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It had been a long time since Ken and Judy had visited the fort. Judy watched as Ted disappeared into the woods and then turned to Ken. "Let's go inside," she suggested.

"Don't you have to pee?" Ken questioned.

"I want to show you something first," explained Judy. Ken was puzzled but followed Judy into the fort. Once inside, she grabbed his belt and unbuckled it. As she tugged his pants down, Ken pushed Judy's shorts and panties to her ankles. Although she had not planned on stripping, she stepped out of her clothes not caring anyway. Soon both were nude from the waist down.

Ken reached for Judy's top and pulled it over her head. Once free, Judy stood proudly, letting Ken gaze on her quickly developing body. Judy was busy looking at Ken's aroused prick and balls, surrounded by a thatch of hair. Ken reached out for her but Judy backed away. "Lie down on your back, I want to try something," Judy said in a mischievous voice.

"What?" Ken asked, not really caring what she was going to do. What ever it was, he knew it involved sex and he was all for that.

"Just do it," Judy answered with a grin. Ken complied, propping his head up as he leaned on his elbows. His raging hard on almost quivered. Judy knelt down next to his waist and reached out for the stiff cock. She hesitated as her fingers wrapped around the hot, hard rod between Ken's legs. Questions were running through her head. Would he like it? Would she do it right? What would he think? She had had one cock in her mouth and had already tasted cum but that was with David. She didn't care about him but she did care about Ken.

Judy almost chickened out until she looked at Ken's face. She had already nonchalantly started stroking him. His eyes were half closed and he had a big grim on his face. She knew he was enjoying her attentions. Now was the time.

Slowly Judy lowered her face to Ken's crotch. Her tongue slipped out between her lips and touched the tip of Ken's cock. Judy could taste the saltiness of his precum. She pulled her tongue back into her mouth and parted her lips. She lowered her head allowing the bulbous end of Ken's dick to enter her mouth.

Ken gasped and then a soft "Mmmm" escaped from his throat. He extended his arm out to touch Judy's ass. Gently he nudged her hip and she turned a little, presenting her rounded ass to him. Having better access now, Ken slowly started to rub the naked ass beside him.

Judy smiled to herself. Ken obviously liked what she was doing and she, too, liked him rubbing her ass. Her head started to bob up and down, allowing the stiff cock to slide across her lips. Ken's hand sliding across the skin of her ass cheeks barely touching her only excited her more. She started going down a little further with each bob, letting Ken's cock go a little deeper into her mouth each time. Ken's moans told her she was doing everything right.

Ken's rubbing became more centralized and finally concentrated on the crack of Judy's ass and her sopping wet slit. Her crouched position gave him plenty of access to her charms. One of his fingers slid down her ass crack. Judy shivered. The finger slid past her asshole, lingering there for a moment, and then further to her pussy. It teasingly circled around her pussy lips and then moved to her love hole. Judy could feel her lips separate as Ken's finger entered her. As nice as his finger felt, the intrusion frightened her. Just before she was going to reach around and pull the invader out, it retracted and Ken's finger again went up the crack of her ass. She could feel the wetness of her pussy juices being spread around her asshole.

Judy continued to manipulate Ken's cock with her mouth. It felt like it was on fire. She could feel the heat on her tongue. Ken's finger continued to make the trip from her asshole to her pussy and back. Each time he reached her pussy, he would push into her but then retreat again. The repetition of his movements caused Judy to relax and she started to enjoy each invasion. He never went in too far and always retreated after only a short time. Judy appreciated that.

Ken was now groaning more and he was starting to squirm. Judy knew he was close to climaxing. Her concentration transferred from her pussy to the cock in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the hard rod making Ken groan. As his excitement rose, it seemed like his cock grew even bigger. Judy could feel Ken's stomach muscles flex under her hand as it rested on his belly. Suddenly her mouth was filled with cum. This time she didn't spit it out as she did with David. She swallowed.

As Ken shot his first load of cum in her mouth, his finger plunged knuckle deep into her asshole. The suddenness of his plunge hurt as his finger invaded her ass. Strangely the hurt wasn't really pain. The hurt felt nice and Judy pushed back against it. Ken's climax combined with her own state of arousal had erased all the inhibitions she had felt before. She wanted to be violated. Ken's cock pulsed again filling her mouth once more. Judy's mouth filled with cum again and again she swallowed, only to have her mouth filled again.

Her asshole burned as Ken's finger pushed deeper. Judy couldn't understand how something that hurt could feel so nice but she didn't care either. Her own explosion hit. She pushed down on Ken's pulsating cock almost gagging herself. Her ass pushed against Ken's finger. What was once pain was now pleasure.

