Raping My Stepmom

By Jaz

I guess I'm a pretty normal guy. I'm 5ft 10 in, 167 lbs. I work out, but
am not a muscle freak. I'm a Freshman in college, but I have this
baby-smooth, innocent face that makes me look a lot younger than I
really am. My dad is a Heart Surgeon, and a pretty good one at that. We
are not really close. When I was 16 he left my mom and married Susan the
Slut. Mom really loved him, and she never recovered. She started
drinking--a lot. Mix that with pills, and chronic depression, and she
was a real mess. I don't know how, or why but about a year ago she lost
control of her car and went off the side of the highway.
There were no skidmarks.

 I want to be honest, it's hard to love a pill popping, depressed drunk.
So I am not going to pretend I was completely devestated. Financially I
was set. I got the house, cars, bank accounts, and jewelry. The large
insurance policy paid double, if mom died in an accident, and double
that if she was dismembered. Drive a mustang convertible off a cliff at
70 mph, with no seatbelt...trust me, you're gonna be dismembered.

Here's the thing. As bad as my mom was at the end, with all of her
faults, I still loved her. I can still remember the woman who baked me
cookies, cheered like a loon for me at my little leauge games and asked
me how was my day--and then really listened to the answer. I still
remember the kind lady who volunteered for charities and loved my dad.
We used to be a family, and it hurts that we aren't anymore.

 Of course I moved in with my dad and Susan. We all knew it was
temporary, but for a while I was stuck. My dad is in his mid forties. He
first met Susan a few years after she graduated with Honors from NYU. He
hired her as an executive office assistant. She was a tall, leggy
blonde, with big, fat tits. Susan was the kind of woman that stupid men
called bimbos. It was easy to think of her as just a fuckable slut, a
dumb whore. But she wasn't. Susan was the kind of woman who used her
looks and her brains to get ahead. She was manipulative, charming,
funny, and incredibly beautiful. She had my dad's dick wrapped around
her little finger. She had him fooled, but she couldn't fool me.
Probably because I saw her as the women who ruined my life, and
indirectly caused my mother's death. That tends to dilute the lust
spell. Oh I still thought she was hot, I still wanted to suck her tits.
I did wonder how her pussy tasted, and imagined making her choke on my
cock. I dreamed of putting her in her place, of making her pay. I mean I
was still a horny, virgin teenager.

 Sometimes I'd imagine she was my woman, that I was allowed to fuck her
pretty little mouth. Susan was a big girl. 5ft 9inches, all curves and
tits and ass. She had this soft, sexy, sultry voice that did somethng to
me. I know it was wrong, and I did not like her. I just wanted to wipe
that superior look off her face. To hear her whimper, and moan and cum
for me, on my command. I knew how I'd do it. I'd strip her slow and make
her watch as I sucked her tits. God I love tits. When I get my own
woman, I'm gonna suck on her tits all day. Sniff em, and suck em, and
lick em, and fuck em. I'm gonna learn how to make my girl cum, and drip
and scream my name. I want Susan panting, wild with lust. Then I'll
spread her open , hold her down, and slo-wl-y fuck her. Fuck, thrust,
bang, slam, repeat, repeat, repeat. I could see it now, I could just
taste her arousal, smell her lust for me.

"John, please, please, I need you, I need your fat cock. FUCK MEEeeee!
Ahgahd, Ahgahd, you own me, I'll do anything, let me cum, please let
your little girl cum. H, h, how can you do it? How can you fuck me so
long, you're the best. Do anythnig you want to me, Rape me daddy, fuck
my pussy as hard as you like, rip my ass open. You're the best, the
best, nobody has ever fucked me harder, longer, better, John I love
you!!" she'd scream as she came, as she begged me for more.

  She'd get it too. I'd fuck her tight pussy all night. I could control
myself. I'd bring myself right to the edge of orgasm and then delay it,
control it, master it. In reality, I could barely stand her.  In my
dreams, in my fantasies I fucked Susan any time I wanted to, and loved

Somehow though,slowly it stopped being a crazy fantasy, and became a
plan. I know exactly when it started to change. It was just after I
turned 18.

I came home one day and could hear my dad's voice on the answering
machine. Susan had picked up a little too late.

"Hang on a minute Beth, Dr. Littledick will stop talking in a second, "
Susan joked to her sister on the phone.

