How We Overcame the Taboo

As my daughter grew, she kept making it hard for me - she kept giving me erections. At first I was horrified at my reaction to her, and would walk away. But later I became fascinated by the possibility of having sex with my daughter. I decided to do some research into the subject of incest.

As everybody knows, there is a big taboo against fathers having sex with their daughters. If it's a rape situation, or coercion, or the father taking advantage of his position as the head of the household to pressure the daughter into giving sexual favours that she doesn't want to give, then I agree with the taboo. String 'em up by the balls, I say.

But not every situation is like that at all. About forty per cent of families have some form of incest relations, temporarily or permanently, almost always secretly of course, and about eighty per cent of those are consensual - they love each other and want to express it sexually, the same as every unrelated couple does. Only more so because the love is much deeper.

After I began my research into incest, I decided not to pull away from her when I became erect, but not to initiate anything with her either. I would just let it happen and enjoy the sensation. I would not try to hide my erection, but I would not do anything about it either. I would just accept it as natural.

So when my daughter brushed past me as we were crossing the threshold of the bathroom, in our big fluffy white towels, giving me an erection, I just kept walking, as though having an erection was perfectly natural. Which of course it is.

After an erection happened several times, in various locations around the house, she noticed and followed me. Then she said "I love you Dad" and hugged me, putting her head on my chest, looking down at the long bulge in my clothing or under my towel.

Through research I found opinions that it is normal to love your daughter, and normal to express love sexually. You can't cut love off at the waist and say "Loving feelings higher than the waistline are good, and loving feelings below the waistline are bad."

Love is love, plain and simple. You are a whole being, not two halves at war with each other. We have to accept our sex drives, and use them to express love with a pure and innocent attitude, rather than fight against them.

Once I was sitting on the bed in my towel, and my daughter came and sat next to me. She put her hand on my upper thigh and watched as my love barometer became larger and larger. I could tell she was fascinated and wanted a closer look. But I knew how time and the bad-mindedness of others can distort innocent things into evil, especially sexual explorations. So I did nothing.

My little girl had not yet been exposed to the ideas that had originated with religious extremists, the idea that sex was "evil", especially between family members, even if they loved each other. She had never been exposed to that idea. Yet.

I remembered the quote I had found in the Encyclopedia Britannica 2004 that said "In many cases the reaction of parents and society determines the child's interpretation of the event. What would have been a trivial and soon-forgotten act becomes traumatic if the mother cries, the father rages, and the police interrogate the child." I remembered, so I sat there as my girl observed the erection, and I did nothing, in case some future bad-minded person could cause a distortion of the event in her mind.

I sat back a little, leaning back on my hands, and the erection rose between my legs, pushing the towel up to form a ridge. "I love you Dad" she said again, leaning her head on my shoulder and putting her hand on my tummy. Still I did nothing. I simply said "I love you too, sweetheart".

After that, nothing unusual happened for the next three weeks. Nothing unusual, except that I noticed my daughter on my computer occasionally. That in itself was not unusual, but each time I saw her she gave me a searching look, as if she was looking at me with fresh eyes, seeing me in a new way, or looking for something she hadn't noticed before. It made me wonder what she was up to.

Then one night as she was leaving the bathroom in her towel, and I was going in, she gave me a hug, and stretched up to kiss me on the lips. I had a shower, then went into my bedroom, and she was sitting on my bed still in her towel.

She said "Don't get dressed Dad. Come over here and sit with me." Her voice was trembling a little and her hand was trembling so I knew something important was up. I took her by the hand and said "What is it darling?"

She said "Dad... (long pause) Dad...... (pause)" It was something that she was having difficulty saying. I couldn't tell what she was feeling. I instinctively knew the best thing I could do was to wait attentively.

Finally she said "Dad, I've read it all. I've read all of the research you've been doing."

I was horrified. I said "How did you...?"

"Guess your password? Dad, come on! A chimpanzee could have guessed that it was my middle name! But what I wanted to tell you was that it was an education for me. What did you think of all those ideas, Dad?"

I said, "Well...." I was not quite sure of what to say.

