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The Little African Girls

author - Tyrr

I was a 26 years old man backpacking around Africa with a low budget when I got to Nigeria's capital, Lagos, I was offered cheap accommodation by a local man on the street, I decided to take it up.

We go to the outskirts of the city to his family home, which consisted of a small hut with three rooms, there I am introduced to his wife and two daughters, Bola a cute six years old girl and Aisha who was nine years of age. The girls are wearing old beige dresses. I am assigned one room for myself and the family would sleep all together in another room.

The next day was very hot and sweaty I got out of the room and found a big bucket full of water with Bola the cute and smiling six years old girl nude inside, the mother next to her washing her in the bucket with a sponge. Bola's chocolate body is glowing, her flat chest full of foam and as she turns around to greet me good morning I see her little bald cunny also glaring, with water trickling down her legs. Bola's mum wrapps her with a towel and dries her up with me watching and not worrying about it, it is actually not the mum or her six years old naked daughter who are embarrassed but me as I try to not to stare at Bola's pussy.

Her husband is away working so I had lunch only with the woman and her daughters, she cooked rice in the main room and they all started eating but Aisha the nine year old girl plays with the food being continuously told off by her mum.

-I told you a thousand times not to play with the food, behave yourself you little evil -shouts her mother
-I am bored mummy
-I am going to give you fun little rascal! Take off your dress and face the wall! -says the woman grabbing a stick from the floor
-But mummy... we have a guest... -protests Aisha
-Nothing! I will show this young man how we educate our kids in Nigeria! Take off your dress Aisha! I won't say it again!
-Mum I can't, he is going to see me naked
-So what?

 Pretty Aisha looks at me with bitterness and I smile at her with irony, powerless she turns around and lets her dress fall on the floor showing me and her family her small nine years old black rounded ass, very firm and well formed. Her mum hits her on her ass cheeks with the stick, not too hard but making lots of noise which makes Aisha cry, after five hits and no big marks Aisha picks up her dress from the floor taking care of not turning around but her mum takes it away and orders Aisha to keep facing the wall in the nude.

The mum apologises to me for Aisha's behaviour and leaves me alone with her nude little kid as she goes outside to do the washing up, I look at Aisha's black ass from closer to appreciate her beauty, then  approach her from the side and openly observe the little girl's  front from the side,first looking at her flat chest and round brown nipples then my sight goes down to the hairless pussy girl,stopping at her pink slit, the girl realises I am looking at her front and puts her hands on her black bald cunt, but not before I got to see it well.

Instantly after that her mum comes back and allows her to get dress which she does quickly.

The next day the woman woke me up early in the morning to tell me that she had an urgency to go to and asked me if I could look after her daughters until the evening to which I agree. Ten minutes after that ,me, Bola, and Aisha find ourselves alone in the main roomwhen the little one, Bola gets the big bucket places it in the middle, takes off her dress uncovering her sweet nude body and asks me to bath her as her mum did everyday, I got my own shampoo from my backpack and I started soaping the girl and making lots of foam, then with my bare hands I rub Bola all over her body, I rub her flat silky black chest,her small ass, I caress her face and making her to face her pussy in my direction hidden from her sister I kneel, gently place one of my hands on her waist and with the other I rub her slit introducing my the tip of my finger inside her tight vagina, then I dry her and leave her nude in the room.

-Come on Aisha you are next!
-I am not dirty I don't need a bath
-You don't want me to tell your mummy so that she spanks you, do you?
-No please!
-Then you know what to do!

Aisha takes off her dress and comes nude to the bucket with water then gets inside and I rub all her body with my bare hands twice, squeezing  her ass, afterwards I dry her and leave her nude in the room for at least an hour with her little sister Bola, telling them they need to dry out for a while as a excuse to watch at their hairless pussies and undeveloped tits, I go to my room and masturbate myself thinking about the two small black girls in the nude next door then I let them dress again.

When their mum comes back she thanks me everything and I notice some sarcasm on her voice thanking me that I took the trouble of bathing her two little daughters.

