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Secrets Revealed

By Strickland83



Part I – History


Chapter 2


When we got to my bunkhouse, Patrice slowed to a stop and just looked at the door.


“Are you sure about this?” I asked her. “You don’t have to go through with it, you know.”


She shook her head. Then she looked deeply into my eyes.


“I want to do this. I want to do it with you,” she told me.


I could hear the love in her words, a love I felt for her as well. I reached for the screen door and held it open. She walked in and went straight for my room, putting her bag down softly on Jim’s bed.


“He won’t be back until late tomorrow afternoon,” I reassured her.


“I know. We’re all alone.”


I felt a knot in my stomach. This wasn’t my first time but I was still nervous. I really cared for Patrice and it was my first time with her. More importantly, it was her first time.


“So, do you—” I started to say.


“Do I—?” she said, looking a little nervous again.


This was silly. I just had to come out and say it. We both knew we were here to have sex.


“Do you want to go take a shower now?” I cleared my throat. “Together?”


Now I felt like I was sweating. I felt my nervousness in the pit of my stomach.


“It’s not that I don’t want to, Tim. It’s just… I’m a little nervous, you know?” Patrice said, her voice not really steady.


The crickets were the only sound. Patrice sat down on the bed, on my bed. The creak punctuated the quiet.


“Can we just kiss for awhile?” Patrice asked sounding unsure again.


“Sure, hon. That sounds nice.”


I sat next to her. She put one hand on the sheet, smoothing it and feeling the texture. I reached out and touched my fingers to her chin. I turned her face to mine. Her eyes closed but I could see the indecision in her expression. She wanted to yet she didn’t. I leaned forward and pressed my lips to hers.


We both took a deep breath as we started to kiss. We had kissed before. We had even touched each other. We just hadn’t done it before. Patrice had said the time wasn’t right. I had waited.


As I kissed her, I tried to reposition us both to lying down.


“No, Tim. Not yet. I just want to kiss.”


“Okay. I was just going to kiss you.”


“Look. It’s different for a girl. I’ll never be the same again. I just want to be sure this is right.”


“It’s right, Patrice. It’s been right. We love each other.”


“I know we do. I’m just not sure I’m ready to take the next step. Maybe it will be tonight. Maybe I just need a little time.”


I felt her emotions, her fears and desires, in my heart. I wanted her to want this. If she didn’t want it, I didn’t really want it to happen, as much as I wanted her.  I certainly didn’t want her to regret doing this later.


I kissed her again, being careful not to press against her body.


“You don’t have to do that,” she said.  “I’m not ready to go all the way but it’s still alright to touch me.”


When I didn’t move, she picked up my hand and placed it on her breast, right over the camp logo. I pressed my hand into her firm softness, feeling the t-shirt material. As I squeezed, I felt the plastic nametag with my fingertips. Then, my eyes widened.


“You’re not wearing a bra!”


Patrice giggled. “I told you I was thinking about it.”


My heart beat faster and my blood flow was being redirected.


“What else are you not wearing?”


“I have everything else on,” she assured me. “I thought you’d like discovering that, though. I can’t believe it took you so long to figure it out.”


I put my other hand on the other one. I could feel both her nipples hardening under my touch. My dick, which had been semi-hard all night, was stirring.


Breathing deeply, I suggested, “Let’s take off our shirts.”


“Tim,” admonished Patrice.


Wanting to take her mind off her indecision and make her focus on how she wanted this, I asked, “When did you take off your bra?”


Patrice giggled sweetly.


“When you were talking with Abby, I pulled it off under my shirt. I was so worried you two were going to come in the room and catch me pulling my bra through the armhole of my shirt.” She stopped and it was apparent she was thinking this over. “I’m sorry I’m so nervous.”


I didn’t speak. I didn’t want to push anymore. I let her work through her fears on her own.


“I want to do it. I want to do it with you.” I heard her take a deep breath, enjoying watching her erect nipples under the soft material of her shirt. Her face showed a new resolve. She squeezed my hand. “Let’s go take a shower,” she announced.


I think my dick grew two inches at her words. I had to almost physically restrain myself to not jump up. I rose as slowly as I could make myself and grabbed two towels from the shelf. Patrice grabbed her bag. I looked questioningly at her.


“I have something special to wear for you,” she explained, smiling slyly.


I raised my eyebrows. Without speaking another word, she tugged on my hand and led me towards the showers.


As we walked through the bunkhouse, I thought of all those young boys who had slept there just last night. If they only knew what was about to take place in here… .


That must have been when Patrice finally made up her mind. There was no more hesitation. She entered the big bathroom without any pause. The room seemed so empty with just the two of us there. Patrice turned around to face me, a sexy smile on her face, and pulled her shirt over her head. I stared at her perfect breasts as they bounced into view. She continued to smile as she watched me watching her. She laid her shirt on a bench and kicked her shoes off. She took off her socks and put them on her shirt, arranging each one carefully. I just stood there watching. I was enjoying discovering the body I had fantasized about for weeks.


Patrice kept eye contact with me as her hands undid the waist of her shorts. I just stood there with my erection making a tent in my own shorts. She opened the front of her shorts and pulled them down. I remember vividly seeing her light blue panties come into view. She didn’t bend over to lower her shorts. She let them fall to her ankles and stepped out of them. The shorts joined the rest of her clothes and she was standing before me in just her panties. I could plainly see the bulge made by her lips.


