Son, Your Mom Needs Lovin Too
by Jaz

 I like to think that I am a normal woman. I mean I love, I cry, I
have needs and desires. I don't know if I can explain the events of the
last 2 days, I don't know if it makes any difference that I am sorry for
what happened. I know that things got out of hand. I never intended to
make my son rape me. I can see now that this was wrong. I should have
been more mature, I should have controlled my lust. I accept that I have
made mistakes. All I ask is that John be a man... and admit that he is
at least partially responsible for what happened. I mean shit it's not
like I just woke up one day, spread my pussylips apart and said"come and
get it."

My lawyer says that I have to admit to my crime in order to get the best
plea agreement and minimize my jail time. Fine, I'll do it. But if I am
going to tell the story I'll do it my way, I am going to tell ALL of it.
Sorry John but if you want to play hardball so can mommy.

Thanksgiving was a week away.  It started innocently enough. John was
taking Beth Roberts to the Fall Festival but he did not know how to

 "Uh mom, I don't want to look like a geek, could you show me a few
steps so I don't embarass myself."

 "Of course John, I'd be happy to."

 We turned on the stereo and I popped in Frank Sinatra's Fly Me To The
Moon. As we stood in front of each other it struck me how tall my son
had gotten. I mean, I knew he was tall, but tall across the room is very
diffrent from tall standing six" away.

There is something very intimate about a slow dance. For me it had
always been a prelude to sex. Prior to that day I had never slow danced
with a man that I did not intend to fuck. As I looked at my 6' 1" 15
year old son, I was reminded of his prick of a father.
A condescending, selfish bastard who left me when he found out I was
pregnant. I hated him for that, to this day, but damn if he was not a
pretty man. Whenever he held me, I would get these little sweats, and
flutters. My pussy would start this itchy little trickle. As mad as we
got at each other, he always inspired a sense of fucklust in me. I am an
attracticve woman, and have had several lovers since he left, but none
of them have made me itch, I had not felt my pussy drip for another man
until the day I held my son.

"Mom, uh mom, I said where should I put my hands?"

I knew where I wanted them. I could not believe that this was my son. I
wanted his hands on my assmeat, wanted to feel his fingers cupping my
butt. I wanted to sniff him, to lick him, to taste him, and make him
mine. In that moment I wanted nothing more than to feel his warm, young
cock, tight against my sweaty pussy. I wanted it, but I managed to get a
hold of myself and said, in a level tone "Put your arm around my waist,
and give me your left hand. "

He was so awkward and clumsy at first that for a time he became my son
again. The first time he stepped on my foot it was funny, the second
time I understood; but 4 times in less than five minutes...puhleeez,
only my boy could do that. Each mistake made him feel more awkward, and
even clumsier. If I wanted to save my feet I had to do something.

 "John you aren't doing too bad for your first time, but I think you can
do better."

"Aw Mom you know I suck at this, I'm going to make a fool of myself, and
embarasss Beth. You gotta help me."

"Hmm well the first thing you have to do is re-la-x. I'd suggest you
stay away from the fast songs. You are not ready for them. Dancing is
simple when you stick to the slow stuff. All you have to do is hold a
pretty girl in your arms, and rock her gently in time to the music. Beth
will just think you are romantic. Wanna try one? "

"Ok I guess, so."

"Um John, I am sorry but if I am going to show you how to do this you
have to stop treating me like your mom, and hold me close like you would
Beth...mmm that's better."

Sinatra's Summer Wind was playing now and John seemed to be getting the
hang of it. I nestled my head on his shoulder and he slowly led me
around our living room. It seemed only natural that our bodies kept
moving closer together. It seemed only right that I grind my pussy into
him and hold it there. It seemed obvious that his thick hard coc...wait
a minute, his cock WAS hard!! This was not my fantasy, this was reality.
About the time I realized what was happening, John did too.

 "Oh my god, mom I didn't mean it, Iamsosorry," John said as he backed
away covering his bulging erection. It was at that moment my life
changed forever. I knew that I could have my son if I wanted to. I could
fuck him, and he'd like it. On another day, under a different set of
cicumstances I know I would have let him leave. But on that day my pussy
was trickling, and fucklust was upon me. On that day he wasn't going

"John stop right there, it's alright I know what is happening. I made
you get a hard on, so we can practice how to avoid it when you are
dancing with Beth. You asked me to help you avoid embarassment, I mean
let's face it this would have been pretty darn embarassing with Beth in
front of a room full of kids at the dance. In private maybe, but no girl
is going to want a big pole like this poking her in public, "I said as I
playfully wrapped one hand a my son's hard on.

"Oh shit, what the fuck am I going to do?" John said in a mortified
tone, with his dick still at half mast.

"John you know I don't appreciate that kind of language, " I said in a
stern tone.

"Sorry mom."

"Now here is what we are going to do. This is a very common problem with
some men. It is just a question of control. I want you to start dancing
with me again. Follow my instructions, and no matter what I do, try to
make your erection soften. Take your time and don't be embarassed. I am
your mother, I used to change your diapers and I have seen everything
you have,"I laughed as we begun dancing again.

