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Meeting a Deaf Submissive

by Tendal Braxis

For what must be the twentieth time I look at my watch and glance up at the arrival board…still about 15 minutes to go. Once again I pull the ASL book from my hip pocket and practice some of the signs I have learned in order to surprise you. Foot traffic is heavy in the Nashville terminal and the boarding area is crowded with people waiting to board or waiting as I wait for those arriving on the same flight. My mouth is dry. Knowing I have a few minutes, I head down the concourse to find a drink and to help kill the minutes remaining until the plane arrives. Before I can reach the food stand, I pass a gift shop and stop in my tracks; there in the window is a small teddy bear holding a red heart that says I LOVE YOU. I step inside and purchase the bear hoping that it will help melt any awkwardness of this first meeting after so many months of online intimacy. Proceeding on, I grab a coke and head back to the boarding gate to wait. As I return, the arrival board begins to flash ARRIVING next to the flight number and I cannot help but break into a silly grin of anticipation.

Looking out over the terminal area through the giant plate glass windows, through the shimmering heat rising from the distant pavement I spot the American Airlines 727 slowly making its way in from runway 2Left towards the terminal complex. My heart begins to pound in my chest, my palms begin to sweat and I long for a smoke to help ease the tension. Creeping along at what seems to be a snails pace, the airliner slowly turns this way then that as it follows the complex taxiways towards the terminal. People in the boarding area begin to shift and move, some gathering their carryon luggage, some edging closer to the debarkation door. I hold my ground across the walkway from the door where I have a good view of the interior of the tunnel through which the arriving passengers will parade into the terminal building. With a last glance at the ASL book, I fold it in half and stuff it back into my back pocket, tuck the top of the bag containing the little bear under my belt at the small of my back and wait.

I watch as the plane, now moving at a slow walk, eases up to the ramp and jerks to a sudden stop as the pilot stomps on the brakes to align the door with the ramp. The gate attendants burst into a flurry of motion, moving the barrier ropes to keep the boarding passengers back so that those deplaning can have room to get out of the boarding doorway. One picks up a microphone and begins his spiel about those boarding will do it by rows and to please remain behind the barrier until your row is called to board. A haggard looking line attendant opens the door from outside the tunnel and a wave of hot, humid air, flavored with the scent of burned kerosene, rolls across the concourse and hits me in the face bringing a new wave of perspiration to my brow.

As I glance back out to the plane, I can see indistinct bodies moving towards the front of the plane, crowding the exit and I know that in seconds people will start appearing in the tunnel. Turning my head back to the doorway, the first of the arriving passengers makes their way up the ramp and into the cool air of the terminal. I will have a bit longer to wait; economy class deplanes last. I watch as those arriving begin to mingle with those waiting, greeting friends or family while those expecting no one, quickly turn and head towards the head of the concourse and the luggage claim area. The first rush of passengers thins a bit and becomes a steady flow of men, women and children trudging up the ramp. I spot the top of a light brown head of hair moving behind several businessmen in rumpled suits with ties askew and instantly know who it is. As the businessmen separate momentarily, I see your face scanning the crowd near the door, missing me across the walkway from the door. You are dressed as I had hoped you would be dressed, very low rise jeans barely hanging from your hips, very short white button blouse tied just under your breasts none of the buttons fastened, your breasts confined in a thin blue tubetop beneath it. I grin as I see nothing but skin from just below your breasts to just above your pubic mound. I lean back against the concrete pillar and wait, knowing that you will spot me as soon as you look around. It happens; you look up and spot me across the concourse. "Chris!" you scream, and a grin illuminates your face and you begin to purposefully head towards me. I raise my hand and sign to you slowly and carefully, Welcome to Nashville pet. Your jaw drops open in surprise, your dark eyes flash and sparkle as you burst from the crowd, dash across the concourse and leap into my arms. Arms wrapped tightly around my neck, you rain kisses on my face as I gather you to me in my arms. Laughing with joy, I kiss you back even more enthusiastically than you do me. Occasionally our lips actually meet as we cover each other’s faces with kisses. Your legs lift and wrap around my hips and I hold you up, crushing your breasts against my chest. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see several people looking in our direction. Some, mostly men smile at the obvious display of affection, several women also looking in our direction purse their lips, pruning their faces in disapproval; I can almost see their scandalous thoughts of outraged propriety. I don’t care, you are here and I am holding you in my arms for the first time. Finally, I start to relax my grip on you and you unwrap your legs from me and drop your feet back to the floor, sliding your arms downward to encircle my waist. Your hands come close to the bag tucked into my belt and, rather than let you find it, I reach behind me and pull it free and hand it to you, silently mouthing the words this is for you pet. You open the bag and take the bear out and look up at me grin and say; "I love you too."