My heart was pounding as I realized this was really going to happen. I was going to take her virginity. My mouth went dry as the thought that I was probably the first guy to see her body occurred to me. Patrice seemed to enjoy the effect undressing was having on me. I’m not sure I was even breathing.


After pausing to watch me with amusement, Patrice finally put her thumbs in the waistband of her skimpy blue panties. I watched as she pulled them down with agonizing slowness. My eyes were glued to the front of her panties. I saw the patch of hair slowly appear, curly and dark. She seemed to be moving slower as the waistband went lower. I also think she was enjoying the anticipation she was making me feel.


At long last, her panties slid down her legs, revealing her virgin pussy to my eyes. I just stood there, staring at what was revealed between her legs. The panties had joined all the rest of her clothes, now in a neat pile on the wooden bench. Patrice was standing before me, seeming to enjoy having her body on display before my eyes.


After a long time staring, I was drawn out of my daze by the sound of her clearing her throat. I looked up slowly, from her pussy to her tits, and finally to her face. She was looking expectantly at me. When my look of confusion didn’t change, she spoke.


“Aren’t you going to take off your clothes?” Patrice asked.


“What? Yeah, sure,” I muttered.


I was feeling embarrassed now. I looked down as I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it over my head. I tossed it but missed the bench. Coming to my senses, I now removed my remaining clothes with more speed, anxious to be naked like her. Patrice finally laughed, a delightful sound echoing through the otherwise empty room. I was naked and my clothes lay discarded all over the floor. I was still holding my underwear as she spoke up.


“I thought you were never going to get undressed.” Then she looked down before casting her eyes back up to me. “I’m flattered you enjoyed watching me, though,” she told me, speaking more softly.


I smiled shyly as I managed to successfully land my underwear on the bench. Patrice stepped forward into my arms. The warm feel of her body against mine snapped me back to reality. I held her close and pressed my lips to hers. This kiss was positively electric as we each enjoyed the feel of naked flesh. I could feel the beating of her heart through her firm breasts. Her nipples poked into my chest, and my dick felt only soft hair in the space between her legs.


Our lips delicately parted and I opened my eyes. I focused on her face, smiling pleasantly. Patrice smiled impishly.


“I thought you were going to turn blue when you were waiting for me to take off my panties. Were you even breathing?”


“I don’t think so. You left me breathless,” I said honestly.


“Thank you,” she said. Then, “How about that shower?”


Instead of being embarrassed again, I just giggled. Pulling her close again, my erection sandwiched this time between our stomachs, I kissed her just below one earlobe.


“Oh,” she moaned, “if you keep that up, you’ll make me forget all about the shower.”


I raised one eyebrow in question.


“I want the shower. We have all night for what comes next,” she said. “I want to be clean for you.”


Instead of letting her go, I pulled her along with me as I moved us to a showerhead. I reached up with one hand, behind her, and turned on the water as I maneuvered us to the side until the temperature had adjusted. I used the opportunity to turn on a second showerhead. Finally letting go of the lovely lady in my arms, I reached up to adjust the two showerheads so they aimed at a point in the middle. We now had a nice big shower sized for two.


We kissed again as the spray cascaded over our bodies. The slickness of her stomach and her breasts was heavenly as she writhed against me. My arms reached around her, my hands moving down her back to her ass almost of their own volition. It was hardly a romantic hotel suite. It was Patrice and me, the two of us together yet all alone. It was the perfect setting.


Our lips parted. I relaxed my grasp and took a step or two back. I regarded the beauty in my arms as my hands rested on her shapely hips. The water sluiced between her tits, flowed in a translucent sheet down her flat stomach, and gathered into a river as it left her body. It formed a thick stream flowing down from her pussy, drawing my eyes to the dark triangle at the juncture of her legs.


Patrice cleared her throat to get my attention. With agonizing slowness, I lifted my gaze. I ran my eyes up her delicious body until my eyes met hers. I found her smiling.


“That’s better. I was wondering if I would ever get to see your eyes again,” Patrice told me.


I felt guilty for a moment. Then my feelings for her took over.


“I couldn’t help myself,” I told her honestly, feeling each word coming from my heart. “Seeing you, seeing your body exposed to me, knowing what you are giving to me, I can’t do anything but stare at you.”


“That’s so sweet, Tim.”


She reached for my cheeks with her hands and kissed me again. It was a kiss that was gentle yet firm. Born of delicate emotions yet bred with ardor. As Patrice kissed me, she ran one leg up mine. That feeling almost made me lose my balance. I did my best to hold on to her, one hand holding on to her slick and shapely bottom.


The splatter of the water made enough noise to cover the sounds we were making, in case someone should walk by the building. I knew that wouldn’t be the case later in my bedroom.


We finally satisfied our immediate urges enough to move on to actually getting clean. We passed on washcloths, instead soaping up our hands and rubbing them all over each other. The smoothness of her breasts as I soaped them was heavenly. Her nipples were erect as they slid through my fingers and Patrice moaned as I pulled on them. She, meanwhile, was enjoying soaping up my chest.


I pulled Patrice to me roughly, her body melding to mine as her breath left her in a rush. She smiled up at me as I leaned in to kiss her. As we kissed, her slick hands ran over my butt. I realized she was pulling me harder to her so she could feel my erection trapped against her stomach.


When our lips parted, she smiled and said, “I feel something that still needs to be washed.”


With a grin painting her face, Patrice descended to her knees in front of me. I shifted to block the spray from her face. She looked truly delighted as she took my fully hard cock in her hands. I was having a little trouble controlling my knees as she stroked me, appraising her prize.


