Extract from an email from Thandiwe

Editied for removal of identifying details and non-relevant facts.


So I had just one more dream to achieve. Yet I didn't really think it was possible. It was just a fanciful dream, beautiful to think about but impossible to achieve. And that was seducing my father.

But I really had nothing to lose. If I only managed to gain the excitement of baring my body to him, or achieving closer intimacy, or achieving some degree of sexual pleasure with my father, then it was worth the effort. And you don't really know what you can achieve till you try.

So I began to accidentally let my bathrobe slip off my shoulder, raise my knee when sitting in a mini-skirt, open my legs towards him with see-through undies on. He showed interest every time!

One of the main things I discovered at that time was that good grooming can attract men even more than revealing parts of your body can. When I was nicely made up with lipstick, eye shadow, and hair nicely done, wearing nice clothes, Dad (and lots of other men) would turn their heads for a second look!

I also found that giving Dad the occasional glimpse, when looking nice, worked even better than full nudity! It excites men more, for some reason, and keeps them hopeful for more. Fully dressed and groomed, I paraded in front of them as if I was naked, giving off an air of sexuality. That had the men running around the block howling in agony!


So I felt it was time for my next move. I had toned myself at the gym. It was time for the presentation. Dad was lying in his bed reading a book, with nothing on. Perfect.

I covered my body in a very thin layer of the oil, and walked in, in my white bathrobe. As he looked up I unveiled myself, spreading the bathrobe like I was unveiling a statue. I paused there, Dad's eyebrows were trembling! I had his undivided attention.

Then I used my excuse for the unveiling. I stepped towards him so that my pubic hair was within inches of his face, pointed to one corner of it, and said "Dad, do you think this is a little mole, here?" There was no mole, just a little dot of mascara.

With all the teasing glimpses that had gone on before, I knew he was ready to be knocked over backwards by the unexpected display of my full naked beauty, especially by my trimmed pubic sex triangle, with my clitoris showing clearly through the light bush.

Then on an impulse, I went further. I pulled down his sheets, sat on the bed between his legs, opening my legs wide and said "There's another one down here, look!" and pointed right next to my open slippery-wet vagina. I had put my vagina right in front of his penis!

As Dad became erect, I moved my vagina closer, so that it was nearly touching. Dad lost it! He completely lost it! He leaped forward onto me, knocking me over backwards. My legs were spread beneath him and he thrust his beautiful hard penis into me, saying "Ohhhh! Ohhhhh!"

Then he said "Ohhhh darling! Darling!" as he was pumping me. I was on fire with sexual and loving feelings towards him. He was so strong, so urgent, so masculine! I was so soft and feminine and sexual. I began to climax, just as he did.

We were practically screaming in each other's ear as we climaxed together. He must have thought I was screaming for him to stop because towards the end of his climaxing he kept saying "Oh darling! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" as he kept thrusting.

I lay there, gasping from the vigorous sex we had been having. Then Dad got up and I looked down at the slight smear of blood from losing my virginity. I was thrilled to the core of my being that it was my Dad who took my virginity.

Dad looked too, and went into the next room! I just wanted him to hold me. He began to make a phone call! What a time to use the phone! I heard him say in a trembling voice, "The police, please!"

I suddenly realised what he was doing! I leapt up and ran to him, just as he said "Hello, is that the police, I've just raped my..." I grabbed the phone from him and slammed it down. Oh god, the pain the poor man must be in!

"I said "Dad, you didn't rape me! I've been wanting sex with you for years! I seduced you deliberately! I wanted you to fuck me!"

He said "Whaaat?"

I said "Yes, Dad, it's alright. It's alright! That was just exactly what I wanted to happen. And I want to keep having sex with you, if you want me too, for the rest of our lives."

<further identifying details snipped>

I wish you, and all of your readers and contributors, the fulfilment of your dreams, and I hope you share the utmost love with your families this festive season. In other words I wish you everything that I am now enjoying.


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