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Short preteen confessions

author - Tyrr

Short memories of people remembering their nude exposure experiences as a kids:

1)I was a nine year old girl by then, very cute with short brown hair, hazelnut eyes and slim. I was wearing a pink pyjama with Mickey Mouse drawings on it on a Sunday morning around the house.
In going for breakfast I saw my sixteen years old brother at the table eating cereals and talking with two of his friends of about the same age, my parents had gone out to the supermarket.
I looked at them and listened about their conversation, which not surprisingly centred on girls, then they all looked at my standing there with my mouth half open and my brother approached me went behind my back swiftly yanking down my pyjama bottom to my ankles flashing to his friends my still hairless pussyand holding my arms for a few moments so that they could see it clearly.

-”Bro!Please let me go!”
  -”You see guys, I told you my sister wouldn't have a single hair
   on her cuny yet, she is only nine! “
  Then he released me, I quickly pulled up my pyjama and left
  to my room crying as I overheard my brother saying:

  -”You own my five pounds each now”

  I was shocked that my own brother could have bet with his  friends if I would have any hair on my pussy or not, but by the afternoon I had already forgiven him and we played games again as usual.
 2)My name is Melissa, and as eight years old girl I remember once in Summer time when I was alone at home with my daddy and he took off my clothes leaving my little flat chested and bald pussy exposed for him under the pretext that it was a very hot day. Daddy would look at my nude body all the time, and encouraged me to play with barbie so that I would get on my four and he could observe my slit from behind.
Daddy would do that every time he and me were alone until I was ten years old, it is only now that I realise how much he enjoyed the sight of my nude body, but he is my daddy so even now I just think “let's him enjoy it, he never touched me anyway”.

3)Once in school when I was a well developed fifteen years old girl, brunette with long curly hair and blue eyes I went on my own to watch the boys play football, as my little ten years old brother played in the team.
When they had finished the match I waited outside their changing rooms for him, but suddenly four laughing young boys rounded me and pushed me inside their changing rooms towards the showers where I saw at least ten boys aged nine to eleven in a communal shower with their nude little bodies wet and soaped and their small dicks dangling. The all ran to put their hands on the front of their little boy's dicks,then pretending to be offended I shouted at the boys who had pushed me inside the changing rooms. But that night I fingered myself thinking about those nine and ten years old boys nude in the shower with their hairless dicks wet and soapy...

4) I remember when I was a ten years old girl I would spend all the afternoons on the Internet chatting to people. One day someone who said was a boy my age with whom I had been talking for nearly a month cheekily asked me to show him my body.
I locked the door, switched on the web cam and licked the lenses, that really excited him, and I enjoyed knowing what my girl power could do, so I put on a show for him taking off my t-shirt and showing my flat chest to the web cam, joking with trying to grab my non existent tits.
Then I took off my jeans and posed for him just with my white knickers, that really turned him on he said and he would not stop writing beautiful words in the chat room for me, trying to get me to pull down my underwear, which I finally did.
Smiling to the web cam I slowly pulled down my white knickers to my ankles and stood up looking at the cam with my bald pussy and my hands up in the air, like I did not care much about it, he asked me to approach the cam to my slit and I did so, then he muted for a few minutes and then wrote “thank you babe, I just cummed”, I thought he had misspelled the word come, is only later on that I understood what he meant, once I had paraded my ten years old naked body to a few strangers more laughing myself at the game and at boy's stupidity.
The good point is that I have become a very confident woman with my body and when I have children I will make sure that they too pose naked for strangers on the Internet so that they do not fear their nakedness later on in life.

5)As a six years old girl I recall once when I was with my granpa in the park and I wanted to pee, he took me behind a tree seized my underwear and lifted up my little skirt as I peed, then he cleaned my bald pussy with my own knickers rubbing it and leaving me knickerless for the rest of the day as he discarded them away.
The rest of the time I could just think about the warm feeling of his hand rubbing my pussy with my underwear, and I would insist to seat on top of his knee with my skirt opened wide so that I could rub my bald pussy against it and feel the pressure once again making him blush.
I understand now much better the feeling of warm that my grandpa gave me and I take it as my first feeling of a man's love.

6)I was eleven years of age, with long blonde hair, blue eyes and quite tall for my age. Me and my parents used to go to a nice beach in France every Summer where I would always try on the latest bikinis I had bought in London, as I was very self-conscious at that time.
That Summer I had chosen a very skimpy light blue bottom bikini only held to my body by a small laced string and even thought my tits were starting to stick out of my chest I would refuse to wear any top as to imitate my mummy who liked to be topless in the beach.
It was overcrowded, it took us half an hour to find a space for our towels, but as soon as we did I ran towards the water for a swim, I was a good swimmer and I liked to show off and diving with such a bad luck that my small bikini bottom undid inside the sea and I lost it.
I was mortified, nude in the sea afraid of going out with all that people outside. I swam around trying to find somewhere discreet to get out of the water and then ran towards my parents hoping to wrap my nude body with a towel as soon as I got there, I saw a gap with little people in the beach and I went for it.
I decided against placing my hand on my hairless pussy as I thought that would call people's attention, I just would try to ignore them and look away if anybody stared at me.
My wet eleven years old cunt emerged from the sea with my nipples erected because of the cold water, and I quickly walked nude towards my parents towel, horror of horrors, someone had the same towel, I had made a mistake, now my only choice was to get my young naked body in the crowd and try to find them somehow...
I quickly realised that I should slow my pace or I would miss the chances or finding them, I would just have to let people watch my bald pussy and live with it, that made me blush until I saw two little girls having their bikinis taken off by her mother and being taken to the beach showers with their smooth pussies crossing quite a few men and their mother ignoring it.
I felt better as I was not the only little girl naked in the beach, but by now I had walked for an hour in the nude, I believed some teenage boys playing volleyball had been making rude comments about me the size of my titties and my bald cuny but I wasn't sure. In the end I saw my parents.
  -”Mummy! Mummy! I lost my bikini in the sea!”
 -”My poor little girl, this is your best swimming suit don't worry”

