A Love Discovered

Part 1

"Hi Dad! Hi!" I rose to kiss my father. We had arranged to meet in Nikki's, the exclusive restaurant, for dinner. We had had my 21st there, Ricky had proposed to me there, so many important events of my life had happened there, and they had the best smoked rack of lamb in Europe. I thought so anyway.

"Hi sweetheart! You look excited!"

"I am, Daddy!" I said affectionately. I wanted to tell him right away, but I knew that would spoil everything. I had to break it to him gently. I had no idea how hard it would be to convince him, and I had to watch his reactions carefully.

"We've got the results back from the specialist" I said.

"Oh good! Then everything's alright? Ricky's fertile?"

"No, it's just as we thought, Dad. Ricky's completely infertile" I said, trying hard to keep the excitement out of my voice.

"Then what...?"

Just then the waiter interrupted "May I take your order?"

"I'll have the smoked rack of lamb!" I said. They give it a perfect balance, here. The smokiness gives the meat a perfect tang, but not too much which would drown the taste of the lamb, and not too little, which would mean less tang. Perfect.

Dad ordered the smoked rack of lamb too, and the waiter scurried off. "So, why are you excited, darling? I thought you'd be terribly disappointed!" said Dad.

"I was at first, Dad. But then Ricky and I talked about all the other ways we could get pregnant. I hated the idea of artificial insemination. I want my baby to be conceived through an act of love, Dad. And I don't want sperm inside me from someone I don't love. Adoption is a great alternative, but I would really love my own baby. I'm fertile, so adoption seems so unnecessary."

"So that leaves.. er... what does it leave?" said Dad.

I took him by the hand and looked deeply into his eyes, leaning as close as the table would allow. "The only alternative for me, Dad, is to have sex with someone I love who is fertile. That's why I'm so excited tonight."

"So who...?"

"Guess, Dad!" I said. "Here's a hint, it's the only person in the world that I love more than Ricky!"

"Oh darling! You must mean..."

"Yes, Dad, I do mean you!"

"Oh god, I'm getting an erection!" said Dad.

"Well I'm practically climaxing at the thought!" I said.

"But honey, what does Ricky think about that?"

"Well, I thought about discussing it with him first. But then I thought of how petty and vindictive he can be at times. At some stage he might tell someone, if he's feeling angry at me about anything. So it's dangerous to tell him. And I know he's hurting over being infertile, and I didn't want to cause him any more pain. And I got so excited at the idea that I just wanted to take you out to a special dinner, and tell you all about it. I suppose you need some time to get used to the idea?"

Dad laughed with a snort. "Yeah right, like about ten seconds!"

"Oh Dad, this is so exciting!"

"It's taboo, of course!"

"Yeah. That's one of the reasons it's so exciting!" I replied. "Shall we go back to my place after dinner?"

"Er... Ricky?" Dad said.

"He's away at his mother's for the weekend. You know how he runs back to his mother whenever he's upset about something. He's trying to cope with the news of his infertility."

"Okay darling, we'll do it. We'll probably have to do it often until you're pregnant, I guess" Dad said.

"In that case, I hope I don't get pregnant too soon!" I laughed.

"Hang on darling. I just thought of something! If I make you pregnant, Ricky is going to know it's not his, because he's infertile."

"No, there's been lots of people who became pregnant after being told they couldn't get pregnant. When someone has an extremely low sperm count, like Ricky, it's rare, but it can still happen. He hardly has any sperm at all, but I'll just tell him that one of the little buggers did it!"

The waiter brought the smoked rack of lamb. I cut a slice off mine and held it by the bone.

Dad shifted seats, so that he was sitting right next to me. I took a bite of the smoked lamb, and leaned into his side, and he put his arm around me, and I thought of my Dad fucking me and making me pregnant.

That did it! I had been sexually aroused since the idea first hit me that afternoon. But the exquisite smoky taste of the lamb in my mouth, the hug from Dad, the thought of my Daddy fucking me, the thought of me opening up to my Daddy and accepting his sperm in my womb, the thought of me being pregnant with my beloved Daddy's baby pushed me right over the edge, and I began to climax, right there in the restaurant.

