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Chapter 17

The two girls arrived at the general's tent, the guard rode off leaving them there, but the general had not arrived yet. Dava immediately began straightening things. “Marta, I know you have no clothes, but try and relax. I will be naked for my Master too,” Dava told her trying to comfort her.

Once her quick straitening was done, Dava pulled off her tunic and placed it on the bed. She turned her attention back to the girl. “When Master gets here, kneel like this and stay like this until Master tells you otherwise,” Dava explained as she knelt the way Sumi had taught her. The girl knelt down mimicking Dava. “Open your knees more; put your hands face up,” Dava instructed and the girl complied. “Master will be pleased with you,” Dava smiled.

The girls stood and Dava began straightening again. Marta watched, not knowing what to do. “If Master talks to you, you must answer. He isn't like the slave master. He is kind. If he asks you a question, just answer him honestly. If he tells you to do something, do it without hesitation,” Dava instructed. Marta nodded. “No, you must answer, not just nod. ..and make sure you call him Master.” They heard horses riding up. “Quick! Master is here. Kneel as I showed you next to me,” Dava ordered.

The general walked into the tent followed by one of his lieutenants. He looked down at the two girls, paused for a moment, then turned to his aid. “That will be all,” he told the soldier and the soldier saluted and left. He turned toward the girls again. “Who are you?” he asked.

“I am Marta, Master,” the girl answered without looking up.

“Why are you here?” the general questioned.

“Dava chose me and I was told to come,” Marta answered nervously.

The general paused for a while before speaking again. “She was to chose a girl for my pleasure. You are for my pleasure?” Marta was far too nervous to speak now, so just nodded. “Stand up,” the general ordered. Marta stood; her knees shaking. “Turn.” Marta slowly turned as the general looked her over. “Dava, why did you choose her?” he asked.

“Master, I chose her because the slave master was mistreating her,” Dava answered, looking up at him. She could tell he wasn't happy with her choice. “She will please you, Master. She will do anything you like. The others said she was very good. I know you will be pleased with her,“ Dava added, embellishing, hoping he excepted her explanation and hoping Marta would try to please him as well.

The general turned his attention back to Marta. “See that table? Bend over it face down,” the general commanded. The frightened girl did as he asked. “Grab the far edge and do not let go,” he ordered and she reached over grabbing the far edge. Dava watched, almost in horror, as the general pulled off his armor and tunic and stood behind the girl completely naked with his cock standing straight up. “How would you like me to take you?” he asked.

“However you wish, Master. I am for your pleasure,” Marta managed to say without her voice cracking.

The general, still angry, took his cock in his hand, aimed it at the prone girl's asshole, and shoved forward, hard. The girl cried out and even Dava winced. “Do you want me to stop?” he asked.

Marta took a moment to compose herself. “No, Master. I am for your pleasure. Take me,” she bravely declined.

The general began pounding into her. Dava could see her eyes clamped tightly shut, but Marta was still trying to push back against him. She made no more sounds as her ass was taken. The others did not know, but Marta was an anal virgin. Her ass was burning. She tried to focus on what Dava had said, but it wasn't easy. He couldn't be worse than the slave master though.

Her ordeal finally ended as the general groaned and sent his seed pumping into her ass. He stayed motionless for a while before backing away from her. As he did, Marta jumped upright and her hand went to her ass. “Master, I need to relieve myself. May I?” she gasped. He reached for a towel, tossed it to her, and added, “Go. Return when you are done.” Marta took the towel and scurried out of the tent.

“She is a brave one... like you. I know now why you chose her. Most would have screamed and cried. I know it was not pleasurable for her, but she endured,” he commented looking down at Dava.

“May I speak freely, Master?” Dava asked and he nodded. “The slave master beat her. I told her you were kind, but she had to please you. She promised me she would try. I... Um... I told her she might be able to stay if she pleased you. That is why she didn't cry out, except for once. Please do not be angry with her. She was doing what I told her to. If you are angry, you should be angry at me. If I have displeased you, I will accept your punishment. Beat me if you wish, but, please, not her,” Dava explained as tears began dripping on her cheeks.

“Come,” the general said as he sat down on a chair. Dava stood and walked to him. As she started to kneel down in front of him, he took her arm, spun her, and she ended up sitting on his lap. “It is one of the qualities I like about you – you care about others. You can't save every slave girl from getting beaten though. Some, perhaps most, deserve their beatings. I do admire that girl, in a way, though. She was not great, but did try and please me... and I didn't make it easy for her. Let me think about your request, but...”

Marta returned and the conversation ended abruptly. “Are you pleased, Master? Do you wish more of me?” Marta asked as she knelt down in front of him using the position Dava had shown her.

The general ignored her question. He nudged Dava up so she was standing in front of him. “Stand, girl,” he ordered. Marta stood up next to Dava. “Are you hungry, girl?”

