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For the next few weeks Ted avoided Judy when he could. They would still eat together with the family, but aside from then, Ken stayed pretty much away. Judy initially had been disturbed by the incident but had come to terms with it. It had been a mistake but she had moved on. She missed the closeness between her and her brother. She had also started to miss their little games. It had been over two weeks since she had seen a stiff cock and she loved seeing them. In an attempt to return things to normal, she went looking for her brother.

Their father was working and their mother had just left to go do an errand. Judy hadn't seen Ted leave the house yet, which was now his custom, so she went to confront him. Ted's bedroom door was shut. After taking a deep breath, Judy opened it. Ted was lying in his bed listening to his radio. He had headphones on and initially didn't notice Judy. Not sure what she was going to say, she just stood at the doorway.

After a few moments, Ted looked up and saw his sister. He jerked his headphones off and sat up. "What do you want?" he asked with a tremulous voice.

Judy didn't answer at first but just stared. She wanted to talk to him but couldn't think of anything to say. After a short but uncomfortable silence, she blurted, "Why have you been avoiding me?"

"I haven't!" Ted snapped. He wasn't angry but he too was at a loss for words. Again there was silence. Ted then mumbled, "Are you OK?"

The sudden change in Ted's voice made Judy hesitate. Having no idea what he was asking, the best she could answer was, "Huh?"

The response wasn't what Ted had hoped for."Ah, um, I mean, er, are you, um," Ted stammered.

"What?" Judy interrupted.

Ted was really nervous now. "When we, um, did it, er, ah, well, I wasn't using anything... you could be, um, ah, are you, ah, um... are you pregnant?"

"NO!" Judy exclaimed. Her mouth opened again but no words came out.

"Are you sure?" Ted asked. "I mean if you are... um, ah, you could be, you know."

"I'm not," Judy blushed. "I'm having my period..." Her eyes went to the floor. She had just confessed to something she had always tried to hide. The fact that Ted now knew embarrassed her.

"Oh," Ted remarked in apparent glee. Realizing what he had just said, his voice lowered again. "I didn't mean to. It was a mistake. I'm sorry." His voice was now a mumble. The situation, in hindsight, had embarrassed him. She was, after all, his sister. "Are you mad at me?" he muttered looking down.

"No, I'm not mad at you," Judy quietly answered. She looked up at Ted. Slowly his glance lifted. A small smile formed on his lips. "It felt nice," Judy blushed, then quickly added, "but I don't want to do it again." Ted made no comment. "Have you done it before?" Judy asked.

"Of course, stupid! Don't you remember you walked in on Marie and me?" Ted laughed.

"Oh ya, I forgot. Duh..." Judy laughed. The ice had been broken. Both siblings sat on Ted's bed and started talking about school, music, and other things that young teens normally talk about.

It took another month for everything to get back to normal. Judy had come home from soccer practice, taken her shower, and had gone into her room. She finished drying herself and, dropping the towel, went to her dresser to get clean clothes. Suddenly Ted swung the door open. Judy jumped and started yelling. Ted, seemingly not hearing her, stood in the doorway with a big grin.

Judy continued to scream for a short time then noticed the grin on her brother's face. She stopped yelling and a smile formed. She pulled her panties from the drawer and slipped them on while Ted watched. He was still grinning but made no move to leave. Judy pulled a bra out of her drawer. "Asshole," she muttered under her breath. Ted apparently heard her and chuckled. Judy grinned back at him, the bra still in her hand. "Enjoy the show, brother. Just remember, pay back is a bitch." She had tried to sound stern but couldn't do it.

Having a boy, even though it was her brother, watch her dress excited Judy. She could feel her nipples harden. She blushed slightly as she put the bra on. She wondered if Ted had noticed her hard nipples. She liked being watched but she didn't like her nipples advertising the fact to the watcher.

A few days later, Judy had her chance for revenge. Ted had taken a shower and gone into his room. Judy quietly tiptoed to his door. She could hear movement in the room. Her hand went out and gripped the doorknob turning it quietly. With one push, the door swung open. Judy stared disappointedly into the room. Ted was there all right but the towel was still wrapped around his waist. Ted didn't yell but just stared back at the girl.

Judy, realizing her timing was off, was going to just leave when Ted reached for the towel and tugged at it. Judy watched wide eyed as the towel fell to the floor. Ted stood before her completely nude. Judy's nipples hardened as Ted's limp prick slowly rose. Judy's breathing quickened as the stiff member grew until it was standing proudly against Ted's belly. Only then did he turn and walk to his dresser for his clothes.

Judy's eyes remained glued to Ted's ass as his cheeks moved up and down as he walked. Ted pulled a pair of underpants from his drawer and turned again to face Judy. Her pussy started to leak as she watched the hard cock throbbing. He stood motionless for a moment letting Judy drink in the image of his hard member. He then slowly put on the underwear. Judy continued to watch as he put his shirt and pants on. He was doing up his pants when she left the room.

