Me and Sharona..... and Alice!


"I think one of my students has a crush on me" I mentioned to my wife Sharona, as I was dressing.

"Oh the poor girl" said my wife, sitting up in bed with the coffee I'd brought her.

"It sure can't be good looks or money!" I quipped.

"What are you going to do about it?" my wife said.

"I'm not sure. Yesterday I showed her a photo of you and mentioned how happily married I am. But it didn't seem to put her off at all!"

"Maybe we should invite her to dinner, Brian" said my wife.

"What? Why?" I remarked.

"Because then she'll see for herself how happy we are together, and what a nice loving cosy home we've made for ourselves, and that should convince her. I can't help feeling sorry for her, though!" Sharona said.

"Yeah, me too!" I said.

That day when it was time for Alice's flying lesson, I invited her for dinner. I said it was to get to know me and my wife better. She was really excited and enthusiastic about it.

She was doing pretty well for a beginner, too. I was able to let go of my controls during each of the phases I had taught her, and in her control the plane flew smoothly, without a hitch. I told her she had a natural aptitude for flying.

When she arrived for dinner, she looked so pretty, I began to wonder if I was making the right decision about her. I had to keep reminding myself of how much I loved my wife.

Throughout the evening she was sweet, and interested in both of us, and loving towards me as well. In the kitchen my wife whispered, "Well, I don't think we're putting her off, I think we might be making her crush on you worse!"

"I can't understand it!" I replied. "She doesn't even know me, not like you do! I've just been her instructor for five lessons. Why is she so keen?"

A little later in the evening, while I was washing up in the kitchen, my wife took Alice's hand and said "I'm so glad to meet you. You seem so nice - loving, even, especially towards Brian."

"Oh dear, is it that obvious?" she said. "Oh I'm terribly sorry. You must feel awful about that."

"No, certainly not. You're very welcome here" Sharona said. "Please don't be embarrassed. I don't blame you one bit!"

Alice's eyes looked a little teary, and her bottom lip was trembling, so Sharona switched the subject to a safer area.

Later I was standing out on the balcony, and Alice came out and put her arm around me. Nothing seemed to put her off.

I said "It's such a beautiful night."

She said "Yes, isn't it! Just the perfect night for romance!"

I said "Alice, are you in love with me?"

She gasped with shock at the abruptness of my question and blurted out "Yes!"

I said "But why?"

She said "Love doesn't need a reason, does it? It just happens. Look, Brian. I know you're happily married. And Sharona deserves you, she's really lovely. But I'm hoping that she wouldn't be hurt if I had an affair with you. I can tell you care for me too."

Now it was my turn to be shocked. Because I realised what she just said was true. I felt deeply attracted to her, not just because she was so pretty, but because there seemed to be a very deep bond between us. I thought I'd better not say anything, till I see how this pans out.

At Alice's next lesson, she thanked me profusely for the wonderful evening, and invited me to see her dwelling, which she said was a large room, and contained a shower and stovetop and bench. She was staying there temporarily while she was in town.

She said she would cook dinner for me, since Sharona was visiting her mother, and asked me what my favourite meal is. I chose something simple that could be prepared easily on a stovetop.

Her room looked like a bachelor pad all fitting nicely into one huge room, with a big bed right in the middle. She had a sink and a built-in stovetop in one corner, with a fridge next to it. A shower cubicle was in one corner surrounded by a draining area just like the floor of a bath-room. Toilets, shared by tenants in the other rooms on this floor, were down the hall.

It was a very comfortable temporary living arrangement that she had organised as soon as she got into town. She had come all the way up from Louisiana just for the flying lessons. I was impressed.

Throughout the evening she was sweet and attentive, and completely interested in everything I said, but in a natural way, as though I just happened to be the most important person in the world, to her.

I found myself feeling deep love for her, even deeper, I had to admit to myself, than I felt for Sharona. After dinner she left our dishes soak in the sink, and cuddled into my side while I was sitting on the bed.

I said "This is so cosy and you're so beautiful. But you know we can't go any further, because of Sharona."

She said "I know we can! You love me as much as I love you. Go on, admit it. I hope to God that Sharona won't be hurt, but I want you and you want me too. We don't have to do anything tonight, if you're not comfortable to, but it's bound to happen soon. And we needn't harm your marriage. How about just a little affair, just for a few weeks? Then I'll go back to Louisiana, and you and Sharona can get on with your lives."

She continued "I'll still keep in touch, though, by snail mail, by phone, by fax and email. I'll send you little gifts for the rest of your life."

This really stunned me. I said "Why me? I'm not handsome, I'm just a plain old man. With so many faults. Why do you love me so much?"

"Do I need a reason? Love isn't logical, it just is. You're the most handsome man on the planet to me. I love everything about you, including your faults."

"But why are you so sure? I mean, you must have been planning to meet me, because driving up from Louisiana, you must have gone past at least a dozen other flying schools before you got to mine."

