A Promise Fulfilled

When I was very small, I saw my dad in the shower. He was very athletic and I felt feelings I didn't quite understand. All I knew was that it felt really nice to watch him.

He saw me staring at him and asked me if I wanted something. I asked for a closer look, and when he let me do that, I asked if I could touch it. I was fascinated. Fortunately he was quite casual about it, and knew it was healthy for me to explore.

I actually had my fingers round the whole thing, grasping it like a banana. While I was holding it, I stroked the smooth head with my other hand, feeling the skin. Daddy said that part of a man's body is called the penis. That's all I did for some months. My curiosity was satisfied.

Then one day I saw Daddy playing "horsies" with Mummy. She was lying on her back with her legs in the air, and Daddy was galloping on top of her. I climbed on his back and said "Horsie! Horsie!" He laughed and continued to play horsie with me on his back. After a while he called out "NEIGH!" in a very loud voice!

The next time I saw them playing horsie, I noticed Daddy was doing something with his penis, so I crawled under the blankets, to get a closer look. I couldn't quite see between his legs, so I lifted his balls up out of my way.

Daddy raised himself higher and spread his legs a little more so I could see. His penis was going right inside Mummy then out again, over and over again. Then Daddy gasped and in a few moments there was sticky white stuff all around Mummy's hole and dripping out of it.

I saw it again from time to time as I was growing, and I always wanted him to do it to my hole too, and he always said "When you're older".

One day when I was a little older, (that's me in the picture) and when I'd been day-dreaming about Daddy doing it to me, I thought "Hey! When I was little he promised me sex when I was bigger! My hole would probably be big enough now! I wonder if he would still keep his promise, or whether he'd chicken out!"

Then I sighed. "Of course he'll chicken out. Only Mummies and Daddies play Horsie!"

I looked in on him, working away at his desk. I said "Come into the kitchen Dad! I'll make you a cup of coffee and we can have a chat."

When we were sipping coffee, I said "Daddy darling, I've been reading a little bit about Freud, the famous psychologist."

"Oh yes?"

I said "Yeah! He said that all girls subconsciously want sex with their fathers. Isn't that silly?"

He said "Oh, er, yes, I suppose so."

"Yes, how silly," I laughed. "It isn't subconscious at all!"

Dad laughed at the joke, but he looked interested as well, as though he were trying to guess whether I really meant that I wanted sex with him.

I sat next to him and gave him a cuddle and said "I love you Dad".

Then I said "Hey, do you remember when I was a little girl how involved I got with you and Mum when you were having sex? Wasn't that funny!"

"Hmmm, I can see your thoughts are all on sex tonight" he said.

"I said "Well, I've been thinking, Dad. I think the sort of man that would appeal to me would be one who is just like you."

"Oh darling, that's so sweet!"

"We really love and appreciate each other. There's a very deep bond between us. You feel it too, don't you!"

"Yes, it's like we were destined to be father and daughter," Dad said.

"Yes. In fact I think we should be more intimate with each other" I said. "I think it would be appropriate and... and very nurturing to both of us."

"How do you mean, exactly? Intimate in what way?" Dad asked.

"Well, I don't know really" I said. "I think perhaps kissing and cuddling more often, holding hands... Hey, you know what? I'd like us to take off our clothes, sometimes, and just lie naked together with you. That would be more intimate! Let's try it, while Mum is still out, so it will be just you and me."

"Ooh, I don't know about that," he said. "It would be nice, but we might feel sexual towards each other."

"Oh, don't worry about that" I said. "I'm sure we would only feel sexual if sex was appropriate between us."

"No, I can't do it, love", Dad said, turning serious. "I feel sexual towards you every day, even when we're both fully dressed. I couldn't cope with lying naked beside you!"

"Oh Dad, I feel very sexual towards you too. I was hoping that lying naked with you would help get us started."

"Oh darling, really? Er, how long have you been feeling like this?"

"Oh, just all my life! Remember when I said I wanted you to play horsie on top of me, and put your penis in my hole, like you did to Mum?"

Dad laughed. "How could I forget!"

"And you told me I had to wait until I was older?" I said "I've been waiting for you to tell me when I'm old enough!"

"Really? I thought that when you got older you'd forget all about that!"

"No Dad, I still want it with you, and you still want it with me, right?"

"God help me, I do! But that's incest, honey! A really big taboo! Probably the biggest!"

