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Life’s lessons - 1

co-author - Brit Nerak

Karen was a typical 12 year old. She went to school, had many friends, and was normal in every way. She still had a typical "little boy" body but things were beginning to stir. She had learned all about sex in school but hadn’t thought much about it until lately. For the last few months she had started noticing her own body. At times, after a shower, she would look at her naked body in the mirror. Her breasts seemed to be a little bigger than they used to be; her nipples a little bigger and the darkness around them a little larger; the bare skin at her pussy seemed a little fuzzier than it was.

Her friend, Abby, was the same age but was ahead of Karen. Although not developed much, her breasts already protruded on her chest forming two small mounds which, Karen thought, looked really nice poking up under a tee shirt. Where Karen seemed to think she had a little more fuzz on her pussy, Abby had told her she had begun to get dark hairs "down there".

As they had been doing for years, the weekend was coming up and one always spent the night at the others house. This weekend was Karen’s turn to go to Abby’s. She had spent the morning doing her chores and had gone to the store with her Mom. On the way back Karen’s Mom had dropped her off at Abby’s.

Abby happily had let Karen in the door and promptly led her quickly into her room. "You seem awfully happy today," Karen remarked.

Abby giggled and then seemed to get serious. "You gotta promise not to tell anybody!"
"Tell them what?" Karen questioned.

"No! You can’t tell anybody! Promise!" Abby replied.

"OK… I promise I won’t tell anyone. What aren’t I telling them?" Karen relented.

"My Mom bought me a bra!" Abby blurted.

"Really? Neat! Can I see it?" Karen excitedly asked.

"I’m wearing it! Did you think I’d just stuff it in a drawer or something?" responded Abby.
"Oh…" Karen began. "Ah… um… sorry. I wish my mother would get me one," sighed Karen. "She says she’ll get me one when I grow… but I’m growing now."

Abby was silent for a minute. Just as Abby was going to say something, Karen added in a whisper, "I’m even starting to get hair."

Abby was now curious. "Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror?"

"Of course, dummy, everybody looks at mirrors."

"No, I don’t mean just look, I mean look at yourself when you have no clothes on," Abby explained.

"Yeah," Karen blushed.

"Me too," Abby continued. "You can’t really see that well though… Um… If you want, we can look at each other. That way we’ll be able to see better, OK?" Karen paused. "I’ll let you try on my bra too, if you want to," Abby added.

Karen hesitated. It would be fun to try a bra on but she wasn’t too sure about letting Abby look at her naked body. It was one thing to change in front of her but to actually let her friend study her was something else. The urge to actually put on a bra proved too much of a temptation though. "OK," Karen finally agreed. The two sat on the floor looking at each other for a moment. "You gonna take it off?" Karen asked.

"Of course, silly!" Abby nervously giggled as she reached for the bottom of her tee shirt. Karen followed suit pulling her top off too. "Jeans too," Abby added.

Karen hadn’t planned on taking her jeans off but Abby already had hers at her knees. Feeling trapped, she slowly undid the jeans and placed them in a heap next to her with her top. Shyly she folded her arms covering her developing chest. As Abby unhooked her bra and let it slide down her arms, Karen reached for it.

"Can I see how much you’ve grown first? You can look at me too if you want," Abby requested. Karen nodded. She had already agreed but was still a little hesitant. Her arms fell to her sides.
The two studied the other’s breasts for a moment or two. Karen noticed Abby’s tits were already swollen mounds standing out from her chest. They were still quite small but bigger than hers. She was surprised that Abby’s nipples didn’t seem any bigger though. At least that made Karen feel better.

"I’ll let you touch ‘em if you want," Abby said softly. "OK if I touch you too?"

"OK," mumbled Karen. She watched as Abby’s arm left her side and her hand rose to her breast. Gently Abby’s hand touched her tit, making Karen blush. At first the hand just rested but eventually Abby began to explore the developing breast. Karen had touched herself many times, of course, but this was the first time someone else had touched her. It was strange but at the same time it felt nice.

"You can touch me too," Abby muttered, without removing her hand. Slowly Karen brought her hand to Abby’s chest, cupping the mound there. It felt soft yet firm. She could feel Abby’s nipple poking into the palm of her hand. It was almost like a tiny pebble. The feeling of it made her aware her nipple was also hard.

Odd feelings began to stir within Karen. She blushed slightly as a little tingle started between her legs. The initial embarrassment of having her friend touch her bare chest was dissipating. Abby’s hand was slowly rubbing Karen’s just developing breast but the sensations being produced seemed to be all over her body.

