Getting Fucked by Mary

By: Suzy Suburbanite

Part VII: Claiming Me for Her Own

Chapter XXV

It was close to 5:00 PM when Mary and I steeped off the elevator, having agreed with Shelby and Christina that we all needed some quiet, quality time with our respective lovers.

“Do you two want to get together for breakfast?” Shelby asked.

“How ‘bout brunch around one in our room,” Mary countered.

Both Chris and Shell nodded and smiled, “are you expecting a late night dear?” Shelby teased.

Mary just sighed, “This young slut has a wiggling bottom that needs taught a lesson dear...of course it’s going to be a long, late night.”

“See you kids at one then, even if Katie has to stand for brunch,” Shell giggled and released the elevator door.

Once we entered our room, Mary took me into her arms and pressed her soft lips to mine; kissing me ever so tenderly. She kissed near my ears, her warm breath sending shivers up my neck and into my pussy. My experienced lover lightly kissed the nape of my neck and behind my ears with her gentle mouth.

“Oh Mary,” I sighed deeply, “Please make love to me my darling.

“Yes darling,” her hot words tickled my ears, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes...I’m going to take my pleasure from your body my dear sweet Kate. I am going to make you scream dear. I will make you mine. I am going to control your body and mind.”

“Oh yes Mary. Take me. Please take me, and make yours,” I groaned lustily as my lover held me close.

Mary undressed me slowly: my sandals, my dress, my bra, and my panties. She knelt in front of me as she deftly peeled my panties down my legs, giving my vulva a soft, light kiss with her glistening lips before standing before me, “watch,” she commanded.

My eyes looked as my lover removed her clothes as if unwrapping the most precious present in the universe; slowly, sensuously, confidently removing every piece of her clothing before my lusty gaze. She stood before me in her bra and panties. Now I knew why her nipples appeared so large this sexy, wonderful day, as her bra looked a size or two too small, but the bra had cutouts so her nipples were exposed and tightly constricted at the base. This made my dear lover’s tender nubs engorged and erect.

“Oh how lovely,” I exclaimed, staring at her long womanly nipples.

“Suck them for mommy darling,” Mary demanded.

I did as I was asked and bent to take her right nipple in my warm mouth.

“A bit harder now Kate, “Mary said as her breathing became labored and erratic, “Gently bite the very tip...slowly dear...yes, that’s it...a bit pull my nipple away from my, slower...make it last slut...oh...oh, good girl Katie,” she sighed in a throaty, husky voice.

“Now the other,” Mary almost begged.

And I repeated my oral love to her left breast. All too soon, Mary pushed my mouth from her breast and turned her back to me, “Undo me darling,” she said.

I unhooked her bra and she shrugged her shoulders forward, removing the confining garment.

“Now my panties. Slowly, very, very slowly,” Mary instructed.

I was face-level with her lovely round bottom as I inched her damp panties down across her broad, womanly hips. I stared, fascinated by her bum cheeks--flawless and white--as I dragged my lover’s last vestige of clothing from her body. I was lost in my own lust as Mary stepped out of those satiny panties; I leaned into her bottom and kissed her anus. A slow gentle kiss; I tasted her musk of our long day of girl pleasure...I wanted to taste more of her earthy essence.

Mary took my hand and led me to our bed, our chariot of sexual dreams. We lay next to each other and explored as true lovers do, without inhibition: completely, totally. My darling touched my body in places I didn’t know existed, and I willingly returned her caresses. She spent long, lingering minutes gently rubbing my mature tummy--stretch marks and all--telling me how beautiful my body is, and how desirable I am as a genuine woman.

We whispered, “I love you,” over and over; each of us trying to assure the other that our physical pleasure was solidly founded in emotional bonding. My dear teacher tormented my newly-pierced nipples to a state of complete arousal. She manipulated my sore, sensitive nubs into an orgasmic state of pain and pleasure. Finally, she squatted above my mouth--her pretty flower wet with her excitement for me--and gave to me the treasure I so desired. As I licked and sucked her flowing cunt, she brought her mouth to my own flower, and we pleasured one another quietly, and gently; our bodies and souls relishing this most intimate kiss between women.