She didn’t look at me for a few minutes, instead closely studying my member. It was probably the first one she had ever seen. I enjoyed watching the fascination evident in her expression.


Wrapping one delicate hand around the shaft, she rubbed the tip between her thumb and forefinger. After a careful examination of my dick and my balls, she leaned a little more forward and, looking up to meet my eyes, she sucked the head of my dick into her mouth. I felt the end of her tongue delicately rubbing against my tip and I groaned out loud. She removed my dick from her mouth to speak, much to my disappointment.


“Abby said you’d like it when I did that,” she said, an enormous grin spreading across her face.


“You two talked about this?” I asked, astonished.


“Uh-huh, but please don’t tell Abby I told you that. She was embarrassed at first to even talk to me about it, but I kept asking her questions about what the first time would be like. She was like a big sister to me.”


I shook my head in disbelief. I tried to imagine Patrice and Abby, late at night, having a discussion about fucking while the girls slept right outside their door.


My musing was dashed as Patrice returned for another taste, this time applying suction that buckled my knees. Seeing the reaction that had on me, she again stopped.


“Do you want to sit on the bench while I suck you?” she asked as sweetly as ever.


I couldn’t believe this lovely creature was saying all this. I hadn’t ever been with a girl who talked this much during sex. In a strange sort of way, it was nice. Really nice.


I nodded and reached down for her hand. Helping her stand, we moved over to one of the wooden benches. Patrice grabbed one of our towels and dropped it in front of me so she would have something soft to kneel on. I sat, she knelt, and she took me in her mouth once again as the two showerheads continued to run in front of us.


I had to grip the edge of the bench with both hands when she really started sucking. I remember thinking that Trip must be a lucky guy if Abby really taught Patrice all this. I knew I wouldn’t last long.


Realizing what was about to happen, and that Patrice might not, I spoke up. It wasn’t easy to concentrate on speaking as she sucked me like that, but I managed.


“Honey, you’re about … to make me cum. I’ll … I’ll try to warn … you before I … shoot.”


She removed me from her sweet mouth one last time, just long enough to say, “It’s okay. I want you to cum in my mouth.”


She immediately took me back into her mouth, her lips stretching into a very large O and her chin dimpling. As her words registered, as I realized what she intended to do, that did it. I had passed the point of no return. I briefly regretted that this magnificent blowjob wasn’t going to last longer, but then I reached out to hold her cheeks in my hands—and spurted.


I came in her mouth as she looked lovingly into my eyes. Her expression was as if she was asking Am I doing it right? The pleasure I felt was beyond words. She was doing it right, alright. So right. Then her expression changed with the second spurt. She looked panicked. She suddenly pulled her wonderful warm mouth off my dick and I finished spurting on her cheek and her neck. The white ropes of my cum started to flow down her body as she coughed.


As my spurts died down, I saw that she was struggling to swallow what was in her mouth. The sound of the falling water slowly returned as I rejoined the real world. When I had no more cum to give her, she finally managed to swallow but with difficulty.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized. “I thought I could swallow it all, but the taste…, the texture…”


“It’s alright,” I said. “It felt wonderful. You might come to like the taste, maybe not. It doesn’t matter. I love that you tried to do that for me.”


We sat there, naked, watching each other as the sound of water pouring out of the two showerheads filled the room. We were both grinning. I could see her tongue moving around in her mouth as if she was still tasting my cum, trying to enjoy it.


When I felt ready to stand, I got to my feet, announcing, “I’d like to do something for you, now.”


Patrice’s face lit up. Apparently, Abby had told her about that, too, and she was anxious. I pushed the pile of clothes to the other end of the bench and spread out a towel for her to lie on. Without waiting for instruction, Patrice took my place on the bench, moving her knees apart without modesty as she sat. I took her hand and turned her so she lay along the length of the bench with her feet on the floor at one end. The bench was narrow, but not so narrow that she might roll off.


I knelt on the concrete floor between her knees and adored the sight before me. I realized I was in a place that no one had ever been before. There might be many who came after me, but I was the first. Her first.


Patrice was holding her head up so she could watch what I was doing. I gave her a smile before lowering my face to her pussy. Her dark hair was only barely concealing her virgin slit.


I used the tips of my index fingers to peel open her lips and reveal the tender inner flesh. I smiled as I did so, enjoying touching her so intimately. Knowing she had no experience with this, I wasted no time exploring her with my fingers. I set out with my tongue to discover this new territory. First I touched the wet tip of my tongue to the tip of her clit. It was peeking out at me from under its hood, curious about the new stranger. When I made contact, Patrice made a sound. It was kind of like, “Ooh,” but really drawn out. Not surprised, but rather very, very pleased. I explored the area about her clit, smelling and tasting the very essence of her womanhood.


At the limit of my vision, I noticed that Patrice was tensing and relaxing muscles all along her body. Her stomach, her sides, her arms, even her face—all were responding to my touch. I was so pleased with myself for being the very first person to show her that her body was capable of feeling such pleasure.


I moved lower, seeking out the source of her moisture. When I reached the passageway to her womb, I grinned. Her juices were flowing out, past where the towel ended and darkening the wood of the bench at the end of the seat. Her body wanted mine so badly. I could feel my own erection throbbing, reminding me of how badly my body wanted hers.