At this she gasped, and clasped her hands over her mouth, wide-eyed, as if I had guessed some important truth. Then she quickly recovered, saying "Don't back away, Brian. I love you, that's all. Isn't that enough?"

I was sorry I had upset her, and we hugged and kissed. I knew we were destined for an affair anyway, so I said "Well okay. As long as Sharona doesn't get hurt. I do feel love for you. It seems silly not to have an affair with you."

"Oh, we can?" Alice said excitedly. "How wonderful! Come on, let's get our clothes off!"

We stripped naked, and she lay back on the bed. She was young and beautiful. I was rather overweight and old. It didn't make sense. But I felt a deep closeness a deep bond with her, as though it were meant to be.

We caressed on the bed. I offered to get into bed but she said she wanted to see and explore every part of me. She said she wanted to be able to remember every square inch of me when she was back home in Louisiana.

She gently stroked my penis, then kissed it lovingly, then sucked on it, sliding her tongue around and around the head. Then she ran her lips and tongue all the way down and back up the length of it. Then she closed her mouth around it and drew it in and out.

Then she knelt astride me and massaged the head of my penis around her clitoris, gasping with pleasure. Then she put the head of my penis into the entrance to her beautiful young vagina and pushed her vagina down over the penis. She gently squeezed her vaginal muscles, massaging my penis, then moved her hips up and down, sliding up and down on my penis.

The wet friction of her vagina around my penis filled my whole body with erotic pleasure. Her beauty touched my soul. Her sweet personality filled my mind. Just who was this incredible stranger, who had brought such deep love to a tired old man?

First she climaxed, sending rippling waves of erotic beauty throughout my penis and into my soul, and then I climaxed into her vagina, in reaction to her.

I had to go home at the end of the lovemaking, because Sharona would be back soon. But over the next few weeks, until she got her flying licence, Alice and I would make love every day, usually before the lesson, in the hangar, sometimes afterwards, at her place.

Then finally, with her licence in her hand, she said she was going back to Louisiana. I knew that was best, even though I would miss her. I knew we'd keep in touch with emails every day. I was just as devoted to keeping in touch as she was.

On the evening before she had to leave, we went back to her place for one final lovemaking session. There was such a precious, beautiful, erotic feeling between us. I was glowing inside with love for her.

On the way out I said goodbye at the door, then turned to go down the steps. It had been raining and my foot slipped on the wet floor and I suddenly started to fall backwards. Alice plunged forward and grabbed me, saying "Oh careful, Dad! It's slippery!"

I said "Oh thanks, Alice! You saved.. er, what did you just call me?"

Again she gasped and covered her mouth, wide-eyed, just like the time I guessed she must have been looking for me.

Then I went wide-eyed too. "Dad!" She had called me "Dad!"

"What the hell???" I said. "You're my daughter!" I tried to ask it as a question but it came out as a statement.

"Er.. er.. " she stammered, with her cheeks turning bright red. "I'm sorry Dad! I should have told you sooner. But I wanted to establish a sexual relationship with you first, in case I couldn't get one started after I told you. I want to relate to you as a lover, not just as a father-daughter relationship."

"Oh my God!" I said "You must be Lorna's daughter, are you? Lorna Mengel?"

"Yes, Dad!"

"Oh God! I've been making love with my own daughter!"

"Are you upset about it? Do you hate me now?"

"I'm shocked!" then I paused, scanning my feelings. "But I'm also feeling really sexual about it. You're my daughter! I haven't seen you since you were a baby!"

"Are you angry with me?" Alice asked.

"Oh no, darling. I can understand. You were worried that I might not want to make love to you once I knew you were my daughter. And you might have been right. But now that we have had sex, it seems so erotic. And loving. And beautiful."

"Oh good. I'm glad you're coping. I was going to tell you by email when I got home. In case you wanted to punish me!"

"Yes, I'll punish you! You just march right back to your room, young lady, and don't come out until you've made love with me three more times!" We both smiled.

Then we went inside, and this time, while we made love, I was aware she was my daughter. I climaxed into her again and again, throughout the night, and still we wanted more. We woke up in each other's arms in the early dawn, and then made love again.

I had no idea what I was going to say to Sharona. Would I tell her the whole truth or not? When I got back home she looked at me with a searching look, as if she wanted to know what happened. To spare her feelings I simply said "She's my daughter! Can you believe it? We ended up talking all night!"

And that satisfied Sharona. It presented her with an image that the love of Alice for me had been non-sexual, and I let her keep that image.

These days, I fly down to see Alice once a year, and she drives up to me once a year, so we see each other for one week every six months. Sharona and Alice's mother Lorna think it's a regular meeting of father and daughter who want to keep in touch with each other. And they're right. But that's not all it is.

The type of relationship Alice established is still going strong. But we've become used to the strong sexual feelings between us, and we're managing them much better now. In fact we're successfully managing to keep the love-making right down to only three times a night now, during the times we have together.

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