Minnie's First Time

I had gone swimming with my father in a pretty creek near the town where we lived. I tore my swimming costume on a small hard branch, so I took it off, and swam in the nude. I didn't think anything of it, because my father had seen me without clothes plenty of times at home, and no-one else was about.

But sometimes, being unexpectedly nude in a different place, especially a pretty place, can have a different effect. Dad became rather erect, watching me, and when I lay next to him on the river-bank he was very uncomfortable, because he was stretching his swimming costume beyond its limits. I persuaded him to take it off, and be nude like me.

So he was lying on his back, propping himself up with his elbows with an enormous erection sticking up into the air. I lay next to him on my front with my arm over his thighs, closely examining his beautiful cock. I said "Can I touch it?" I had never seen it so large before!

He nodded, and I held it between my fingers and thumb. Then I began to slide my fingers up and down the stem, because lying there in such an close position was so nice, and it seemed such a natural thing to do.

My face was only inches away from it, so I gave it a kiss, and looked at him to see what reaction he would have. His eyes half-closed, so I knew he liked it. So I brought my lips to it and played with it, teasing it with my tongue and lips.

Doing that was making me wet, so I thought "No-one's about. I could have sex with my father! I wonder if he'd mind?" So I knelt over him, bringing our genitals close together, looking at his face to see if he would let me. He lay back altogether, showing me that it was alright to continue. I thanked the gods for the honour, and brought his wonderful penis into me.

I found that being on top enabled me to move his love machine to have the utmost effect inside me, and get the best positions, and I began to climax for what seemed a very long time. Although the positions were very erotic for me, it was also the fact that it was my father I was making love to that aroused me so intensely. When he climaxed inside me it felt so wonderful I just hugged him and hugged him and kissed him all over his face and chest. I know I will always love him forever.

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