It came to me in a flash, she doesn't know! Obviously Susan did not know
how the new machine worked. She thought it would turn off, stop
recording. But she was wrong. Once it starts, it records for 3 minutes.
Long enough to leave a message, long enough for Susan to incriminate
herself. After the "Were not home, leave a message" finished, Susan
assumed the machine was off, and resumed her conversation.

She was wrong.

"Hey Beth, I'm glad you called...no nothing much really. Same ol shit.
It's just hard. Letting that fat old fart fuck me. Having to smile at
him while I suck his dick," she complained bitterly to her sister and
best friend. The machine was still taping.

"Why don't you leave him, I mean you obviously can't stand him, you've
only been married for a little over a year. Cut your losses honey and
move on I say."

 Oh god, would she do it, would she really admit to not loving my dad,
on tape?!

"I am miserable. Beth I hate my life right now. I have no career, I'm
married to a man I don't love, fucking a horny old goat. He makes me
feel so cheap. Then you throw in that creepy kid of his, I mean shit
he's 18, has plenty of money, and his own home. Why the fuck does he
have to stay with us?! There's something about him that freaks me out,
like he's just a little too smooth, too icy-Norman Bates- calm. I can't
put my finger on it but, I don't like the little twerp. I'm going to
tell you a secret, nobody can ever know. I can't leave Beth, not yet.
I've only been maried 14 months. Our Prenuptial agreement says I don't
get a penny for 3 years. Then I'm free, a full partner, a straight 50/50
split. I'll be a multi mllionare before I'm  30. I want that money Beth,
I'll do anything to get it. If I have to suck his cock, let him touch me
with his filthy hands, I'll do it. I'll smile, and think of my money. "

 Perfect, I had her. Susan was in the kitchen. I snuck into the Den and
turned the answering machine off. Then I popped a new tape in, and took
her confession with me.

That tape gave me leverage, I could probably ruin her marriage with it,
pay the bitch back for what she had done to my family. But...the thing
is, Susan was sneaky, smart, and so damn sexy. I vowed to myself that I
would not underestimate her. I had to factor in our respective
relationships with my dad. He loved her, he was almost obsessed with her
body. I could hear my dad fucking her, wheezing and puffing, and
groaning as he slammed ino her. He'd get this sheepish, smug,
shit-eating grin afterwards. My dad would want to believe her. Compare
that to my lukewarm relationship with him. If my story was true then he
was just a fat old fool, who had been played. She could claim the tape
was just a joke, or taken out of context. That she had been mad
that day and was blowing off steam.
 Finally, if he divorced her I would get some satsfaction, some
righteous pleasure...but I felt I deserved more.

It was a damn good start, but I needed more. I'm pretty good with
computers, but I'm no super geek like some of my friends. I don't have
the expertise or equipment to be a hacker. Thing is, if you have a few
basic pieces of information you don't need any equipment, you can ruin
somebody's life very easily. Trust me, I know.

 One night, Susan left her wallet out, when she went to bed. I got her
credit cards, Social Security number, Driver's License, and made copies
on the scanner. I replaced everything. About a week later I engaged her
in conversation, asked about her family. We were talking about funny
last names and I asked what her mother's maiden name was. She told me.

 Some of you see where this is going. If you know a person's Social
Security, Credit Card # and Mother's maiden name, for all intents and
purposes you ARE that person online. But I wanted one other thing. One
day while Susan was on the computer upstairs, I used my cell phone to
dial our house. I had already hidden all the cordless phones that were
upstairs. Susan ran downstairs mumbling under her breath to answer the

 She left the computer active.

She was already on AOL, so I went in under her profile and changed her
password. I did not need to enter her current password since it was
already signed on. Susan only used the computer a couple of times a week
so I would have a few days.

The next time she used AOL she would not be able to get in. So what, she
would call Customer Service, prove who she was, and they would reset

For the next three days I was Susan. I could compose and send e-mails in
her name. I could access her online banking account, and transfer funds.
I could save the nastiest, filthiest porn sites in her favorites, on the
computer she shared with my father.

Over the next 3 days I sent dozens of fake e-mails to bogus addresses.
Nobody received them, but they looked legit. I then printed them out and
saved them in a password protected file.

 Here's one I sent to Beth27@hotmail.com.