"Yes, I know. That's a very good reason for not telling anyone, but it's not a reason to stop us. Look, how do you feel when I spread my legs and sit on your lap facing you, like... this?"

"Aw, you know how I feel honey!" said Dad. "It makes me feel sexy".

"Well... come on then Dad" I said, lowering my voice. "Come to bed with me".

Then I took him by the hand and gently led him into my bedroom. As soon as we were in there I started unbuttoning his shirt, slowly, one by one. I had no buttons so he just helped me lift my top off.

Bit by bit we got undressed, and got into bed. I snuggled into him, and planted soft kisses all over his face. Then I reached down and fondled his penis. It was already erect.

Then a wave of excitement overcame me. I wriggled about and said "Oh Dad. Feeling your penis is making me so excited!"

He said "It's having a similar effect on me, too!"

Then he added "This feels so right. I feel like we're both young kids together. I feel... like you belong to me. The love feels so real, more real than I've ever felt with anyone else."

"It's wonderful Dad. Do you want to play Horsie with me?" I said smiling.

"Yep" Dad said, and got into position.

I opened my legs as he put his knees on either side of my hips. "O-oh! This is it!" I thought to myself. "After all this time. He's going to do it to me!"

Dad plunged into me. I hadn't realised how wet I was! A tidal wave of pure sexual pleasure engulfed me and shone through every fibre of my being. I had never felt such intense pleasure. "He's inside me. Daddy's inside me!" I thought.

"Oh Daddy!" I cried out. "Oh Daddy!"

"Oh yes! Yes! OH!" Daddy gasped.

"Oh Daddy! You're fucking me! You're fucking me!" I called out in sheer excitement. The thrill of the sex was intensified by knowing it was my Daddy fucking me, and I had to call it out.

"Oh Daddy! You're fucking your little girl! You're fucking your daughter! Oh, it's wonderful! It's heavenly, Daddy!" I felt so thrilled I couldn't stop calling out.

"Oh Daddy! Daddy! Oh come inside me Daddy!" I gasped. The sheer love I felt for my Daddy completely overwhelmed me.

"Oh Daddy! I love you! I love you so much! Oh Daddy! This is the first fuck I've ever had, Dad!" I just couldn't stop myself from calling out. The words just kept coming up from my heart, because the joy and the pleasure Daddy was giving me were so intense.

"Oh darling!" Daddy said. "This is the best! You are the best! Oh, I love you too".

"Come inside me Daddy! Come inside me!" Then I lost control altogether and wave after wave of climaxing lifted me up through clouds of ecstasy.

"Ng-ahhh! OUGH! IDIE! IDIEE! YADIE! O-O-O-O-O-O-O-OOOOOO-O-O-O-OH!!! I felt like an arrow that had just been shot into the limitless sky. I left my thinking brain somewhere on Earth!

My vaginal contractions had been massaging my wonderful Daddy's penis and he began climaxing into me, gush after gush after gush, shooting his sperm into me, filling me with waves of bliss.

We collapsed on my bed together, and I showered his wonderful face with kisses. Then I reached down and pulled the covers over us, and I fell asleep in his wonderful arms.

We awoke two hours later to hear Mum coming up the gravelly driveway in her car. Dad yawned and said "Mum's home." Then he paused and said "I wonder what she'll think?"

I said "Do you think we should tell her?"

He said "You're right. We shouldn't. I'll tell you why as we get dressed. Quick!"

We got up, shoved our underwear under the bed and just dressed in our outer clothes, as quick as we could. Dad said "Even though she's loving and happy now, we never know what she might become like some stage in the future. Remember how angry and bitter she was toward her first husband? She could become that way towards me one day, and report us to the law, out of spite."

Dad continued as we pulled on our clothes. "Our love will always be there, forever, because we're father and daughter. But people who get married often get divorced. It doesn't look like it could ever happen to me and your mother, but you never know. So we better keep it a secret just in case."

"I agree, Dad," I said. "It's dangerous to tell anyone, even Mum. We'll keep it secret. Now let's
get out of here."

As we walked towards the door I said "If it ever came to a choice between me and Mum...."

Dad replied "I'd pick you, straight away, without hesitation."

"I thought so" I whispered, smiling.

As we walked out into the hall, Mum was walking toward us, heading for the laundry. I said "Dad was just helping me with my homework. Now we're stopping for a break."

As she walked past the door to my room, she said "I see you haven't made your bed yet."

I felt a deep glow of happiness from having my Dad's sperm inside me, and said nothing.

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