“No, Master,” she answered, but Dava nudged her. Dava was starved and knew Marta must be hungry as well. “Yes, Master,” she meekly changed her answer.

The general smiled. “I see Dava has told you I appreciate honesty. Dava, set the table for three. Girl, tell the guard at the door to bring food.” Dava quickly went to the box with eating utensils as the girl meekly walked to the tent opening and, in a low voice with her head hung, told the guard that the general wanted his food.

Marta walked back into the tent as Dava finished setting the table and went back to the box. Not knowing what else to do, she once again knelt, as Dava had shown her, on the ground next to the general. “Are you hungry, girl?” he asked her again and she repeated her answer truthfully this time. “Then sit, eat,” the general told her as he pointed at one of the plates sitting on the table.

Dava sat down on the bench and Marta sat next to her, very nervously as she had no idea what was happening. A girl and boy walked in carrying trays of food. “Stop! We are nude, you will serve us nude. Go out, strip, and come back in,” the general ordered. The servers quickly left and in less than a minute came back in, this time naked, and placed the food on the table, then both knelt down awaiting further orders. “Eat,” the general commanded as he took some food and put it on his plate.

Dava, once he had taken what he wanted, began filling her plate. “Take some food. Master told you to eat,” Dava whispered to Marta. Marta meekly took some food for herself, but very little. “Master has a good cook. Take all you want. It makes him happy,” Dava whispered once more. Marta took a little more food. The other two began eating, so Marta picked up her fork as well.

The three ate in silence. Their servers, a boy and girl, both nude, seemed to be about 12 or 13 years old. They were very efficient in their job though. The general watched them as he ate and finally, once finished eating, addressed the server girl. “Tell me... are you a virgin, girl?”

“No, Master. Do you wish me to pleasure you?” she answered politely.

The general ignored her offer. “Have you serviced many men?” The girl this time just nodded and looked at the ground. “You are small. I bet it hurts to service a man. The boy you are serving with is smaller. Do you think you would like his size better?” The young girl blushed, but remained silent. “Boy, are you a virgin?”

“No Master. Do you wish to take me?” he answered also politely.

“Boy, you have been taken obviously. Have you been pleasured by a girl?” the general continued.

“No, Master,” the boy answered, hanging his head and speaking softly.

“Girl, you have had experience with men. He is more your size. Pleasure him, not me,” the general requested. The girl looked up in shock. The general motioned with his hand for her to begin. She tentatively reached for his still limp boy cock. “Boy, stand up so she can properly service you. Girl, service him well. You may move about at your will,” the general suggested.

The boy stood and the girl rose to her knees while keeping her grip on his cock. After stroking him for a few seconds, she leaned forward, taking his now slightly larger cock into her mouth. A smile came over his face as his cock stiffened.

“He is hard now, girl. Come over to me. Boy, watch,” the general ordered. The girl stood up and faced the general. He twisted around his chair so he was facing the boy. “Girl, sit on my leg and face the boy,” he added. She did as he asked. “Open your legs,” he said softly. As she did, his hand went to her pussy. “Girl, do not be afraid. I am not going to take you; he is. He has to learn. Boy, watch what I am doing. You must prepare a girl before you take her by doing as I am,” the general explained as his hand began manipulating the girl's pussy. After a short time, he began to feel her getting wetter and her legs parted slightly more.

“Girl, lay on the ground in front of the boy. Boy, do to her as I was doing,” the general instructed. Surprisingly the girl seemed to willingly comply. The boy knelt down beside her and his hand went to her crotch. “Girl, guide him. Show him what you want,” the general instructed. Her hand went to his as she complied.

They watched for a few minutes. The boy's cock bobbed stiffly as his hand massaged the girl's pussy. She too seemed to be getting aroused and the boy's hand got shinny with her secretions. “Now is the time, boy. Take her,” the general suggested.

As he shifted his body over, settling between her legs, her legs spread apart giving him room. “Guide him in,” the general said as the boy leaned over the girl. She reached up grabbing his cock and aiming it toward her love canal. His legs stretched out behind him as he sank into her.

Instinct took over. Her eyes half closed as he began moving his hips up and down. Both began breathing harder. Unfortunately youth took its toll and the boy gasped before pinning the girl to the ground with his hips as he climaxed. After a few gasps, both seemed to settle, relax, and his body rested against hers, both breathing heavily.

After a minute or two, the girl whispered to the boy and both rose to their knees. “Would you like us to clear the food, Master?” the girl asked.

“Was he more your size, girl?” the general smiled, making the girl blush. “Was she good?” he asked the boy, to which he blushed as well and just nodded. “Dava, you and your new friend help clear things. Guard, have a small tent set up next to mine. Boy, you and the girl will sleep in that tent tonight. Girl, by morning I want you to make him an expert,” the general chuckled.




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