  "Dear Sis, I hate my life, Ronald is such a bad lover, I dream of
fucking John. God I'm horny. I can't wait to leave him and take all his
money. At least I have my lovers on the side to keep me happy. God I
hope Ronald dies so I can have it all. Hmmm maybe I should help him a
little...ha, ha, just kidding. I'll earn my money the old fashioned way,
I'll fuck the fat bastard for it.  Love, Susan."

I created and printed several e-mails just like that. Then I
transferred, $8,000 a few CDs and some stock from their joint account,
to her personal savings account. It seems she had already been doing
this, but on a much smaller scale. $300 here, maybe a thousand there, my
dad never even missed it. Before I HELPED her, she had $15,000 socked
away. But he would definitely notice $8,000.

 So that was my plan. Susan might be able to explain the answering
machine tape, or the bank transfers, or even the incriminating e-mails,
but even she could not explain it ALL.

I decied to rub her face in it, to savor her defeat. My dad was going
out of town to a medical conference on Thursday and would not be back
until Tuesday.  I was watching TV when they came downstairs. Dad was
about to leave for the airport. Susan had a freshly fucked look on her
face, and a thin sneer of disgust. My dad looked relaxed and happy. He
shook my hand and said goodbye and then led her to the front door.

"Mmm baby I'm going to miss you so much, I'll be thinking of you. Give
papa bear a kiss goodbye, he said as he began licking and kissing his
wife. Slowly the kiss intensified and he was pressing her hard against
the door. He was pawing at her round tits and sucking her neck
sloppiliy. Susan appeared to be trying to endure it, but seemed
impatient. From where I was peeking, I could see them, but they could
not see me. "Damn woman, you've gotten me all worked up again. Suck me
off Susan, I need a quickie," dad said as he squeezed her meaty ass
hard, cupping and massaging her lewdly.  She seemed surprised. They were
standing at the front door, and my dad wanted a blowjob, while I was in
the next room.  (Not sure what her problem was...)

"Ron, we can't, that's gross, your son will hear us. He'll know what we
are doing, you are so loud. Please, we can't. "

"Shhh baby, do as I say. Get on your knees and suck my aching cock. Do a
good job and I'll cum quick, I'll be quiet I promise. As far as
John...fuck him, I need you baby, Papa bear needs his little mama's
moist, mouth," he said as he grinded his cock into her crotch, grabbed
that delicious ass again, and sucked on her tongue.

Susan seemed quite frustrated as she reluctantly dropped to her knees in
our hallway and unzipped my dad. He was completely erect. My dad is not
really small, he's a little over six inches. The problem was his dick
was on the thin side, and his gut kind of hung over and got in the way.
It made him look smaller than he really was.

 "Oh shit you gorgeous slut, suck me, suck my big dick down. Thas, it,
Thas nice. Lick the tip baby, lick the tip! I can't believe I get to
fuck you. I own you slut," he hissed and moaned and groaned, while
pulling Susan's face against his stomach.

 I could hear her gaggig as she strugged to swallow him, dad was in her
throat now, and she clearly did not like it...and he clearly did not
notice or care. It lasted for about 4 minutes. I felt myself getting
hard as I watched my dad slam, thrust, fuck Susan's pretty face. The
best part was that after listening to her tape I knew that she hated it.
What woman wouldn't be humiliated, for all she knew I would walk by and
catch them, for all she knew "The little Twerp" could be watching
"Littledick" fuck her into gagging, humiliating submission.

"I'm gonna cum Susan, oh shit daddy iscummingnow!" Dad bellowed as he
rammed it in and held her head tight against his crotch.

 It was a good, slow cum and Susan kept trying to spit it out. Dad just
ignored her muffled complaints. Finally she swallowed. Dad patted her on
the head, zipped up and said "Thanks honey that was great, I'm late.
I'll see you Tuesday, Luv ya! " he said as he rushed off to catch his

 Susan sat in the hallway, tears of anger and frustration streaming down
her pretty face. It was perfect, it was time. I quickly got the e-mails
I had printed and the micro cassette recorder. I laid them on the couch
and then I walked into the hallway and stood over Susan.