I am a 35 yr old woman, and I know many things. I know how to cook, I
know how to shoot a gun, and I damn sure now how to keep a man's dick
nice and hard for a good long time. A Horny 15 yr old just didn't stand
a chance.

 "John put your hands on the curve of my backside and gently caress me.
That's it slide your finger into the crack. If things are going well
with Beth you are going to want to do this to her. You will ruin it if
you cannot control your erection," I explained as my son rubbed my butt.

"Aw mom I can't help it. Everytime you press into me, or breathe in my
ear, or lick my neck I just keep getting hard", John said in a
frustrated tone.
 "Don't give up, there are some extreme things we can try to help you
gain control...but I'd like to avoid them if I can. Tell you what, grab
my butt hard and ram yourself into me as tight as you possibly
can...there that's it, now keep me there, don't move,uh that's it
HARDER, shove it against me harder," I demanded.

 "Oh, ohuh mom, mom let go of me, stop moving, I am gonna shoot, I'm
gonna cum!!" he cried in despair as he shot his load into his pants,
while he squeezed my ass in his hands. He actually lifted me off the
floor and began kissing me, wildly, deeply. What he did not know was
that the small orgasams that I had been having for the last 5 minutes
had culminated in one gigantor blast when I felt his dick jerking into
me. His hands were roaming all over my breasts, and while he squeezed,
and pinched my nipples through my shirt he was making these baby animal
fuck grunts. He had backed me up to the dining room table and I was
about to bend over for a good doggie fuck, when he just stopped. He just
fucking stopped.

 "What am I doing? Mom I am so sorry, please you have gotta believe me
it was an accident. Please forgive me, I swear to god it will never
happen again. I am not going to the dance. I can't believe I am such a
pervert. It was almost like I was raping you. I just kept thrusting into
you, tasting you, playing with your tits. Mom your perfect I
have never felt anything like it, so warm and full and tight and round.
I wanted to fuck you so bad, and I did not care what you wanted mom. I
did not care! "he shouted in a loud bitter tone as salty tears burned
down his cheek. I was scared, and maybe a little angry. I knew my son,
and could hear the conviction in his voice. I knew that he was telling
the truth. He meant it, he was never going to scratch my itchy, wet
little pussy. He was going to leave me hungry for his beefmeat, always
wondering how it would feel to surrender myself to my son. In my heart I
had already accepted him as a lover. I craved his cock and his cum. He
had the RIGHT to fuck me until I was a silly little slutpuddle. He was
choosing not to. You have to understand that had never happened to me
before. I am not being conceited, I am being honest. Every man that I
have wanted to fuck, I have fucked, and they have been thankful for the
privlege. How could a 15 yr old snot turn me down. I am not rich, or
smart, or even an especially nice person. I know that. But I am a sexy
attractive woman who is damn good at fucking. I know that too. It is who
I AM, part of my identity.("Hi my name is Susan, and I am a fuckslut.")
I'll be honest, at 35 I was afraid that I was starting to get old,
loosing my charm. Maybe that's why I just could not let it go.
I started fantasizing about my son's young hard cock. I wondered what
his cum would taste like, was he salty or sweet. Would his cum slide
down my throat, or would it stick in little creamy clumps. I had to
know. His dick felt soo big and hot through his pants when he pressed in
to me, but would it fill me, stretch me, scratch my insides the way his
father's did? I decided to seduce my son. I began wearing skimpier and
more revealing night clothes around the house.
Whenever possible I exposed myself to him.

 "John come up here I need you to get me a towel," I called to him from
the shower.

"Uh ok mom I'll just lay it down over here,"he said as he got an eyeful
of my wet naked body.

"Honey this is so embarassing but I have soap in my eyes, would you mind
drying my face off?...Ah thanks, honey you are a lifesaver. Hmm I guess
you've seen more of your wrinkly, fat old mom than you'd ever want to
huh?" I said in a self depreciating tone.

"Mom what are you talking about! You are gourgeous! Look at these tits,
and that ass! Any man would be lucky to fuc--- uh sorry mom, I got a
little carried away there. But you do look really, um good."

"Well I guess my tits are ok, at leat they haven't started to sag, but
here--feel my ass. Do you think it's getting a little flabby?" I said as
I traped his hand between my cheeks.

John started moaning softly as he played with my ass. His large firm
hands kept pulling on me. He kept making little circles around my anus,
working up the nerve to stick a finger in me. I felt myself begin to
drip. If I had just kept my mouth shut for a little longer I know I
would have had him. But when I moaned out in pleasure, my son thought he
had caused me pain.

"Oh god mom what am I doing. What's wrong with me? Mom I don't know how
this hapened. A part of me just wants to fuck you. I'm sorry but I want
to fuck my mom. I wish you could be mine, my woman. But...I know it can
never happen. I won't let it happen. I promise mom, I swear to god, I
will never touch you like that again. You can trust me," he said with
tears in his voice as he turned and quickly left the room. I tried
several times over the next few days to talk with him about what
happened, to reason with him. I told him that he had not hurt me, that
it had actually felt good, and that I forgave him for what happened. But
the stubborn, selfish little shit paid me no mind. He was so wrapped up
in his own private crisis, he just tuned me out. I was his mother. I
couldn't very well say "son I need your monster meat stuffed up my
slippery cunt." It was hopeless. I had failed. That had never happened
to me before. The thing that made me special, that identified me as me
from the time I was 14, was that when I wanted a man in my bed, I got
him. Every. Fucking. Time. When you try to judge me please understand my
mental and emotional state. I was desperate, horny and scared. Now
that's a dangerous combination if there ever was one. I can see now that
some of my actions were wrong. I admit that. But others were at fault
too. I decided if John was too pig headed to fuck me willingly, well I
would just have to make other arrangements. I never could have made my
son rape me, if his father had not helped.