Turning my attention to the opening, I tenderly tasted the flow, enjoying her unique flavor. My tongue touched her hymen. I knew that her body would be changing irrevocably in only a few minutes. I, alone, would experience the feeling of tearing her open, getting her ready for all the penises that would come after. I felt a moment of guilt for that brief pain that I would cause her. Thinking then of the pleasure we would both feel after that moment, I overcame those pangs of guilt.


I touched her pussy with my tongue, licking and sucking. I used my lips to pull on her lips. Occasionally, I strayed up to give her clit a few licks before returning. Though my knees were starting to ache, I didn’t want to move. I wanted to make her cum in my mouth first.


When I looked over the patch of her curly hair to check on her, her facial expression told me the goal I was seeking was close at hand. Her eyes were becoming unfocused and she was starting to moan. She was about to cum.


I redoubled my efforts, driving her over the edge she wasn’t sure she wanted to cross. Suddenly, she violently tried to sit up. At the same time, her legs closed around me, trapping my face where she most needed me to be at that moment. She lowered herself back to the bench and she thrust her pelvis up in an attempt to increase the pressure between her pussy and my mouth.


One last lick across her opening, then I moved my lips up to her clit. I sucked on it, pulling it along with its hood into my mouth. My tongue danced over the tip, now starting to hide from me, as I kept up the suction. I let go with the fingers of my right hand and played over her hymen with my index finger. I tentatively stretched the tiny opening before changing to my little finger which easily entered her. Turning my hand over with my finger inside her, I sought out her G-spot as she cried out.


I felt an increase in her wetness and her pussy clench around my finger. Her legs were now trying to crush me as she came in my mouth.


I let her down easily, not wanting to leave her too sensitive for the next performance. She relaxed and I took advantage of the moment to pull back from between her legs. She had opened her eyes, though they were staring seemingly unfocused at the ceiling. I sat back on my haunches, proud of what I had done for her.


Patrice spoke while still looking up.


“Abby told me it was going to be wonderful, but damn!”


I could hear the happiness in the sound of her voice.


“I’m glad you enjoyed it so much,” I told her.


Enjoy is too mild a word for what I felt.”


She finally shifted her gaze and looked at me.


“Did you like doing that?” she asked tentatively.


“Of course. I loved it, as much if not more than you enjoyed doing it to me,” I reassured her.


She smiled at that. She held out a hand. Taking the cue, I got up and helped her stand. She was a little unsteady on her feet at first, but she quickly overcame that. She looked down to the bench.


“Did I do all that?” she asked, referring to the puddle of her juices at the end of the seat.


“Yes. Thank you,” I told her.


She crinkled up her nose.


“Don’t feel that way. I enjoyed it,” I said.


When she looked at me with disbelief, I countered her thoughts with, “Didn’t you enjoy tasting me?”


“Yes, but…” she started to say.


She looked expectantly at me and I grinned.


“Well?” I asked.


I enjoyed watching her work that out in her head. She finally smiled, understanding that I could enjoy tasting her as much as she enjoyed tasting me.


“Now that we have that settled, are you ready to go to bed?” I asked her.


As confident and as horny as I felt, I still felt a twinge of nervousness in the pit of my stomach as I spoke that question. Patrice looked at me, looking like both a little girl and a woman at the same time. It was fitting, for she was on the very threshold between those two states. She didn’t hesitate. I must be reaping the benefits of many late night conversations with Abby for she smiled and took me by the hand. Tugging on my hand, she turned for the door. Thinking about what was still on both of our faces, I resisted.


“Let’s rinse off under the shower first,” I suggested.


She looked back to the water which was still running. She giggled and nodded, and let me lead her back under the stream of water.


We quickly rinsed off. I noticed that she ran a hand along her slit and it looked like she inserted an index finger into her opening, perhaps feeling the tightness of her hymen for the very last time.


I turned off the two showerheads. The final knob creaked as the sound of the splashing water died away completely. The room was suddenly very quiet.  The entire building was quiet. I realized that she might start to get nervous so I grabbed one of the towels and pulled her close as I wrapped it around her. I hugged her luscious body to mine as I dried her back. Her expression showed that she was enjoying this as much as I was.


When I finished, I pushed her a step away and dried her front. I especially enjoyed handling each breast as I dried it, and the feel of drying her pussy. I knelt to dry each leg with my face inches away from the pussy I was about to penetrate.


When I was done, she did the same to me, handling and drying my hard cock with the same care I had shown her breasts. The towel was a little rough for my sensitive head, but I withstood it for her enjoyment. What I felt was minor compared to what I was about to do to her.


When we were dry, Patrice tossed the towel towards the bench. It missed and ended up as a heap on the floor.


“Turn around,” she ordered, her finger indicating what she wanted me to do.


“Why?” I asked.


She gave me an exasperated look and reached into her bag. Instead of pulling out her hand, she said more emphatically, “Turn around.”


I shrugged and turned around. I felt silly standing there, naked and staring at the wall. Behind me, I could hear her taking something out of the bag. I was tempted to sneak a peek but I didn’t want to do that to her. I waited but my curiosity was definitely piqued.


The sounds behind me stopped. Then after a pause, Patrice said, “Okay, you can turn back around now.”


I turned and the vision took my breath away. Patrice was standing there wearing a baby doll nightie. It was almost see through. Her nipples and pubic hair were barely visible shadows. She looked so beautiful that my chest ached just looking at her.


“You are so beautiful,” I barely breathed.


She blushed as she stepped forward and put an arm around my neck to pull me close to her. I felt her erect nipples dig into my chest through the thin fabric. She raised her eyebrows as if to ask, What’s next?


