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For the next few weeks, not much happened. Of course, at night, Tina would masturbate madly while reliving her experience with Andy. She did go to his house to visit but the subject of what had happened never came up. She began to wonder what he had thought and wished he would offer to rub her ass again, naturally with the same results as before.

As luck would have it, Tina’s father announced he had to go away for a week on business. Even though she spent every afternoon alone, he didn’t think she should be alone all week so Andy would be spending nights at her house. Her father warned her that all the same rules would still apply and she would be expected to keep the house up while he was away or she would pay the consequences. She almost smiled when her father also warned her that if she misbehaved, Andy had his permission to punish her in any way he saw fit, including spanking her.

The following week, Tina’s father left and Andy moved in. Tina desperately wanted him to spank her and set about to provoke him. She defied him at every chance, not enough to be belligerent but hopefully enough to get him to spank her.

Tina’s behavior surprised Andy for the first few days. The normally behaved girl was more than a hand full for him. It finally dawned on him what she was doing. He had the afternoon off and was there when she came home from school. The breakfast dishes were still on the table even though she was supposed to clear them before she had left. He was sitting in the living room when she walked in the door.

“Tina, why are the dishes still on the table?” he calmly asked.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot them,” she lied.

Andy knew she was lying. “Are you trying to get spanked?”

“No!” Tina snapped defiantly. “Why would I want to get spanked!”

“Tina, you have always been honest with me. Do you want me to spank you?”

Her head lowered. “Yes,” she mumbled.

“If I spank you, will you start acting like you normally do?” Andy asked. Tina continued to stare at the floor but did nod. “OK, then get ready to be spanked.”

“Here? Can’t you take me into the bedroom?” she asked, surprised at his orders.

“No. You want to get spanked? You will, right here,” Andy answered.

Tina’s eyes darted about the room. It was brightly lit by the sunlight pouring in through the window because the curtains were wide open. She hesitated, then kicked off her shoes and lowered her jeans to the floor, stepping out of them. She stood before him dressed only in her top and panties. “Shirt,” Andy said. Again she hesitated. Tina stared at him in disbelief for a few moments. She couldn’t believe he had asked her to take off her top right in the living room with the window wide open.  Finally her hands went to the buttons of her shirt. Slowly she unbuttoned it and let it drop to the floor. Her face flushed from the combination of embarrassment and excitement.

“Bra too,” Andy ordered.

Tina’s face turned bright red but she removed her bra for him. For a while he let her just stand before him. Tina’s mind was spinning. She was getting what she wanted but she hadn’t expected to have to strip this much to get it. Part of her was excited by the prospect his hands would be touching her nakedness but part of her was also humiliated by being so completely naked in front of him.

“Come here, Tina,” Andy said as he held his hand out to her. She took his hand and he guided her across his lap. “I’m going to give you ten spanks. Count them.”

His hand slapped her panty covered ass. It wasn’t as hard as her father would have done but it stung just the same. “One,” she counted. The next one landed. This one was harder than the first. “Two.” His hand landed still harder for the next. Tina’s ass started to burn but something else was happening. Her pussy was beginning to tingle. “Three.” Again her ass was slapped, stoking the fire on both her ass and pussy. “Four.” Unconsciously her ass rose for the fifth hit. “Five.”

Andy stopped. His hand slid up to the waistband of her panties. Slowly he started pushing them down. Tina could feel her pussy start to leak. “Lift,” Andy told her. Her brain screamed no fearing he would see her arousal but her hips lifted. She felt her panties slide down her legs and off her feet. Her face flushed knowing her would be able to see the wetness between her legs. Something else was happening too. Something was poking up from between Andy’s legs. She was making him hard!

His hand slapped her bare ass making her jump. “Six.” Her hips pushed down on the growing hardness as she settled once again. Her ass lifted to receive the next blow. “Seven,” she cried out after being struck as her hips pushed her pussy down on Andy’s now hard cock. Andy’s hand landed again, this time hard. Her ass burned but not nearly as much as her pussy. She ground her pussy into Andy’s hardness. “Eight.”

Andy let her grind for a moment waiting for her ass to again rise. Tina’s ass once again lifted to receive the next slap. A moan escaped her lips as his hand crashed into her ass. “Nine,” she groaned as her pussy again pushed against his cock. This time Andy didn’t wait for Tina to get ready. His hand slapped against her naked flesh. Again Tina groaned.

Andy didn’t lift his hand.  Slowly he slid it down Tina’s ass. Tina parted her legs and almost reluctantly lifted her ass away from his cock giving him access to her dripping pussy. A little cry came from her as his hand finally reached her slit. As he began to rub, her hips started to match his rhythm. Her hands gripped his calf. She could feel the burn on her ass but it was nothing compared to the burn in her pussy. Tina couldn’t believe how turned on she was. Her hips ground her pussy into his hand as he continues to send waves of pleasure into her body.

“Yessss,” hissed Tina as she reached orgasm. Her legs spread more and her hips pushed her pussy into the air, against Andy’s hand. “More,” she panted. Andy continued his manipulations. Tina had now lost all her inhibitions. Her hips bucked wildly as another orgasm hit. The room filled with her cries but she heard nothing. Her brain was filled with the intense pleasures emanating from between her legs.

Andy, sensing Tina was spinning out of control, pulled his hand away from her pussy and began to rub her still red ass. With the absence of stimulation to her pussy, the orgasms subsided and Tina collapsed down on Andy’s lap. Her lungs fought for air as her body began to recover. Her brain began to once again resume control over her body. She felt drained but at the same tome rejuvenated. Once again she became aware of the lump in Andy’s pants. Before she could even think about doing something, Andy spoke. “Stand up, Tina.”

She stood and became aware of her nakedness again. Her face, which had recovered from being flushed with sexuality, now flushed again but this time from embarrassment. “Tina, this time you were spanked because you misbehaved. As part of your punishment you will stand in a corner until I say you can leave,” Andy explained.

Tina reached down for her clothes. “No. You will not dress yet. Go stand in that corner there so your red bottom from being spanked will show,” Andy told her. She looked at him in shock but then walked to the corner. Instinctively her hands went behind her in an attempt to cover herself. “Hands by your sides!” Andy said sternly. Tina immediately moved her arms to her sides.

Andy looked at the nude girl in the corner for a while. Her ass seemed to glow with a pink tinge. He found it hard to believe a girl so young had excited him so much. Right now, though, was not the time to analyze his feelings. There was a lump in his pants that desperately needed his attention. He left the room and headed for the bathroom where he could take care of his immediate needs.

Tina stood in the corner completely nude. The feelings of hornyness and excitement had left her. Now she felt humiliated. The corner she was told to stand in was in complete view of the open window. She felt as though anyone on the street could look in and see her standing there naked with her red ass. Tina wondered how long Andy would make her stand there.




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