Turning you so that I can take the bag you dropped, I reach down, grab it and wrap my free arm around you and lead you up the concourse.

After walking about half a mile through the terminal, we emerge into the heat of the day and enter the semi-darkness of the short term parking garage. As we move away form the crowds, I slide my hand down from your waist and bury my fingers in your back pocket and give your butt a loving squeeze. I slow our walk down to a stroll as I pull you tightly to me and lean over and kiss the top of your head. Feeling my kiss, you stop and swing around me, wrap your arms around me and dig both your hands into my back pockets, pull our hips together and begin to grind slowly against me as you look up at me with an impish grin, lick your luscious lips, and lift to your toes and kiss me. We stand locked in that sweet embrace for what seems like hours before breaking apart and turning to go on to the car.

Reaching the darkest part of the parking garage, where I had deliberately parked the car, I give your butt a squeeze and pull my hand from your back pocket to dig for the keys in mine. Opening the door, I lift the seat and drop your bag on the back seat, push the seat back in place then turn to you. Glancing around to be sure we are not being watched I bring both my hands to your breasts cupping them, as I lean down to kiss you again. Moaning into my mouth, your arms encircle my neck again, fingers twining in my hair as you return the passionate kiss. I release your breast, allowing my hand to slide across your bare belly and insert my fingers into the waistband of your jeans just inside the point of your hips where the material gaps a bit from the hollow on either side of your abs and slide them down to caress the damp softness of your sex.

"Mmmm" you moan, "I’ve waited so long to feel that." Your hands reach to my shoulders as your feet slide apart allowing my hand room to slide deeper to fully cup your sex. Your hips surge at my hand as your head falls back, eyes closed, mouth open as you moan. I lean forward and cover your mouth with mine as my tongue thrusts into your warm wet mouth seeking yours. Middle finger curling inward, I caress your clitoris; your hips buck and thrust forward seeking the pleasure my hand gives. My free arm reaches around you fully and my fingers clutch at your breast, caressing what I can get of it in my hand. Our tongues dance and squirm against each other and the world around us recedes into oblivion as we drown ourselves in the pleasure of the moment.

Footsteps approach from the distance and I reluctantly withdraw my finger from your body and slide my hand from inside your jeans; you whimper in need, pulling your mouth from mine to beg for more as you lift to your toes and thrust forward attempting to regain contact with my receding hand. Your eyes open and look at me questioningly, I cut my eyes towards the person approaching in the distance and you glance that way and nod. Turning you with the arm that is around you, I help you into the car. You reach up, run your hand over the bulge in my jeans and grin at me wickedly and giggle. I close the door and move around the car, get in, and off we go, wending our way from the parking garage to the road that leads us towards my home.

As I turn onto the main road, I reach out and give your hand a squeeze, turn my face towards you and ask if you are hungry. " MMMmmm I’m hungry but not for food." You reply as you lift my hand to your lips and suck my index finger into your mouth and swirl your tongue around it. I groan and you giggle, your eyes sparkling with happiness as you take pleasure in the discomfort and distraction you are causing me.

Pulling my finger from your mouth, thinking that two can play this little game, I hold out my hand as say, "Give me the controller." Your eyes widen in surprise as you gasp, "How did you know?" I grin back at you and say, "Just a hunch." You dig into your purse and withdraw the remote for the egg that is deep within you hot wet pussy and hand it to me. My thumb rests on the control and I slide it about halfway and watch as your mouth opens with a groan and your hips buck upward from the seat. I turn the car down a side street and start to work my way back to the backside of the airport to the houses that stand boarded up; silent victims of the airport’s noise abatement program. Turning down an empty street, I pull over and stop and shut off the car and turn to you. "Strip to the waist" I say. You glance around seeing that we are totally alone and pull the knot from your short blouse and remove it. I take the blouse from you and lay it across my lap as you grab the bottom of the tubetop and pull it over your head, giving your head a shake to get your hair back in place. I take the top from you and pitch it into the back seat and grin. Digging into my pocket I pull out a pair of nipple loops connected with a chain and hold it out for you to see. "Nooo, you groan you wouldn’t, not here, not now." And look at me with pleading eyes.