After several gentle climaxes, both my lover and I fell into a relaxed sleep against each others tender thigh. What wonderful, blissful sex this was.

Chapter XXVI

Mary woke me gently from my nap, “Darling. Darling, I want to fuck you now.”

I stretched like a cat as I woke to my lover’s desires, “umm, hhmm,” I moaned.

“Are you ready for me to possess your body and mind dear?” my dear lover asked.

“Oh yes my darling Mommy,” I responded in a twilight sleep.

“Turn on your tummy and stick your bottom up,” my lover demanded, “C’mon, get it all the way up in the air.”

I did as she requested, and soon felt something cold and slick being applied to my bum hole.

“You must relax darling,” Mary said as she manipulated my anus with her tender fingers.

She worked one long, delicate finger into my bottom. I moaned as she gently stretched my anus for her pleasure and mine.

“Have you ever had an enema dear,” Mary’s voice sounded distant, yet focused on her task.

“During my first pregnancy Mary...” But she cut me short.

“This first one will be cold Katie.”

As suddenly as she asked me the enema question, I felt the cold plastic nozzle being inserted into my rectum.

“Ohhhhh god,” I moaned as my teacher squeezed the contents of a disposable enema into my bowels.

“It’s Ok darling. Let Mommy get you all nice and clean,” my lover whispered into my ear.

“Oh Mary,” I protested, because my abdomen cramped as the cool liquid filled my bowels.

“I want you to hold it until I tell you otherwise my little Katie,” my Mary cruelly commanded.

And I did as she asked. My tummy felt bloated, and my bum hole felt strained to the point of loosing control, but I held my lover’s torment until she gave me permission to relieve myself.

“Come darling,” she said, taking me hand-in-hand to the toilet as she watched me empty my bowels. “Very good little Katie,” she proudly humiliated me, and then wiped me clean. “Back on the bed darling...bum up...your second cleansing is coming.”

True to her word, my dominant lover gave me an even more voluminous, warmer, enema. This second cleansing was dispensed from a large, red “hot water bottle” style bag. The nozzle was warm and much wider and longer than the first one.

“Try to take it all, my darling,” Mary whispered into my ear as she started the gentle trickle of warm water into my bowels.

I grunted my discomfort as I felt my tummy start to bloat, “how much mommy?” I asked.

“Three warm and sudsy quarts my darling,” she said as I watched my tummy grow larger and larger from the view between my legs.

“C’mon baby girl, you can do it,” Mary’s voice sounded excited, as if she wanted me to have an accident.

“Oh Mommmmmmmy, I feel so full,” I whined as I started to really enjoy this depraved game.

“Yes Katie, it’s supposed to feel that way,” as she also watched my abdomen expand while the warm soapy water filled me.

Mary would occasionally shut-off the flow to allow my bowels time to adjust. She gently rubbed my exposed pussy lips as she waited for me to let her know I was ready to continue. She would start the warm trickle again and continue to rub my pussy; now paying more attention to my clitoris.

“There darling, you’ve done it!” She exclaimed happily, “Now try to hold it dear.”

My dear, depraved lover left my side briefly and then returned to start gently massaging my button. I moaned lightly, both from the warm pressure in my abdomen and Mary’s work to get my clitoris to peek-out from under its hood.

“mmmmm...ahhhh...Mary this is incredible. How on earth did your ever think of this,” I moaned my arousal to my lover.

“Carolyn taught me dear,” she answered as I felt something cool and hard surround my button and something that sounded like a bicycle pump going, “Slurp, slurp, slurp.”

I looked past my distended tummy and watched as Mary was using a device that applied suction to my button. It was utterly fascinating to watch as my clitoris was sucked up a clear plastic tube until it was the size of a little tiny penis. And the constant pulling and sucking...amazing, just amazing.

“Is my little dyke slut doing alright?” She smiled at me.

“Yes Mommy,” I groaned, “I’m doing wonderfully darling.”

But my mind was wondering where Carolyn learned this trick, ‘I’m going to kill that silly bitch for not seducing me into this kind of sex sooner. After all what are best friends for,’ I giggled to myself.

“Mommy, its time,” I pleaded.

Mary deftly removed the sucking device from my clitoris and once again led me into the bathroom. By the time I evacuated my bowels from this treatment, my bottom felt as though it may fall away from my body. My anal muscles were so relaxed that I thought for sure that I would have an embarrassing accident.

