My Darling Brother

When I was young, I had a crush on my older brother, who was four years older than me. He was a handsome athlete, and the most popular guy in school with the girls.

Whenever he was at home he was never too busy for me, and we did jigsaws together, played board games and cards together, and he would even sit patiently with me when I was having a tea party with my dolls. He loved to look after me and I loved being looked after by him. We had disagreements, at times, but they never seemed to last very long.

When I was 14, and he was 18, Mum and Dad had to go away for a week. And because Timmy always looked after me so well, they were confident to let him be in charge while they were away.

The first night they went away, we watched one of my favourite DVD films, Shrek. I had seen it twice before, but I never tire of it. After that I wanted to stay up and watch another favourite, but Timmy said it was bedtime. He tucked me in bed and kissed me goodnight, and went back to the lounge room.

After about twenty minutes I still couldn't get to sleep. I realised it was because I was too excited to be home alone with my brother, who I adored. So I came out to the lounge again. I stood in the doorway, and when I saw what was on the TV screen, I leaned forward in amazement, wide-eyed, with my mouth gaping open!

Timmy was watching a movie with a beautiful young girl and handsome older man making love! I watched, not daring to make a sound, in case Timmy sent me back to bed. The girl was on her back, with her legs in the air and the man had put his dick inside the girl's crack, and was moving in and out.

Then the young girl got on all fours, and the man put his dick in one of her holes, but I wasn't sure which one. It was hard to tell. I think it might have been her bum.

I got more and more excited as I watched, and I began to play with my clitoris a little. I noticed Timmy's head was wobbling slightly. I came into the room to see what he was doing and he was stroking his dick fairly quickly.

So I crept back out of the room, then came down the hall making loud footsteps. I saw his hands move quickly, putting his dick away.

He grabbed the remote control and fumbled with the buttons on it, but the DVD kept playing, with the man and the girl moaning and gasping in sexual ecstasy.

"What are you doing out of bed, Honey?" he said. Then he got annoyed at the DVD for not turning off. I said "That's a sex film, isn't it?"

He said "Yeah, you're not going to tell Mum and Dad, are you?"

I said "Of course not. Can I watch?"

He said "You're too young, sis."

I said "No, I'm not", and sat down next to him, while the DVD kept playing. He kept pushing the wrong buttons, then he tossed the remote control to the other end of the couch in frustration, and gave up.

I watched the screen for a while, then I said "This is so sexy!" and leaned into his side, putting my head on his shoulder. He said "Yes, it is. But you shouldn't be watching it!"

I looked up into his eyes, and said "I want to!"

Then I put my hand under his shirt and kissed him on the lips. And he said "Honey, don't do that!"

I felt so sexy. I said "I want to, Timmy!"

Timmy said "Take it easy, sweetie, you're my sister!"

I said "Yeah, I know - I'm a girl and you're a boy!"

He said "Wo! Honey! We'd better not start anything we might regret."

I sighed and said "I suppose you're right. Let's just watch the film."

After a few more minutes, the girl on the TV was thrusting her pelvis up at the guy, who was on top thrusting his dick inside her. I started stroking Timmy's dick through his pants.

Timmy said "Oh, Honey!" This time he didn't stop me. I kept stroking with my left hand and reached across with my right, and slowly pulled his zipper down.

He said "We shouldn't be doing this."

I asked "Will I stop?"

He said "No".

So I took out his dick and bent my head down and kissed the end of it. I looked up at him. He was in bliss, so I slid my lips back and forth over the top of his dick. It was oozing a little fluid, so I licked it off.

I said "That's enough, isn't it! We should stop now, shouldn't we!"

He said "Oh Honey! I really don't want to stop."

I said "Neither do I".

He said "But we should stop."

I said "Yes, we should."

I sat there, watching the film, holding Timmy's throbbing penis in my hand. The girl on the screen lay flat on the floor, on her front. The man was pumping her from behind. This time it was much clearer which hole he was in. He was in her anus.