As Judy's orgasm subsided, she realized Ken's finger had left her ass and his cock was now soft in her mouth. Her hormonal rush now gone, Judy realized what had just happened to her. She let the limp dick slip out of her mouth and turned away from Ken. She couldn't bear to look at his face. She imagined his soiled finger. As she reached for her top, Ken's arms went around her and a hand covered each tit. She looked down expecting to see the dirty finger. She was surprised to see each finger looked the same as the others. She couldn't tell which finger had been inside her. Judy breathed a sigh of relief as Ken muttered, "That was great!"

"We'd better get going before my brother wonders what we're doing," Judy stated as she pulled the top on, pushing Ken's hands away in the process. The two quickly dressed and headed back to the house. Judy thought she could still feel Ken's finger in her ass as they walked. It was still a little sore back there, and she was still embarrassed about what had happened, but it felt nice too. Her mixed emotions puzzled her.

Once arriving at the house, Ken and Judy separated. Ken went into the house and Judy stayed outside. She wanted to think. Her solitude was short lived, however. David poked his head out of the barn door and called to her. "Can you give me a hand for a minute?" Judy didn't feel like helping him but couldn't think of an excuse why she couldn't. David was evidently working in the barn. He had his shirt off and she could see the sweat dripping from him. Reluctantly she went into the barn.

"What do you want?" she asked David after locating him.

"We haven't talked much in a few days. I thought maybe we could get reacquainted," David offered.

"Huh?" questioned Judy not knowing what he was talking about.

"The last time we really talked was at the swimming hole. I thought maybe you'd like to talk like that again. Of course, if you'd rather not talk to me, I suppose I could find someone to listen..." David explained, smirking at himself.

Judy knew full well what he was talking about now and knew what he wanted. She was in no mood for his blackmail now but knew she had no choice. "OK," she mumbled. David reached for her top. "Don't bother," Judy said as she stopped him. Realizing he might get upset and get her into trouble, she added, "Someone might catch us. Just pull your pants down and lay on the floor. I'll give you what you want."

David evidently accepted her explanation as he pulled off his pants and lay down, spreading his knees. His erect cock bounced. Judy knelt between his legs and lowered her mouth to engulf his stiff rod. She really didn't want to give him a blow job but knew she wouldn't have any peace until he climaxed.

As Judy began her oral manipulations, David drew his knees up until his feet were flat on the floor but his knees were still spread. In an effort to quicken his orgasm, Judy reached between his legs and started caressing his balls. It was then she learned something new about boys. As her fingers reached the back of his ball sack, she felt the hardness of his cock again. She had never noticed this part of a boy's anatomy. Her fingers traced the hardness back until she almost reached his asshole. Judy allowed her fingers to dance around the area thoroughly exploring her new discovery.

Once satisfied, she ran her fingers to his asshole. David shifted as she touched his puckered hole. Making a mental note of its location, she returned to his balls. The last thing she wanted to do was delay his orgasm by distracting him. Touching David's asshole caused her mind to concentrate on her own. It was still a little sore but it felt nice too. She remembered Ken's finger sliding into her. She also remembered the enema tube probing her. The combination of pain, humility, and pleasure still puzzled her. She wondered what a boy's reaction would be if he was invaded like she had been.

David was now squirming. She knew he was getting close. This time she vowed he would not cum in her mouth. Ken could and maybe she would have even let her brother, if she was ever in that situation, but David had cum in her mouth for the last time. She felt his cock begin to pulse and quickly spit it out. She reached up and wrapped her hand around the stiff rod and started stroking him. She wanted him to climax so she could leave.

David's cock erupted spraying cum on his chest. As it did, Judy brought her free hand to his ass and pushed a finger into his asshole. It clamped tightly trying to evade Judy's assault but she pushed in none the less. Her finger was being squeezed but the feeling inside surprised her. She didn't know what to expect but found the smooth passage, even though much tighter than her pussy, felt much the same.

David's second shot of cum came at the same time Judy's finger went into his asshole. The invasion made him jump, breaking contact with her hand. Judy's finger was jerked out of his rear passage as his cock continued to spray his seed onto his chest. "What did you do that for?" David yelled.

Judy laughed. She just couldn't take him seriously. He was laying there with his legs spread and his cock spraying cum all over him. "My job is done," she chuckled as she stood up. Quickly she turned and ran out of the barn. She was almost afraid of what he might do to her but knew she would be safe outside. He couldn't very well follow her with his pants around his knees and cum dripping from his chest.

Summer was just about over. In a few weeks she would be going home. She wanted to experiment more with Ken but preferred to avoid David. Judy had learned from David but her sexual experiences with him was nothing like with Ken. David was like school but Ken was fun. In a few weeks she would be free from David but unfortunately wouldn't be able to play with Ken either.



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