Karen mimicked Abby’s movements, gently massaging the soft flesh of her breast. She envied Abby. Abby already had the "look" of womanhood. Her tits, even though still small, bulged out from her chest. Her nipples were mounted on still another bulge, forming a little hill on her protruding breasts.

A noise came from behind her and Abby gasped. "Todd! What are you doing here?" Abby blurted.

"Having fun?" Abby’s brother smirked.

"Get out!" Abby yelled. She quickly pulled her hand from Karen’s chest and covered her own.
Todd was Abby’s older brother. He was 14. The two siblings got along well but each had their own circle of friends and rarely went anywhere together. "I know what you were doing," Todd began. "You were checking each other out. I wonder what Mom would say…"

Abby gasped. "Please don’t say anything! We weren’t doing anything."

"Tell you what…" Todd suggested. How ‘bout if I stay and join you guys. I can’t very well say anything if I’m in on it too. We can all look at each other; you can look at me and I’ll look at you, OK?"

"You’ll get naked for us?" Abby asked, now calmer but still trying to cover herself.

"Sure, why not?" Todd answered as he pulled his shirt off. "You guys will get naked too, right?"

Karen looked over her shoulder as Todd undid his jeans and pushed them down, revealing a very obvious bulge. She heard Abby say, "OK." Things were going much faster than Karen could comprehend. Her eyes widened and her face turned crimson as Todd pushed his underwear down.

There before her was a real live erection! Naturally she knew about them but she was actually seeing one now and not some drawing in a book. She was amazed at how big it was. Karen couldn’t believe boys had something that big between their legs and she had never noticed anything before. The other thing that shocked her was the dense patch of dark hair he had. She knew "adults" had public hair but she hadn’t expected so much on someone not much older than she was.

Both girls watched with mouths gaped as Todd stepped out of his underwear and walked over so he was almost between the two of them forming a circle. Karen’s arms had fallen to her side. She had momentarily forgotten she too was naked, except for her panties. Her eyes remained glued to Todd’s cock as he sat Indian style next to her. His cock was standing straight up in the air.
Reality slammed back when Todd spoke. "You guys gonna finish getting undressed?"

Karen felt the blood rush back into her now faded face. Her mind was in a whirl. She had changed in front of Abby many times but had never really "gotten naked" even for her. Now Todd was asking her to do it in front of him! Nervously she looked at Abby.

Abby, too, was fascinated by what her brother had previously been hiding between his legs. She was paying no heed to Karen, but rather staring at the manhood recently exposed to her. She didn’t comment on her brother’s request but, almost automatically, her hands went to her panties. She was nearly mesmerized as her thumbs hooked into her panties and she pushed them down; never taking her eyes of her brother’s crotch.

Karen couldn’t believe what she was watching. Abby, without looking at her or asking if it was OK with her, was taking her panties off in front of her brother. Karen began to tremble out of both fear and excitement. Like any girl, she had wondered what boy’s "looked like" but had never expected to find out today. Abby boosted her ass from the floor, pushed her panties to her thighs, and then completely off. Casually, it seemed to Karen, Abby dropped her last article of clothing on the pile next to her. She was now completely naked. She was still not exposing much as her knees were tight together in front of her.

Todd watched as his sister pushed her panties off. He wanted to see more but knew that would be coming. For a moment he studied her small but well formed tits. Karen watched, still frozen in place and trying to comprehend what was happening. The other two seemed to be ignoring her thankfully. Suddenly both turned toward her. Although they remained silent Karen knew what they wanted.

Karen’s hands were visibly shaking as she reached for her panties. Although it probably couldn’t, she thought her face turned even redder as she slowly pushed the waistband down. Karen wanted to die as she realized that, unlike Abby, she had been sitting on her feet with her bent legs in front of her. In order to get the panties off she would have to lift up and there would be no knees in front of her to "protect" her modesty. She would be completely exposed.

She hesitated momentarily trying to muster the courage to take that final step. Both Abby and Todd were nude and watching her. If only there was some way out, but there just wasn’t. Karen took a deep breath and stood up on her knees. Looking down at the floor, she pushed her panties down. Quickly she sat again but her panties still clung to her thighs. Somehow she knew she had to get them the rest of the way off but, in the position she was in, she had no idea how she was going to do it.

She glanced up at Todd to see him smiling. He probably didn’t see her look at him because his eyes were focused at the joining of her legs, making things even worse. Knowing no other way to get her panties off, Karen stood up on her knees again, once more giving all a good look at her assets, shuffled her legs around and quickly sat back down with her knees in front of her. She could now easily get the panties off and also had the protection of her legs to cover herself. It didn’t make much difference because she knew both Abby and, more importantly, Todd had already seen everything she wanted to hide but at least she felt better now.




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