I knew exactly what was next, and so did she. I slid an arm around her back and pulled her to my side. Then I took her by the hand and led her across the building to my room.


The wooden floor creaked in the stillness of the empty room as we padded to the door of my bedroom. I felt Patrice’s hand tighten in my grip ever so slightly as we neared the door. She was still a little nervous. I intended to ask her one more time before I took her, to give her one more chance to change her mind. I wanted this. I wanted it so badly, but I didn’t want her to feel forced. I wanted her to give herself to me willingly, lovingly. I wanted most of all for her first time to be… wonderful.


I stepped through the door but Patrice hesitated, pulling on my arm. She was probably thinking how she was entering that room a virgin but would leave as something different. She looked at me and smiled shyly. I noticed her breasts rise as she took a deep breath and stepped in.


I sat on my bed and patted a spot next to me to invite her to sit. She did. I thought I looked silly, sitting there with my erection sticking up, bobbing with my heartbeat. My body knew what it wanted. My heart wanted to be sure she still wanted it.


“Patrice, are you still sure you want to do this?” I asked her, feeling my love for her as a pleasant ache in my chest. My heart was pounding as I am sure hers was at that moment.


My lovely Patrice looked deeply into my eyes, a tear just starting to fall from a corner of her left eye, as she nodded slowly.


“Yes,” she said, so softly that I almost couldn’t hear it. Then, she spoke more clearly, “Yes, take me. Make love to me.”


She held her arms up. Taking the hint, I undressed her. The silky fabric hissed as I pulled it over her head. She lifted her bottom so I could pull the panties down her legs. I noticed how wet the crotch was as I pulled her bottoms free of her ankles and tossed them aside.


Once she was naked again, she leaned to me for a kiss. I put my arm around her back and kissed her deeply, our tongues meeting, as I pressed her head back onto my pillow. I shifted until I was on top of her. She parted her legs and I moved mine between them. My instincts were telling me to push forward and enter her right there, but my head intervened. I slowly pulled my lips from hers, our mouths separating wetly, and I moved to sit up. Patrice looked surprised, as if she didn’t understand.


I got up and stepped to the counter, to open the cardboard box. The paper tore open with a sound that penetrated the quiet of the night. When she saw what I was opening, she smiled broadly and put her head back down on the pillow.


I ripped open a packet and pulled out the rolled up condom. I took a step back so I could put it on my cock, but then realized that she would probably enjoy watching what I was doing. I turned to face her, my cock standing up proudly on display. She did watch eagerly as I pressed the end to my dick. I pinched the end with two fingers and rolled the rest down my shaft. Patrice watched wide-eyed as it unrolled to cover my entire shaft.


“Wow,” she whispered.


I smiled and returned to the bed, wearing only that piece of latex. It was all that would separate me from Patrice, and it was just enough to keep her from getting pregnant.


When I got to the bed, she started to move to one side to make room for me but then caught herself. With a little laugh, she returned to the middle of the bed and opened her legs wide. She was as beautiful as an angel as she prepared to surrender herself to me.


The bed gave a groan as I added my weight to hers. I knelt in front of her and held my hard dick with one hand. This was the moment. We were going to do it. It.


I pressed the end of my cock to her lips and she drew in a deep breath. I also saw her body tense.


“Relax, I’m just putting my dick against it. I’ll let you tell me when you’re ready for me to… you know,” I tried to reassure her.


Patrice just nodded. I rubbed my condom-covered dick against her wet lips, gathering moisture from the bottom and dragging it through her lips up to her clit.


“I can feel how warm it is,” she said with breathless wonder.


“You feel pretty warm, too,” I told her.


I rubbed over her clit a few times and she squirmed. I smiled and moved lower, to where I would penetrate her. I pushed forward and felt the barrier. She tensed a lot more that time. We both knew what was coming next.


I opened my mouth to speak but Patrice interrupted me.


“I’m ready. Do it now, Tim.”


I nodded. It looked like she was trying to make herself relax. I pushed forward. She drew in a really deep breath and held it. I put my weight behind my push. With my dick securely in place, I leaned forward onto her and moved both hands to her hips to pull.


Her face showed a momentary look of surprise, then discomfort which quickly turned to pain. I ached as I knew I was causing her that pain. My only comfort was in knowing that it would only be for an instant, to be followed by great pleasure. I felt the opening start to enlarge. She was tearing. I leaned forward and pressed my mouth to hers.


Patrice cried out, a scream that was muffled by a kiss. I parted my lips and she screamed into my mouth. At that moment her hymen became just a tattered memory and I slid into her pussy.


I turned my face, our lips separating wetly, until my cheek was beside hers. I kissed her cheek and turned my face back so I could kiss her again on the lips. Her mouth opened against mine and I entered her mouth with my tongue.


I felt the change. As the pain lessened and the pleasure replaced it, she slowly wrapped her legs around mine. I reveled in the smooth feel of her legs as she grasped me. Her arms which were already around me gripped tighter. Her legs now slid along my body; she was enjoying the feeling. I started thrusting in and out of her pussy and her hips mirrored my efforts.


We made love accompanied by the squeak of the bed and the whine of the crickets through the open windows. I took a moment to wonder if anyone else had heard her scream. I doubted it but I imagined Abby hearing the sound Patrice made and smiling.


I was enjoying taking Patrice on that journey. Probably not as much as she was, because you never forget your first time, but I was enjoying it. I had wanted this since I first met her. It had been worth the wait.