Ronald Sloptvik is an asshole.

Let's be clear about that. He does not respect women(men either) is
selfish, and sometimes cruel. A small part of me still loved him though.
I did not really have a choice, cuz every once in a while I neeeded his
cock in my cunt. It was as simple as that. After all these years my
pussy still belonged to him. He owned it, and he knew it. As long as I
didn't piss him off he was a lot of fun to be aound. He wanted nothing
to do with fatherhood, or resposibilities. If I stayed away from shit
like that he would do just about anything for me. He'd never admit it,
but my pussy must fit him pretty good too. Every couple of weeks we'd
get together and fuck until we couldn't piss straight. My itch would get
scratched, his dick would get polished. Then I'd remember: Ronald
Sloptvik is an asshole.

I do not really love him and he does not love me. I guess that's why
this all happened. I wanted someone to love me, to care about my
feelings. I needed someone to talk to. Is that so wrong? Yes Ronald
fucked me better than any man ever had, but it was not enough. John
added the potential of true love AND Hot sex. It was worth the risk,
even though he was my son. Maybe you have never been tempted. Maybe you
have neve done something that you are ashamed of on one level
but...still know you had to do it. If you have never been faced with
such a dilema then you are not qualified to pass judgement on me. Have
you ever been in love? Have you ever needed someone so much that you
would do anyting to have them? I have, and I did. Think about it- people
write songs, books, plays and movies about the extremes we go to for
love. People get lovesick, crazy in love, in fact "all is fair in
love..."Whenever Ron and I finished fucking,I'd go back to my life, and
he'd return to his. John did not know that Ron was his father. I guess
that's what got me to thinking. I went to his house the day before "the

 "Ron, open up I need to talk to you."
 He came to the front door wearing a pair of black levis, no shirt no
shoes; just 200 lbs of 6ft 3in muscle crammed into a pair of levis that
looked like he painted them on. I felt a tiny little itch at the bottom
of my stomach. He looked me over, his eyes lingered on my heavy tits and
short skirt. I knew when I put it on that he was going to flip it up and
ask to fuck my ass, in fact I was counting on it. As soon as I got
inside it began.

"Damn Suze you look good enough to eat. I need a taste right now baby,"
John said as he pressed me up against the door.

I could feel the doorknob bumping hard into my ass as he licked and
kissed my face. I knew my plan had a better chance of working if I asked
for the favor BEFORE I agreed to fuck him so I tried to slow things
"Do you like my outfit? I was thinking of you when I bought it, I said
as I pushed him away enough for me to spin around quickly and make the
short skirt flare out. It was clear that I did not have any panties on.
I faced the door and began wiggling my ass, teasing, taunting John with
my round juicy bottom.

John had not been allowed to fuck my ass in 16 years. That was the price
he had to pay for leaving me and our child. It had been hard and maybe a
little bit cruel, because he was a first class assaholic. He loved to
lick my butt, to snake his tounge deep in my tightest hole. John loved
the power it gave him over me, seeing me squirm and pant and cry out.
But what he loved most of all was mounting me, drilling his 8" cock deep
into me; powerfucking me for all he was worth.

It was not uncommon for him to make me bleed. I loved it when he licked
me up and down my ass, I even liked it when he massaged my hole with his
finger. If he lubricated me really good and went slow I did not mind a
gentle fuck in the ass. But that's not how John liked it. He liked me
bloddy, and screaming, while he rode my tight butt and pulled my hair.
When we were young and in love I guess I figured he was my man and I
submitted. He was so appreciative after, and as soon as he recovered he
would give me the most tender, delicious pussy fuck. It was worth the
pain to make the man I loved happy, it was worth the pain to get the
pleasure that he always delivered after.

 But there was no way I was going to let him put me through that kind of
pain, when I stopped loving him; when I knew he didn't love me. I still
needed his cock. I sucked it, and fucked it. I licked it and kissed it,
but I never let him stick it in my ass again. Oh he still asked me for
it from time to time, but I think a part of him accepted that this was
the price he had to pay for abandoning his family. In 16 years I had
never given in. Not one time. Until now. As I lifted my skirt and
offered my ass to him I saw him go hard and the asslust that covered his
face was priceless.

He actually began to drool, and had to lick his lips and swallow.

"Wh, What are you playing at Susan? This is not funny. You wag that ass
at me again and I'm going to fuck it, whether you like it or not," he
warned as he stared at my ass.