"Dad," my daughter said with a trembling voice. "Dad... I've noticed that when I come near you, you're... ah... pleased to see me".

"Yes, I know, darling."

"So, what with that happening, and the research you've been doing, I was... sort of... wondering... er... if you... er...

I opened my mouth to speak, but she said "I was wondering if you... wanted to have sex with me, Dad."

I still couldn't tell what she was thinking, whether I should be hopeful or whether it was all about to blow up in my face. It seemed hopeful, but was that my wishful thinking?

I said "Er... er..."

She took my hesitancy to mean that I did want sex with her. "Oh Daddy, I love you so!"

She buried her head in my chest, and took off my towel. Then she let her towel drop - we were naked together.

My erection felt as if it was about to burst through it's own skin. Then she reached up to me with her soft lips and kissed me on mine. Her tongue gently found its way into my mouth and caressed me erotically. Her other hand caressed my penis.

"Is this wrong, Dad?" she asked, looking up at me with wide eyes, eager for reassurance.

"Oh no, darling. It's not wrong. Millions of people think it is, but I cannot see why they do. I love you as a father and as a lover", I said.

"And I love you as a daughter and as a wife" she said, with her voice trembling and her head against my chest.

I said "If this was ever known... by anyone..."

She said "Don't worry Dad. We'll never tell anyone. I'll be careful. Our secret will go with us to our graves."

She sat astride me with one foot on the floor, sliding the head of my penis along the length of her thoroughly wet slit. "Do you like this?" she softly whispered.

I said "Oh yes, darling. It's so beautiful."

She said "Oh God, Dad, I'm so excited!" and kissed me on the lips again, her full soft warm lips caressing mine, and I felt such a deep excitement it thrilled me to my soul. I knew I was about to do the sex act with my own daughter.

She said "Massage my... breasts, Daddy... darling."

I glided my hands nervously over and around my daughter's growing breasts, now so swollen. I loved her. I loved her. It was all I could think about.

She lay back on the bed, with her knees up, gently pulling my hands back towards her breasts, and moving my hands to caress them. I leaned forward and licked and sucked gently on my daughter's nipples. Her pelvis moved erotically in response.

She gently opened her legs, pulling my chest over her head, and guiding my penis to her wet vagina.

"Oh my darling", I thought to myself, "this is my greatest moment - the greatest privilege of my life". I felt her take hold of my penis and guide it to her entrance. Then her vagina surrounded the head of the penis. I slid inside her. What an amazing moment. I was actually putting my penis into my own daughter's vagina! My God!

Going deeper, I felt the resistance of her hymen. I pushed myself through it, and my daughter said "OH!" I comforted her and reassured her. "Don't worry, darling. That's supposed to happen, the first time you make love with a man", I said softly.

"Oh, it feels lovely, Daddy", she whispered. "You're inside me! It's so special. It's so beautiful. It's you! It's you, my own father! Oh how wonderful! I think I'm going to cry."

I kissed her closed eyes, tasting the salty tears that had welled up. I slid in up to the hilt. "Oh Daddy!" she said softly. "we're really doing it. It's really happening!"

"Yes, darling!" I said. "It's the fulfillment of all the love we have ever felt for each other."

After that, we moved again and again, pushing our hips together then drawing them apart, feeling the erotic tenderness of our lovemaking build up. She began saying "Oh Daddy, oh Daddy, oh Daddy" over and over again, with every thrust.

It built up to a crescendo. Her exclamations became "Oh, D.. oh, D.. oh, D!" then soon became "OH.. OH!.. OH!" then one long shout "O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-OH!" then "Oh!" "Oh God!" "O-o-o-oh Go-o-od!" I could tell she was about to finish climaxing, so I sped up, to catch up with her. The thought that she is my daughter did it magnificently and brought me to climax. I showered her inside with every potent thrust, feeling like I was on clouds of glory."

We gently rested in each other's arms, her leg over mine. I kissed away more of her salty tears, and she kissed me again and again on the lips. We talked and talked for an hour, then I made us a hot drink each in the kitchen and brought it in to her, still in my bed.

We decided that there was nothing wrong with incest. To us it just seems like every other relationship, only deeper. Deeper, and more permanent.

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