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Chapter 16

Over the next two days, Dava's Master didn't take a girl. As usual, he had girls serve his meals and they usually ended up naked, but he would send them away after he and Dava ate. Dava did service him with her mouth, but that was all.

She also, every night, had a wooden penis inserted into her ass. Instead of her laying across his lap. He had her bend over a table, naked, and he would stand behind her telling her it was him entering her. She would grip the opposite side of the table. He slowly would push the penis into her while rubbing her ass with his free hand.

It would hurt when he first pushed in, but in her mind it was really him. The hurt reminded her she was his. He would talk to her softly and soon the hurt would dissipate. He would then begin to push the penis in and out of her ass, like he was really fucking her. Surprisingly it would climax her. Once she recovered, she would then satisfy him.

It was almost dark when they stopped the next night. It had been a hard day traveling. All were anxious to get home, only two days march away, so the army was pushing. Dava and her Master had eaten, the wooden penis inserted, Dava had pleasured him, and they were in bed.

“Master, may I ask you something?” Dava said softly. Her Master nodded. “Why haven't you taken a girl in the last two days? Have you not wanted one?”

“It seems to upset you and I wish to keep you happy,” he answered slightly irritated by her question.

“Master, I don't want you to deprive yourself for me. Yes, it does upset me some, but only because I want to satisfy you. I would rather you be happy. That is what makes me happy,” Dava explained.

“Fine. Tomorrow you go out and pick me a girl then,” he snapped, now more irritated. Dava said nothing more, not wishing to anger him.

The next morning they ate and the general left early. Dava, as it was her duty, straightened out her Master's belongings and made sure they were packed away to be transported. Once done, she sat down to wait for his return. Instead of him returning for her, one of his personal guards rode up.

“I have been sent to take you to the slave master's wagon. You are to ride with him today,” he ordered.

Dava, recognizing him, did not question his message, but she was disappointed. She usually rode with her Master. “Is Master angry with me?” she questioned.

“I just do as I am ordered!” the guard snapped. “I was told to remind you remember the offer you made for the general. I trust you know what that is. Come,” he growled. Dava did not question him further. He lifted her onto his horse and the two rode off.

“This girl is to ride with you,” the guard told the slave master. “She is the general's personal property. You are to watch out for her and make sure she is safe. I caution you, if anything happens to her, I wouldn't want to be you. You know the general...”

The slave master understood exactly what the guard meant. “Get in the wagon; in front. You will ride with me,” he glared at Dava. She quietly climbed up onto the wagon aware the slave master was irritated. He signaled the six or so wagons behind him, then climbed up next to Dava and they started out.

For a while they rode in silence. Dava was afraid of this man. “The general is a lucky man... You are a cute one. Maybe I'll enjoy you before I return you,” he smirked. “How many has the general had you pleasure?”

“None. I am a virgin. He is taking me to the emperor as a gift,” Dava answered meekly.

The slave master looked over at Dava, mentally undressing her. “I would give almost anything to take you, but you are not worth my life. Why are you here? Something so 'valuable' is not usually sent with my whores,” he chuckled.

Dava shifted nervously. “My Master has sent me to choose one of your girls for him,” she muttered.

“Really...” the slave master responded, his mind already thinking about his sudden opportunity to better his petition. “I can arrange that. I have the best girls of anyone,” he boasted as he pulled his wagon over followed by the others in his group. He quickly jumped down and walked to the back of his wagon and then to the back of the others, choosing girls from each wagon.

One girl from the back of his wagon had mistakenly thought she had been chosen and had hopped down to the ground. The slave master struck her, “Not you, bitch!” he yelled as she fell to the ground. She meekly climbed back onto the wagon with her cheek now red from being struck. The slave master lined up the other girls. “These are my best,” he boasted, looking at Dava for her choice.

Dava looked over the group. She had no idea how to choose. “Would you like to see more?” he mocked. “Strip!” he barked at the girls and immediately they all dropped their tunics for him.

This man was irritating her. “My choice is that one,” she challenged, pointing to the girl who had been struck.

He glared at her at first, then walked to the back of the wagon, grabbing the girl, yanking her down from the wagon, and pulling her tunic off as she fell to the ground. “Stand!” he barked and the girl stood slowly with her head hung. “You want this one?” he questioned looking at Dava. “She is nothing. She's not a good lay, doesn't have much experience, and isn't as pretty as these. Do you want your Master to be pleased or not?”

Dava, sensing the power she had because of her Master, confidently looked at the slave master. “Yes, I choose her. She will stay at my side to make sure no other takes her before my Master does. Master has told me to choose and I have. Would you rather choose one instead and tell him you didn't like my choice?” Dava challenged.

The slave master's face turned red with anger, but he soon settled. The last thing he wanted was to offend the general and, even though he felt Dava's choice was a poor one, rationalized if the general was displeased, he could just tell him his girl had chosen her, not him. “Very well... It is YOUR choice, not mine!” he snapped loud enough for all to hear. “Get in. We have to get moving,” he ordered, grabbing the girl's tunic and tossing it into the back of the wagon. “You ride next to 'your mistress',” he mocked pointing at the still naked girl.

Dava climbed up on the other side of the wagon next to the still nude girl. She could tell the girl was uncomfortable being naked, but decided not to push the issue and loose control over the situation. As they moved out, Dava whispered to the girl, “Try and relax. I know you're naked, but you're safe. No one will hurt you.” The girl said nothing, but did manage a slight smile.

Because they had fallen behind, the wagons did not stop for lunch. The girls were given some bread with something in it, Dava wasn't sure what it was, but at least it was something to eat. They caught up with the column as it moved out again. She missed riding with her Master and certainly missed better food.

The afternoon was boring, just riding in the wagon. The slave master didn't talk, but would occasionally fondly the nude girl next to him. It was obvious the girl didn't like the attention, but made no objection. Finally the column broke at they began setting up camp for the evening.

“You smell! Go wash!” the slave master growled at the naked girl sitting next to him. He pointed at a nearby stream.

Dava walked with the girl as she went into the stream to bathe. “Sorry I couldn't get clothes for you, but I couldn't push my luck too far,” Dava apologized. The girl looked up and smiled, but said nothing as she washed. “My Master is kind, not like that barbarian. You will see. I chose you because that slave master was so mean to you. You will have to pleasure my Master though. Is that OK?” Dava explained. The slave girl nodded. “What's your name?” Dava asked.

“Marta,” the girl answered meekly.

“I'm Dava. Do you know who my Master is?” The girl nodded. They were silent for a while. “Have you been a slave long?” Dava finally asked. The girl shook her head. “That man was wrong. You are pretty.” The girl smiled. “I don't know about the other stuff he said. Have you pleasured many men?” Dava continued.

“No,” the girl answered, finally speaking. “The slave master has taken me a few times, but no others. He tells all I am not good. Most of the other girls are sent out, then he takes me into his tent and deposits his cum into me. Once he is done with me I am sent away.” The girl paused for a while, maybe expecting Dava to say something. “Your Master is going to rape me and probably send me away after. I will go back to the slave master and he will rape me again.”

“My Master is kind,” Dava defended. “Yes, he will take you, but he will not brutalize you. If you are kind to him and give him pleasure, maybe he will let you stay.” The sound of a horse approaching interrupted their conversation. Dava saw the slave master point toward them and, as the horse turned, recognized her Master's guard.

“Come. I will take you to the general's tent,” he ordered as he turned his horse and it began walking away.

“Come! My Master has sent for us,” Dava smiled at the girl. She stood, Dava grabbed her hand, and the two ran after the guard.




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