"It's funny you should mention raping me, cuz that's exactly what I want
you to do. I need you to help me with something, and if you do I will
let you have my ass for one night. You can tear it apart. You can fuck
me hard and nasty, and as bloody as you like. Just like we used to baby.
For one night you will own me, go ahead feel how tight and warm it is,
put your hands on it, that's right give me a squeeze. Can't you just
picture me crying and screaming, and begging you to stop. But you won't
will you? No, not you. You are gonna hurt my poor little ass aren't you.
If you want you can tie me up. I'll be helpless and spread before you.
I'll just have to take whatever you want to do to me. It's been 16 years
Ron. Mmm do you remember how my ass smells, how it tastes? I haven't let
anyone fuck me there since you. Can you imagine how tight I am now? Do
you know how much it is going to hurt me? I'll be laying there crying,
helpless, hating every minute while you fuck my tiny, tender little ass.
You better make it count Ron, cuz I will never let you do it again. You
will have one night to break me, to rape me the way we both know you've
always wanted." I said as I pushed and wiggled my exposed ass into him.
" Here's all you have to do... "

The plan was simple. I gave Ron a key, and he was to" break in", wearing
a ski mask and a prominently displayed (temporary) tatoo. He would
subdue our son and fuck me at (unloaded) gun point. Then on a whim he
would force me to suck our son, to kiss him and caress him. Finally my
boy would be made to fuck his mommy's cunt. If all went as planned I
would then surrender myslf to Ron the following night for a vicious and
no doubt prolonged series of anal rapes. It would be well worth it if I
could have my son. I knew that once my boy got a taste of me the mixture
of guilt and lust would bring me many years of sexual pleasure. He would
beg my forgiveness, ask how he could make it up to me. I would tearfully
tell him how I hated the fact that he had raped me but...a part of me
was excited by his skill as a lover. Since he had already raped me, I
would ask him to make love to me, to help erase the memory of the pain
he had caused.

How could a guilty, horny, teenager say no?

"Will you help me Ron?" The nasty little grin on Ron's face told me all
I needed to know. As he ran his hands along my body I felt myself start
to drip. I could feel his hard bulge pressing me into his front door. My
ass kept rubbing the door knob. Suddenly he dropped to his knees and put
his head under my skirt. Ron licked ad kissed my thighs for several
minutes before he buried his tounge in my drippy little cunt. I couldn't
believe it--he was making me cum already! It was too soon. We were still
dressed, we were still standing up for shit's sake! It did not matter a
wet, sticky mess was leaking out of me and on to Ron's face. I groaned
in despair as I humped myself against him. I trapped his face with my
legs and rammed the back of his head as hard as I could into my pussy. I
do not know how he was able to breathe, and frankly I did not care. He
was just a fuck tool, for my pleasure. A thing to get me off. I grunted
and squatted on him rutting like a beast until I was satiated. He
laughed at my inability to control myself, then he picked me up like
some fucking cave man, slung me over his shoulder and carried me to his
bed. Ron fucked me for a long time that afternoon, and I was pretty sore
by the time he was done. Just the thought of what we were planing to do
turned us both on. A lot. Ron had a few conditions though that I had to
agree to.

 He made me write a letter saying this was all my idea, and promising to
allow him to fuck my ass until it was raw and bloody. I gave him
permission to lick, spank, fuck and cum in my ass as many times as he
wanted for a 12 hour period of his choosing. He then had me read the
letter into a tape recorder. In retrospect I guess that was a mistake.

I was so nervous the next day waiting for John to come home. I was
wearing a pair of cut off, shorts and a black silk t-shirt. Ron had cut
the phone line and was making a final check of his rape kit. Handcuffs,
tape, gun--yup he was ready. Ron had applied one of those tatoos that
come off with alcohol and water. It was a snake with a knife through the
skull. If things went bad and the police were called, all John could
identify the rapist by would be the tatoo--which of course would be
washed away immediately after the rape.

"Come here Suze you gotta calm down, yer making me crazy," Ron said as
he pulled me into his lap.

He hugged me close to him and softly nuzzled my neck and flicked his
tounge in my ear. I began squirming in his lap and gently rocked myself
on his erection. His thick meat was poking me in the ass and I was about
to give it a squeeze when I heard John's key in the lock. Ron pushed me
off of him, put on his ski mask, and grabbed the gun. My heart was
pounding as I looked at him. He looked dangerous, evil--like violence
waiting to happen, WANTING to happen.

"This is it Suze. Last chance to back out. I am going to have to be
pretty scary to pull this off, and things are going to be a little rough
on you. It's gotta look like it's real. He's gotta believe that I will
rape you, kill you both, or your plan dosen't work. Say the word and
I'll walk out the back door right now. Otherwise I'm going all the way."

 As I stood in front of him I began to calm down a little. It was just
an act. Deep down I knew Ron would never really hurt me. I had asked him
to do this. I had a very small window of opportunity. I knew that once
John started fucking girls his own age it would be too late for me to
seduce him. If he went to the dance with that slut Beth, I might never
get another chance. If I backed out now, I'd risk my one chance at true

"Do it Ron, do whatever it takes but I want to fuck him, I want him to
be mine. You owe me this. I promise you will get the ass fuck of your
life tomorrow, but give me our son tonight."

 "Hi mom, I'm ho..."