By this time her hormones were controlling her body. She almost ran into her room. Without bothering with her door, she dropped her pants and panties to the floor. Ted might have been watching but she didn't care. Judy jumped onto her bed and flopped onto her back spreading her legs at the same time. Her hand went to her now sopping pussy and she started masturbating with a fury. In no time, orgasm had overtaken her. She had the relief she desperately needed.

The next day, the scenario was repeated. This time, Judy didn't wait for the door to even close. She stopped it with her body. Ted turned to see his sister standing in his doorway. She was dressed in her skirt and top still from school. He dropped his towel again exposing a stiff prick. After standing to allow his sister to see him, he turned and walked to his dresser. He started to open the drawer when Judy's voice stopped him. "Don't bother," she throatily whispered.

"Huh?" he mumbled as he turned to face her. He could see the flush on her face.

"Catch," she said as she threw a jar to him.

Ted caught the object and looked back at her. "What's this for?" he asked as he saw it was a jar of petroleum jelly.

Judy didn't answer. She reached under her skirt and suddenly her panties were puddled at her feet. As she stepped out of them, she undid her skirt allowing it too to fall to the floor. She needed something and she wanted it now. Judy walked to the bed and bent over so her head rested on the mattress and her ass was in the air. "Just be careful where you put it." she cautioned.

Ted walked over to the bent over girl unscrewing the lid as he went. He took a glob of the slimy jelly on his finger and touched Judy's rosebud. Judy jumped as the cool substance hit her hot asshole. Ted's finger began to spread the slime. Judy moaned softly and pushed back against the slippery finger. A hiss came from her teeth as the finger penetrated her. She couldn't believe how horny she was. The evaporating juices leaking out of her gave her pussy a chill.

Her greased up asshole was left alone for a moment. Judy's breathing was rapid as she waited for the invasion to begin. After what seemed like an eternity to her aroused body, Ted's cock touched her asshole. Slowly its pressure increased. Judy winced as the head popped in. It hurt but she didn't care anymore. A boy's cock was inside her. Slowly the prick burned in deeper. It felt like it was splitting her apart. She didn't understand it but even with all the pain, she had to have the hard rod inside her.

Finally he bottomed out. Judy's ass felt stuffed but she was on fire. Her hand snaked under her to her throbbing clit. As she started to rub, the cock began to pound her ass. The hurt was being replaced by pleasure. Judy tried to concentrate on the prick inside her. She wanted to feel its texture, its stiffness, its movements as it slid into her depths. At the same time, her finger was alternating between her swollen love button and her wet channel. Ted groaned. His cock twitched and Judy knew her ass was being filled with cum. The added lubrication only served to turn her on even more. As Ted's climax ended, he started to pull out.

"No!" Judy begged. "Push back in." Ted's semi hard cock buried itself again. Judy began flexing the muscles around her entrance. She felt Ted getting harder again. In no time he began to plunge into her again. This time she was ready to go. Her pussy gushed as her orgasm rolled over her. Ted's belly was slapping against her ass. "Oooohhhh," she moaned as he slammed into her. She pushed her finger as deep as she could into her pussy. Through the thin wall, she could feel Ted's rod inside her. Judy's head was spinning. It was like a thunder storm was inside her pussy. The first climax had ended but it was being followed by little aftershocks pushing her over the edge time and time again.

Ted shot his load for the second time. Judy could feel the sweat running down her back as Ted's balls emptied into her. He fell forward onto her back causing her legs to crumple. The once hard rod penetrating her ass softened quickly. As it fell out, Ted stood. "I gotta take another shower."

Now free from Ted's weight, Judy rose to her feet. Without saying a word, she followed Ted into the bathroom. He hadn't realized she was there until he went to close the door. Ted smiled. "Wanna take a shower with me?" Judy met his smile and nodded. She sat down on the toilet as she shed her top and bra. The cum Ted had previously deposited came back out audibly. What would have normally been humiliating for Judy didn't bother her this time. It was his cum that was coming out anyway.

The shower really surprised Judy. The two washed each other. The sexual tension was gone. Being nude seemed comforting. She was being touched and touching but not in a sexual way. Ted had gotten hard again but now it was just part of his body instead of a sexual object. After showering, they dried off and both walked nude into Ted's room. Judy thought she would have been very comfortable staying nude with Ted but their parents would soon be home. There was no way she was going to explain the situation to them so the two reluctantly dressed.

Ted reclined on his bed and picked up his headphones. Judy reached over and grabbed the other set. The two relaxed on the bed listening to music. The experience of just being naked without the sexual overtones puzzled Judy. It had been a new and strange experience.



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