We stayed in that position the entire time. When I was ready to cum, I wrapped my arms beneath her and held her close. I looked into her eyes and moaned. Her face lit up when she felt the sudden warmth pulsing into her body. Her eyes widened as she realized what was happening.


As soon as I finished, I pulled out as I reached between us and held the rim of the condom. Patrice was watching intently as I removed the condom and held it up. The end held my cum on the inside; there was a little blood smeared on the outside, just a few bright reddish smears. I held it up for her to see.


“You’re not a virgin anymore,” I announced.


She smiled and nodded. She looked proud of herself.


I tossed the condom into the trashcan where it landed with a wet plop. Patrice giggled when she heard it hit.


“You do have more of those, don’t you?” she asked.


“Yes, a whole box. Are you ready to go again?”


“I am, but I don’t think you are,” the lovely woman in my bed observed.


“Give me a little time,” I told her, crawling back into bed next to her. As I turned on my side and kissed her, my hand sought out one of her tits. She moaned pleasantly as I caressed her nipple. Hearing her happy sound got me going again. We kissed passionately as my dick slowly regained its erection. Patrice reached between us to hold it and cooed as she felt it grow in her palm.


When I was ready to go again, I got up and retrieved another condom. I put it on as I walked back to the bed and Patrice patiently waited. I rejoined her in bed and she leaned over to delicately kiss the tip. She made a face as she sat up.


“It doesn’t taste very good,” she observed.


“It tastes better without the condom,” I promised.


She straddled my midsection without further comment. She held my dick in her right hand and reached between her legs with her left to hold herself open. She hissed as she lowered herself and felt me penetrating her. I enjoyed watching my hardon spreading her lips as I filled her.


Once I was fully inside, she sat upright and rode me. I delighted in watching her firm breasts bounce with each stroke. She blushed a little when she realized I was watching her.


“Don’t be embarrassed,” I told her. “You are so beautiful like that.”


“Do you really think so?”


“Yes, Patrice, I do. Your naked body is so lovely… and feels sooo good around my dick.”


She let me admire her for awhile before speaking again.


“Show me some more positions,” she begged.


I grinned and nodded.


“Get up,” I told her. “Get on your hands and knees.”


She did as I asked and I knelt behind her. She looked back over one shoulder as she waited. I pressed my cock to her opening and entered. As I started pumping into her, she tried to push back but we couldn’t get the rhythm right.


“How about if we try this on the floor?” she suggested.


I pulled out and we did just that. On the hard surface, we got it right. She eagerly pushed back as I pressed into her each time. While we were doing it that way, she came. I gripped her by her hips to fuck her more vigorously as I enjoyed listening to her moan. Spurred on by her enjoyment, I came with her.


When we were both finished cumming, I easily slid my softening dick out of her.


“That was the first time I came while screwing,” Patrice observed.


“You didn’t cum the first time?” I asked.


“No, but don’t feel bad. I really enjoyed it,” she assured me with enthusiasm.


I was a little disappointed that I didn’t make her cum the first time. She could see it on my face. She kissed me on the cheek, touching me softly on the other cheek with her hand at the same time.


“It’s really okay. I got to cum tonight.”


That made me feel a little better. Patrice got back into bed and patted the sheet.


“Can we take a nap? I’m getting a little sore, you know, inside.”


“Sure,” I said. I turned off the light and slid next to her in the dark.


She rolled partially over to put a leg between mine. I put my arm around her as she put her head down on my chest.


“I can hear your heart beating,” she whispered.


That was the last thing she said. I lay there feeling her body against mine. I listened to the sound of her breathing, the crickets outside the window, the stillness.


Someone was tugging me, trying gently to shake me awake.


“What’s the matter?” I asked groggily.


Patrice’s voice answered in the darkness.


“Let’s do it again,” she said next to me.


I smiled. It was late and there was no moon so I couldn’t really see much of anything. I felt her movements in the mattress as she shifted. The bed beneath us groaned. Then her mouth found my cock and I groaned.


If it had been light enough, Patrice would have seen me smile. I smiled as I remembered where I was, who I was with and what had happened earlier that night. When Patrice pulled her mouth off my dick, she captured my attention.


“Where are the condoms?” she was asking.


“On the counter. I’ll get them.”


I started to get up but her hand on my chest pushed me back to the bed.


“I want to do it,” she said as she got up. She winced as she stood. “I guess I’m still sore.”


“We can do it later,” I offered.


“No, I want to do it now. I’ll be okay,” came her voice from the darkness.


I heard her bare feet padding softly across the room. The sound stopped and I heard her hands pushing things aside.


“Found ‘em,” she announced and I heard her walking back towards me. I heard her drop the cardboard box on the nightstand next to the bed.


“Oof!” she exclaimed as she hit the bed and fell onto me.


We both laughed. It was a delightful feeling of having a nude teenage girl lying on top of me.


“I guess that wasn’t very graceful,” she said.


“No, I don’t think so, but I didn’t mind. You can throw your naked body against mine any way you like.”


She didn’t respond to my comment. Instead, she shifted around. I could barely make out her shape as she sat or knelt near my dick. I heard the plastic packet tear.


“Do you want some help?” I asked into the darkness. “A light, maybe?”


“No, I want to do it in the dark. Now, how did this go?”


“There are instructions in the box,” I suggested.


“Girls take health class, too,” she told me.


I felt her warm hand envelop my flagging erection.


“Make sure he’s fully erect,” she recited, obviously remembering a lecture she had paid attention to. “Then gently pinch the end,” and she playfully squeezed the head of my dick, “Oops, nope, of the condom.”