 " Howdy junior, I was just getting to know your mom. She seems like a
real nice lady. It'd be a shame if I had to hurt her. Be a good boy and
put these handcuffs on. I'll grab your tv, and stereo and be out of your
life." John looked at me, then at the gun. He must have decided that it
wasn't worth fighting to protect a tv, and put the cuffs on.

 "Please don't hurt us we'll cooperate."

Ron sat him in a kitchen chair and wrapped a thick rope around his
legs,securing him. Now that John was secure he turned his attention to

"Damn you are one fine looking woman. I've never had a kiss from a woman
as pretty as you. You don't mind do ya?" Ron pulled me to him and lifted
his mask enough to kiss me. I played my part and struggled and whimpered
as I tried to get away.

 "Hold still bitch or I'm gonna hurt your son. I want a full, open mouth
kiss with lots of tounge and plenty of saliva. NOW!!" My son watched in
horror as I submitted to the intruders tounge and as his hands began
roaming over my belly. Ron kept licking my lips, teeth and the roof of
my mouth, for several minutes. His tounge was playing with mine and we
were making these little animal groans and grunts as he sucked my wet

"Shit bitch, you are one hot pice of ass. I want to see more. Strip for
me, I want you naked."

"Please not in front of my son. I'll do whatever you want but don't make
my son watch."

"Leave my mother alone You fucking assmmpff!," John screamed as his
mouth was taped shut.

Ron walked over to me and ripped the silk shirt I was wearing right off
my back, he undid my bra, and pulled my shorts down and off. I was not
wearing panties and in less than 15 seconds I was completely nude.

"Look at her boy, just look at her. Can you blame me? She is fucking
gourgeous. Those tits are supposed to be sucked, that's what god made
them for. "

Ron had a full round tit in each hand and was kissing me hard again
right in front of John. I could see from the corner of my eye that my
son was watching in horrid fascination as his mother was slowly being
raped right before him. He was bucking in vain, trying to get loose, but
there was no chance.

"Get on your knees slut."

"No, don't make me do tha...smack! Ow!! you bastard you hit me!! " I
said in suprise and fear. Ron had never hit me before, and it hurt a

"Bitch,(Smack!) when I tell you(Thwack) to do something(thump) you
better fucking do it. Now get on your fucking knees and suck my cock. I
sank to my knees in shock and fumbled for the zipper on his jeans. At
that moment all I cared about was not getting hit. I slowly sucked Ron's
cock in my mouth and he sighed in contentment as I licked his shaft and
played with his balls.

Ron's thick cock filled me as I opened my mouth as wide as I could to
accomodate him. He started fucking himself into me. Usually he was
fairly considerate about oral sex and made sure he did not go too fast
or too deep. Not today. Ron seemed to take pleasure from hearing me
choke on his cock. My son watched as I was brutally mouth fucked.

 "Oh fuck, yer gonna make me cum you little whore, Arrfgh!" he screamed
as he shot several blasts down my throat, on my eyes, nose and chin.

 "What the fuck are you doing, you asshole. How dare you do that to me!"

"Lady I,m sick of you pretending to be so dainty. I know a slut when I
smell one. I'm gonna show your son what a filthy whore you really are.
Go on, give your son a kiss. If either of you screams I'll have to cut
you.", Ron said as he pulled the tape off John's mouth.

"Mom what are we going to do? I don't want to kiss you but..."

 "Shh baby we don't have a choice." Slowly I kissed my son, he was warm
and gentle--shy almost. He tasted so sweet. I planted little baby kisss
on his mouth that gradually became longer, wetter, deeper. He shut his
eyes as I sucked on his tongue and moaned into my mouth. John started
kissing me back, and I could smell his dick getting hard. He was almost
"Ok sonny, you don't mind if we share her do ya. I promise I'll pass her
back in a few minutes. Pussylips, I want you to get on all fours. You've
been leaking girl cum for a while now and I want to see how you taste.
But first spread your legs wide, no wider bitch. Don't look at me, look
at your son. That's a good little girl. Can you see it boy, can you see
what a wet pussy your mom has. It's dripping and glistening. Reach your
hand in your cunt and get it nice and juicy,mmm. Now let me lick your
fingers. Oh fuck you taste good. I'm getting hot in this mask though so
sonny it's time for your blindfold."

Ron took his mask off and got behind me. He licked and sucked on my
pussy for several minutes. He had fun playing with my clit and nibbling,
and teasing my lower lips.I had several small orgasams. Then he did
something I did not expect. Ron began rubbing, mashing, and kneading my
butt. I did not really notice untl he pulled my cheeks apart.

"Wh, what the fuck are you doing, get off me, you fuck!"

"Your mom is a little upset cause I am playing with her tight round ass.
Sorry darlin but your pussy tasted so sweet, I want to try that ass."

Ron spread my cheeks wide and began taking long, slow licks up the
length of my ass. Then he shaped his tounge into a tube and wigled it
into my anus. On the one hand it was humiliating to feel his saliva, my
sweat, and sex juices make me so slippery. It ran down my thighs, into
my pussy, and through my ass. I could hear sloshing noises, my SON could
hear that my cunt was full of fluid. It was one of the most embarassing
moments of my life but...on the other hand it felt wonderful! Ron knew
me, he knew how to turn me on, how to make me itchy and sweaty and in
need of a nice slow fuck from a big thick dick. It was having an effect
on John too. It seems the sound and smell of his mommy getting her ass
and pussy licked had given him a raging hard on. Ron noticed it.

