The backless string bikini I wore

My First Time With Daddy

At 13 my breasts were very perky and swollen, my hips became a little more curvy, and my bottom became round and tight. My pubic hair hadn't started growing yet, but it was about to start very soon. I was very vain about my figure and I used to examine it in the mirror because I knew what effect it was having on the males in my family. It was giving them all erections, especially Dad! What a bulge!

Sometimes I'd skip through the house in really skimpy clothing, and be the complete center of their attention, which made me smile and giggle. One day when just Dad and me were at home, and I had two hours until the boys returned, I got out a really tiny string mesh backless thong bikini I had just bought, and put it on. I've included a photo of it just to show you how tiny it was!

I think Mum would be proud, if she could see it - the gaps in the mesh were just wide enough to see everything I had right through it! It was so daring! The string mesh only just barely covered my nipples, pubic area and vagina, and nothing else! And even those tiny patches of mesh were completely see-through!

I said "I'm going to sunbake out the back, Dad. Would you come out and rub suntan lotion on me?" He groaned. The poor man had had no sex for thirteen years since my Mum died shortly after giving birth to me, and I had been dangling my blossoming body right in front of him. Now I was asking him to put his hands all over me!

I lay down on the towel on my front, so he could get started. He spread sun-tan oil all over my back, but stopped at the string above the bottom. I said "Do my bottom as well, Dad!"

He said "You can reach it, can't you?"

I replied "It's so nice just lying here. I want you to do it."

He gave an almost-silent groan and began to massage all over my bottom and down my legs. I said "Hang on a minute, I'll just take my top off so I won't get strap marks."

I sat up and faced him so he could see my swollen young tits and slowly peeled off the bikini top. He tried to look away, so I said "Do you think they need more sun, Daddy?" He said "What?" I said "My tits. Do you think they need more sun?"

He looked right at them and I could see the swelling bulge in his pants. He said "God you're beautiful. Your Mum would have been so proud!" I said "Thank you Daddy!" and smiled at him, and arched my back so that my breasts stood out a little further.

Then I turned around and went on my knees and hands, so that my bum was pointing right at him, and elevated close to his eyes. I knew he could see right through my mesh bikini to my hairless slit, and there was nothing covering my anus except a tiny little string.

This position is called the doggy position in sex-books, and makes sex very easy. I said "Would you rub some more sun-tan lotion on my bottom, Daddy?" He groaned again, this time quite loudly. But it was more a groan of sexual pleasure, this time, rather than reluctance. He was getting flushed in the cheeks from sexual arousal, and tugged at his pants a few times to make more room for his erection. It must have been painful to be trapped in his pants like that.

He began massaging all over my bottom again. I could feel waves of sexual pleasure flowing through me and my vaginal sex-juices began to drip out of my fanny and down to my clitoris. I knew he would be able to see how wet I was getting. I spread my legs apart, opening my vagina to him. In a shaky voice I said to him "Rub me all over, Daddy. In the middle too."

He said "If anyone ever found out..."

I quickly reassured him. "I'll never tell anyone Daddy. I just want you to touch me there, it feels so nice. Would you?"

He said "Okay honey."

I quickly took off the bikini bottom altogether and went back on all fours, with my knees spread wide apart, practically shoving my hairless little vagina in his face.

He said "Er honey, we can't..."

I said "It's alright Daddy! It'll be alright! Take off your pants!"

He hesitated. I said "Don't worry, I'll never tell another soul". I was practically climaxing already at the thought of my Daddy entering me.

Dad took off his pants. He must have been so relieved to get out of them. The end of his penis was dripping with pre-cum. He was breathing really heavily. He started gently rubbing me around my vagina.

I said "Put your penis inside me, Daddy! I need you!" In response to that, he put the head of his penis at the entrance to my vagina, and pushed forward, entering me beautifully. We had both been so close to climax that we both started climaxing together as soon as he was fully inside!

He let out a sound a bit like a roar, like a lion climaxing, and I was crying tears of joy at the sheer beauty of having my Daddy inside me at last, climaxing and making me climax. I had wanted him for so long. His deep thrusting was carrying me to heavenly erotic bliss. Every movement of my daddy inside me made me climax again and again.

Afterwards we lay naked in each others arms and he confessed that although he still felt loyal to Mum, he felt he hadn't violated that loyalty, because I'm their daughter, and we all love each other. He feels she would want him to make love with me, now that she is no longer physically present.

I wouldn't normally write all these details to anyone, but I don't think any private details would disgust anyone reading this website!

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