We both giggled and the bed shook a little.


“Now, holding his thing in one hand—“


Thing?” I asked with a sarcastic tone. “His thing?”


Patrice sighed.


“Okay.” She cleared her throat. “Holding his dick in one hand, roll the condom down over the shaft until the shaft is fully covered.”


She was purposely emphasizing the key words.


“Or, until you run out of condom,” she said as the condom became fully unrolled.


“If you run out of condom too early, select a boyfriend with a shorter dick.”


“Did they really teach you that last part in school?” I asked, not able to conceal my laughter.


“Yes, just like that,” she insisted. Then, “Well, maybe not that last part.”


She cleared her throat again.


“With the protection fully in place, mount the shaft and lower yourself onto it until you are in a kneeling position.”


At that part, I couldn’t help myself. I burst out laughing.


“What?” Patrice asked, now fully mounted on my shaft.


“I was just thinking what it would sound like if anyone walked by the window about now,” I said between gasps.


“So you think this is funny, do you?” she said as she squeezed her pussy muscles.


I was surprised that she knew that technique.


“No, ma’am,” I said with sudden serious. Taking a deep breath, “That feels so good.”


“That’s right, call me ma’am. I am a woman now.”


“I have no doubt,” I told her.


I reached out to her and found two warm soft breasts to hold onto.


That feels so good,” she sighed.


She moaned as I softly pinched her nipples. She leaned a little forward and rocked back and forth on me. We stayed in that position the whole time. I felt her pussy tighten around my shaft and her breathing quickened as she came, but she was otherwise silent.


When it was my turn, I slid my hands from her breasts over her stomach to her waist and pulled her down hard as I thrust up into her.


She said, “Ohhh,” as she felt me filling the condom.


When I was finished, she wriggled her bottom. I tried to pull her down onto me so I could kiss her, but she stopped me. In the authoritative tone she had used earlier, she continued her lecture.


“Be sure to hold onto the rim of the condom and remove it without spilling any of the contents before the dick becomes flaccid.”


“Or what happens?” I asked.


“Or you may become pregnant,” she answered, her tone softer.


She lifted off me and removed the condom. She tossed it but the sound it made when it hit told us she wasn’t even close to the trashcan.


“Oops,” she giggled.


We snuggled against each other. She asked me how it was for me and I told her the truth—it was wonderful. I was concerned that she might be sore but she assured me that it didn’t hurt anymore. We were so close that I could feel her warm breath on my face as she spoke.


“What made you decide this was the right time?” I asked my lovely girlfriend.


“Abby talked to me about it. I was scared at first of it hurting but she reassured me.”


Patrice thought quietly for a moment.


“And, I wanted our first time to be here, in a real bed. Before we take that canoe trip in a few weeks.”


I had held the same concerns but didn’t want to voice them.


“This feels so nice,” Patrice said as she ran her hand across my chest and slid a leg along mine. Her hand moved down to my now soft dick. “I only hope I can be quiet in a tent,” she mused.


“I don’t think anyone will mind if they hear us. The other couples will be doing the same thing.”


The conversation drifted like that. The time between sentences dragged out until I heard Patrice’s breathing deepen. She was asleep again. I must have joined her a few minutes later.


The next thing I knew, it was light in the room. Patrice’s body was still wrapped around mine. The warmth of her body was a delight that I savored.


Patrice stirred. Her eyelids fluttered and opened. She looked at the wall before turning to me and smiling brightly.


“Good morning,” she said slowly.


“Very good,” I agreed.


Patrice seemed to be thinking intently about something. She shifted away from me and rolled to her back. She opened her legs and put her right hand between them. I watched silently as she gently inserted her index finger. It went into her pussy just to the first joint and stopped. Then she pushed it in to the knuckle.


Patrice pulled her finger out. My cock stirred as I saw how wet the finger was.


“You were watching me?” she asked shyly.


“Yes. I couldn’t help it. That was so sexy,” I answered.


“I wanted to check out if it felt different.”


“Did it?”


“Yes,” she said. “I can feel the difference. It’s changed. It’s… bigger, I guess,” she explained. “More open.”


“Thank you for giving that to me,” I said, almost reverently.


“Thank you for being my first,” she countered.


“My pleasure.”


“What time do you think it is?” she asked.


“I don’t know. Maybe six, six-thirty.”


“Good. We still have time,” she said.


“Time for what?” I asked.


Patrice sighed and rolled on top of me with her hand between us holding my dick.


“Time for us to do it again,… and take another shower together,… before we have to go to Natchitoches,” she explained.


“Then I guess we need another condom,” I observed.


“I guess we do,” she said.


She started to sit up but then stopped.


“I guess I’m a lot more sore inside than I thought,” she said sadly. “I wanted to do it again when I could see what it looked like,” she said. “I’m sorry. I hurt too much to do it again.”


“It’s really alright,” I assured her. “Sure, I’d love to do it with you again,” I said with a smile. “We’ll have many other times to do it.”


I pulled her back to me and kissed her. She smiled but it looked like she was starting to cry.


“It’s really okay,” I said.


She nodded, sad but happy.


I got out of bed and picked up the condom that had landed on the floor during the night. There was a small puddle around it.


“Here,” Patrice said, grabbing a towel and tossing it to me. I cleaned up the mess we had made. When I stood, Patrice held out a hand to me. I took her hand and she pulled herself up slowly. Turning around, she looked down and saw the stain on the sheet.


