Ciria and I

This will probably be a fairly short story, because it just happened, one day, out of the blue. The day before, we had an average father-daughter repressed relationship, like most of them are. The next day the relationship suddenly blossomed into a full, rich, loving, liberated, beautiful incestuous relationship.

The details are as follows - My daughter Ciria came running towards me to give me a hug, as she often does. Lately this has been making me slightly erect, but I thought I had it well under control. I'd better explain that lately, Ciria's love for me has been developing a sexual component, and her sexual feelings for me (and mine for her) have been triggering off erections.

This time the erection in my pants was a complete, full erection, and it really stood out. I was wearing loose, roomy pants so my erection was pretty unrestricted. Ciria planted her vulva right on the stem of my penis as soon as she hugged me, then pulled back and looked down with surprise at the huge erection she had given me.

Then she hugged me close again and deliberately rocked her vulva back and forth along the stem of my penis up and down from the base. She said "Oh Daddy! This is so nice!"

I was stupid. I was so, so stupid. But the conditioning of society is not overcome easily. I pushed her away, angrily saying "Ciria stop it!" God, how stupid I was to push her away. She burst into tears and ran off to her bedroom. I felt so guilty, when I saw how I had made my little girl cry, but you see, I had no-one to tell me that incest was good, and loving, and natural, and pure and innocent. I had no idea that there were so many pro-incest groups online, and that the acceptability of incest was spreading rapidly.

I went to my own room and sat on the bed, feeling rotten, but seeing no alternative. I wanted to fuck my little girl with all my heart, and I was sure she wanted to fuck me, but I was in a state of conflict about it.

My little girl! How clever and resourceful she is! She was back in half an hour, and she had thought of a way to trick me. She gave me a hug and said "I'm sorry Daddy!" I said "I'm sorry too, sweetheart!" Then she pretended to sniff the air near my armpits and said "Daddy you need a shower!" Like an idiot I said "No I don't, I just had one this morning!"

She said "It's your armpits, Daddy. You have to go and have a shower right away!" She pushed me toward the bathroom. I went into the bathroom, closed the door and took off my clothes. I smelt under my arms and couldn't smell anything bad. Nevertheless, I turned on the shower.

My little girl came in, stark naked, threw her huge thick fluffy towel on the floor and quickly straightened out the wrinkles, and came towards me, saying "Don't push me away Daddy! Don't push me away!" Then she wrapped her arms around my naked body, pressed her vulva against my penis again, only this time we were both naked. I went strong and hard, and she rocked her pelvis back and forth along the stem of my penis again, with no clothing in the way this time.

I just couldn't push her away. I just couldn't. Heaven help me, I started rocking my pelvis back and forth, in time with my own daughter's. It felt wonderful! Then she lay back on her big fluffy towel on the bathroom floor, stretched her legs open wide, opening her vagina to me and said "Take me Daddy! Fuck me! Make love to me!" She only needed to ask once! I could not resist!

We bonked like crazy on the floor, on her big towel. Then I picked her up and carried her to my bed and we spent the rest of the day, making passionate love, until her mother came home. We heard the car in the driveway, and I guarantee that you have never, I repeat never, seen two people get dressed so fast! :)

Since then we have made love hundreds of times, as there are always plenty of opportunities to make love when you live together. And if you ever meet her, you'll know the reason for that beautiful smile!

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