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The next day at school Tina couldn’t wait to see her best friend Lindsay. They had been best friends for years. It had actually been Lindsay who had first told Tina about masturbation. Lindsay and Tina hadn’t seen each other since that fateful day when Tina had received her first bare bottom spank in over a year from her father. Lindsay had been on vacation with her family and had just come back.

“How much trouble did you get in when your father came home last week?” Lindsay asked.

“A lot,” Tina muttered.

“What happened?” Lindsay pushed.

“I got spanked… on my bare butt!” Tina told her. “Andy was there too…”

“You must have died!” Lindsay exclaimed.

“Well, it really hurt but Andy made me feel better after,” Tina blushed.

“I don’t see how anything could make you feel better. If I had to pull my pants down in front of someone, especially a man, and get spanked, I think I’d kill myself!” Lindsay blurted.

“Getting spanked by my Dad is horrid, but just getting spanked is… well… ah… I don’t know how to explain it,” Tina explained.

“Huh?” Lindsay questioned.

“Can you keep a secret? Ya gotta swear you’ll never say anything to anyone!” Tina conditioned.

“Yeah… sure… you know I can. Why?” Lindsay asked.

“You still coming over after school and spending the night? Andy’s gonna be there.  You have to PROMISE you won’t say a thing, OK?” Tina again cautioned.

“What’s going on with Andy?” Lindsay half whispered.

“I can’t tell you, but you might like it,” Tina grinned. The bell rang and the girls headed to their classes. Lindsay didn’t know what Tina had in mind but she was curious. Tina, on the other hand, was excited about showing her friend something new but had no idea how to tell her.

The two met after school and headed to Tina’s. Lindsay quizzed all the way but Tina would reveal nothing. Lindsay knew Andy through Tina but never suspected what she was going to find out.

Arriving home, Tina opened the door and saw Andy obviously upset. “What’s up?” she asked, having no idea why Andy seemed angry.

“I’ve been doing your work! I’ve spent the last two hours cleaning!” Andy grumbled. “I should have just left it and let your father deal with you. I couldn’t let you get in trouble though.”

“I’m sorry Andy… I was gonna do it but I just got too busy. Thanks for helping,” excused Tina.

“Not good enough. What would have happened if your father was here? I think maybe Lindsay should go,” Andy told her.

Tina blushed knowing what Andy meant. Still, she wanted Lindsay to stay the night. Tina looked at Lindsay who wasn’t quite sure what was happening. “Please let her stay… I know what’s gonna happen… It’s OK, she’s seen it before.”

“I’m not going to change my mind if she stays… It’s up to you,” Andy cautioned.

Tina hung her head. “I know… I want her to stay anyway…”

“OK… Take your pants off and bend over the chair. Fifteen swats,” Andy instructed.

Although Tina was embarrassed, she complied. Slowly she lowered her jeans leaving them in a heap on the floor. Lindsay’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped. She knew Tina still received spankings from her father on occasion but Andy wasn’t her father. Lindsay watched in amazement as her friend stood only in her panties. She almost wanted to run but she was a friend and had seen Tina get spanked before.

A tear came to Tina’s eye but she managed a slight smile before she bent over the chair with only the thin nylon of her panties to protect her from her spanking. Andy walked over behind her. “You know why this is happening, right?”

“Yes,” Tina mumbled. Andy’s first slap on her ass made her jump but it wasn’t as hard as her father’s spankings. The second caused her to grip the arms of the chair more tightly to hold herself down. She knew if she stood, the session would start from the beginning. By the tenth blow she was crying from the sting but at the same time her pussy was starting to flow. The spanking stung but still Andy was far gentler than her father would have been.

Lindsay watch as Tina received her punishment. At first she was shocked by what was happening. She could tell Tina’s ass was getting red even through the thin material of her panties. After the first few swats, Lindsay began to notice something she hadn’t seen before. As each blow fell, Tina would jump a little then she seemed to almost push her ass out. Lindsay remembered being spanked herself and also seeing Tina get spanked but she had always seemed to pull in before. Near the end of the spanking, Lindsay thought she could see Tina’s pussy lips protruding some and she definitely had a wet spot forming. Nothing made sense. Tina was crying but on the other hand almost looked like she was getting turned on.

Finally the fifteenth blow fell. Tina was told she could stand. For a moment she was in a state of confusion. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to try and rub the sting from her ass cheek or tend to the fire in her pussy. As she looked at Andy, she could see he was still angry with her. Now was not the time to ask him to rub cream on her smarting ass. As her tears continued to flow, she asked, “Can I go to my room?”

“OK, but you have to finish cleaning by the time supper is ready,” Andy stipulated.

Tina turned and quickly ran down the hall followed closely by Lindsay. “Are you OK?” Lindsay blurted as soon as the door was closed.

“Oh Lindsay… it hurts…” Tina blubbered. She then did something that really surprised Lindsay. Tina faced away from Lindsay and pulled her panties down. “Is it very red?”

