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Show Off - 6

Linda and her dad arrived at the swimming lesson. Since they were not staying for the free swim, Linda's dad got her settled in the changing room and then left. Linda looked around and, as usual, the room was pretty much deserted. She started to undress when she noticed one of the other students at the end of the aisle. He was probably a year or two younger than she was. He looked down at her.

Linda inwardly smiled as she took her top off, exposing her tiny buds. She glanced up and saw the boy watching her. Instead of putting on her swim suit top to cover, she pushed her shorts down and stepped out of them. Now clad only in her panties, she looked back up towards the boy. He saw her look up, smiled, and then pushed his pants and underwear down to his knees. Instead of continuing, he stood up straight, his cock and balls now in full view, and looked at Linda. She smiled at him, turned to face him, then pushed her panties down until they draped over her feet. She stepped out of them and looked at the smiling boy. For a moment they just looked. He finally sat down to pull his clothes off. Linda sat on the end of the bench, held her swim suit in one hand, and opened her legs, giving the boy a perfect view of her pussy. She smiled as his jaw dropped. Fearing she would be caught showing, she quickly put her swim suit on and then went out to the pool.

Once at poolside, Linda looked around for Eddie, but he was not there. It surprised her a little that she missed him. The lesson, without him, seemed somewhat boring, but it was finally over. Linda rushed into the changing room, telling her dad she would be right out. Since most students would stay for the free swim, there was only one other person in the changing room. Linda didn't recognize him, so assumed he was there just for the free swim. He was obviously not a student, but also not old enough to be a father of a student.

Linda quickly took her swim suit off and walked to the shower. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the guy standing sort of behind the row of lockers, but clearly had a good view of her. At first Linda was nervous, but the guy showed no threat and just seemed to be watching. Linda noticed a mirror on the wall behind the guy where she could see him. Obviously he hadn't noticed. She chose a shower head which allowed her to see the guy and began to shower. It made her smile when his hand went to his crotch and adjust his visible erection in his swimsuit. Slowly she showered, turning on occasion allowing him to see all of her. Soon, however, he left and she was once again alone. Fearing her father would come looking for her, she quickly left the shower, dried off, dressed, and left.

Once home, Linda rushed up to the room to get rid of her swimming things so she could spend the rest of the day with her cousin. Tess's bed was messed up and there were a few wet spots on it. Linda also noticed Tess's panties draped on top of her dresser and her shorts were on Jeff's bed. “Why are your panties on top of your dresser?” Linda asked when Tess walked in. “...and how did your shorts get on Jeff's bed?” Tess just stood with a shocked look on her face. “Hmmm... hope you had fun. Maybe we can find some other things for you to have fun with,” Linda teased as she left the room to find Jeff.

Jeff was in the back yard when Linda found him. “Have fun with Tess?” she asked as she approached him.

Um... yeah. Did she tell you?” Jeff stammered.

Yeah, sorta,” Linda bluffed.

We have about an hour before dinner. Wanna go to that picnic place?” Jeff suggested. “It's my last day here.”

Linda shrugged, wondering what Jeff was thinking, but decided to go and the two set off. As they walked, Jeff asked what Tess had said. Not wanting to let on she really didn't say anything, Linda avoided the subject as best she could by telling him Tess had told her enough, but Linda was careful not to give any details. They arrived at their destination and went into the “secret” place.

Once there, and satisfied they were alone, Jeff, facing Linda, told her to close her eyes. She complied and Jeff's arms went around her. Linda thought it strange, but made no objection until she felt Jeff's hands go into her shorts, under her panties, and come to rest on the skin of her ass. “What are you doing?” she exclaimed.

Relax. I'm doing the same thing I did to Tess. She loved it. Close your eyes,” Jeff answered.

Although a bit nervous, it did feel nice to have his hands on her ass, so Linda made no further objections. She wanted to know what had happened with her sister. What ever it was, her sister had already done it and, except for being embarrassed, seemed to be OK with whatever it was, so Linda felt she didn't have much choice anyway.

Jeff rubbed her ass for a while and Linda began to relax and enjoy the sensations. Without saying anything, his hands went up and to her hips. Linda became aware of why when her shorts and panties began to be pushed down. It made her a little nervous, but she thought it must have been what had happened to Tess, so she made no move to stop him. Once free, they fell to her feet leaving her naked from the waist down.

Linda wasn't sure what was going to happen, but Jeff resumed rubbing her ass, but this time with a much lighter touch. She quickly forgot about being nearly naked. The feelings being produced by Jeff's fingers on her bare ass were like nothing she had felt before. Her eyes closed as pleasure enveloped her.

Let's get on the ground,” Jeff suggested as he knelt down. Linda knelt down as well, facing him. “No. Get on all fours,” Jeff told her. She complied and Jeff moved to her side. “This is the part Tess loved.”

Linda felt somewhat uneasy about being on her hands and knees, but Jeff began to rub her ass again as he had been doing. She once again started to relax until Jeff's finger ran the length of her ass crack. It was pleasurable, but also felt very strange to her.

Jeff continued to run his finger up and down. Although still unsure, Linda began to get turned on. Jeff's finger would hesitate at her rear hole, creating a feeling that both repulsed Linda and also gave her pleasure. She was well aware of the pleasures produced by her pussy, but this was different. She never expected such feelings from such a place. She wondered what Tess had thought.

Linda didn't realize it, but Jeff's up and down motion had slowed considerably and he was now concentrating on her opening, rubbing around it and pressing against it. At first his pressure was light, but he was increasing it steadily. Linda gasped when Jeff's finger finally slipped into her. It hurt, but also gave her pleasure. She liked it, but after her experience at swimming and now, with her pants down and a hand massaging her, she desperately wanted to climax. She needed it.