Mary took me into the shower and cleaned my body and my bottom. She satisfactorily tested the capacity of my anus with her gentle fingers. She dried me gently and placed my hair into pig tails. My dear then presented me with a schoolgirl outfit much like Chrissy had worn the night before.

“Put this on and go wait on the bed for Mommy little Katie,” She instructed me as she entered the bathroom and closed the door.

Mary was dressed in a pink and white satin corset, styled much like Shelby’s but much more feminine in appearance. She wore lovely white stockings supported by delicate pink satin garter tabs attached to the corset. My darling had her breasts proudly on display and her hair was fully down and fanned out across her shoulders.

She stepped to the bed and grabbed my hand to lead me onto the sofa. She sat gracefully and led me to her lap, “Sit with Mommy my little darling.”

She kissed me softly as she ran her hand up under the scandalously short skirt I was wearing to feel my bare vulva.

“You’re such a naughty girl Katie,” she scolded me as she lifted my skirt, “not wearing any panties again...such a naughty girl.”

“Yes Ma’am, I a very naughty girl,” I said in a poutty, small voice.

“And do you know what happens to girls who are naughty like you Katie?” she questioned me with a hint of danger in her voice.

“No Ma’am, I don’t know.”

“They get fucked my dearest,” Mary hissed in my ear, “They get all the naughtiness fucked right out of them.”

My pussy was an absolute river of lust. My nipples were tender and aroused from my new piercing, my bottom warm and glowing from the enemas and my pearl was on-fire from the suction cup.

“Yes Ma’am, naughty little girls get the naughtiness fucked out of them.” I said with a weak, trembling voice.

Mary stood both of us and led me to the dresser and opened the bottom drawer. She presented me with the device I would be fucked by, “Help mummy put on her big dick darling,” my teacher commanded me.

This was a large l-shaped dildo, pink and menacing, with a penis-shaped extension for the pleasure of both the fuckee and fucker. Mary showed me how to lubricate “her half” as she helped me insert it into her cunt, and then secure the whole thing into a harness. She then applied some lubrication to “my half”, standing like a man, jacking-off her “big dick”. ‘Much bigger than any man I’ve ever been with,’ I thought expectantly.

She laid me on the bed and untied the sheer white halter top I was wearing, not removing it, but laying my breasts bare to her ministrations.

My darling crawled between my legs, in a very traditional missionary position and laid her body on mine. I felt her large, excited nipples and soft warm tits pressed onto my own ultra-sensitive nipples. I felt her “big dick” rubbing the outside of my vulva and across my tummy. She lightly kissed my mouth and then started hugging me close and nibbling around my ears and neck.

“I love you so much Katie, but you’re such a naughty girl,” she whispered seductively to me, “such a naughty little slut.”

I was returning her kisses and was clutching her body tightly to mine, wrapping my legs around my dear lover’s waist, “Yes Mommy, I’m a very naughty slut who needs to have all that naughtiness fucked from her body,” I teasingly moaned to my darling.

“Take Mommy’s big dick in your hands and guide it into your pussy darling,” Mary whispered lustily to me as she reared her hips back to allow me access to her “big dick”.

It felt warm and rigid, larger than my husband, but not so large as to be uncomfortable, “uuunnnggggg,” I groaned as my lover penetrated me with her “big dick”, “Yes Mary! Fuck me! Fuck your little girl Mommy,” I begged.

No more talking now, as my nasty lover rested herself inside me while kissing my face and neck. After a few moments she started to move; gently at first, then with more urgency...a bit faster and a bit harder...building a lovely pace that aroused me.

“Are you my naughty girl?” Mary demanded as she grabbed my legs from around her waist, placing my ankles on her shoulders and bending me double.

“Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh,” I whined and moaned, “Yes mommy I’m your naughty girl. Please fuck...” I was cut-off in mid-sentence as my beautiful tormentor slammed her hips--and her “big dick”--into me.