 "Whoa that's quite a snake you got crawling down your leg. Better let
your mom take a look at it. Be a good little whore and suck your son's
cock while I keep tasting your ass."

"You, you are hard. John are you enjoying this! Do you like what this
man is making me do? My god does it turn you on for me to be treated
like a slut! I said in a shocked tone," Well let me do a good job for
you master, I said as I slurped and sucked wildly on his cock until he
jerked and came deep in my mouth. He could not see me swallow every drop
of his salty goodness. John could not see the pleasure on my face as his
father brought me to yet another orgasam.

 "I guess you are going to let my son fuck me now(hint, hint). He will
probably enjoy it. Do you want me to straddle his cock, should I bend
over and let him rip into me? Hmm what now you sicko!"

 "Hmm, I think I'd rather fuck you up the ass," Ron said in a quiet

"Wh, what do you mean? You can't do that."

 "Why not I'm your Rapist I can do whatever I want to you, and right now
I want to fuck some blood out of your fat little ass, Ron said as he
roughly squeezed my butt. My mind was racing. I was not ready for a Ron
ass rape. It had been 16 years since I had suffered through one. There
had to be a way out of this. All I wanted was a sweet virgin fuck from
my son, not a vicious rip from his asshole of a father. I just needed a
little time to think.

 "Please don't do this, I'll suck you if you want but don't fuck me
there" I begged.

"Tell you what, I like hearing a pretty woman beg me. Come sit in my
lap. Now give me a kiss like a good little slut...mmm delicious. Spread
your legs wide for me, while I play with your dripping, wet pussy for a
while. Tell me how much you love me, how much you want me to fuck you,"
Ron demanded as he tickled my cunt.

"Daddy, I love you very much. Little Susie wants her handsome daddy to
fuck her tiny little kitty. Can you feel how wet you made your little
girl. Please daddy I need your meat nowww!" I whined as I humped my wet
cunt against his stomach and squirmed on his hand.

 "Good Job Susie, now I want to test your obedience. Spread your ass
cheeks wide for daddy and beg daddy to fuck you in the ass. Daddy loves
you and he will be very happy if you do as you are told."

I lost it then. Tears started laking down my face and I heard this
pathetic whimpering sound. It took me a few seconds to realize that it
was coming from me. Ron wrapped his arms around me and held me while I
cried. His erection was poking against my ass as he held me in his lap.
His hands gently cupped and carressed my breasts and he softly whispered
an unrelenting mantra of "I love you baby, I need you, you have to".
Finally I could not take it anymore.

"Please don't hurt me, be gentle."

Ron looked me in the eye, smiled and said" No. You belong to me. Your
entire body was made to pleasure me. You denied me what was rightfully
mine for 16 years--you stole this beautiful ass from me. I love you
Susan, god knows in my own way I love you. But I am going to hurt you
tonight, and I am going to enjoy it."

Ron's laugh was evil, his face was a mix of hatred and lust that
sickened me. I was afraid for my life. Then he did something I did not
expect. He took John's mask off.

"I want you to see this boy, I want you to see what I am going to do to
this filthy piece of sex. Now...spread your ass meat and sit on my
cock!" he roared.

I looked at my son and saw the love, and anguish on his face. It gave me
the courage to do what I knew I had to do. Slowly I peeled my butt apart
and guided myself to Ron's beefy cock. I was still moist from the sloppy
tounge job he had given me. It allowed the head to slip in just a
little. I let out a sharp gasp.

"That's it honey, grind that ass all the way down. Take it all, give me
a good ride."

I tried to slowly ease myself down on his fat prick but it was no use.
My hole had closed up, I could not relax and the pain was causing me to
loose my concentration. Suddenly Ron pushed down hard on the tops of my
thighs, and thrust up hard into me. I felt something tear and we both
screamed as his rock hard dick tore through my rectum. I tried to fight,
to stand up; to somehow get away from the pain. Ron firmly held me in
place. He was all the way in now and savoring the feeling.

"Oh baby it's been so long, so fucking long. Shhh, just hold still. Let
me have you. Go ahead and cry it will be all right," he said as he
slowly rocked me on his monster cock.

"Please, Ron it hurts so bad... let me go you promised, just let me
go!!" I shrieked in fear and rising panic. Ron got out of the chair and
pushed me to the floor. His dick never came out of me. I could feel it
throbbing and moving inside. He positioned me on all fours, the tips of
my tits were brushing the carpet. For about 5 minutes he kept me there.
He was as  deep in my ass as he could go, he did not thrust he just
enjoyed the tightness of my pained contractions. He positioed me about a
foot from my son's crotch.

"Are you ready Suze? I'm going to try and tear you open now. No more
gentle fucks. If you want you can suck on our son's cock to help take
your mind off the pain."