"Are you ok, I saw the whole thing. Jesus...is it always like that? How
do you stand it? C'mere let's go sit down and talk for a bit," I said as
I helped her to her feet, gave her a quick hug and led her to the couch.
Susan was ashamed, that I had seen her show, and shocked that I was
being so nice to her. I took a finger and wiped a thick clump of the my
father's cum off her pouty lips. She blushed a lovely shade of pink. I
traced my finger over her top and bottom lips, caressing them to make
sure they were spunk free. I looked down in her eyes and asked if she
was really ok. She instinctively licked her lips, and softly said she

It was clear though that she needed a little comfort and I got a kick
out of consoling her. She stiffened when I put my arm around her
shoulder, but did not say anything.

"Susan, my dad was wrong to treat you that way. You are his wife and he
acted like you were a $10 crack whore! Forcing you to swallow like some
dirty slut, fucking your face by the front door and then patting your
head like you were a dog! I am shocked, he does not respect you at all,
does he? You are just a wet mouth, a pair of juicy tits, a tight pusy,
and a sweet, round ass, to him. How do you stand it? What could ever
make you stay with a man like that? He's fat, old, and cruel. You must
really love him to let him make a fool out of you, to let him disrespect
and completely humiliate you like that. Oh no, c'mon, it's ok let it all
out, I'm here...I'm here," I shushed her and hugged her tighter, as she
cried and blew mucus on my chest.

 I held my stepmother in my arms for about a minute, until she could
compose herself. She felt so soft and warm and helpless, snuggled
against me. Finally she became embarassed and pulled away a little.

"John, I'm sorry about that...I don't know why I got so upset. I guess
I'm pretty ashamed that you saw me like that. Did you really watch the
WHOLE thing, ALL of it? (Sigh) I'd really appreciate it if we just
forgot all about it. I don't want to talk about what happened anymore. "

"Sure Susie, I can understand, let's talk about something else. Hmm...I
know, let's listen to this cassette I came across, " I said as I pushed

Soon the sound of Susan's voice filled the room. She listened in fear
and anger as her disgust and contempt of my father and me was revealed.
Her face went pale as she outlined her plan to become a millionaire.

"Wh, how did you get that you little shit! Give me that tape!" she

 I held the recorder out of her reach and fended her off.

"Settle down and shut the fuck up bitch. I got you now, I finally got
your ass. I knew! Somehow I always knew that a woman like you couldn't
really love a man like my father. You're just in it for the money. Well
guess what slut, it's over. When my dad hears this tape, you are out on
the streeet. Just like any other whore. I got you Susan. That's what you
get for breaking up a marriage. It''s your fault, everything that happed
to me and my mom is your fault. Fuck you, fuck you, FUCK YOU!!" I

 I could feel the blood pounding in my head, I was losing it, I wanted
to hit her, to smash that arrogant mouth, to cause her a fraction of the
pain I felt. Oh god, it would feel so good to hear her scream, shriek,
beg, cry.

I guess I stared to scare myself a little, something bad was happening
to me. I did not like it. If started, I don't think I could have
stopped. I really believe I might have hurt her bad. I needed a minute
to catch my breath, and regain my composure. So I stood up, moved away
from her and cleared my head. Susan used that time to try and figure a
way out.

 "John, listen to me. No matter how I feel about your father, he loves
me. That tape proves nothing. I'll tell him you and your computer geek
friends faked it, or that I was kidding around. He's going to believe
me. That one tape does not erase the fact that I am his wife and he
loves me."

 That made me smile, even chuckle a little, and helped to calm me down.

"I don't know Susan, you might be right. Thing is, the tape is not ALL I
have. I have e-mails sent from your account that back up the tape. I
also have proof of you transferring/stealing money from his bank account
to your own. I did not even need my geek friends to help me. Why don't
you save yourself some embarassment. Pack your bags and get out of my
father's house, before he gets home," I sneered in triumph.

 Susan was stunned. She could not believe that an 18 yr old twerp could
beat her. Then she said something I did not expect. It changed my life,
both of our lives forever.

"Ok John, you win. What do I have to do to stop you from playing that
tape. I'll do anything. I'll give you some of the money, a million
dollars...2 million? Please anything!"

 I want to be clear: it was never my plan to Rape Susan. I wanted to
hurt her. Mentally, physically, emotionally, but NOT sexually. I'm not
that kind of person. I wanted to end her marriage, ruin her plans, and
pay her back for my mother's death. But when a beautiful woman tells a
virgin Teenagr that she'll "do ANYTHING"--how could I not think of sex,
it was her own fault really.