I reach out and grasp your far nipple and begin to tease it to erection as I lean over and suck the near one into my mouth and tease it with my tongue. Your back arches as your hands grab my head, pulling my mouth tighter against your breast. Feeling your nipples lift and harden, I swiftly take the loops and place them on your nipples and slide the retaining beads tightly against them. I look at them standing there the chain swinging slightly as you breathe and smile. Handing you back your blouse, I turn back and restart the car and turn it around and head back to the main road. I watch from the corner of my eye as you quickly put the blouse back on and tie it tightly below your breasts. As you reach to start doing up the buttons, I reach out and grasp your hand. You turn your head to me questioningly; I turn my head slightly and say, "No buttons." You glare a bit then grin and drop your hands to your lap, the blouse standing widely open, about a third of each breast visible with the chain making a gentle curve from one to the other. Reaching down, I take the controller back in hand and push it to full on. Your head goes back against the seat, your eyes close and your hips again surge and buck upward at the intensity of the stimulation. I do not change the setting but slip the controller into my other hand and place it in the pocket of the door.

I reach across to your lap and pull your hands apart and move them to the tops of your thighs. You groan but leave them there, gasping as the vibrating egg drives you closer and closer to your peak. Your hips rock in the seat, your breathing reduced to ragged gasps. I move my hand to the button at the top of your jeans and deftly pop it open. Grasping the short zipper, I begin to tug it down. "Nooo Chrisss pleaseeee!" you wail as I push the edges of your now open jeans wide revealing your mohawk trimmed bush. Not even a thong blocks my hand as I slide it inside and start to stroke your clit with a fingertip. "Arrrrrgh. Yes, yes don’t stop, Oh God Chris, mo mo mooorrrrrreee pleaasssseee! " You cry out to me, oblivious to the traffic around us. You slide lower in the seat; your thighs spread wide, your jeans sliding down below my hand. You reach out with your fingers like claws and grab my arm in desperation. I look over at you and ask, "Do you beg release pet?" Your eyes are wild, you thrash your hips up and down on my hand, "Pleassse, I beg you, let me cummmmm!" you gasp. I wait for your eyes to focus on me and say, "Who do you beg this of?" my lips a tight lined smile as I feel the supreme moment draw near. Your eyes widen in understanding, you fight your need but it consumes you. "AH ah ah PLEASSSSSE MASTER! I beg you, please, have mercy let me cummmm!" Tears stream from your eyes as your mind whorls in the realization of what you have shouted.

I turn my head towards you, satisfied that you now understand and wait for you to look again at me with desperate eyes. "Do it my pet, cum for me, cum for me now." I say. Your head slams back against the seat, your hips thrust upwards hard against my hand and lift your body in a bow. Only your heels and the back of your head touching anything as you scream out, "Yes Master, For Youuuuuuu!" your eyes roll back in your head as your orgasm crashes like a tidal wave through you. Spreading like fire from your swollen throbbing clitoris throughout your body. I feel your clitoris pulsing as each wave of pleasure sweeps you higher, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH MASTER!!!!! I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU!!!!" Your body bucks and shakes, you grab my hand with both of yours and force it tighter against you, hips thrusting. Your eyes close, you are lost in a world of blinding pleasure. Slowly you muscles begin to relax and your body sinks back against the seat. You lie there twitching, your hips thrust up against my hand with less force as the dying echoes of your orgasm course through you. Your hands relax their grip on mind and I slowly withdraw it from between your legs. You collapse back limp against the seat.

I turn the car down another side road and drive back into an area of deserted warehouses and pull over and stop the car. I lean over you and grab the lever for the back of the seat and lift it so that it falls nearly level with the seat. I reach out and stroke your hair and bend down and gently kiss you. Your chest heaves as you shudder and draw in a deep breath. Your arms wrap around me and hold me against you as the final tremors of your orgasm fade away. For long minutes we both remain silent. Then you whisper softly in my ear, "Only you could have done this to me. Oh I love you so much. Thank you…. Master." I lift my head and turn to look into your loving eyes and whisper back, "My precious, precious pet. I love you with all my heart. But I am just a man in love, I do not wish to be your Master as much as I wish to be the man who shares your future. You blink in surprise, thinking I was going to enslave you. Then slowly, every so slowly the realization comes to you that our hearts are enslaved to each other and there is no Master nor is there a slave. There is only US.




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