I looked up into Mary’s eyes as she fucked me harder and deeper, harder and deeper, like a freight train chugging through the night...thwack-a, thwack-a, thwack-a, thwack-a, thwack-a, thwack-a, thwack-a, thwack-a ...was the slick, wet sound of our bodies coming together. Harder and harder she pounded my body. Confident and steady, she pumped my tender pussy, repeatedly battering my distended and sensitive clitoris with her pelvic thrusts...thwack-a, thwack-a, thwack-a...she plowed my fertile furrow. My darling’s tits rocked before my face, ripe and excited; her nipples were engorged with her randiness while fucking her new girl.

I grasped her breasts behind each nipple and started pulling those lovely pink peaks towards my mouth. I stretched and twisted her sensitive buds until I heard her groan, “Ohhhhh yeahhhhhh, that’s what Mommy likes slut.” She closed her eyes and threw her head back...thwack-a, thwack-a, thwack-a...she fucked me so exquisitely. Her nipples grew longer and fatter as I played each rubbery nub into my mouth. I bit down hard on her left breast and heard a deeper, darker groan from my lover. Her pace quickened; more urgent, more needful, more masterful. My hips arched to meet her rapid, lusty thrusts, as I raced towards my climax, “Oh Mary, Oh Mary, Oh Mary,” I cried out her name in my primal desire for this goddess to possess me...thwack-a, thwack-a, thwack-a...she charged forward, showing no mercy to my aching soul.

The wet, slick, sloppy sounds of our fucking filled my ears. My ankles slipped from Mary’s proud shoulders as my arms reached around her back to draw her closer to my needful body, “Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop...” I chanted into her ear in time with her powerful rhythm. She dipped her mouth to my sore and sensitive nipple and bit down harshly, capturing my new adornment in her teeth and pulling my tender bud away from my body.

‘Surely this is the end of existence,’ I thought as the pain and pleasure of my lover’s actions went straight from my nipples to my clitoris and pushed me far over the edge of orgasmic bliss.

“OH, FUCK ME MARY!” I screamed my desire for my lesbian teacher, “OH PLEASE, FUCK ME MOMMY!”

I had heard of, but never experienced a multiple-orgasm until this most beautiful and heavenly of days, as my darling Mary steadily fucked me through three completely glorious climaxes...thwack-a, thwack-a, thwack-a, thwack-a, thwack-a...she fucked my pussy, making it hers...she fucked my body, making it hers...she fucked my mind, making it hers...she so thoroughly and wickedly fucked my soul, that I was hers forever.

Chapter XXVII

We lay panting, wet with perspiration, unable to speak as we descended from our orgasmic heights. Mary’s dildo, her “big dick”, slipped from my body, leaving me empty, but well and truly satisfied. My lover held me close to her breast, and I started to drift away on clouds of warmth and love as I listened to her heartbeat slow to its regular natural rhythm...thump-thump...thump-thump...thump-thump. Her warm, damp bust against my cheek felt so right as I snuggled closer to my dear girl lover.

I heard Mary quietly whisper, “I love you Kate,” as she and I both slipped into the hypnotic state of post-sex sleep. “I love you Mary,” I whispered in response.

The “knock-knock-knock” at our door was not welcome. My Mary raised her head and looked at the clock.

“Damn it, not now,” she groaned.

I craned my head to look at the clock, which read 7:30, and asked my lover to ignore it, “Just stay here darling,” I whined

Mary left our bed of lust and desire, and walked to the door, looked through the peephole, she then walked to the closet and put on one of the robes provided by the hotel.

“Mary?” I almost laughed out loud as she still wore her “big dick” that was clearly evident under the robe. She just smiled an evil smile and waved towards me as if to say, “Ok. Ok. I know what I’m doing.”

“Who is it?” Mary questioned.

“Room service Ma’am. Your 7:30 order,” well they were prompt but not particularly timely.

The same young woman from our breakfast service rolled the cart into the room.

‘At least this time it doesn’t squeak,’ I thought as I watched her lithe form go about her duties. Unlike this morning, she now wore a skirt rather than slacks, and her white blouse was very sheer; giving a sexy view of the lace bra underneath.

She stared at me as I sat up, drawing the covers over my chest while blowing a few stray hairs away from my face. Somehow, or on purpose, she didn’t notice the tent of Mary’s robe as she set our table.