“Oh, shit, that was from me, wasn’t it?” she asked rhetorically.


“Yes, but don’t worry about it. I’ll change the sheets and take them to the laundry. It won’t be the first time a counselor sent a bloody sheet to be washed. It’s not even that big a stain.”


“But it’s embarrassing,” Patrice said. “For the girl. I mean, everybody will know what we did last night.”


“Hon, I can guarantee you that we were not the only people in this camp last night having sex. What do you think everybody does on the two nights a week we have off?”


She seemed to be thinking about that.


“I guess I screamed kind of loud, too,” she said, blushing.


“You don’t remember, do you?” I asked. She shook her head. “I kissed you just as I entered you and muffled your scream. Nobody heard you,” I assured her.


She pulled me to her and we hugged.


“This feels so good,” she moaned as our bodies met.


“You’ve said that before already,” I admonished her.


“But it’s true. It all feels so good.”


As Patrice said that, her hands slid down my back and over my butt, eliciting a slight jump from my cock. Her eyes widened as she felt that.


“Like that, don’t you?  I wish we could do it again, but we promised Abby, and...”


“I know. We have this afternoon and tonight. And,…” I said.


“And?” she asked.


“And,… I’m sure Abby is dying to hear how last night went.” I finished smugly.


“Girls don’t talk about that,” Patrice assured me.


I raised an eyebrow in question. Patrice tried valiantly to stand her ground but crumbled after a minute.


“Okay, maybe we do talk about that, but we don’t brag. Not like guys do.”


“Who said I’m going to tell anybody what we did?”


“I meant in general. I know you’re not like most guys,” Patrice told me.


She slid an arm up to my neck and pulled me down to a kiss.


When our lips parted, she continued with, “Now take me to the shower before I pull you back into bed and make you screw me again.”


“Promise?” I asked.


She made a cute face.


“Okay, later,” I said and, taking her by the hand, led her in the direction of the shower. She walked funny and I tried not to notice.


Patrice froze as we stepped into the main room.


“The shades are up. People can see us.”


I went back into my room and grabbed my last clean towel. I wrapped it around both of us.


“Better?” I asked.


“It doesn’t cover what we’re doing but it gives me a little modesty,” she told me.


I kissed her near her ear, making her moan again, and we shuffled off to the shower.


The morning shower wasn’t nearly as sexually charged as the one the night before. She was a lot more outgoing, though, now that she was more familiar with my body. I asked her if she was sore and she assured me she wasn’t. We played a little as we cleaned up each other.


By the time we got dressed and made our way to the dining hall, it was almost eight o’clock. I enjoyed watching Patrice dress, knowing I was going to be undressing her again later.


When we entered the interior of the dining hall, it took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the dim interior. Abby was already at our usual weekend table, waving to us and smiling. Okay, she was grinning broadly. I looked to my side and saw Patrice blushing mightily. She hung her head down and moved quickly to the table, sitting across from Abby. I joined her.


I could see that Abby could barely contain herself, but she was trying. Making a point to study both of our faces, she finally spoke. She blushed as she said it, though.


“Well, if clichés are to be believed, Patrice, you positively glow and Tim looks like he didn’t get quite as much sleep as he usually does.”


Patrice reached across the table to playfully slap at Abby’s hand.


“Stop it! You can’t really tell that,” she said, trying not to laugh or blush but not really succeeding.


Abby was still grinning but she was at least speaking in a hushed tone for Patrice’s benefit.


“And, hon, you’re walking funny. So, how was it?” she asked.


It surprised me that Patrice seemed to lose her earlier shyness and shame.


“It was wonderful,” she said, a little louder than she intended.


When she saw a few guys at one of the other tables look up at her words, she blushed even brighter (which I didn’t think was possible) and covered her face with her hands.


“I told you,” Abby said. Then, looking to me, she pointedly asked, “Tim, why don’t you go get your plates so Patrice and I can talk?”


I nodded, kissed Patrice on the cheek, and stood up. While I was getting our two trays, I surreptitiously glanced over to our table. Patrice and Abby were deep in serious conversation. Abby was like a mother to Patrice. Well, maybe more like a big sister. She genuinely cared about her friend. Abby wasn’t confident enough to talk about sex around me, but I was glad she was talking with Patrice about it. I hoped Trip was as nice a guy as she told us. She certainly deserved it.


By the time I made it back to the table, the girls were finished with the serious part of their talk, or they cut it short when they saw me returning.  Just before I reached the table, I bumped into...


A tree.


My wife was laughing in spite of her concern for me.


“Are you alright, Tim?” she asked.


“Huh? What?” I responded in a dumbfounded manner.


“You were really out of it. You were smiling and looking kind of dreamy. Then when you got to that tree, you walked right into it. What were you thinking about? An old girlfriend, perhaps?” my wife asked.


I immediately felt panic grip me.


“No, not really,” I tried to hedge.


The look on my wife’s face showed she didn’t buy it. I quickly thought of a solution. I changed the subject.


“Where’s Laura?” I asked.


That caught my wife off guard. She looked around for a moment before pointing to my daughter out in the sunshine. She was skipping back towards us and pointing to the sky.


“Look, Daddy, a plane!” she was saying.


“Yes, a plane,” Abby said. “His friend, Paul, is a pilot.”


To be continued in Chapter 3

This story is Copyright © 2006 by Strickland83. All rights reserved.

Abby appears courtesy of Nick Scipio. The Summer Camp characters and universe are

Copyright © 2002-2006 Nick Scipio.


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