Before I could respond , before I could think Ron grabbed me by my hips
and rammed hard. He laughed at the grunt I let out. I tried to scratch
him but he just ripped me harder. Over and over, deeper and deeper. When
you are getting a hard ass fuck from a big dicked man it's best to try
and relax. Fighting, tensing up hurts him some and makes it harder for
him to get in--but it hurts you a hell of a lot more. Unfortunately,
relaxing requires a degree of trust that your parner isin't going to try
and cause permanent injury. I simply could not open myself up to Ron, I
could not give myself to him in that way any more. Ron wrapped my hair
around his hands and began pulling and jerking my head from side to side
as he pounded into me. He would go in fast and hard--and then hold it in
for 5 seconds, before pulling out and ripping in again. At one point he
started smacking and punching my ass, I don't know why he just did. He
was fucking me forward.

And my boy saw it all.

He saw how pathetic this man had made me. How he was in control and I
was nothing more than a hole, for his pleasure. I saw my son's hard dick
in front of me and I reached for it; like a life-line. I needed
something sweet, something else to think about so I sucked him into my
mouth. The harder Ron fucked my poor ass, I sucked my son that much
more. It was like I wanted to prove I could give more pleasure, than he
could give pain. Ron was mauling my tits now and kissing my back and
neck. His sweat was dripping on me as fuck after power fuck split my ass
into a bloody mess.

"Love you baby, love your ass so much. I am never gona stop, you are the
best baby, the absofuckinlutely best ever! I am gonna have you every
night. Scream for me, scream you sweet slut! Shake that ass!"

 Suddenly my son's dick seemed to get even longer and popped into the
bottom of my throat. As his father fucked me forward I was forced to
swallow even more of my son's cock. As my son lifted his hips and thurst
into my mouth my body rocked back to meet his father's brutal invader.
Ron saw my perdicament and of course took advantage of it. He roughly
held my head in place. Both men had already come earlier and seemed to
be in no hurry. It went on forever. Ron was laughing now as he raped me.

"That's it boy fuck your mother, rape her slutty mouth. Fill her with
your cum, make her drink you dry. She loves it. She was made for this.
Fuck her son, fuck, fuck, fuck her, "Ron said as he wrapped an arm
around my waist and fucked me in the air. I kept suckinng John, it was
all I could do. It was the only comfort left to me. Ron put me down and
started playing with my clit and I knew he must be getting close. He
always liked us to orgasm together. It wasn't about my pleasure, it was
just another proof that he owned my body, that he could manipulate it
anywhere, any time any way he saw fit. That night was no exception. I
felt myself leaking and spewing all over his hand. He tasted it and then
reached out and rubbed my juices on our son's face.

"See boy I told you, yer mom's a nasty little cumslut. Oh shit! she's
gripping me so tight! You sexy bitch yer making me cum. Damn you You are
milking the jiz right out of me!" Ron wailed as he blasted wave after
wave of hot, creamy cum into my ass.

John chose that moment to release his cum down my throat. It slid down
me in clingy little clumps. I gave his dick several loving licks and
kisses and pulled away. Ron insisted on keeping me in his lap and kept
brushing my cunt and nipples while he hugged me and told me how much he
loved me. I was still panting and shaky and the tears came from nowhere.

"You were so good baby, such a brave little girl. Daddy loves you so
much. You deserve a nice tender fuck now. Do you want daddy to lick you
up good, and then make you cum? Do you need a nice thick dick scraping
your insides?" Ron kept holding me and gently kissing me until I began
to get aroused. I--started kissing him back. I had already been through
the pain, why should I deny myself the pleasure I knew he would give me.
The pleasure he OWED me.

Once Ron saw me respond he stood up and pulled the tape off of John's
mouth. He undid his handcuffs and father and son stood face to face for
the first time. It was surreal. I was siting on the floor naked at their
feet, horny as hell but they paid me no attention.

 " are my father huh? I always wondered what you were like. Why
did you do this to us, why did you hurt my mother?"

" John, you are my son and from now on I want to be a part of your life.
Your mom is a great lady, but she is a fuckslut. She needs to be fucked
regularlly, and well. I guess I am the same way. Chances are so are you.
Be honest how did it feel cumming in your mom's mouth, how did it feel
when I rubbed that little whore's pussy juice on your face?"

 John looked down at me and said, "I am sorry mom, but I loved it. I
want to do it again. I just could not help it."

 "Don't you get it boy she set you up, she wants you to like it, she
needs you to fuck her. She wants to own you, the way I own a part of
her. That's why I agreed to do this. I won't let her play my son for a
fool. It was all her idea."

John looked at me in suprise and disgust tinged with lust.

"Mom is he telling the truth? Do you really want me to fuck you? Why did
you make me feel so guilty, like I was forcing you to suck me?" John
said in mounting anger.

