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Tina and Lindsay awoke later than usual the next morning. They dressed and went out to the kitchen where they found Andy sitting at the table with a cup of coffee. “Lindsay and me were talking last night… about spanking…” Tina explained with a slight blush. “I asked her if she wanted to watch… Not like what happened yesterday. I mean the other way… She promised not to say anything to anyone! It’s OK isn’t it?”

“Ah… Um…” Andy stuttered.

“We’ll show you we won’t say anything,” Tina offered. Looking at Lindsay, she whispered, “Take your pants off so he’ll know everything’s OK.”

“What?” Lindsay gasped.

“Just do it! I’m gonna do it too. That way he’ll know you’re not gonna say anything.” Tina pleaded. Hearing no objection from Lindsay, Tina unsnapped her jeans and lowered the zipper. Lindsay stared at her in disbelief. “Well?” Tina whispered.

“I’m not gonna take my pants off in front of him!” Lindsay whispered.

“You have too! If you don’t, he won’t do anything. Don’t worry. You don’t have to do anything. Just take your pants off and you can watch me get spanked. Please?” Tina begged.

Andy could see the girls talking but couldn’t hear what they were saying. His jaw dropped and he watched Tina drop her jeans to the floor followed by Lindsay’s. “I wanna get spanked,” Tina grinned. “Lindsay took her pants off so you’d know she wouldn’t say anything. She can’t very well tell anyone she came over here and took her pants off, right?”

Andy looked at Lindsay, who was obviously trying to hide herself behind Tina but she had taken her pants off and was now standing in only her top and panties with her hands folded over her crotch. She was blushing but murmured, “I promise I won’t say anything.”

Andy was still a little nervous but relented and invited the girls into the living room. As soon as he sat on the couch, Tina laid on his lap. “OK,” she said softly, “spank me.” He looked down at the young ass covered only by thin cotton. He placed his hand upon her ass cheeks and began gently rubbing as he watched for Lindsay’s reaction. She made no movements but her eyes were glued to his hand.

Slowly Andy lifted his hand and gently, but firmly slapped Tina’s rear. He couldn’t see her face but did hear a soft giggle. As he continued to strike, the giggling stopped, being replaced by soft moans. He wasn’t striking her hard enough to really cause pain but knew beneath her panties her ass had to be turning pink.

Tina began to squirm as the heat from her ass started to warm her pussy. She felt Andy’s cock growing and started to grind into it as best she could. She didn’t understand why but the thought of Lindsay watching her being spanked excited her even more. Tina parted her legs hoping Andy would venture between them. Her pussy was starting to drool. “Stop… Rub now…” she moaned.

Andy’s hand came to rest on her ass. Gently he began to massage her pert bottom. Tina pushed her ass against his hand, at the same time opening her legs a little wider. Each rub Andy made went a little closer to her waiting pussy but for Tina, he was going too slowly. To counter, each time he got close to where she wanted him to touch, her back would arch and she tried to push her pussy to his hand.

Andy looked at Lindsay. Her hands had fallen away from her crotch and the fact she was only covered by her skimpy nylon panties no longer seemed to bother her. Her breathing was getting deeper. Her lips were slightly parted and her eyes were wide as she watched his hand rubbing her friend’s ass.

Tina moaned as Andy’s hand finally slipped between her legs and slid along her slit. A low moan of satisfaction escaped her lips. After he stroked a few times, Tina became inpatient. The fact Lindsay was watching didn’t make any difference anymore. “Inside,” she moaned. She felt Andy’s finger snake into the leg hole of her panties. “No… take them off,” she again moaned.

She felt Andy’s finger slip out of her panties and go to the waistband. Slowly he pushed. Tina’s breath sucked in knowing she would soon be exposed. Instead of ripping her panties down as she had expected, however, Andy slowly began to ease them down. Tina found the anticipation almost torture – fantastic, exciting torture. It gave her mind time to think about what was happening.

Lindsay’s presence returned to Tina’s mind. Tina was almost embarrassed by being stripped and exposed in front of her friend by Andy but longed for it at the same time. She knew Lindsay would be able to see her pink butt and wondered what she would think. She also knew that when her panties were finally down Andy’s hand would find her naked pussy. She desperately wanted that now more than anything.