I was getting really turned on at the sight of them, and so was Timmy. I moved my hand back and forth along the stem of Timmy's penis. He leant down to kiss me and I opened my mouth to him, letting my tongue and lips go soft. I caressed his tongue and lips with mine. I could smell Timmy's skin, and his subtle manly scent made me feel passionate.

I took off my robe and was naked. I said "Oh Timmy, I love you."

Timmy began to make funny gurgling sounds. He could hardly speak. He tore at his clothes and flung them onto the floor. We kissed passionately, our bodies descending together towards the floor. Then I rolled onto my front, and reached behind me, pulling my cheeks apart. I said "Go in here, Timmy", opening my anus for him.

The head of his dick was still wet from my sucking, and he wedged the tip of it into my anus. As he pushed his dick into my back hole a little further it was beginning to hurt, so I relaxed all the more, to receive him, and it stopped hurting. Erotic feelings as his dick entered my anus, swept over my body. I could only say "O-oh! O-oh!"

Sticky juices were flooding out of my vagina, as his dick went deeper and deeper into my anus. I spread my long legs as far apart as I could for my darling brother. Then the cheeks of my bottom came into contact with his front, feeling like erotic butterflies caressing each other, and I began to climax.

I got louder and louder with each wave of glorious sex feeling, calling out "O-oh! O-oh! O-o-o-o-O-O-O-O-H-H-H-H!" Then Timmy began roaring like a bull, and hammered my bottom with the strokes of his thighs and groin. He exploded into me, shooting his sperm deep into my anus.

He relaxed on top of my back, trying not to squash me. I said "I'll get a blanket".

Timmy pulled the cushions off the couch. We lay on the cushions on the floor, covered in a blanket, and watched the TV as the beautiful young girl got into a kneeling position, with her knees apart, with the older man driving up and forward into her vagina, from behind her.

Then I realised what the girl on the TV was saying. She was saying "Fuck me, Daddy! I love it, Daddy!" My mouth gaped open! No wonder their faces looked so similar! She was his daughter!

I expressed my astonishment to Timmy, and he grinned. Both of us got turned on again, realizing that this young girl was actually fucking her father. I looked at the back cover of the DVD to see what the actors names were. Tommy Edwards and Cathy Edwards! Yes! She really was fucking her father, and we were watching her do it!

I got so turned on as I watched, I asked Timmy to suck me. He went down to my pussy and slid his tongue and lips all over me, sucking then licking then sliding his tongue around and around my clitoris. I reached down to his penis and started stroking it again.

I lay on my back with my legs apart and Timmy's tongue getting me all worked up again, sliding into my vagina, then back to my clitoris. Timmy's penis was pulsating again, and I wanted him again, this time in my vagina.

I gently pulled up his head and then his chest, signalling him to enter me again. I said "Oh Timmy! I've always loved you and I always will."

He looked me in the eyes with a serious expression, and said "Honey, I'm never going to make love with anyone but you, for the rest of my life!"

I could only say "Oh! Oh!" at the wonderful thing he said. Tears of joy were streaming down my cheeks, and my body was shaking all over with emotion. I hugged him close. I felt exactly the same. I knew it deep in my heart. I wanted him, and only him, for the rest of my life!

Then he entered me, and his penis went deep inside my vagina for the first time. I swivelled my hips towards him each time he thrust his penis deeper inside me, just as I had seen the young girl do as she was fucking her father. I lifted up my head to watch my brother fucking me. And I listened as the girl next to me, on the TV, said "Oh make me pregnant Daddy! Spray your sperm inside me Daddy, and make me pregnant with your baby!"

I thought about Timmy making me pregnant with his baby, and I started to climax again! Waves of love for my brother and excitement at the thought of being pregnant to him flooded through my being. I thought "We could actually make a baby! We could be about to make a baby right now!" and I was so excited at the thought I just kept climaxing over and over!

After we finally stopped, exhausted, I thought "I've loved Timmy all my life. I've always wanted to do this with him, but didn't realise it!"

All week long we had a honeymoon at home. We were free, young, and in love. When our parents got back they were amazed at how breathlessly happy we were. I tried not to show my affection but I kept grabbing at Timmy. Mum didn't know what was going on, but said "Oh well, it's better than arguing, I guess!"

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