I had to do something, or risk losing my son forever. "I am so sorry, I
just wanted you so bad and I could not think of another way. Let mama
make it up to you. Why don't you shove that hard piece of meat deep in
my pussy. You can fuck me as long as you want, as hard as you want." I
spread my legs wide and offered myself to my son. He never had a chance.
John dropped to his knees and fastened his face to my tits. He was wild
and out of control for me just the way I like it. Just as he was about
to sink his dick into the botom of me, Ron interfered. "No boy she likes
doggie style best. Take your mom from behind. " Ron knew me so well. I
giggled and got on all fours and spread my legs wide for John. I thought
I heard Ron whisper something to him and turned my head to see the
nastiest grin I had ever seen on John's sweet young face. It
was..unsettling. It reminded me of Ron. As I tried to shake off my
unease John began fumbling at my pussy entrance.  He could not seem to
find  my pussy hole.

"Um sweetie...lower. My pussy is down here see where my hand is. Don't
be embarassed it's owww!! John what are you doing?! Get your dick out of
my ass, that hurts. John Don't fuck me there It hurts, take it out!!
Your father has already ripped me open. I am bloody and raw. Please
don't do this. You can have my cunt. I am so wet for you, I'll be so
good. Uh, ohgod get off me, get out of me. I can't take it, Pleaseee!!
It hurts!! Help!!"

John did not stop. He tore into my ass like a madman. He loved the pain
he was causing me. He loved seeing me struggle and crawl while he buried
his cock deeper and harder. He had the stamina of youth.

My boy was an assaholic just like his father.

 I should have known that given a choice between a woman's vagina and
her tight, bloody ass; any son of Ron's would choose the assmeat. It's
in their genes. They can't help it.

"That's it John ride her, pound her rip her some more. Show her who's
the boss, teach her the facts of life. She needs to know what's
happening, and I don't care if she has a good time or not. It's all in
the family now boy, and the three of us are going to be real close
company. Course you'll have to learn how to fuck her cunt the way she
likes. Women need that, fair is fair. Between the two of us I reckon
she'll get enough dick in her to satisfy even her greedy little pussy.
Now hurry up and cum boy I want another crack at her ass. "

Father and son thought that was pretty funny and both started laughing.
It was the last sound I heard before passing out with my son's thrusting
dick up my shitter.

I woke up in police custody. It seems the mailman heard my screams for
help and called the police. My lawyer informed me that no charges would
be filed against Ron. After he played his insurance tape and letter of
me outlining the plan and saying it was all my idea--big suprise. John
was a juvenile and again, my actions led to his corruption,
punishment for him. I however might face serious jail time, once I have
reconstructive surgery on my anal canal. I will probably lose my job and
my house. My reputation is ruined. In case you did not know it I will
most likely be raped into submission in prison by big bertha or some
other lesbo prison bull dike. Rapists love raping other sex offenders.
Best case scenario for me is that I lose custody of my son and undergo
therapy. The court appointed Dr. insisted that I try and explain how I
got to this point. Well John I hope you and your dad will be happy
together. I am very disappointed in you young man. I expected more. I
thought you would have come to my defense...but it has been 2 days and
you have not even visited me in the hospital. I deserve better than
that. After all I am your mother. What kind of sick bastard fucks his
mother up the ass and then won't come see her in the hospital-- on
Thanksgiving day no less! Well I got news for you and your dad. If you
don't visit me soon my ass will be off limits to both of you forever,
period kiss it goodbye.
Merry Christmas and have a happy new year, you selfish bastards.

After all son your mom needs lovin too. Mom 11/30/03

Howdy all. You have succesfuly reached the end of yet another depraved
and twisted little tale. Many don't make it this far. Some ran screaming
to church, praying for forgiveness. Others experienced an itchy little
trickle of their own and were er,um forced to interrupt the story. Still
others saw the need to save my soul, so they wrote me an e-mail without
reading the entire tale. But you, dear friends hung in there with me;
you may be harder, wetter and a little bit sicker than when you
began--but congratulations you made it!

I do want to make a brief comment on my feelings about the story you
just read. As always this is a work of fiction. I don't REALLY believe
sons should fuck mothers up the ass unless precautions are taken. The
young man in this story was inconsiderate, rude and dangerously
negligent. Clearly he should have used some sort of lubricant on his
mom. I am a reasonable man but come on why couldn't he grab some
vasoline, or KY Jelly. Surely there was some lotion or cold cream in the
house, a stick of butter? A can of Pam to spray up her ass? At the very
least he could have scooped some cum from her cunt and spread it deep in
her ass. Surely he could have spit in her butt a few times? I will never
support that kind of intentional infliction of pain, it is disgusting
and needlessly cruel. Perverts who write this kind of filth should be
shot on sight. We live in a free society but there have to be limits.
There is a system of checks and balances. Yes there is freedom of
speech, but we also have the right to bear arms. My god our children
have to be protected. Netnanny, Surfwatch, Cyberpatrol--they just are
not enough. Furthermore any website that publishes these kind of stories
has to be suspect. I would recomend that as parents we get involved. We
must educate ourselves on what is out there. I intend to read every
depraved piece of shit that Jaz1701, Imma Scared, Parker, Wiley, VP
Viddler and the rest of those rape freaks write so I can prove that they
are evil and that their stories should be banned. In fact I have
compiled a list of sites that carry their trash and can provide free
links to any concerned American.

It's a dirty job but it has to be done.
Pray for me.

Drop me a line if you wish to discuss battle
scenarios or to make a contribution to my cause.

There now I can rest easy,



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