Alice and I

The night had turned a little cold, so I tiptoed into my daughter's bedroom, to make sure she was covered with a blanket. I was extra quiet so I wouldn't wake her.

I stood in the doorway quietly, waiting for my eyes to adjust to the dark of her bedroom, when I heard a soft regular sound of the mattress moving. As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I could see my little girl lying on her front gently thrusting her hips downwards into the mattress. Her arm was underneath her, her hand obviously on her mound. Her face was pointing towards the wall. My little girl Alice was masturbating.

I didn't dare move in case my presence embarrassed her. Alice started to moan softly. She got just a little louder and slightly stronger movements, going "ohhh, ohhh, ohhh". Then she reached an explosive climax and went "Ohhhhhhhhh, DADDY!"

My mouth dropped open when I heard her call out my name in orgasm. I tip-toed away quietly, to save her any embarrassment that would come from realising I had seen her. I lay on my bed, thinking.

Had she been visualising making love with her own father? It certainly seemed so! And if so, did she want that just as a fantasy, or as a reality?

Now that I thought about it, she had been more and more affectionate lately. She was rapidly approaching puberty, could that have anything to do with it? I had seen her in the shower, the day before, and she had turned round and smiled at me. Such a pretty smile! She had stepped out and dried her back, facing me. Her hips were now more curvaceous. There was no pubic hair yet, but her breasts were swelling quite well!

Was my little girl needing me? Did my little girl want more than just a kiss and a hug from me? Was she in love with me? Was I the one she wanted? How could I find out, without embarrassing her? These thoughts tumbled over and over in my mind as I lay in bed.

The next day I was hosing the garden, and Alice was skipping with her skipping-rope a few feet away. I still couldn't get last night out of my mind. Alice ran into the house. She was back a few minutes later with two big slices of cold fresh watermelon from the fridge.

I turned off the hose and we had a spitting competition to see who could spit their watermelon seeds the furthest. Then we went inside, where it was cool.

I sat in my armchair, and reached for the remote control for the TV, but before I could reach it, she sat on my lap. An opportunity! Last week I would have put one arm around her and switched the TV on with the other, but I put both arms around her now.

She said "I love you Daddy" and nestled her head into my chest and neck. I gently stroked her hair, and said "You're my little girl. I will always love you. Forever. Your feelings will always be important to me."

"Oh Daddy, what a sweet thing to say!" She looked up at me with a tear in her eye. Then she lay her head on my chest again, and to my surprise, she went off to sleep!

The next day after lunch, I went to lie down on my bed. It was too hot outside to do any gardening. I was naked but with a sheet covering me. Little Alice came in and stood next to the bed. "Um, Dad!" she said with a tremble in her voice.

"Yes honey?"

She put her hand up and down in the air, then touched the sheet and picked it up and put it down. I said "Do you want to get in?"

She smiled excitedly and nodded quickly, then started to climb in. As she picked up the sheet, she saw that I was naked, and said "Ooh!" then climbed back out and started to take off her dress. Then she stopped, hesitated, and looked at me as if she wasn't sure if I approved.

I said "Take off your dress, if you like, so it won't get crushed!"

She smiled with relief, and took off her dress and dropped it on the floor. Then she eagerly climbed in and lay next to me, on her side, gently pressing her whole body against mine.

I kissed her and said "I love you Alice!"

She began to look troubled.

"Is anything the matter?"

She shook her head, stroking her hand up and down my chest. I closed my eyes, feeling the exquisite beauty of our closeness. I could feel my penis growing a little erect.

Then Alice gently stroked her hand up and down my tummy, as she lay with her head on my chest.

Then I felt a drop of water on my chest. I opened my eyes. A tear! My little girl had a few tears running down her cheeks. I thought "I think I know what the problem is", but I said "What's wrong, honey?"

She shook her head and turned her face away. Then she said "I-I just love you Daddy!"

"I love you too. Why is this making you sad?"

She shook her head, then lay her head down on my chest. I quietly said "Do you love me so much it hurts?"

She paused and nodded her head. I said softly "Do you love me like a daughter, or like a friend, or like a wife, or like a mother?"

Alice whispered "L-like a w-wife, Daddy!" then she looked at me with tear-filled eyes. "I-is that w-wrong?"

"I don't think so, darling. I love you like a father, but also more like a husband as well."

Her eyes went wider than I've ever seen them before and she gasped. Then she said excitedly "Oh Daddy! Do you mean it? Do you really mean it?"

I said "Yes, darling. I've always loved you that much."