Tina lifted to allow her panties to slip down but Andy continued his slow pace. She moaned as the panties were still only half way down. Her trembling legs wouldn’t hold her up and she fell back upon his lap. She could feel the hardness in his pants and ground against it. Finally the elastic in her panties pulled them down to her thighs and she once again rose, allowing the front of her panties to slip down. Franticly she kicked her legs until the panties slipped to her ankles. Unceremoniously she flipped them off her feet and spread her legs waiting for Andy’s hand.

She gasped as his hand cupped her pussy. Her hips jutted as she pushed herself into his palm. Her hips bucked as he rubbed her slit, moving it so that it massaged her clit. Her whole body was trembling now. “Ahhh…” she moaned as a finger slipped inside her filling her empty spot. Slowly it pulled back then pushed into her again. As soon as his knuckled touched her pussy lips, she climaxed. Her hips almost vibrated as she shoved against Andy’s hard cock. His finger pistoned in her love canal.

Her universe had shrunk down centering on her pussy but as her orgasm began to subside, it expanded. Andy’s finger had left her pussy and was now gently rubbing the reddened skin of her ass again. For the moment she was content, just draped over his lap with his hand on her ass.

As her surroundings came back into focus, Tina remembered Lindsay was there. She lifted her head and saw Lindsay standing there. Her hands were no longer covering her crotch but now hung loosely by her side. Tina’s eyes went to Lindsay’s panties. Because she was so low, Tina could see a small wet spot between Lindsay’s legs. Tina looked up at Lindsay’s face and noticed she was biting her lower lip and her eyes were focused on Tina’s ass being rubbed by Andy.

Tina knew what Lindsay wanted. Her panties were somewhere but Tina didn’t know where and really didn’t care anyway. She stood up, letting her arms boost her with her hand naturally pushing against Andy’s hardon. Andy shifted some but didn’t push her hand away. Tina let it linger a moment then finally stood upright.

“Your turn,” Tina smiled.

Her words shocked Lindsay back to reality. “Huh?” Lindsay blurted.

“Time for your spanking,” Tina giggled.

Lindsay looked at Andy almost waiting for him to say “No” but at the same time thankful he didn’t. A flush came over her face as she fought herself trying to determine what to do. It was obvious Tina had enjoyed herself but to lie on a man’s lap and actually want him to spank her frightened Lindsay. “Go on, Lindsay, bend over his lap. You’ll love it,” Tina encouraged.

Tina’s words made her feel self conscious about not getting spanked now. Slowly she walked over to Andy. Once again she looked at him but he only smiled. She took a deep breath and leaned across his lap. She felt the material of her panties stretch across her ass and it suddenly hit her that the panties she was wearing were very sheer except at the crotch. She knew Andy would be able to see her right through the thin material. Panic hit her and she was going to stand up again until she felt Andy’s hand touch her ass.

Lindsay’s face turned red with embarrassment as she realized she couldn’t back out now. She didn’t think, or at least she hoped, the spanking wouldn’t hurt. Right now she just wanted to get it over with so she could put her pants back on. As humiliating as it was to have exposed herself so much to Andy, the idea that he could actually see her ass excited her too. Even her father hadn’t seen that much of her. Punishment spankings with him were always announced in advance and even though he spanked her with only her panties on, she always made sure she put on her heaviest cotton panties. Even with panties completely covering her she was still embarrassed feeling rather “exposed”.

Andy slowly rubbed Lindsay’s ass waiting for her to relax. Lindsay kept her legs tightly clamped together. Andy’s actions didn’t seem threatening at all but she was still a little scared. Her mind raced as she replayed Tina’s spanking in her mind. Would Andy touch her too? Tina wanted him to but no boy had ever touched her there. She had felt excitement as Andy pulled down Tina’s panties and stuffed a finger into her. She remembered Tina’s moans of enjoyment. She wondered what she would do if Andy tried to pull her panties down.

Lindsay jumped as Andy’s hand slapped against her ass. It hadn’t hurt but it did surprise her. His blows, even though light, fell in quick succession. The familiar sting didn’t seem to be there but Lindsay could feel the heat on her skin. Her ass seemed to be glowing and the glow felt nice to her. Nervously she shifted a little.

As she moved Lindsay became aware of something hard. Quickly she realized Andy was hard. If it wasn’t for the few thin layers of material, his hard cock would actually be touching her. At first the erection frightened her until she recognized he was hard because of her. A smile formed on her face. She had actually made a man hard! Her young body was turning him on.