After parting her legs a little more, Linda bent her back and thrust her ass up, causing Jeff's finger to slip out of her ass to her pussy. “Yesss,” she muttered. Jeff slid his finger back up to her asshole. “No... down,” Linda muttered. Jeff, as requested, slid his finger back down to her pussy. “Yes,” Linda moaned as Jeff began to rub her pussy. Once again she opened her legs more, but this time also dropped her head down as she went onto her forearms. Linda's eyes closed as she felt her orgasm approach.

Suddenly Jeff stopped rubbing and then moved behind her. Linda didn't care where he was as long as he started rubbing her again. She spread her legs to make room for him to kneel between them. Thankfully he began to rub again. Linda could feel herself getting wetter as her climax got closer.

Once again Jeff's finger left her pussy. Linda groaned. She was close now and needed his stimulation to push her over the top. After a brief hesitation, Linda smiled as she felt his finger once again slid along her slit, but something different happened. His belly collided with her ass. At first it didn't register in her mind until the fingertip entered her causing her to jump, which dislodged it. On the next stroke forward it did it again though.

Linda reached between her legs and discovered a pair of balls attached to the “finger”. It was his cock! Still desperately needing to climax, she just muttered, “Don't go in,” as her hand pushed against his cock pressing it against her slit. He seemed to comply and his cock sawed along her wet pussy, but no longer jabbed into her.

A few more strokes later Linda climaxed, although it was a small one. The added stimulation of a cock on her pussy pushed her over the edge. As her orgasm subsided, Linda felt Jeff's cock twitch and then erupt as he climaxed, sending her into a second climax. This one was big. She pushed the cock tightly to her as waves of pleasure washed over her like a tidal wave. The only thing that may have stopped her from passing out was Jeff stopped moving.

Finally Linda's body started to return to normal. As it did, she turned and sat up, sitting on her feet and facing Jeff. His pants were still down and his cock still semi-hard. Linda stared at it. There was still a drop of cum at its tip. She was curious, but still sort of unsure. She knew about blowjobs and even knew a few girls that had said they had done that.

Her curiosity finally overpowered her apprehension. At first she just reached out and touched his cock. He made no movement and said nothing. Linda leaned forward lowering her head until his cock was just inches from her face. She took a deep breath and then opened her mouth and lowered until the cock slipped between her lips.

It made her wet again realizing a boy's cock was in her mouth. She let her tongue swirl around exploring this new object. Its taste wasn't what she expected. The drop of cum left on his cock wasn't bitter as she had expected. It was a little salty and tasted strange, but not really bad. A soft groan came from Jeff. Normally he was quiet and this soft sound made Linda happy. It meant whatever she was doing she must be doing well.

Still nervous and unsure of herself, Linda released the cock from her mouth and rose back up. Jeff smiled at her. She looked back down at his cock and saw it was once again standing proudly. “We should be going,” Linda said quietly.

I know... I wish we had more time. I want to lay you,” Jeff answered, his disappointment obvious.

Maybe next time we meet,” Linda offered before realizing what she was saying. She stood up and realized her shorts and panties were no longer around her legs. It made her blush that she had lost them without even realizing it.

Jeff also stood. His pants were still on his body, but down around his knees. He stepped toward Linda until their bodies were touching. His cock pressed against her belly as his arms went around her. Although she didn't want it to, Linda's body responded and her hips pressed forward against Jeff's cock. His hand slid into her ass crack and found her rear opening. A finger pressed against her rear hole.

It surprised Linda that she welcomed his finger once again. She could feel her body begin to respond to his touches. Unfortunately she also knew they had to leave. If they didn't get back someone would come looking for them at the very least and both would also be in big trouble. While she still could, Linda backed away. “We should be going,” she repeated.

Can we do something tonight maybe?” Jeff asked.

I dunno... maybe,” Linda blushed, not really mentally ready for more, but also knowing her body was rushing way ahead of her mind.

Linda looked around for her panties and shorts as Jeff pulled his pants up. The shorts were next to her and she picked them up. “I can't find my panties,” Linda blushed.

Jeff walked a few feet behind her and plucked them off a low branch in a tree. It made Linda blush even more as she held her hand out for them. “Can I have them?” Jeff questioned.

You wanna wear my panties?” Linda gasped.

No! I want to remember this week. They will remind me,” Jeff explained.

Linda's face turned bright red as she realized how dumb her question had been. “OK,” she mumbled. “Just make sure no one ever sees them!”

Linda stepped into her shorts as Jeff stuffed her panties into his pocket. Knowing she wouldn't be wearing anything under the loose shorts turned her on. As she pulled them up, Jeff stepped closer. His hand slipped into the front of her shorts and went to her now damp pussy.

Linda took a deep breath. His hand felt sooo good there, but she knew they had no time left. Her head told her to back away, but her feet wouldn't move backward, but did move slightly apart giving him better access. “We should be going,” she mumbled, trying to convince Jeff and herself.

For a moment neither moved. Jeff's hand stayed in Linda's shorts cupping her wet pussy. Linda hoped Jeff would pull it out soon as her willpower was now gone. She knew if he pushed her shorts down she wouldn't stop him now. She held her breath as his finger pushed into her slit and then slid slowly to its top, grazing her little magic button.

Linda was both glad and disappointed when his hand pulled out of her shorts. Before she changed her mind she turned and walked out of the clearing with Jeff following. Being a girl, she knew her voice was the “voice of reason”, but she had no more reason. Had he not pulled his hand out, she would probably have left her virginity in the clearing.




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