"OH! Daddy, this is wonderful!"

Then Alice burst into tears of joy and flung her arms around me, and kissed me over and over again, and lay her naked body on top of mine.

Part 2

Alice began to push her hips forward, against my hips. Her movements made me more erect. She said "Daddy, because we love each other like a husband and wife, can we have sex?"

I felt so right about it! The idea felt wonderful. I said "Yes, darling!"

Then Alice excitedly sat up and took the sheet off, and looked at my penis, which was becoming fully erect. "Wo Dad! This is wonderful! I'm so happy!"

She reached down and held my penis in her hand, then gently moved her hips, rubbing her slippery-wet groove up and down its length. That felt so nice.

She looked puzzled. She said "Dad, your thing is so big. I think it's too big to fit inside me."

I said "I think it will be fine. Yours can get bigger easily around a penis."

She said "Oh good! Oh this is so exciting! I'm your wife, Daddy!"

Then she put the head of my penis against her hole, and moved her hips around a little. At first it was awkward. I was just about to ask her if she wanted me to get on top, when it started to go in.

"Oh Daddy!" she said "This is so beautiful! It feels lovely, Daddy!"

It was quite tight, but I could feel it going deeper. It began to push against her hymen, which soon gave way. Alice looked at me with concern, so I said "It's alright, darling. That always happens to girls the first time they have sex. It's alright."

Feeling reassured, Alice smiled again. "Oh Daddy, this feels wonderful! Oh, this is better than just using my fingers. It's heavenly! Oh, I'm Daddy's wife! I'm Daddy's wife!"

I groaned with pleasure. Alice said "Are you alright Dad?"

I said "Yes, honey! I'm just groaning from pleasure."

"Oh, okay!"

Then little Alice rocked her hips back and forth, and a few seconds later, she gave a groan of pleasure. Then she giggled, realising she had done exactly what I did.

My penis slid deeper, then back, and deeper, then back, as Alice rocked her hips in the rhythm that gave her the greatest pleasure. "Oh Daddy, I'm your wife! I love you!"

It did feel beautiful. A few minutes later, little Alice began to climax. I had been very close to climax myself, and the erotic caresses of her little vagina squeezing my penis brought me to the tidal wave of sexual love. She was calling out "Oh! Oh! Oh!" then it built up to a scream "OHHHHHHHHH DADDY!"

I was going "AH! AH! AH! AH!" as wave after wave of sexual love for my daughter created each fountain of foam, spraying relentlessly into my little girl's unprotected vagina and into her womb.

Alice called out "Oh Daddy!" again and again, as our climaxing began to subside. Then she lay down on my chest, and cuddled into me. She said "Oh Daddy, that was wonderful! So wonderful! Are we married now, Daddy?"

"Yes, darling. We certainly are!"

"Will we always be together, Daddy?"

"Yes darling, if that's what you want!"

"I want that with all my heart, Daddy!"

Well, that's our story. Alice is all grown up now, of course. She runs her own business, and is doing very well. As I was typing this, I asked her about the sequence of events, and she reminded me of a couple of details that I had forgotten.

I said I was sending the details in to an incest story group. She said "Wha-a-at? I hate those people!"

I said "No no, it's a pro-incest group!"

"A pro-incest group? I didn't know there was any such thing!"

I said "Yep! There is! The world is changing! There are lots of people who support incest now!"

She said "Well make sure they know how loving and kind you were to me!"

"Yep. Okay!" I said.

"Make sure they know it wasn't abuse!"

"Will do!" I said.

"Look, tell them that if you had said "No" to me, when we both wanted it, that would have been cruel, unloving, and unkind!"

"Okay!" I said.

"The withholding of love is the real abuse, not the giving of love!"

"Okay, okay! You know, you don't need to convince these people. They're already aware of all that!" I said.

"Well, I hope so! Make sure they know that we're still married, now that I'm an adult!"

"Yes, yes!" I said.

"And that we're still in love!"

"Okay!" I said.

"And that we're having a baby!"

"Wha-a-at?" I said.

"Yes, Dad! You weren't expecting that, were you!" Alice smiled. "We've got a little baby inside me, growing every day. Whoo-hoo! Congratulations Dad, you've done it!"

"Oh my darling! How wonderful! This is the most exciting news since we began to make love!"

"Yes, it sure is, Dad! Let's go out tonight and celebrate! Let's go out to the best restaurant in town! Hey, guess what! I've just realised something! I'll be giving birth to my own brother or sister! Isn't that amazing!"

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