 -”Yeah honey, you look very beautiful in your birthday suit “-said daddy who had not seen me naked since aged five or six

 I cried naked on mummy's breast, but guess what? I spend the rest of the day in the buff and quickly forgot about it, and furthermore the next days I told my parents that I wanted to sunbath naked and I spent all the Summer going to the beach showing my hairless pussy and pointed tits to whoever was around, it wasn't until aged twelve when my pussy hair grew a little that I asked for a new skimpy  bikini.
No that I am a grow up woman sometimes I wonder how many men did enjoy watching at my hairless little pussy that Summer? And did daddy liked to see me nude in the beach when I was eleven years old? He really did not seem to put any impediment, but then mummy also had a good laugh every time I went naked to the beach, telling me how much I had changed since my first accidental nude experience. In the end I came to the conclusion that even if one hundred old men or daddy or mummy have been masturbating themselves at the thought of my eleven years old bald pussy exposed in the beach, do I really need to care?
I don't think so...

I am a Jamaican woman and I recall that aged nine I once went to a Jamaican Carnival festival held in London, Notting Hill Gate, with my parents. Mummy had dressed me up with very tight blue shorts, made of glittering textile, and a very tight top of the same colour with flip-flops.

Everyone was dancing and having fun at the rhythm of regaee music when I decided to get on stage to dance too, the crowd cheered me, with hundreds of people at my feet and being the only one dancing on stage it made me feel powerful, after a while of me dancing on the stage the crowd stopped cheering me up and paying attention to me so that I decided to do something I had seen once on telly on a late night film and placing my hands on my shorts waistband as I danced I pulled them down flashing my hairless pussy to the crowd, that made some men cheer me up again and shout me encouragement words to carry on, grabbing my blue shorts on one hand I waved it around so as to show that I was naked from my waist down then I turned around  doing black booty shaking.
Daddy came from the stage and pulled me out telling me off for my behaviour and provoking people in the crowd to swear at him.
Mummy was much more understandable as she laughed at my spontaneity, which avoided daddy from grounding me for the rest of the Carnival. Nevertheless I enjoyed it when a man approached me to ask me for an autograph and praised my nude dancing.
I do know work as a lap dancer and I still love it.

8)As a nine years old girl once I had my older brother coming into the bath without knocking the door when I was drying myself, that made him to scorn at me as I kept the big towel wrapped around my little girl's body with him laughing at me trying to tease me saying how ugly I was, I decided to teach him a lesson once and for all and out of the blue I opened my towel from the front showing my brother my flat chest and bald cunt then I kept  the towel opened for a while smiling at him provoking him into begging to me to drop the towel on the floor and turn around to let him observe my ass which I gladly did bending it down so that he could look at my young smooth slit from behind.
From that day on my brother never teased me again about my body and every time that I took a bath he would come at the end asking me to show him my hairless pussy. He got to see it growing every so and so from ages nine to twelve until my hair grew down below. I think that thanks to that today I feel much more confident with my looks and I remain my brother's closest friend.

9) I am a confident married woman with two children but before I had always kept my body covered up from my parents as a kid and I bathed myself since I was eight years old, but then when I become eleven years of age I became very egocentric I would look for my daddy's attention all the time which he usually ignored. That was until I once forgot my clothing after the bath and I went to see him in the nude with my hairless pussy and peach sized tits on show asking for my clothes.Since that day daddy would hug me more often and play games with me which usually involved getting my kit off and dancing naked for him giving close ups of my bald pussy to his sight as he sat on the sofa.
It became fun to turn on my daddy, I was proud of my his love and glad of being able to give him what he wanted with something as easy as a my little girl's pussy flash. I will definitely convince my daughter to dance naked for my husband as soon as she is eight, and as for my little son...well...no doubt I will love a small hairless dick dangling on my sight every so and so.

10) I am originally from India, with black hair, dark eyes and brown skin. I still recall when I was ten years old and I bathed in the river of my village naked with three other girls of around my age, a white man came everyday to talk with us and taking out his video camera he would film us for hours playing in the water getting close to our then hairless pussies, taking shots of the water leaking down our smooth flat chests,and looking at our pre-teen bodies in the nude through the lenses from all angles, as he smiled.
Ten years later I have found a video containing those images inside an Internet forum for men who enjoy looking at naked kids, they say how much they enjoy masturbating themselves looking at us.
I have no hard feelings about it and I am very pleased to know that our ten years old girls nude bodies helped someone to feel better, and in particular the thought that thanks to those men having naked images of me will help them to release their tension and not to harm anybody.

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