Annie's Precious Gift

As many of you know, teenagehood is defined as an unending series of embarrassing situations and actions that you could kick yourself for, that ends when you reach adulthood. If you're lucky. Or if you're rich enough to make everything you do perfectly acceptable to others.

In my own case, it was almost the worst case scenario - I was always getting rejected, humiliated, embarrassed, unceremoniously dumped in front of others, scathingly ridiculed by teachers in front of my classmates, and whatever remnants of dignity I had left were gloriously torn to shreds by my constant habit of doing things to try to salvage the situation. Perhaps I was hoping to start a new trend in self-annihilation, I don't know.

But from the age of 17 onwards, I didn't care! Because someone offered me the greatest gift I've ever known, and from then on, nothing else mattered. You could torture me now, and I would die with a soft smile on my face, because this young lady healed my aching soul. She believed in me, she saw the good in me, and she chose me, yes, putrid, insignificant, unworthy me, to give her most precious gift to.

My sister Annie. You wouldn't think that a 14-year-old could be so mature and loving, but she was. And she still is. Isn't that right, honey!

We grew up on a farm five miles south of a little country town called Boonah, where our father milked cows, bred pigs, calves, and lambs, grew alfalfa, repaired his fences, drove his tractor, and yelled at his cattle dog to try and make him work.

When Annie reached 14, she was fully developed, with breasts, curvy hips, and a trim, tight waist from helping me lift bales of hay onto the haycart. One day we were sitting on top of the bales of hay in the barn, and our Dad and Mum had gone into Boonah to do some shopping, and we were just playing, and talking, as we often did.

Our conversation drifted to boyfriends and girlfriends. I had met plenty of the local girls, at Saturday night dances in the town, at the local high school, the big swimming pool in Boonah, even at the Boonah picture theatre, but as I said, my experiences were pretty traumatic. Annie reached over and held my hand.

In a moment of complete openness I wistfully said "I wish I had a girlfriend!"

Annie replied "You'll always have me!"

I said "Thanks Annie" and I nearly added "But it's not the same!" Thank god I didn't say it!

Sure, I needed sex badly. The emotional state of a 17 year old male virgin is not a pretty sight, I can tell you! But even that paled into insignificance compared to what I really needed - to give and receive love, genuine love and caring, from someone who believed in me, someone who saw my good side, someone who could lighten my load with a smile and a positive outlook.

I was blind, completely blind! I had it sitting right there next to me and didn't notice! But Annie was just as patient as she was kind. She slipped her hand in mine, "I believe in you" she said with a warm smile, as if she could read my thoughts.

I patted her on the head. I had always thought of her as just my kid sister. And, being brought up in a world where girlfriends and sisters were kept in two completely separate categories, I had never considered including her in both.

Annie said "I've been thinking about your constant sadness, and I've always wanted to help. I've thought of a way, but it will involve taking your clothes off. Are you game?"

"Oh, we'd better not, Annie" I said. "That would only frustrate me more."

"Have you noticed how much I've changed, physically, these last two years?" she asked.

"Sure, you've become a woman!" I said. This made her cheeks bright red with both pride and shyness at the same time.

Annie said "We've often been skinny-dipping in the creek, why are you so shy about taking your clothes off now?"

I said "Well, we're not at the creek, you're sitting close to me, and besides right now I've been feeling the need for..." My voice trailed off. Annie had taken her blouse off, and her breasts were right in
front of me.

"Fondle them, my darling brother, it will do us both good."

"Oh sweetie, I'm going to get so frustrated!" I said.

And then Annie said with her most beautiful smile "Not if we go all the way, it won't!"

I felt sexual excitement mounting. I fondled her breasts, unable to speak, while she undid my shirt and unzipped my fly. She couldn't get my pants off so I stood up and slid them down, and she took off her skirt. She was now dressed in only her little white nickers.

She softly caressed my penis with her fingers and said in a thick, croaky voice "Lie down". She was obviously excited too.

I lay on my back on the bales of hay, and she took off her panties and sat next to me, taking my penis in her hand. I said "Do you know what to do?" I could tell her, if she didn't.

She said "Well, I heard all about it from the older girls at school during lunchtime, but this is the first time I've tried it, so I hope you won't mind if I'm a little clumsy. Lie back, now, and close your eyes. This is going to make you feel a lot better, and it's going to be nice for me too."

Keeping her eyes on my face, she bent her face towards my penis and opened her mouth. I put my head back down on the hay, she moved into a more comfortable position, or so I thought, and I felt a satiny-soft moist sensation around the head of my penis. It went down and down on my penis till my whole penis was wrapped in her warm soft caress.

No-one had ever done this to me before, and I felt a deep comfort. No, my whole soul felt a deep comfort! The warm liquid satin feeling went up and down the length of my penis. So this is what a blow job feels like, I told myself!

But wait a minute! I'm feeling this evenly all over my penis. But her mouth isn't even! I put my head up, opened my eyes and looked down, and gasped with astonishment. She was using her vagina! We were having sex!

She smiled and said softly "I was wondering when you'd open your eyes! Surprise!!"

"Oh, how lovely!" I said. I was so excited I could feel a climax coming on. It was so much more beautiful than masturbating.

She said "I love you."

I said "OH! I'll love you forever, Annie!"

I began to climax into my sister, and she put her head back in ecstasy, and she began to climax too. Then our naked bodies came together as she fell on me, and I held her in my arms.

Now we're in our twenties and we're living together in another city, and we have three children. And no matter what difficulty comes along, no matter what mistakes I make, no matter how foolish I look to others, it just doesn't matter. Because I have someone who believes in me, no matter what I do. And I believe in myself, I feel worthwhile, and I have inner strength, because of the precious gift Annie gave me that day. Her unconditional love.

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