I first held her in my arms, in the birthing centre. I remembered how she had toddled over to me in the park to give me a pretty flower she had picked. "This is for you, Daddy!" I heard her say again in my mind. I remembered taking her for her first day at school, and how I nearly choked with emotion as she turned to wave goodbye. All of the love I had ever felt for my daughter Susie, and more, was now pouring through me, as she and I were having sex.

My daughter's vagina felt so intensely beautiful as it lovingly caressed my penis, up and down. Her feminine hips thrusting forward and up to take me inside, her womb, bare, open and ready to lovingly receive my sperm and let it impregnate her with a beautiful baby!

At that thought, a towering feeling of divine love poured through me. My darling Susie felt like a goddess to me. "OHHH!" The first ejaculation shot my sperm into her, and her vagina contracted around my penis, as she called out her climax loudly in my ear, "OHHH!"

We both kept calling out, again and again, as we climaxed together, filling her with her father's sperm.

"Oh Susie" I gasped. "What if I make you pregnant?"

"Oh Dad!" she said. "That would be so wonderful!"

Tears of joy began to stream down Susie's cheeks. "So wonderful, Dad! I hope you have. Oh, I hope you have!" she said with emotion. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Dad. I belong to you. I'll love you forever, and take care of you" Susie said. "Do you want me to, Dad?"

"Oh yes, Susie darling. We'll stay together, like a married couple, for the rest of our lives. I'll make you happy. There may be difficulties, but we'll overcome them all together, one by one."

"Oh Dad!" said Susie, bursting into tears of joy again. "Oh Dad!"

She couldn't say anything else for a while. Ever since then, she's been doing so many things for me, pampering me, cleaning, cooking. This morning, I said to her "Susie, you'd need some rest, wouldn't you? You've been doing housework all morning! You're my wife now, not a slave."

"Oh Dad!" she replied. "I'm so thrilled that you call me your wife! I will get some rest. In fact, I'm going to need a lot of rest over the next nine months or so!"

"W-whaaat?" I said with surprised joy.

"Yep!" said Susie, smiling. "That photography session did it! We've got more than just pictures developing! Whooohooo!"

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