“Avocado and sprouts, turkey and bacon, and roast-beef with horseradish Ma’am,” she said while arranging our meal; all the time glancing at me with lusty eyes.

‘Is she envious that my lover has just ravished my body, or does she want me,’ I thought.

“Yes dear. And a pitcher of iced tea and the other items I asked for...right?” Mary questioned the young woman.

“Yes Ma’am,” the girl answer as she dropped a napkin on the floor.

I watched as she turned her back towards me and bent from the waist to retrieve the dropped napkin.

‘How odd,” I thought until her dress rose and I saw her bare bottom and her hairy naked pussy, ‘Oh my gosh...she’s not wearing panties! What game is this girl playing,’ I giggled quietly.

“What a naughty girl,” Mary said as she stepped forward to harshly grasp our room service attendant by her hair, “Katie?” my dear lover looked at me, “What happens to naughty girls?” she playfully asked as she firmly held our young interloper’s head.

“They get fucked Ma’am,” I responded heartily; eagerly getting into my lover’s game. I wanted to see this young girl getting ravished...paying her penalty for teasing.

“Did you hear that slut?” Mary inquired of our young toy, “Is that what you want?”

“Yes Ma’am,” she squeaked.

“Say it then girly,” Mary sternly corrected the pretty femme fatal.

“Yes Ma’am, I want to get fucked by you,” this girl was obviously experienced in these games.

“Get on your knees and suck my “big dick” bitch,” Mary sneered at the young woman who dutifully did as she was commanded. Mary dropped her robe, and I watched the girl grasp the large dildo in her hands and sniff it, almost gleefully, before taking its length into her mouth. The darling girl moaned as she tasted my essence and felt Mary’s domination.

“What’s your name slut?” Mary demanded.

“Leah Ma’am” the young woman gasped as she briefly broke contact with our teacher’s “big dick”

Mary instructed me into my position at the edge of the bed: legs open wide with my wet, tingly pussy waiting and willing for this exciting new game. She placed darling Leah in a doggie-style position with her mouth on my pussy, “Lick it bitch,” she hissed. And then she fucked the poor dear, hard...much harder than she had taken me...thwack-a, thwack-a, thwack-a...

Leah moaned into my sore, but aroused hole as Mary unmercifully pounded her. I was in lesbian sex heaven. I was overjoyed watching my darling Mommy take this woman. Mary stopped and changed her position slightly. Leah’s contented moans turned to high pitch squeals and outright screams as Mary resumed her fucking at a much slower pace.

“Does little Leah like Mommy’s “big dick” in her asshole,” Mary hissed in the most vicious tone.

Leah didn’t say a word, but she pushed my knees towards my boobs, opening my bum to her oral talents. Mary’s fingers dug hard into poor Leah’s hips as she solidly butt fucked the pretty young woman.

Leah still held my legs to my breast as she raised her mouth away from my pussy, eyes closed with a look of strain and concentration on her face. She growled and grunted deeply, in time with Mary’s pumping, “Fuck my ass lady,” she sighed heavily, “Fuck it harder”.

Leah’s eyes opened ever so slowly and stared at me with sexual desperation. Her breathing was deep and labored as she approached her release.

“Oh Mrs. D, its so fucking good,” she moaned. “I’ve wanted you for soooo long,” and she put her tongue back into my anus and twisted and swirled her talented tip that sparked my climax. Leah moaned and growled through her climax as Mary pounded the girl’s tender bottom in search of her own bliss.

‘Mrs. D?’ I thought. I grabbed the girl’s head in my hands and raised her eyes to mine, “Leah?” I said, seeking some recognition.

“I want you Mrs. Donegal,” she sighed as she engulfed my entire sex into her warm soft mouth; causing another wave of pure ecstasy to course through my body as I realized my pussy was being sucked by a girl that used to baby-sit my children.

“Oh my but you’ve grown dear,” I sighed while pulling her hot, sucking mouth tighter against my flooding pussy, “Oh but how you’ve grown...”

Mary lay collapsed across Leah’s back, as Leah rested her head on my tummy as I gently stroked her soft wet hair. Our happy threesome panted deeply as we all tried to relax our excited bodies.

“Mary Gonzales, you’re an evil, evil woman,” I sighed happily as Mary raised her head to look at me through sleepy eyes, “you just butt fucked my babysitter darling,” I giggled.

