How I Found the Love of My Life

I often think back to the time I was 16. I was told by friends I was the best-looking guy in the school. I was popular, a bright personality, intelligent, friendly, easy-going, full of fun. So why wasn't I getting laid?

There's a simple answer. I've always believed that you shouldn't have sex without love. It's not something I was told, it's just something I've always felt within me.

I had dates with girls but I never fell deeply in love with any of them, so I remained a virgin. But, at 16, I finally found the sexual fulfilment and the love I had been waiting for.

One day when I was 16, my 12 year old sister Amy came into my bedroom and said "I've found my yoyo under my bed, but the string is tangled in the metal mesh. Could you help me unravel it?"

So I got down on the hard wooden floor, slid under her bed on my back, reached up to the string, and began trying to unravel it. It was complicated so I knew it was going to take me a while.

My little sister climbed over me and lay on my front, saying "Can I help?"

I said "Yeah, do you mind holding this part of the string so I can pull the other bits away from it?"

She wriggled forward. But the wriggling of her body on top of mine gave me an erection. The fact that she is so pretty was part of the influence too. How embarrassing! I was hoping she didn't notice. Her pubic area was wriggling right against my pubic region, though, and the clothes I was wearing allowed my penis to stick way out, like a tent pole.

Amy suddenly looked down towards our hips. Oh no! She had noticed. How would she react?

Amy wriggled her hips from side to side, making the erection bigger, then stopped. I sent her away for a gimlet, hoping my penis would go down while she was searching.

I said "Could you get me the gimlet? I'll be able to push it through these knots to loosen them."

She said "Sure" and wriggled down off me. As she wriggled down, her dress rode up, showing her pretty little white panties.

Amy was back in a jiffy, and the erection showed no sign of going down. Damn! As she wriggled up my body again, I heard a zip unzipping. What was she doing? She wriggled her hips again, so I put my hands on her hips to steady her. Skin! I felt her skin!

Amy had taken off her panties and lifted her dress up to her waist! She put her knees down on the floor, on either side of my thighs. I said "Er.. Amy, I think.."

She interrupted me by putting her hand on my mouth. "Don't worry!" she said. "I don't mind you having an erection. It's beautiful! Does this feel nice to you?"

She lifted her hips, reached down, took out my erection and placed it between her legs, then lowered her hips, holding my penis against her crack with two fingers. A wave of incredible beauty washed over me. All the love I have ever felt for my sister now overwhelmed me completely.

I couldn't help saying "Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh Amy! I love you!"

Amy brought her hips up again. This time she maneuvered my penis so she was holding the head against the entrance to her vagina. Here we were, lying on the floor under her bed with our legs sticking out. Her bare pubescent hips were soft and feminine and beautiful. Our genitals were in contact. Then she kissed me.

She slid her tongue gently into mine. A thrill went through my body, from my lips to my penis and into my mind and my being.

My sister gently pushed her hips down, and my penis entered her bare little vagina. Another wave of her beauty engulfed me. I opened my heart to her. It was so beautiful.

Amy's beautiful hair was caressing my face. She lowered her lips to mine. Then her tongue slid forward again. My penis was inside my sister, and her tongue was softly caressing mine! I couldn't believe it!

Amy pressed down a little more, making my penis go deeper. It felt like I was making love with an angel. Our pubic areas met again, and her little vagina was covering almost all of my penis. My little sister's willingness and openness to having sex with me was sending erotic thrills through my loins and all over my body.

Amy began sliding up and down on my penis. The excitement was building higher within me. I couldn't speak. I realised in that moment, that I had never felt so much love for anyone in my life before. My little sister was so beautiful!

Within a minute, I felt a huge giant wave of exquisite beauty, and I knew I was going to come in the next second. My body contracted with pleasure as Amy speeded up, pumping me vigorously.

My voice yelled "Ooough!" and my sperm shot into my sister. Then again "Ooough!" and another wave of sperm went into her. My sister's high-pitched voice went "Aaaah! Aaaah!" over and over again, as her tight little vagina squeezed my penis, sending ripples of love and excitement through my loins.

"Oh my darling brother!" she whispered to me, when our climaxing subsided.

"Oh, this is so beautiful!" I said in reply.

"I love you so much!" Amy said.

We got out from under the bed, and lay on top of it instead, in each others arms, kissing.

"I love you too!" I said. "What an amazing thing to happen! It all happened so unexpectedly - so suddenly and spontaneously, I mean."

"Er.. not exactly" said my sister.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"It took me quite a while to get that string all tangled up like that, so I could get you onto your back and wriggle around on top of you!"

We both laughed. Come to think of it, I never did ask my sister if she was joking about that, or if she really did plan it all. I must ask her, when she gets back from picking our kids up after school.

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