My Father and I

I'd always been a bit frightened of my father. He seemed so stern at times, and authoritative. I looked up to him and respected him, because he was wise, but sometimes I got on his wrong side.

For instance, one time we were at the drive-in theatre and my brother and I were fighting over the potato chips and I spilled my milkshake down the speaker of his new quadraphonic stereo system. He was so mad at me!

But he was good to me too, like the time Eileen the Bitch was bullying me at school, and I came home crying with bruises on my arm. He went straight round to her house and asked her mother politely if she knew anything about it. He used his charm and persuasion so well that the next day Eileen came up to me and apologized! I don't think she's ever apologized to anyone for anything before!

Through all our ups and downs I loved my Dad deeply! I loved sitting on his lap while we were watching TV. I loved him helping me with my homework and asking me intelligent questions that helped me get the answers. I loved the way he put me on his shoulders so I could see the parade. I could always feel his strength protecting me.

Of course, I occasionally fantasized about him making love to me, what girl doesn't have fantasies about her father sometimes!

Anyway one day I was getting out of the shower, and I heard a noise like my brother masturbating! We slept in the same room, so I knew exactly what that sounded like. It was coming from just outside the bathroom door. I could also see movement outside because of the shadows under the door, and I could see what looked like an eye peering through the keyhole. My brother was perving on me and masturbating.

I pretended to be walking towards the towel rack, then I suddenly turned round opened the door, and grabbed him by the hair, and yelled "Stop it you little shit!"

Then I recoiled in horror as I realised I had my Dad by the hair! Holy shit! I was shocked! Shocked and amazed! Dad had an erection sticking out of his fly. My father had been looking through the keyhole, masturbating over my naked body! His own daughter!

I stood there, naked, with my mouth wide open gasping in amazement! Dad went bright red, and practically choked with embarrassment! "So.. so.." he muttered.

He was trying to say how sorry he was. I shook my head in disbelief. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect this! He was stammering, trying to put his penis away, and apologize all at the same time.

Although I was flabbergasted, because his behavior was so completely unexpected, I was thrilled to realise that he felt sexually attracted to me. I felt honored!

He said "I'm so so.."

I said "Dad!"

"I'm so.."


"I don't know what came over.."

"Dad, don't worry, I.."

"You must feel terrible, I.."

"No Dad, I feel..."

"I'm so sorry, this is..."

I put my hand over his mouth. Then I said "Dad, just listen to me a second. It's alright. I like the fact that I turn you on. You turn me on too!"

Dad's wide eyes told me I could take my hand off. "I-I do?"

"Yes, Dad!" I said, smiling.

"I thought you must feel invaded. I thought you must feel betrayed."

"No Dad. I feel honored by your sexual attraction to me."

"You don't feel hurt? Or frightened? For a moment there, I was worried that you might be frightened that I was going to try to have sex with you."

"Oh Dad" I said, grinning shyly with the tips of my fingers in my mouth and looking up at him sideways. "I would be very open to that!"

"You would?"

"Yes, Dad!" I said softly, taking him by the hand. "I would like that very much."

"Oh honey! Really?"

"Yes, Dad! I've thought about us making love often. I would like to do it with you."

We fell into each other's arms. I said "Let's do it now, before Mum gets home!"

"Oh honey! Are you sure?"

"We'd better start straight away, Dad. Otherwise we won't be finished by the time Mum gets home!"

I was already naked, so I took him by the hand and led him to his big double bed, and helped him off with his clothes. "Oh Dad, this is so exciting!" I said.

Dad was still stunned and was hesitating. I said "Come on Dad. I've always wanted you, and now I know that you want me too. Get into bed."

Then I lay down on my back on the bed and opened my legs. Dad got onto the bed and got into position. I opened my legs very wide and he reached down and held his penis, and put it at the entrance to my vagina. "Oh Dad, this is wonderful!"

"Oh yes!" he gasped "It is! It is!" as he began to push his penis into me. Suddenly I felt more sexual than I've ever felt in my life before, because it was my father who was fucking me. The first slide in hurt, I didn't know why.

I said "Ooh, that hurt!"

Dad said "Don't worry honey, that's just your virginity going, it won't hurt any more!"

I looked down. It felt so sexual to actually see Dad's strong penis entering me. I still felt so honored! I realised that Dad was my true love. I opened up to him completely. I gave myself utterly to him. I felt, throughout my being, that I was now his wife.

Dad's penis was thrilling me, sending me into waves of ecstasy. His big strong arms surrounded me, enfolded me. I felt so safe and protected in my Dad's arms. I felt love pouring through me.

I tilted my pelvis up and pushed my hips onto Dad's penis, so that Dad went even deeper. The erotic feelings of our sexuality carried me higher and higher, flooding me with deep pleasure. My Daddy! My Daddy was fucking me! It was amazing!

I had fantasized about this, but I never thought that it would be actually possible! Oh I loved Daddy so much!

He was pounding me and pounding me, and my sexual pleasure was flooding me with every movement. Then my Dad paused for a moment, called out loudly, then jerked about, jetting his sperm into me! The sexual excitement was overwhelming and I started giving short screams, my vagina contracted on my Dad's penis, as wave after wave of ecstasy poured through me. Again! And again! And again! And again! And again! Ohhhhhhhh!

As we slowly came down from the glorious heights of father-daughter sex, we lay side by side in each other's arms. I inwardly made my wedding vows to my Dad, promising to love, honor, and obey him forever. He was my man!

Dad, who I had feared, had lifted me up to his side, honoring me with his love, making me one with him. I could feel his strength pouring through me, healing me.

I could feel the warm glow of Dad's sperm inside me. I heard the soft distant sound of Mum's car in the driveway. What? Mum's car in the driveway? God, I'd better get out of here!

My head was spinning from sheer sexual delight, stronger than I had ever known. I slowly got up, and pulled the blankets up over Dad. He was half-asleep. He murmured "What?"

I slowly and sleepily said "Sh! It's Mum! Just lie there. I'll say you've been asleep for hours."

I walked in what I hoped was the direction of the door. As I came out of my parents' bedroom, completely naked, Mum walked past me into the kitchen, preoccupied with the bags of groceries she was carrying. She dumped them on the kitchen table, then stood in the kitchen doorway, watching me walking naked down the hall with my eyes half-closed.

She said "You've got no clothes on."

"I just had a shower" I said sleepily.

"What were you doing in there?" she asked.

"Telling Dad the shower was free. But he was asleep!"

"Oh. Alright!" Mum watched me keep walking slowly down the hall, as Dad's sperm trickled down my legs. Then she went back inside the kitchen to unpack the groceries as I entered my room.

I fumbled about in the cupboard for my clothes, gave up, and went to bed.

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