Linda and Her Daddy

In our household, the shower is at the back of the house, downstairs, just through the laundry. The bedrooms are upstairs. So on the rare occasion when my wife or my daughter Linda used to come down to take a shower and they found me already in it, they usually waited, rather than go all the way upstairs again.

While my wife was still living with us, that used to happen about once a fortnight or so. But my 14-year-old daughter Linda has been waiting for me to get out of the shower every day, since her mother went to live with some wealthy guy who could further her career, some months ago! I get out of the shower to reach for a towel, and there she is, every single time, eyeing me up and down. Mostly down!

Then one morning I found that as I was stepping out of the shower, watching her looking at my penis, I began to get an erection. Heavens! I usually woke up with an erection because I'd had no sex in months, but it normally went away after a few minutes. Now it was back!

I turned my back to her, dried myself quickly, wrapped the towel round my waist and got out of there. The same thing happened the next morning. It was something I couldn't control. And the next morning, I even began to get an erection before I stepped out, just from knowing she was there.

Then the next morning, just as I was about to get out, the little vixen said "Dad, have I got something in my eye?" I knew she hadn't but I had to play along. Besides, it was beginning to feel nice to have an erection in front of her, and to allow her to admire my masculinity.

I quickly looked at the towel rung. No towel! She had hidden it. I would have to go all the way to the cupboard for another one. She said with a cheeky smile "Hurry Dad, it's hurting!"

Like fun! I came over to her naked and told her to look up, she said "No, you've got to look above the pupil. I've got to look down."

So there we were. In the bathroom. My fourteen-year-old darling was sitting on the closed toilet seat wrapped in the only towel. She had made sure I'd be naked by hiding my towel. I was raising her eyelid and peering closely, and she was looking down at my gonads. She lightly put her hand on my hip, and my erection came on full strength in response. I tried to think of other things. Mathematics. Quotes from Shakespeare. Anything. But it wouldn't go away!

I said with a voice that wouldn't stop shaking "I can't see anything." My tummy began to churn with the excitement of having the erection so close to her, and her looking right down at it. She moved her hand from my hip to my lower tummy, right next to my erect penis. I took a small step backwards, and saw that she had taken her towel off. She had been naked from the moment I had peered closely into her eye. And what a beautiful figure she had developed since I last saw it!

Her hand moved from my lower tummy onto the base of my penis and I felt so excited I couldn't speak, and I couldn't pull away either. Without saying anything she arched her hips and opened her legs wide, showing me her entire clitoris and young vagina, which was thoroughly wet from desire. I gasped "Linda...Linda...What are you doing?"

Linda said "Put your penis in me, Daddy!"

I gasped "Oh Linda!" and in that moment I felt overwhelmed with a feeling of such beauty, such joy, such ecstacy, every effort to resist faded away completely. I needed her more than life itself. She stretched her legs out wide and gently guided my penis into her.

She said "Oh! Daddy!" and began to rock back and forth, increasing my ecstacy. I felt her hymen give way. I went deeper into her tight wet little vagina.

She cried out with each movement "Oh! Daddy! Oh! Oh! Oh! Fuck me Daddy! Oh, fuck me Daddy! Oh I love you. I love you. I want to marry you! Oh, push it right in Daddy! Push it all the way in, please Daddy!"

I did so, and she began to make animal noises "Oh! Ergh! Ergh! Hnnnn! Hnnng! HnnG! Oh!"

Then her cheeks turned bright pink and I could feel the quivering of her vagina as she was building up to her climax. She said "Oh Daddy! This is my first time! And it's with you! It's heaven! I want to sleep with you every night Daddy! Oh Daddy! Ah-EEEEEEEE! EEEEE! EEIIIII! EIIIIIII!

Her little vagina was caressing my penis with each pulsating throb of her climax. With each wave of her climax, her vaginal squeezes were bringing me closer and closer to my own climax. Every part of her was so beautiful! Her legs wide open under me. Her hair cascading over her shoulders as she curled up towards me in ecstacy.

Wave after wave of her beauty and erotic power washed over me. I could think of nothing but my little girl who was honouring me with her sacred young female body. Her dear little vagina squeezing down on my penis. Her arms gently pulling me closer to her. Her breasts so full yet so young. She was an ecstatic vision of loveliness.

I felt the goddess nature within her envelope me, bringing me into her, uniting and healing each other. Then the first blissful throb of my climax. Then an ecstatic pause, then a series of divine pulses as my sperm gushed and gushed into her sweet little vagina and I gave myself to my daughter completely.

I didn't want to come out of her, but the position was very awkward. I picked her up and carried her upstairs, not to her own bed but to mine. I had always felt love for her and now we had finally given
expression to that love. We loved each other deeply and forever, and that's all that mattered.

She lay dreamily in my arms "Oh Daddy, I love you so."

I began to think of the outside world. How could the love we feel, survive in such a world? I murmured to myself "What do we do now?"

Linda said softly "Don't worry Daddy. I've been dreaming of this day, and I've got it all planned. We can behave like father and daughter when we're outside this house, until I'm old enough to be married. Then we'll move to a far distant town, where no-one knows us, and live together as married people do. You've still got your marriage certificate to Mummy, and I've got the same name as her. We only need to change the date of the marriage on it."

What a sweet girl! She had thought of everything! And how I would love to marry her, I thought to myself. By God, I think we could do it! I really think we can!

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