“Now rub her, Andy,” Tina suggested.

Lindsay heard words come from Tina but her mind wouldn’t focus on them. It was too busy concentrating on the erection Andy was sporting and that wonderful warm feeling on her ass that seemed to be creeping towards her pussy. Andy had landed another soft blow but this time his hand didn’t lift. Instead he started to rub her now hot ass cheeks again.

Andy’s hand was as hot as her ass was. Lindsay had to fight to remain still. Her body wanted to move because of her state of arousal. She was much too shy to reveal that. His rubbing did feel nice though. Almost unconsciously her legs relaxed and parted a little. Andy continued his slow and gentle massage of the hot skin of Lindsay’s ass and upper thighs.

Unable to stay still and longer, Lindsay’s hips began to move slightly. She could feel the hard cock and couldn’t seem to resist pushing against it. Suddenly Andy’s hand slipped to the inside of her thigh. Her mind told her to close her legs protectively but her body opened them more. Her eyes widened as his hand slowly slid up her leg toward her promise land. Lindsay held her breath as he was just about to make contact when he pulled his hand away again. She couldn’t stop her moan of disappointment.

Andy’s hand returned to Lindsay’s ass cheeks. He rubbed for a while then his hand ventured lower. This time it didn’t go down one of her legs. Instead it slid between them. He finally touched her pussy. Lindsay had no choice this time. Her sexual arousal had completely masked any inhibitions she might have had. She pushed against the hand. The feeling of a finger sliding along her panty covered slit made her breath catch.

Completely caught up with excitement, Lindsay opened her legs more. Andy’s finger bumped the little knob at the top of her slit making her gasp. He then slid back along her slit again making her whole body shudder. Andy repeated his movement a few more times until Lindsay was moaning and pushing out her pussy. He then slid his finger to the side a little finding the leg band of her panties.

Lindsay groaned with disappointment when Andy’s finger slid away from her pussy. Even though she was told boys weren’t supposed to touch girls “there” she didn’t want him to stop. She gasped as his finger slid into the leg hole of her panties. A slight pressure told her the crotch of her panties was being pushed over. He was baring her pussy! What really surprised her was instead of embarrassing her, it excited her even more.

Andy’s finger finally touched her pussy instead of her panties. Shockwaves went from her slit directly to her brain making her whole body shudder. She felt her pussy lips being parted for the first time by someone other than herself. Her mind was screaming “No!” but her body was ready to explode with excitement.

Lindsay could take no more. As Andy’s finger sank into her, her body erupted. At first her body stiffened then her hips started pumping uncontrollably. His finger wasn’t in that deep but it had gone in far enough to drive her over the edge. Her panties were pushed over far enough so she knew Andy could see her pussy but she didn’t care.

This orgasm was different from any other she has ever experienced. It seemed more intense. Her whole body was climaxing instead of just her pussy. Her hips were completely out of her control. They would freeze, then pulsate madly only to freeze again. Andy’s finger slipped out of her and she felt the crotch of her panties cover her again. She wanted to reach down and expose herself again hoping he’d continue but didn’t have enough control to do even that.

Slowly her mind regained control over her body as the earth shaking orgasm subsided. Completely exhausted, Lindsay remained limp on Andy’s lap. Her strength eventually returned. She lifted her head and looked around. Tina was standing still nude from the waist down. Her flushed face signaled she had probably just climaxed too.

Andy helped Lindsay stand up. Lindsay’s legs were still weak but somehow managed to hold her up. “Your panties are all wet!” Tina chuckled. Lindsay looked down and saw the entire crotch and front of her panties soaked.

“You girls had better get dressed and have breakfast. Don’t forget to clean up real well. Tina’s father will be home any time now,” Andy instructed.

“Andy…” Lindsay said in a weak voice. As he looked over at her Lindsay hooked her thumbs into her panties and pushed them to the floor. She straightened up and just stood there for a moment, completely bare from the waist down. She didn’t know why she did it but she, for some reason, wanted to. She wanted to let him see her. After hesitating for a moment, she reached down and picked up her jeans and soiled panties. She turned and walked down the hall towards Tina’s room. Her ass was still glowing from being spanked. Instead of feeling humility, Lindsay felt proud of her pink ass.




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