Add in the fact that we were home alone, and that I have had rape
fantasies about this woman for years...I think you can see that I did
not have a choice. Any man would have done the same thing. The only
thing I felt a little weird about was fucking my dad's wife. Then I
remembered his final words about me. "Fuck him, I want a blow job". I
realized my dad would understand. Especially if I saved him a few
million dollars. I had no intention of playing fair with Susan, she had
to pay.

  In short, I planned to have my slut and fuck her too.

"Susan I went through a lot of trouble setting you up. You say you'll do
anything...Let's talk about that. It's true I don't have millions but
with my mom's insurance money, bank accounts cars and stock, etc I
really am pretty well set for money. Still I would not mind some more.
Let's say 50/50, whatever cash you get in the divorce settlement I get
half. You can keep the property, cars, jewels, furs for yourself. You
will have earned it. Do we have a deal?"

Susan was livid, to have to share that much money was hard for a greedy,
money hungry slut to take. But she had no choice.

 "Fine, you asshole. It's not fair but FINE!"

That got me to laughing again. I could barely keep a straight face as I
let the other shoe drop.

 "BTW, Susie, there's one other thing. You don't like it but fucking my
dad get's you your money. If you weren't his fuck toy, you would not get
paid. It occurs to me that I deserve the same deal. After all I could
stop you from getting paid by showing him the tape, letters and bank
statements. You said you'd do anything? Fine then I want you to be my
woman until my dad get's back. I want you to be my obedient, submissive,
fantasy fuck-slut for the next 5 days. Your body belongs to me. Do that,
and you get your money. I'm not going to force you, the choice is

She sat there quietly seething for a few minutes. Susan was a bright
woman, and I guess she figured this was what I was leading up to all
along. Oh she was upset, angry, and a little scared but, she was also a
vicious, cornered animal. I don't know what she would do, what lengths
she would go to to get her fortune.

 "John, I can't believe you are doing this to me. It is sick and cruel.
You'd really do this, make me your rape slut, steal half of my money? I,
I, need some time to think it over," she said as she rose to leave the

 Fu-uh-ck that, no way I let you out of my sight.

 "Sure Susan, I understand You can have a few minutes, but if you leave
the room the deal is off. I want the money, I want your lucious body,
but I don't trust you. Sit back down and tell me what/when you decide."

   That really shook her up. She realized I had her in a box. She might
be able to turn the tables on me later, but not now. She took it like a
slut, like a real pro.

  "I'll do it, I'll let you have me. I won't like it, you are worse than
your father, at least he loves me in his warped way. You are just a
rapist. How can you do this, we're supposed to be family. I am your
father's wife!" She hissed in outrage.

   To be honest I barely heard her. All I could think about was that I
was finally quitting the club. Me and a few of my buds had admitted to
each other that we were all (still) virgins at 18.  We aren't nerds (um,
well at least I'M not), we just never found the right girl, or she was
dating somebody else.

 Take me for instance, I had been friends with this attractive girl name
Rebecca for years. I was halfway in love with her. She was an honarary
member of our club, she was still a virgin. Bright, funny, sexy, and one
of my best friends. Perfect right? I waited for her fresh, young pussy
for 2 years in High School. I'm still waiting.  Rebecca was not out of
the closet yet...but it was clear that she liked girls better than guys.
I loved her, and kept hoping that maybe she'd give me a chance. But it
did not look good. Well I was done waiting, I'm 18 and I wanted to fuck.
Bad, really, really bad.

 "Susan take you clothes off, I want to see you naked now." She was
embarrassed and tried to stall, but finally she pulled her t-shirt off,
and then her jeans. Susan had on pink panties and a lacey cotton candy
colored bra.

 "C'mere, let me help you."

 She reluctantly walked over and stood in front of me. Then she turned
around humbly so I could undo her bra. She was trembling slightly and so
was I. I ran my hands down her arms and then hugged her hard, pulling
her ass tight against my crotch. My hands cupped her fat 38C tits
through her bra and squezzed. Susan let out this little gasp, and a
startled "Ohh!" as I began rolling her nipples. I took the bra off and
threw it aside. Then I peeled the panties off her plump bottom. it was
jiggling, and I could not help grabbing each cheek and massaging them
hard. Pulling them far apart, and then smashing, rubbing, smushing them
back together. I played with my stepmom's tits and ass for several
minutes before leading her to my father's bed.