Mary laughed and wrapped her arms around Leah; hugging her tightly.

“Lady, you can fuck this girl’s ass any time, anytime you want,” Leah moaned her delight in the quick, intense fuck given her by my lover.

“I hate to fuck and run, but I have to get back to work,” Leah said as her eyes screwed shut while she gasped heavily as Mary withdrew the dildo from the girl’s bottom, “Oh god that was good,” Leah sighed again.

She stood and kissed Mary passionately while stroking Mary’s “big dick” in her young hand, “Hi Mary, I’m Leah it sure is nice to meet you lady,” Leah teased, “You sure do know how to fuck a girl babe,” Leah emphasized “fuck” as she sharply tugged on the anal intruder strapped to my lover’s waist. “Mind if I use the shower?”

“No go ahead,” Mary said as she started to remove her “big dick”, “Oh Kate that was lovely dear. So that’s your babysitter, huh?” Mary teased as she peeled-off her damp costume.

“I never recognized her,” I protested, “I haven’t seen her in six or seven years,” I defended myself as Mary crawled into bed with me and removed my sticky clothes.

“Mommy fucked the babysitter, mommy fucked the babysitter,” Mary teased as we started to giggle together.

Leah came out of the bathroom, dressed and ready for her work as Mary and me sat naked and watched the sexy young temptress write down her phone number for us and prance towards the door. “Oh shit, I almost forgot,” she stopped and retrieved the check and presented it to Mary, “Ma’am,” she giggled and Mary signed.

“When does your shift end Leah?” my Mary asked.

“At 1:30, but if I’m caught up on the guest floors when I’m not on shift I get fired,” Leah said apologetically.

“Well, we do have midnight supper scheduled,” Mary winked at Leah.

The horny slut raised the front of her skirt and firmly rubbed two fingers through her puffy, wet mound and brought the damp digits to her mouth, “mmmmmm, I can’t wait,” she teased us while licking her fingers clean. “Bye Mary. Bye Mrs. D,” and she was gone.

“That’s one hot little babysitter you have there darling,” Mary said as she snuggled against me and held me tight.

Chapter XXVIII

The remainder of our night was one huge mass of sexual exploration and delight. Mary gave me another series of filling, warm enemas and used that nasty little clitty suction toy to make my sore clitoris even more sensitive, before she gently, ever so gently took my anal virginity with her “big dick”. I certainly understood the look of strain and lust that was on Leah’s face as Mary was ravishing her bottom.

“Don’t be too impatient dear,” Mary scolded me when I asked to go harder and faster, “I’ll get you there eventually slut girl.”

My darling gave a most wonderful full body massage afterwards. She spent almost two hours rubbing warm oil onto my tortured body. All the while whispering glowing, endearing nothings in me ears. A few minutes before midnight the expected knock came at the door. Mary jumped up, still naked, and opened the door to allow Leah in with our supper.

“Just leave it slut,” Mary stopped Leah from setting our table, “we want pussy!”

Mary all but attacked the poor girl as they both giggled while trying to get Leah out of clothes and into our bed in record time.

“Mrs. D this is so cool, I’ve had the biggest crush on you since I was 13,” Leah confessed, “Hell woman, you’re the whole reason I’m a dyke.” And Leah kissed me passionately, her tongue probing urgently, she desperately sought my sex.

“Mrs. D?” she smiled at me, “Mrs. D, will you please eat my cunt,” the young seductress begged.

“Does my little Katie want to eat her babysitter’s juicy cunt? Hmm, do you darling,” Mary tormented me with getting back into our role playing in front of my children’s former sitter.

“Ohhh Ohhhhh,” I trembled, “Yes mommy, I want to eat Leah’s cunt.”

Leah got on her back at the head of the bed and I lay on my tummy between her outstretched legs. Her hips were positively bouncing in anticipation.

“C’mon naughty little Katie start sucking my cunt,” the girl taunted me, increasing my humiliation and my arousal.

Mary raised my hips and placed a pile of pillows under me.

“What do naughty little girls get honey,” Mary threatened in my ear.

“They get fucked Mommy,” I whined, waiting to feel Mary’s “big dick” enter me from behind.

