An email from Merlina

To my friends in "Synette's Bedroom" incest group: I cooked my brother Richard his favourite dinner this evening. Just burgers, but he likes them done a special way.

After dinner we went for a walk along the beach. We both felt really romantic. We walked along with our arms wrapped around each other. I thought about this group, and wondered if you all have a sister or brother to make love to. It's very special. Much better than an unrelated lover!

We sat on a rock at the end of the beach and talked. Watching the waves rolling in at night and talking to my brother at the same time are what I love doing best.

You know when you're going to make love, and you feel an exciting glow building up. We had both been feeling it all evening, especially when we started our walk.

I started undressing him, and he started undressing me. We lay our jumpers down on the sand, between the rocks, and I lay on top of them on my back. Richard got into position between my legs, and lay over me, supporting himself with his arms. He bent down and whispered in my ear that he will love me forever, and never leave me.

I love it when he talks like that! I know he means it, too! I whispered "Fuck me, Richard, fuck me!" He loves it when I talk like that. He had a huge erection. I put my hands on either side of his body and pulled him towards me. As he entered me, I felt such a thrill I couldn't help saying "Oh, fuck me, Richard! Fuck your little sister!"

I couldn't help it, it was like a deep need to call out those things had built up inside me. My mind was no longer in control, only the sex was. Every time I called out, Richard got more and more excited. I felt he was like a big bull, or a superman, or a wild tiger in my arms. Or like a huge tidal wave of love from the ocean was engulfing me.

We could feel the slippery friction of my wet vagina caressing his penis. He slid deep inside me, pounding the deepest parts of me. All of the nature around us seemed to be vibrating with a sexual energy. I kept thinking "my brother, my brother" and was building up rapidly towards a climax.

My brother surged forward, his eyes rolled up, and he yelled "Ah-NNNNNG, Ah-NNNNG, Ah-NNNNG" and I could feel his hot sperm inside me. He collapsed on top of me. I hadn't quite reached climax myself but I still felt the bliss of my brother's sperm inside me.

Richard moved over so that his weight was no longer on me, and we lay in each other's arms. I saw a man standing nearby, gazing at us and playing with himself. He had obviously seen us going in between the rocks and had come for a closer look.

I slowly spread my legs apart to make sure the man could see my vagina, and I kissed my brother. I wondered what Richard would think if he knew the stranger was there, looking at my slightly open wet vagina and playing with himself. His fly was open and he had his penis in his hand. I felt sorry for the man, and hoped that he had someone to make love to.

I couldn't tell how much the man could see, because even with my legs stretched wide apart, my vagina is still only slightly open. So I took my arm away from Richard and reached down with both arms, and pulled my cheeks apart for the man, fully opening my vagina to him, and gave him a warm smile. He began stroking himself very rapidly, and began to climax, spraying the sperm around, onto the sand. He was fairly silent about it, probably so as not to disturb Richard, who was lying next to
me with his eyes closed.

After the man finished, he touched his hand to his forehead, partly like a salute, partly like he was tipping an invisible hat to me. I knew exactly what he meant. It was his silent way of saying "Thank
you!" Then he turned and left.

Now Richard and I are back home, and we're showered, and I'm typing this up for my friends in the incest group. I wonder how many people with family partners type up their stories for this group.

Mum thinks we just went for a walk along the beach, and Richard still doesn't know that the man was there. But I'm feeling very excited and happy, because I've made two men climax tonight!

Love from Merlina

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