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Better Than The Park

By Strickland83


With a crash, the thunder rattled the windowpane. As that noise faded, the patter of raindrops again took the stage. The rain wasn’t going to break any time soon and I accepted that Saturday in the park with Carrie wasn’t going to happen. That really sucked because we had gone to separate colleges after high school and it was the first weekend that we were both back for the summer. I was still sitting at the window, watching the rain fall, when the ringing of the phone made me jump. I reached for it without looking, mesmerized by the rain.

“Hello?” I said.

“Ben! I was hoping you would be home.”

My heart leapt when I heard Carrie’s voice. I could imagine what she must look like, sitting at the window watching the rain and wearing what she was going to wear to the park with me.

“Yeah. Not like I’m going anywhere in this weather,” I said with thinly disguised disgust.

“I know. I’m sorry.” There was a short pause before she continued. “Hey, since we’re both stuck at home, let’s get stuck at home together. Want to come over here?”

“Who’s there?”

“Just me.”

Her words caused me to stir there. My imagination ran wild with ideas of what could happen with the two of us alone together. I was young and horny. There was only one answer to her question.

“I’ll be right over.”

In no time at all, I was dashing through the rain and down the street to Carrie’s house. She only lived four doors away, but it was raining hard enough that my clothes were soaked before I was out of my own yard. Carrie was waiting at the door with a towel for me. I was trying to dry myself as best as I could so I wouldn’t drip on her floor and she was watching me. She had a look on her face... I guess it was indecision, or maybe even concern about how I would react. I stopped toweling my hair and looked at her expectantly, forcing her to just say it.

“You’re going to get chilled with your clothes that wet. How about…” she faded off.

“How about what?” I asked with a smile, enjoying seeing her discomfort.

“Well, no one’s going to be back until tonight, so it’s just us. How about…”

“How about what?” I repeated with just a touch of force.

She took a deep breath, reached for the towel and blurted it out in one fast stream. “How about you just take your clothes off. I mean both of us. Let’s just take off our clothes.”

I was stunned. I admit I had enjoyed such fantasies about Carrie in my head, when I was masturbating, but hearing her actually say the words stunned me. Well, stunned most of me. My cock was reacting. She had looked down shyly after finishing her speech, but I saw a little smile break out on her face and I just knew. I knew she could see my shorts tenting in reaction to her suggestion.

“Is that a yes?” she asked gently, looking back into my eyes.

I nodded. She pulled on the towel and I followed. She walked backwards drawing me along. I followed her down the hall and to her bedroom. My heart quickened as she flicked on the light and pushed the door close. The click as she locked it made it very clear what we were going to be doing.

She dropped the towel and walked right up to me, in my face, and grabbed my wet shirt in both of her hands. Her face was so close to mine that I could hear her breathing over the pounding of my heart. I was concentrating on her face but out of the corner of my eyes I could see that water was wringing out of my shirt and drops were starting to run down her delicate wrists.

“You’re as wet as I am,” she said, and smiled. It wasn’t a shy smile this time.

She had been dressed for the park, in shorts and a halter top. She took a few steps back and put her hands behind her neck. I watched breathless as she untied the knot at the top of her shirt. She held out the two ends, making sure I was watching, and let go of them. They dropped free, exposing two perfectly shaped breasts capped with very erect nipples. She smiled again when she saw my reaction.

“You like?” she asked.

I had to clear my throat to answer. Satisfied with my breathless, “Yes,” she untied the bottom knot on her top and it fell to the floor. Stripped to the waist now, she stepped back to me and hugged me, kissing me on the neck. “Want to do my shorts?” she asked.

Instead of answering with mere words, I dropped to my knees in front of her and began unsnapping and unzipping. When I looked up, she was regarding my eagerness with amusement. After I had disposed of her shorts, I could see a dark spot at the bottom of her panties –she was, indeed, already very wet for me. I leaned forward and planted a kiss over her mound before sliding her panties down her legs and planting a second kiss on her soft hair, earning a sigh of pleasure for my efforts.

“You can kiss me there anytime, Ben,” she told me in a breathy voice.

Before I could explore further, she pulled on my arms and guided me back to my feet. Carrie pulled my shirt over my head and pressed herself to me.

“Ahh, I love the feeling of a man’s bare chest against my breasts,” she said with feeling. I was unable to speak, enjoying her soft warmth pressed against me. Long before I could get tired of that feeling, she sank to her knees, letting her lips brush against the prominent bulge in my shorts.

She used her teeth to unsnap the top of my shorts. Then, giving me a smoldering look first, she extended her tongue to help grasp the tab on my zipper and then she pulled it down – again with her teeth. I was panting as I watched her undress me. After she had my shorts down my legs and I shakily stepped out of them, she let her cheek brush against the lump that was my hard cock. She gave me a kiss through my underwear, mimicking my earlier actions, before I felt her fingers in the sides of my briefs. She slid my last piece of clothes down and I felt my dick hit between her incredibly soft and warm tits. I gasped.

“Yes, that does feel nice, doesn’t it?” she asked, looking up at me. I was unable to answer when she ran her tongue against the tip. I was concentrating on standing at that point. Two licks and then she sucked on the end, drawing it into her mouth. I made an involuntary sound of pleasure as my cock entered her mouth. She looked up at me as she sucked, looking so sweet and innocent with my erection filling her mouth. It was absurd and the most erotic sight at the same time.

Before I was in danger of cumming, she released me and stood. Carrie put her arms against my neck and looked like she was going to kiss me but hesitated. I pressed my lips to hers and let my tongue go where my dick had just been. While we kissed, I eased her back a few steps and onto her bed. She broke the kiss to slide back fully onto her bed. Then she spread her legs.

“You can have whatever you want,” she offered as she ran a single fingertip along her slit. “I’m on the pill now.” Without need of further invitation, I knelt between her knees and used one hand to aim my now throbbing shaft at her slick opening.

We both made a little moan when my dick touched her pussy, then I pressed forward, feeling her wet lips yield to the intruder. I savored the feeling of entering her tight channel as I lay on top of her. She slid her hands over my bare back and I slid mine beneath her. The rain was still falling, thunder still sounded from time to time, but all we heard was the occasional creak of her bed and our soft cries.

After I had cum, I stayed inside her. I could feel my sperm leaking out of her but I didn’t want to move. It felt too nice being that close to her. I asked her, “What made you decide to finally do this with me?”

She answered, “I couldn’t get the courage up to ask before. When the rain spoiled our day, this just seemed right. I wanted you in my bed, and in me. Isn’t it better than the park?”

I couldn’t agree more.


The End

This story is Copyright © 2007 by Strickland83. All rights reserved.



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