“How old are you Leah,” Mary ask our guest as she moved around behind me.

“22. Oh Mrs. D, this is just so beautiful. I’ve fantasized about this for nine years,” Leah exclaimed as she placed her hand on the back of my head and pulled my mouth tighter to her slick cunt.

I felt Mary’s weight on the bed and instead of her dildo, she poured warm lubricating gel all around my sore pussy and started to slow finger my hole.

“What do naughty girls get Katie?” she asked again as she joined a third finger gently moving inside me.

“They get fucked mummy,” I whined as she added a fourth finger.

“Yes darling they get fucked, and now I’m going to fuck my naughty girl with my hand,” Mary was good to her word.

“Oh Mary I don’t know if...” I was panting as I felt her stretching my pussy as Leah was bucking her wetness all over my face.

The girl grabbed my head and looked me in the eyes, “Are you a virgin Mrs. D?”

I couldn’t speak. Just loud guttural moans escaped my mouth, “Aaggghhhh... Aggghhhh... Aggghhhhhh, “I groaned as Mary went a bit further into me with each gentle trust.

She pulled her hand from me and I felt more lubricating gel being applied to my stretched hole. I was very slick as my dear Mary started stretching me again. One time, two times, three times, four times she went after my virginity. ‘Yes that’s what Leah said,’ I thought, ‘I’m loosing my virginity for the second time in one night’.

“Come on baby, relax so mommy can fuck you,” seven times, eight times, nine times.

I concentrated on relaxing and then it happened her entire hand entered me. And she starts to fuck and fuck; slowly at first and then building; she fucks me; she breaks my pretty pussy in two; I cry out again and again; incoherent screams of desire as I cry salty wet tears of release; my darling lover fucks me deeper and deeper with her skilled hand.

Somewhere in my mind I heard Leah saying that if I felt like I hade to pee to not hold back, “Trust me Mrs. D, it isn’t pee. Just let go.”

“Just let go.” Mary reassured me, “Let it all go darling.”

It was tough. But Mary was there in the bed next to me; fucking me deeply with her hand and forearm, and Leah was talking in such a sure, soothing way as she rubbed my mouth and face with her juicy flower. So I did what my lovers asked, and I let go.

Seconds later, I was climaxing. Screaming Mary’s name again and again, “MARY...MARY...MARY,” she fucked me through this epiphany of physical pleasure. It felt like a completely different kind of orgasm. I had that climax feeling, but instead of being followed by a flash and my pussy contracting, I felt a warm wave run through my insides. It overtook me, “OH MARY...OH MARY...OH MARY,” and I went with it; my breathing out of control and my body weak...I fainted from the overwhelming pleasure as Mary kept fucking me.

Chapter XXIX

I woke to a darkened room, Mary's breast my pillow as my darling lover held me while we slept.

"I love you," I whispered ever so softy and padded quietly into the bathroom where I peed and looked at my self in the mirror. I looked a fright, but I was so happy. I smiled at myself thinking of what I had done over the past day and a half, `Slut,' I thought happily.

I grabbed a glass of water and headed back to bed, and then I smelled food and realized how hungry I was. I went to the warming cart that Leah thoughtfully left behind and picked around, there were a couple of nice-sized beef fillets, mashed potatoes, green beans, garden salad, bread, mineral water, and a card with my name on the plain white envelope.

My Sexy Kate,

You have made all my dreams come true tonight. Thank you, you darling woman, for allowing my fantasies to become reality.

You and Mary are incredibly sexy together. Your lover explained everything to me and I'm so happy that I could be part of your awakening to the love women share.

Please let's do keep in-touch this time.

Love Always, Leah

I started to cry lightly as I read the girl's tender words, `How lovely she is,' I though as a reread the note.

I felt Mary's hand on my shoulder, "Leah's beautiful darling," she whispered.

Mary served our supper and lit candles on the table. We sat quietly in the darkened room and watched each other eat; holding hands between bites of food. The gentle tinkle of silver against china and the occasional sigh were the only sounds in the room.

"Come darling, let's sleep," Mary guided us back to bed.

--End Part VII of GFBM--



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Damp, but not quite there
My button's tingly
Dry, dry, dry...  (Worst)