"I want you wet for me, play with your pussy Susie, get it nice and
wet.. I want to hear it, I want to smell it."

 She actually blushed at that, and muttered, "You sick bastard". But she
obeyed me. Susan closed her eyes and started rolling her nipples. They
were hard and long and tasty looking.

"Keep your eyes open, look at me, always look at me. Good, now spread
your legs wide so I can see. "

Susan dipped two fingers inside her cunt and was moving it around, and
then thrusting it in and out. She started brushing her clit and
breathing faster. Her eyes had this unfocused look as she stared up at

"That's it, keep it up slut. Cum for me, cum for your master. You know
you want to. Right here in my father's bed, I want to see you spill your
juices, " I taunted my stepmom as she slipped into her orgasm.

 "Oh, oh, oh, noshit, Ahgad, you fucker!" she wailed as her pussy

"Put your hands under it, don't let it spill, cup it, catch it, catch
your cum. That's a good girl." I cooed.

 Then I got on the bed betwen her wide open legs and dripping pussy.

"Feed it to me Susan, let me taste your cum. Susan's hands were shaking
as she held her dainty cum slicked hand up to my face. I stuck my tongue
out and lapped at her sticky palms for several seconds before greedily,
licking and sucking each of her fingers. She was simply delicious. I'd
never tasted anything like her. Sweet and salty, creamy yet sticky. I
wanted more.

  "Sit on my face Susan, put that steaming cunt on my mouth. Grind it,
hump me you beautiful slut. Don't be shy, don't be gentle, FUCK ME. I'm
gonna eat you dry. Give that fucking pussy to me now!"

Susan stradled my face and began bouncing hard on top of it. I grabbed
her ass and shoved her even harder, while bringing my mouth up to vaccum
suck her wet cunt. I kept licking and slurping and breaththing her
aroma, until she came a second time with a pitiful groan. Then I sat up
and began tracing my name on her pussy. "J-o-h-n", I wrote with my
finger, sending shivers through her each time I tickled her clit. By now
I was ready to burst. I wanted her so bad, but I knew I had to go slow
or I would embarrass myself. She looked so hot, naked and wet,
completely spent.

"Susan sit up baby. Take my clothes off. Get me ready for you, get me
naked. "

 Woddenly she obeyed. Susan unbuttoned my shirt and pulled my slacks
off. She seemed surprised at the thick bulge in my boxer briefs. My cock
is not the longest I'm just a little over 7 inches, but it is very
thick, with a fat doorknob head. Susan had not fucked anyone but my dad
for the past few years. A horny, thick-dicked teenager was quite
different. She pulled my briefs down and just stared at my twitching
meat. I pushed her back down and rested on top of her naked body and
slowly kissed her. My dick was bumping around outside the entrance to
her sopping wet vagina, playfully trying to slip inside where it was
warm. But right now I wanted to taste her sweet little mouth. Have you
ever just wanted to kiss a woman? To lick and suck, and just inhale her?
To utterly posses her mouth, to claim it for yourself. That's how I
felt. At first she just stayed still underneath me, her tits pressing
into my chest, her arms flat at her side. But the more I kissed her, the
more times my dick rubbed her pussy and clit, she seemed to thaw out a
bit. Finally she opened her mouth just a little. I sucked her pink
tongue and she let me. She did not completely give in, but she accepted
my mouth on hers. Her breasts were so soft and warm against my chest
that I decided to taste them too.

 I took my time with her. I wanted my first time to be special, tender.
I wanted her to enjoy it, to teach me how to be a good lover. There
would be plenty of time for some of my nastier fantasies later. I
scooched down and buried my face between her beautiful breasts and blew
rasberrys on her tits. That made her laugh. Her left breast felt warmer
than her right so I started sucking it. She was breathing heavy now and
these tiny gasps and moans were slipping out of her mouth. I gently
flicked her right nipple, before licking it, and nipping it between my
teeth. Susan started thrashing about wildly, running her hands through
my hair, squealing with pleasure.

 "I'm going to fuck you now baby, open your legs, get ready." She did
not move.

 "John I don't want you cumming inside of me, do you have a condom? I'm
on the pill, but stil I'd prefer it if you wore one. I don't want there
to be any chance of you getting me pregnant. I'm your stepmother."

 Who the fuck did she think she was? The stuck up bitch thought she was
too good for my cock, and my cum. Fuck her, I'd teach her a lesson.