“Ah… Um… A little I guess,” Lindsay nervously answered.

Tina’s tears began to diminish. “Could you rub some cream on it for me? It might help take the sting away.”

“OK,” Tina agreed, not really knowing what to expect. She and Tina had seen each other naked many times before but this was the first time Tina ever asked her to touch her after being spanked.

Tina pushed her panties to the floor. Lindsay could now plainly see the wet spot in them. Tina then walked to her dresser, took the jar of cream from it, handed it to Lindsay, and then flopped down on her bed face down.

For a moment, Lindsay just stared at her bare assed friend. Tina was not laying still. Her hips seemed to be moving slightly in a pumping motion. “Rub the cream on,” Tina requested.

Lindsay walked over and sat on the bed. Before, after Tina had been spanked, she would just lie on her bed and cry. Lindsay was confused by this new reaction. Taking a glob of the cream on her hand, Lindsay touched it to Tina’s red ass. Tina jumped as she did. “Oh I’m sorry, Tina. Guess it must really hurt, huh?”

“It’s cold,” Tina mumbled. Tina dutifully spread what she thought must be soothing cream over Tina’s red skin. She could feel the heat radiating. Her heart went out to her friend. She thought that poor Tina must really be sore because she kept fidgeting as Lindsay rubbed the cream on. “Want me stop? Does it hurt too much?” Lindsay asked.

“No. It feels nice,” Tina mumbled.

Lindsay remembered back when they were young and had touched each other a few times. They were young and curious and had taken turns pulling their pants down and let the other “explore” their immature bodies. That game had ended years ago and since then they had both seen each other naked many times but hadn’t touched. They were now “grown up” and Lindsay was a little embarrassed to be touching Tina again but she felt sorry for her friend. She rationalized that if she had been the one spanked, Tina would do the same thing for her.

Tina again did something Lindsay had never seen her do. Tina’s arm disappeared under her and her hips rose slightly. Thinking Tina probably had an itch or something, she ignored the move. That is until Tina began to make soft noises. Looking down, she saw Tina had her hand between her legs.

Lindsay stopped rubbing. She realized Tina was actually masturbating. Lindsay knew Tina masturbated. Everybody masturbated. They had even talked about it. Nobody masturbated in front of anybody though. A couple of times Lindsay had thought Tina was masturbating when they stayed over each other’s houses for the night but she knew Tina never thought she was being discovered. Now she wasn’t even trying to hide it.

Confusion ran wild in Lindsay’s mind. She was not only shocked by what Tina was doing, she was intrigued. For her to do something like that in front of Tina she would have to really be aroused. Lindsay couldn’t understand why Tina would be so aroused though. At first she wondered if she had turned her on like that but then remembered the wet spot on her panties. Maybe the little wet spot on her panties wasn’t caused by a little accident when she got spanked? How could something like a spanking, which hurt, have turned on Tina?

Tina couldn’t believe how aroused she was. She had momentarily forgotten it was Lindsay rubbing cream on her ass. She had to get some relief and had begun to masturbate. Now the only thing she wanted was an orgasm. Her fingers madly stroked her clit. Finally relief came. The climax she had been waiting for. That mad rush of pleasure.

Tina’s orgasm, while strong, was short. It did give her the release she desperately needed though. As it ended, she pulled her arm from beneath her and settled back down on the bed. For a moment she just rested until Lindsay moved. Tina’s face grew bright red. She had forgotten Lindsay was even there!

Lindsay too was embarrassed. She had just watched another girl pleasure herself and didn’t know what to do now. “Um… err… ah… Want me to help you finish cleaning?” Lindsay stammered.

“Ah… yeah. That would be great!” Tina answered. Still red in the face, she got off her bed, walked to her dresser, and pulled out a clean pair of panties. Trying not to look at Lindsay she headed out of the room.

“You gonna put on any jeans?” Lindsay muttered, not quite believing Tina was going to leave her room in just panties with Andy there.

“They’re in the living room, remember?” Tina chuckled.

“But Andy’s out there…” Lindsay blurted.

“He’s already seen me like this, silly,” Tina responded as she left the room.

Lindsay followed Tina down the hall but was surprised when Tina walked by her jeans and into the kitchen. “Andy, I’m sorry you had to clean for me. You still mad?” Tina asked.

“No, I’m not angry with you. If I had been, I would have left things for your father to find. He would have spanked you then,” Andy smiled.

Tine threw her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. “You’re the best, Andy!”

“Thanks! You’d better go put your jeans on though before poor Lindsay here dies of embarrassment for you,” Andy chuckled.

Lindsay watched as a giggling Tina ran to the living room and put her jeans on. Andy’s statement had made her blush but it wasn’t because Tina wasn’t dressed. It was because Tina didn’t seem to mind being only in her panties with Andy. She actually seemed to like showing off for him.




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