Welcome to the Suzy Suburbanite story archive and web site.  Here you will find one-stop access to all the stories I've posted to Nifty.org, Literotica.com, and even a few never posted anywhere but on this site...sooooo...sit back, relax, and join my one-handed reading club!  Oh, and in case you didn't read the banner (above) most of my stories are [FF] and are porn, not erotic!



What's New - 2011

I've been released from the asylum...  Stories to follow

Story Categories

Mommies and Their Girls

Role playing between consenting adult women..."Come darling, suckle from Mother's breast."

Dyke Daddies, Butch Boys, and F...femmes

Strap it on, lube it up..."Beg for Daddy's dick like a good girl...c'mon now, tell Daddy how much you want her big rubber dickey."

Short, Sweet, and Nasty

"It was a dark and stormy night, and the woman standing behind me on the crowded subway car just stuck her finger in my butt."

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

When the itch becomes an obsession you just can't resist.

Weeeeee; or How to Piss on Your Girlfriend

It's wet, it's messy, it's naughty, naughty, naughty...and other fun things the PTA would never ever understand.

...Gimme a "K"...Whataya Got...Dick, Dick, Dick

Pansexual stories where the girls, boys and a few in-between genders just can't leave one another well enough alone...sheesh.

Poetry and Prose

Not all sugary sweet, and some of it doesn't even rhyme.


Other Jazz

About Me and This Silly Website

Mindless ramblings of a horny, bored house...ex-wife.

Q&A with Suzy

Questions my readers keep asking and that I'm tired of answering in e-mail.

Jilling-off with Suzy

Join me in sharing your techniques for gettin' yer "nut" when you're all alone.  So I said to my self, "self, you wanna hook-up?"   Chaa, as if you need to ask.  "You bet honey-bunches-o-cooze, let's get freaky!" 

Sorry fellas, this is for us with the vertical smile...no boys allowed!  Okay, okay, you can peek, just don't get any of that nasty sploogey stuff on my web pages.

My Links

Links to places and people on the Web that I like.  Mostly sex and porn...ok, ok...all sex and porn...nope, wait...I've added some useful stuff as well.

Suzy's Stories Reader Ratings

A display of my exceptional prowess with Microsoft Excel.  Actually, this is a graph of reader voting...that thing from the bottom of the page on EVERY story.  What?  You came before you got to the end?  Well go back and feedback girlfriend.

My Readers' Comments

Comments that all y'all send to me via the feedback forms.

Suzy's FTP Archive

Plain ol' text files of my stories.


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