  "Susan, let's get something straight I'm gong to fuck you. I'm NOT
wearing a condom. Futhermore you will NOT take your pill for the next 5
days. I don't know if I can get you pregnant, but that is just a chance
you will have to take. This weekend is about ME, about MY wants and
needs. Your job is to be my woman, to make me happy. I just want your
pussy, I just want to rent it for a little while, I'll give it back. Now
be a good girl, shut the fuck up and let me fuck you."

With that I forced her legs apart and lined my dick up. It was a little
awkward at first, figuring how to get in the right position, the proper
angle. Finally I had to stick a finger inside her pussy and feel my way
around, then it made sense. She did not help me, but she didn't say no
either. She was pretty wet after the orgasms and clit sucking, and after
a good, hard push I popped inside. Fucking a thin dicked man, for so
long left her pussy nice and tight for me (Thanks dad!) I could feel my
cock scraping and dragging along the walls of her pussy. Finally I was
balls deep and bottomed out.

 "Mmm do you like that Susie, does it feel good having your stepson
inside of you? Oh shit, I love it, I love your pussy! I'm not a virgin
anymore! Oh god, do you know how many times, how long I'm gonna fuck
you?! Uh, how, uh, does, mmm, that, ahhh feel, groannn. Take it, take
it, take my cock. Whau, oh shit not already, not so soon...aieeeee, ow,
ow,owie fuck I'm cummingggg!"

 I think I lasted about 45 seconds.

 I rolled off Susan, a little disappointed in myself, I knew I could do
better than that  ( I swear I can!). I looked over at her and could not
believe it. She was laughing at me!

"Hee, heee, haa, snicker. What the fuck was that! Even your fat father
lasts longer than that. GIs that IT? Rea-ll-y John, puhleeze. Giggle,
snort, snicker."

At first I was mad, but then I got the giggles too, her laughter was
infectious. I started thinking about all the things I would do to my
stepmom over the next 5 days. The humiliation, how many times I would
fuck her. I thought about her sucking my cock, drinking my cum. Heh,
heh, oh shit I was going to enjoy fucking my beautiful, stepmom against
her will. Best of all, after fucking her silly, trusting slutty ass, for
5 days, I might still play the tape for my dad when he got home. I might
still ruin her life. Then again maybe I won't. Heh, heh, chuckle.

  We lay there snuggled up tight, content, and spent. I dipped a finger
in her cunt and rubbed her gently . My half limp dick was resting on her
ass, and my arm was hugging her close. I might be quick to fire, but I
was also quick to reload.

 "Soon baby, I'll be ready to rape you again real soon," I playfully
whispered to my stepmom as my dick got hard in her ass. I chuckled again
as I felt her stiffen in surprise.

We were going to have a lot of fun n the next 5 days. Well...at least I
was. Heh.  END

  Author's Note

  This one was a long time in the making. I realzed that I had never
written a step-story. Which is kind of odd. I mean my dad is a true,
honest to goodness American hound dog. He's been married 4 times and I
have no idea how many live in lover/sluts I got to meet growing up. It's
kind of a strange dynamic. I mean here is this woman who typically was
at least 10 to 15 years younger than my dad, and about the same range
older than me.. Figure mid twenties to eary 30's. As a group they were
attractive, intelligent women who worked with my dad. All college
graduates, one had a PHD fer cryin out loud. They all were upward
climbers, opportunists. At the time I was quite critical of that trait,
but as I get a little older I'm not sure that is as evil a thing as I
used to. I'd spend about six weeks a year with these women (Weekends,
Summer, Holidays) Picture a horny teenager in a house with a woman he
barely knows. My dad travelled a lot on business. I remember the first
time it hit me. Stepmom #1 thought I was outside. She got out of the
shower and walked down the hallway in a towel that barely covered her
ass and did next to nothing for her ample tits. I came up the stairs and
almost bumped into her. We both stood there, she was blushing, trying to
cover up. I was 15, and just stared. At that moment I did not care that
she was my father's wife. I did not care that she was the woman who
split my parents up. Nothing happened of course, but I still remember
it, 15+ years later So Susan, wherever you are this one is for you.

(I also had a fairly embarrassing answering machine mixup, but I'm just
too shy to share it here. Blush-blush.)  There now I can rest easy,

Drop me a line



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