In the next days I get to see Bola naked every morning in the big bucket being bathed by her mum that makes me to extend my stay in the house, but I start to suspect that the woman now knows that I like watching at her little daughter nude as she dresses her up as soon as she sees me, so I decide to end my stay and carry on travelling.

-I am so sorry that you will go...We really need to cover expenses...and is not easy to find a guest for our room...Couldn't you stay a few more days? Please, sir, please...
-You have treated me very well, but really, I have seen all the tourist attractions around here, sorry I really should move on
-Maybe you have not seen enough tourist attractions yet sir...Why don't you stay more days in my home and I will show you my daughter's naked for you, please
-What do you mean...Well...Er
-I have seen you watching Bola every morning since you came to my home sir, it's OK, if you stay more days in my home paying the rent I will allow you to see nude Nigerian children so you can see more attractions
-I will stay one week more, but not because of the nude kids only because I want to help you
-Of course sir!

The next day in the morning the woman is again bathing six years old Bola and this time when I go to the room she makes her daughter turn around for me so that I can watch her daughter's pussy from the front, I shamelessly stare it sitting down on the floor.

-I will leave the kids naked for the day as it is very hot sir says the woman smiling at me and calling her other daughter Aisha

-Aisha, today is very hot you will be naked in the house, give me your dress

-Mummy! We have a guest!

-Our guest has already seen your pussy and very kindly he's even bathed you, are you forgetting that?

-But I don't want him to see it again mummy!

-You are behaving bad again, and offending our guest with your comments, I think he deserves retribution! Show up your ass right now!

Aisha looks down, then turns around and takes off her dress uncovering her dark body from behind. Then her mum hands me a stick

-You will punish her sir as she has insulted your honour
-It's OK, she's only a child...
-Children need to learn, I insist
-Oh well...
-And I have to go out for the day, so you will look after them for me won't you sir?
-If there is no choice...
-Follow our guests wishes and do not offend him -says the woman to her daughters
-And I don't want you to get dress, it's a hot day, I will take your clothes with me to make sure! -and in saying this the woman left

There I was holding a stick and a delicious black nine years old girl with her shining ass right in front of me, I whipped her five times not hard though, then I approached and grabbing her arm I turned her around to contemplate her body, her flat chest, her smooth bald pussy, her slim figure, this nine years old black girl was perfect...

-OK Aisha, today is nude day, I have seen you before don't worry too much

This time I sat down in front of the two nude sisters, I stared at their naked bodies with an erection then I put my hand inside my shorts and I masturbated on the inside with the girls looking at me with curiosity but saying nothing, nevertheless I suspected that Aisha knew what was going on.

The girls stayed in their room all the time playing in the nude some girly game and every so and so I would sneak in my head to watch their bald pussies and asses, I started to cook lunch when someone came in, it was another pretty black girl of long dark hair about twelve years old with peach sized tits, she had come to see her friend Aisha. When I went to call Aisha she did not want to come out because of her state of undress but I dragged her out in the nude by her arm.

-Aisha likes to be naked at home, maybe she never told you...
-No she never did -said the girl at the sight of her nude friend
-Don't you want to join her? It will be fun!
-Come on take off your dress little princess
-Maybe I shouldn't
-Aisha is nude why shouldn't you? Do you want to offend us?

And the twelve years old girl reluctantly dropped her dress on the floor showing her tiny tits and an already little hairy pussy, I went to my room to get the digital camera and made her an Aisha to pose for me. I spent good half an hour snapping pics of those two nude angels, with pussies and titties close ups, they started to like it, laughing and pretending to be catwalk models,I called Bola to pose with them too.

The next week Aisha's mum would leave me alone everyday with her daughters in the nude and I would wank myself twice looking at their hairless pussies and fingering their sweet cunnys as I bathed them, by now I already dared to introduce my finger in Aisha's cunt too, and I also took some more pictures of the two naked sisters and her friend who came back every afternoon as I gave her sweets in exchange for her posing for me, she really believed she was a top model, and three weeks later than expected I was back in my country with lots of postcards, souvenirs and photographs of my best holiday ever that I would share over the Internet with other like minded people.



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