I was waving the chop around, and moaning in ecstatic bliss as wave after wave of sexual pleasure engulfed me. My vagina contracted with each wave, and I could feel it getting wetter and wetter as the sticky liquid drizzled out of me. I tried to suppress my voice, but my mouth opened and I went "Oh.. Oh.. Oh!" and everyone in the restaurant was turning to look.

As the waiter was walking back to the kitchen he was inundated with cries of "I'll have what she's having." "I'll have what she's having." "Can I change my order?" "I'll have what she's having!" "Is that the rack of lamb, she's got?" "I'll have the rack of lamb!"

"Oh god, Dad, now we've done it!" I whispered, laughing. "We'd better get out of here!"

We hurried back to my flat. We got undressed straight away and got into bed. After hugging and kissing, I lay on my back and gently guided Dad over me, and opened my legs. I reached down and took hold of his erection and placed it in my entrance. As he began to push it in, I began to climax again! I was amazed, because I had only just climaxed minutes ago. It usually took me ages to get interested in Ricky!

It was because it was Dad, this time, that I was so incredibly excited. And Dad's powerful thrusts just kept me right on climaxing. It was the longest climax I had ever had in my life. Dad didn't want to stop because I was enjoying it so much, so he used his muscles somehow to hold back his own climax. He's a very experienced man, and he can do that at will. He had me climaxing over and over. It was easy - all I had to do was look at him above me and feel his penis thrusting inside me, and I was climaxing again!

After about twenty minutes of my sticky climaxing vagina running up and down the length of his penis he could not hold back any longer. He emptied his sperm into me and it felt blissful. My head was spinning. We fell asleep, safe in each other's arms, within minutes.


Part 2

As Dad was waking up, I was standing at the window looking out at the rainy street, with my arms folded. The smell of morning coffee filled the apartment. I had been thinking since before dawn. I bowed my head as I heard him get up. I said "Oh Dad, what are we doing?"

His voice was filled with concern. "Oh darling, are you alright? Are you regretting what we did last night?"

I said "No Dad. I mean what are we doing, going back to our spouses, after this? It's you I really want. It's you I've loved all my life. And you love me too, don't you?"

"Like nature loves sunlight!"

"How are you getting on with Mum? Still the same?"

He sighed. "Yes, still the same. You know us. We keep the peace by staying out of each other's way."

"That's what I mean Dad! We love our spouses, mostly, but neither of us are as happy as we could be together! We're perfect for each other. We just haven't considered being together because you're my Dad. But that's the very reason we should consider it! I don't know about what this crazy society says is right or wrong. But my heart is telling me we should be together! Just the two of us!"

My heart was overflowing. I couldn't hold back. "Dad, when I woke up with you in my arms, and the feeling of your sperm inside me, I realised I could never go back to my other husband. What we have now is far too beautiful, far too precious, to ever settle for an ordinary marriage again."

"Do you realise you called him "your other husband?" said Dad with a smile.

"Oh, I did, didn't I!" I laughed, falling into his arms. "Oh, how funny!"

Dad said "I see your point. We've always loved each other, and this has made it perfect. Perfect for both of us."

"Oh yes, Dad! We could go away together, somewhere nice, and live together the rest of our lives. I'll make you happy, and we'll raise children of our own."

"Oh darling!" Dad said "Are we being crazy, in a sane world, or are we being sane, in an mad, crazy world?"

"Don't worry Daddy darling!" I said. "It will all work out, you'll see!"

"Well, we've got a choice. If we wait, or explain what we're doing, there'll be fights. Or we could just take off, go from place to place all over Europe, find somewhere we both like, and settle there."

"Oh yes, darling" I said. "We'll do that!"


Part 3

It wasn't as easy as it sounded. There were passport and visa difficulties, and we had to travel only in vehicles that had no passenger list. And I soon found that I was indeed pregnant, which made travel sickness a real problem at times. But we had each other, and the love we shared got us through all the difficulties.

We ended up in the south of France, in a remote villa that looked a little like a small castle. The peace and harmony, and the sheer beauty of the scenery, made us very happy indeed. We are raising six children together, three boys and three girls, and we love them all very much. I've even got a smoker and I can make my own smoked rack of lamb now.

For safety's sake, I'm supposed to call my "husband" by his first name, and I do, most of the time. But every now and again when I'm off-guard, such as when there's a sudden noise from a plate crashing to the floor, or a dog barks at us from its front yard, I still catch myself calling out "Daddy!"

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